Zopo Zp998 Video Review: Gaming

Gaming on the Zopo ZP998 Octa Core:

The ZP998 has a mali GPU unlike its predecessors which were running on the PowerVR Series, the mali series is the same which is being used on the Samsung flagship phones.  We were expecting a good performance, but instead of good we got a great performance.  We tested three games on the Zopo octa core device, NOVA 3, Real Racing 3, and Bladeslinger.  Although we have tested the other two games on other devices, bladeslinger is a new which is gaining popularity the graphics and game play is really good.  Again we have reviews in English and Urdu to cater to our diverse viewership.

Review in Urdu

zopo 998 video review gaming urdu from PhoneGuru Reviews on Vimeo.


Review in English

zopo 998 video review gaming from PhoneGuru Reviews on Vimeo.


Nova 3:

NOVA 3, loaded up pretty quickly on the octa core phablet unlike devices which ran on previous mediate processors meaning the quad core versions. The phablet loaded Nova 3 in approximately the same time as the Samsung S4, which is a great feat keeping in mind the device costs 2/3 the price of the S4.

Game play was pretty smooth; the touch response was immediate, frame rate was great, and since the zp998 has a gyro sensor you can use the whole device as a virtual joystick. Although we did not test in our video you have the option of doing so. One thing worth mentioning is that the 480dpi IPS screen gave exceptional clarity, and watching the graphics being rendered was pure eye candy.


Real Racing 3:

Real Racing 3 a very resource hungry game, but only if your device can handle it, after testing it on so many devices we have seen that real racing 3 adapts itself to the hardware available to it. On the Octa Core Zopo phablet we saw that the frame rate was quite good, and the touch response was immediate the graphic rending was lag free. Overall the game was a visual delight on the ZP998 because of its Full HD 480dpi screen.



Bladeslinger is a game we tested for the first time on our videos one of the reasons we chose this game is that like NOVA 3 it takes a certain toll on resources and will take time to load up.  The graphics of this game are exceptional , but unfortunately they have been optimized for Nvidia Tegra chipsets. Still we were able to get a nice visual serving of its graphics on the Octa Core phablet. The games play was great due to the immediate touch response and fluid motion of graphics, no lags were seen during cut scenes or the switching between cut scenes and game play.



Remarks on Gaming:

From what we have seen, felt, and played the Zopo Zp998 is an exceptional gaming device and the Octa Core processor along with the Mali GPU and 2 GB Ram, really do justice to its price tag.  All of the octa core power would not have been fun had it not been for the exceptional display quality of the phablet, the 5.5” OGS, IPS Full HD screen with a 480DPI really brought the games to life, the display gave exceptional clarity.  If anyone is thinking of buying a gaming phone but does not want to spend too much, then the ZP998 is a good option.

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  1. Still better to get s4 for 38k :-P
    Plus the price will drop even further now that s5 is unveiled and will be for sale in April.

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