THL W200 Video Review : Media , Camera and Browsing

The THL W200 performed pretty well in the gaming department, so moving forward in this part of the review, we will be taking a look at the media, camera and browsing capabilities of the THL W200. Just a quick reminder on the THL W200 it has a MT6589T processor which is clocked at 1.5GHz and 1GB Ram, the display is IPS so you know you will have a good time watching media content on it.


THL W200 Video Review : Camera , Media and Browser from PhoneGuru Reviews on Vimeo.



The THL W200 can easily play HD and Full HD video content in a variety of formats, even in FLV given the proper player is used. There were no jerky movements or lagging issue faced during playback of the HD content, no degradation was noticed when jumping from one point to another within the videos.



The THL W200 has a fully functional camera both the front and back camera’s are fully usable, the interface is the usual that you find on Android devices.  With face beauty, enhancement, panorama mode and multi-angle view etc. It has multi-shot mode, electronic image stabilization, and video quality setting we’ll be following up with a comprehensive camera review pretty soon, so stay tuned for that.


Internet Browsing:

The W200’s browsing functionality is pretty good; you can watch videos as well. The internet browser is fully functional, while zooming in or out you won’t see any lag or degradation when doing so. Also you will see in the video that no problem was faced during browsing.


Final Remarks:

The THL W200 is an excellent smart phone the only thing that was amiss the menu buttons are not that brightly lit, some might consider it a positive point as it doesn’t become a distraction when you’re viewing the screen.

As you saw in the previous reviews the THL W200 is a great smartphone, having great specs and is able to play the most resource tasking games without any problems.


The THL W200 is selling for around Rs.23,000 and is available from All My Tech

16 thoughts on “THL W200 Video Review : Media , Camera and Browsing

  1. usman bhai very confused between noir a900 and thl w200 .plz recomend a phone of these.considering every aspect….does thl 200 has OTG ???? and what about its camera

    • Both A900 and W200 do not have OTG but the W200 has an advanced processor clocked at 1.5GHz

      • but the battery is only 1750mah and its ridiculous plz teIl me if there is any 2500mah replaceable battery ??? thanx JASWAL BROTHER

  2. Well i have an HTC one X available to me in 23k…..
    I now tht Thl w200 is also good but which one should i go for…???

  3. Usman bhai thl w200 camera review??????
    and is this true that thd WHITE version has 8mp front and 12mp rear cam

  4. Usman bhai thl w200 camera review??????
    and is this true that the WHITE version has 8mp front and 12mp rear cam

  5. Usman can you tell me good MTK6589T smartphone with exceptional battery life?

  6. Dear Usman

    Kindly tell me which phone you find Economical and Have best features from rest of the market. As you have used all of the phones from All my Tech website.

    Also tell me is W200 a good deal or one should go for A950

    At last but not the least, This 1850 mAh battery of W200 would be good enough for using facebook on most of the day with 50 text messages and 2 hour calling ?

  7. very confused between huawei ascend g610 and thl w200.. which one is better overall..

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