Qmoible Noir A900 Launched

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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315 Responses

  1. umer says:

    gfive g9 mein kon sa video format chalta hai

  2. Faaiz says:

    its a rebranded version of fly-phones (IQ4410 Quad Phoenix).


  3. munim says:

    Do you know the price of this phone?

  4. uzair says:

    yar usman bhai meri to yahi suggestion ha ka qmobile gfive ka samna bori tarika sa pit chuka ha islia aik ka bad aik ulata polta sets launch kar raha ha

    qmobile ka ya sets launch karna sa yahi sabit hota ha ka wo kahi na kahi sa gfive ko girada isi lia bar bar set nikal raha ha aur quality pa dihan hi nai dai raha ha

    • Usman Malik says:

      Nahi kher Qmobile ka naam abhi be Gfive seh zaida hei .. Qmobile neh dual core mein be essey he kya tha .. 4-5 models launch ker diya tha . Gfive has good phones but poor marketing . Qmobile has very good marketing. Also gfive should launch atleast one more quad core with a smaller display screen as well.

      • sara says:

        kya ap plz pata krwa skty hain k gfive koi new quad core launch kr rha ya nhi agr kr rha tu kb tk??
        plz reply

      • Gulraiz says:

        Asalam o Alikum.Usman bhai are u having any problem with g9 is working alright or do have problems carrying with yourself..any lags or something..waiting for your reply

      • waseem dashti says:

        Usman bahi gaming or graphics or internet speed me kinda qmobile noir series best hy .My ranges is 23000PKR.plz reply my answer.

        • Usman Malik says:

          a900 is a good option in that price.

          • ali khan says:

            bhai jan plz help me out , noir a900 developers option mai just usb debugging option hai rest of the options kaisy ayengy?

          • Faisal Jaswal says:

            there are usually only 3 options available when you turn on developer options, 1.stay awake, 2. USB debugging, 3.Allow mock locations. If you are getting only one that means you need to go to about phone, and start tapping on build number after a couple of taps it will say something like 3 more taps and you will become a developer. Once you have completed the number of taps rest of the options will also show up under developer options.

  5. Omer says:

    good thing I didn’t buy A600 yet. will wait and see which phone is better when Qmobile is through launching quad cores. maybe Gfive will release a smaller version of G9 in response. looks like you have a lot of reviews to do πŸ™‚

  6. Subhan says:

    OTA (Over-The-Air Updates) means?
    Which Gpu is the beswt?
    PowerVR Series5XT or PowerVR SGX?

    • Omair Ahmed says:

      OTA (Over-The-Air Updates) = An over-the-air update is the wireless delivery of new software or data to mobile phones
      Here in Chinese mobiles PowerVR Series5XT or PowerVR SGX = PowerVR SGX544MP which is = PowerVR SGX544 …

  7. saif says:

    all the qmobile quadcores are launched? will you plz guide me which one should I buy?? I am in confusion between a600, a900 and a950

    • Osama says:

      I would suggest you to buy A900 because its a brilliant device because it has a very sleek (7.9 mm) design, brilliant colours and display and an amazing camera. So i would recommend you to buy noir A900

  8. Noman says:

    the only drawback of g’five is its camera result otherwise they far better than q mobile(nothing but copy)! Q u should make ur own androids not rebranding of others.

    • Omair Ahmed says:

      Making self android phone??? Qmobile Order set from <<>> all are Chinese crap re branding one chipset/CPU/GPU/Ram with difference in screen size and display…

  9. Noffel says:

    Hello Usman Bhai!
    I wanted your help in choosing between NoirA600 & NoirA900, what would you suggest? I see the edge of A900 over A600, as it has the latest Android version i.e 4.2.1. But in the pictures, the build quality of A900 is not as good as A600. Please help me out!

  10. Mukhtar Qureshi Advocate says:

    Dear Usman,I want cell quad core atleast 5 inch.what you recommond A600 or Gfive g9.

