Voice Xtreme X5 Review and Specs

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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15 Responses

  1. James Bond says:

    Very impressive but the problem comes in the battery part.Also sir I am requesting you to do the reveiw of sky A850.please it will be kind of you.thanks in advance.

  2. Amir Ali Tharani says:

    Nice phone but overpriced!
    another major drawback is the OS version and the fact that the company has denied the provision of future upgrades! 🙁

  3. Dr.Adil says:

    Now these companies should also have to work on android version rather than just attracting with gestures of no use.

  4. talha ahmed says:

    benchmark score?????

  5. Majid says:

    Usman, do you also carry expertise in laptops? I needed an advise, wanted to buy a laptop.

  6. Hamidzai Janan says:

    Sir X5 is good choice or Z4? Plz i m waiting. 03013795292

  7. Mir Mustafa says:

    Hey…..Thanks for this article,BUT,I really need to know what kind of muscle this OCTA-CORE processor packs and the best way to test that is by performing “BENCHMARKS”.Please let me know as soon as you do benchmark tests for this mobile I am crazy about mobiles and this device has me all curious,I am about to buy a mobile and the X5 is definitely in my consideration,but,like I said I want to see benchmark scores to measure this phones muscles and the power its octa-core delivers.

  8. Mir Mustafa says:

    OOPS almost forgot please compare X5 to mobiles such as GFIVE President G10 and THL W200S.

  9. Mir Mustafa says:

    Still waiting for your reply Usman sir its been over 15 days…..

  10. Faizan says:

    Sir please tell me which is better in gaming voice xtreme x5 or thl w200s

  11. Adnan Zaib says:

    Which one is better for gaming and multi-tasking
    G10 or Voice Xtreme X5???

  12. Ahmed says:

    Updates:now it has
    Price:29800 rs

  13. Aayhsa says:

    I want to purchse ths cell
    Som bidy teel me
    Its bttr than any othr brand?in ths Rang

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