THL W200 Video Review : Gaming

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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8 Responses

  1. SHAMS says:

    best Phone for gaming I didn’t see any lag during gameplay, all of them were very smooth and, better performance than S3.

  2. SHAMS says:

    Are those games having graphics setting options or not, I mean those games are running on max setting or not?

  3. Sohail says:

    Dear Sir

    Will you please post the review of ThL W8s with 32GB internal memory and 2Gb Ram? Its price is USD 289 on Website. It is not yet offered by



  4. arslan says:

    hEllow usman bhai ye achi toh mobile hai na company main achi konse hai qmobile ya thl ya samsung ya nokia plz tell me ………..i am waiting

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Well…Samsung is in a class of its own meaning there is no comparison, Nokia is a good company but it is dealing in a totally different OS meaning Windows so thats out as well, so between Qmobile and THL, THL has the upper hand it is the better company. In fact its THL w200 model has the best value for money in the 1.5 GHz quad core class.

  5. arslan says:

    usman bhai thl w200 support OTG plz tell me i am waiting……….

  6. Suleman says:

    AOA All,

    I want to buy used THL-W200, any one want to sale?

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