  11. uzair says:

    yar usman bhai yar log apna paisa is falto company ka mobile pa kiu zaya karai ga jab ka ap khud bol raha ho ka gfive ka phone acha hota hai aur yar qmobile sirf marketing kar ka hi logo ko pagal bana rahi hai aur log apna charo taraf daikha bagair hi qmobile ja kar lailaita ha warna qmobile ka sets mei koi dam nai ha aur jaha tak ap bol raha ho ka gfive ki marketing achi nai ha islia achi nai ha kiu ka gfive international brand ha koi us ka mobile kharida na kharida us ko farak nai parta wo apna aik hi mobile ka bar bar add dai dai kar customer ka upper apna mobile thopta nai ha aur aik taraf yaΒ qmobile ha jab t.v kholo isi ka add chal raha hota hai aur sirf pakistan ki sharif awam ko hi ghaira huwa ha πŸ˜‰ aur waisa bhi ya yad rakhna ka ziyada marketing wohi company karai gi jis ko apna set pa ya yakeen hoga ka ya bagair marketing ka nai chala ga aur achi companies ziyada marketing nai karti

  12. Maryam Ansary says:

    Sir,shall i buy qmobile noir A600 or Qmobile noir A900????

    i know u used non of them but if u choosed which one u choosed

    • Imran butt says:

      if U dont mind ! i recommend U noir a900 for better build quality slimnest and comfortable 4.7 inch screen.

    • Usman Malik says:

      I think A600 would be better then A900.

    • Noffel says:

      You should go for A900, as it is running on the latest android i.e 4.2.1. Its slimmer than the A600 and looks good in the hand. I’ll be buying A900 in a few days as well.

    • Aryan says:

      Hmmm ! You should buy Noir A900 because this is the copy of the phone from USA, Blu play life unboxing, search it in youtube.com

      • Maryam Ansary says:

        Nope, its not made in USA its made in Russia
        actually all qmobile is made in Russia, Q mobile didn’t deal with USA companies
        maybe USA company copied Russian company
        If you don’t trust me search for fly mobiles (IQ4410 Quad Phoenix)

        • Usman Malik says:

          Actually they are all made in China , by the same vendor who is manufacturing them for different brands around the world. So you might find same model in russia , india , spain or US .

          • abro says:

            … but A900, A600 (and other Q phones) are brands of Fly Mobiles … and Fly says they are UK company.. or UK based.
            check out
            Though China Mobiles like THL, Jaiyu, etc gives good mobiles.
            But even then, you get European mobile instead of China, in the name of Q… that’s good.
            People should know, if you got Q, then you got actually Europe mobile, not Chinese or Pakistani!

  13. Mx TiPu says:

    admin :@ it has super amoled plus display

    and you can go for A600 i have used a20
    wese to mere a20 mai bi koi fault nai tha
    leken a600 ka to apna maza hai πŸ˜‰

    and next week will be buy this set insAllah

  14. Mashhood says:

    Yar im confused about the battery life of both QMobile Noir A600 and A900. . Can you please do any test and share the results with us. . can both phones easily run for 1 day or more??

    Secondly does A600 has JB 4.1 or 4.2??

    Thanks in advance

    • Aryan says:

      It has the jelly bean 4.2 version and search it in youtube.com, Blu play life ubnoxing.

      • Mashhood says:

        Aryan i searched the blu life play but was unable to find the actual battery life of the phone i also searched the gionee elife e3 but again did not get the actual battery life. Will it last 24 hours on normal usage and very less gaming ??

      • Aryan says:

        @Mashhood, If I didn’t buy this phone the only reason is the battery which is 1800 mAh anyhow I can’t say about it battery life but I think you should wait to buy a phone because nowadays so many phone are being launched. Noir A20 have 2100 mAh battery but the phone Noir A20 have many issues so don’t go for any phone right and keep very still brother.
        Anyhow wish you best of luck.

        • Aryan says:

          @Mashhood, If I didn’t buy this phone the only reason is the battery which is 1800 mAh anyhow I can’t say about it battery life but I think you should wait to buy a phone because nowadays so many phone are being launched. Noir A20 have 2100 mAh battery but the phone Noir A20 have many issues so don’t go for any phone right now and keep very still brother.
          Anyhow wish you best of luck. You can contact me via my facebook page.
          Like and share:


  15. Waqas says:

    Dear Brother usman,

    Please guide me to choose phone between Huawei ascend y300, A50 Qmobile. These phones are in my range of budget.

