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  1. ahsan says:

    Dear Usman,

    I want get a new smartphone for around Rs. 15000. I was considering these models:

    Noir A500, Voice V35, Huawei G510

    I am posting this question as I could not find a comparison between these. Would you be so kind as to suggest an android phone for me. I don’t want heavy gaming. The screen should be no more large than 4.5″ (4″ is better), good screen resolution, good back camera and GPS.
    Which would you recommend out of these or would you recommend another phone?

    Thanks for your time reviewing my reply, awaiting your response.

  2. ahsan says:

    Thanks for your reply Faisal.

    But I have never used voice smartphones nor has any of my friends, what would you say about Voice smartphones compared with Qmobile or Huawei in terms of quality/battery/performance.

    • no problem, well Voice although a relatively new brand as compared to Noir or the Quatro series is backed up by a very stable and tenured company in the field of mobiles, I am talking about United Mobiles the parent company of the Voice brand. It is older than Qmobile in terms of market history and distributed mainly large brands such as nokia, sony, etc… So given the history of their parent company I believe that Voice should be a good and reliable product, that is my Guess. As far as things going wrong it happens check out our review on the Qmobile Noir A20 and the user comments about the Qmobile A900.

  3. bilal says:

    sir which is best no fault smartphone qmobile or voice and huawei?

  4. Mohsin says:

    Usman Sir,

    which phone is better for gaming qmobile a500, a9 or voice v40?

  5. Usman says:

    Sir voice v90 price decreased from 29000 to 26000 and now only 20900. please suggest me some best phones to buy. my range uptill 26000. thanks

  6. sibateali says:

    which one is better for buying voice xtrene v90 or huawei honor 3c……….voice v90 battery is 1750mah is it sufficient for it???
    and what about qmobile i10???

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