    Thanks. Waiting for your reply..

  16. Shoaib Khoso says:

    Video Review Please πŸ™‚

  17. Waqas says:

    What is weight of G9 & A900 ???
    Which camera quality is better G9 or A900 ????

    plz reply….

  18. Imran butt says:

    yeh smartphone Gionee Elife E3 ki copy ha . ooor noir a950 (Gionee Dream D1) ki copy ha. according to build quality and slimnest noir a900 is best know in qmobile .

  19. Faizan Rehman khan says:

    dear usman uncle,
    in the near future i am planing to buy a quad-core smartphone and after seeing the reviews and new release made by q mobile, I am quite confused.i don’t like g9 smartphone and am confused about buying any q mobile smartphones.it would be a great if you help me in buying a quad core qmobile with a lot of functions,suitable for gaming, and most importantly very good design and style.
    faizan khan

    • Aryan says:

      Go for Qmobile Noir A900 or A600.
      For the video review of NoirA900 search it up on youtube, Blu play life unboxing…

    • Usman Malik says:


      If you have low budget then qmobile is the only choice in quad cores . however I would not recommend Noir A20. But We will be reviewing other Qmobile quad cores very soon.

      Also look at UMI X2 review we just posted .. thats a great phone as well

  20. Usman Arshad says:

    Mera to Gfive kay sath experience boht he terrible raha hai to mein to shayad kabhi dobara na khreedoon Gfivel. Meray set ka touch just 15 days use kay baad khrab hogya aur jab mein warranty claim karny giya to pta lga kay touch ki toh warranty he nhi hai, wah… and on the other hand mera qmobile e990 almost 2.5 saal say mera sath day rha hai usky meray sath 2 accidents bhi ho chuky hein aik toh boht he worse tha par set ko kuch nhi hua toh mein to simply Qmobile ko he preference du ga

  21. Muhammad Bilal Baloch says:

    Dear Usman Malik,
    I am an accounts executive and having a good knowledge of software engineering as well. I am very happy to see the efforts made by the you and your team in the field of technology. I have seen your reviews regarding mobiles and appreciate your efforts. My dear, i have samsung galaxy Ace, and now i want to get some quad-core mobile. I am anxiously waiting for your video review regarding noir A900 and noir A950. As my fellow users have post lots of comments but i want a final advice from you. Hope you will help me regarding this matter. Thanks.

  22. kim khan says:

    dear usman,
    After calling,my main purpose of using mobile is web browsing, it should have executive looks.can u help me to choose between noir a600,gfive g9, noir a10 or wait for other phones to launch..

  23. faisal says:

    sir when are u reviewing this phone??????

  24. Aryan says:

    Please share the unboxing and reviewing of this phone please…

  25. dark prince says:

    sir which one is better g9 or a900. you have used g9 . are you satisfied with g9. is ther any fault in g9. reply fast!!!!!

  26. Faizan Rehman khan says:

    dear usman bhai, i am waiting for ur reply plz help me

  27. Ikrama says:

    Usman Bhai noir a600 better hai ya samsung galaxy s2

  28. dark prince says:

    thankyou usman bhai . specs wise konsa better hai . g9 or a900 or a600 or a20. which one you would recommend . what is your personal advice, should i buy g9. reply fast !!!!!!!!

  29. dark prince says:

    bhai kia g9 , a20, a600 ya a900 main root access kar saktain hain ya nahi.
    i am waiting for your reply!!!!!!!!!

    • Usman Malik says:

      You will have to root these devices yourself. Rooting the device also makes its warranty void . There are methods available on the internet on how to root.

  30. sundus sardar says:

    usman bhai ya bata dain jo issuses noir a20 may hain.vo a600 ya a900 may tu nahe.or battery time one day nikal sakte hay ya nahe or agar battery agar kisi tablet walay charger say charge kar le jaya tu issue khatam nahe hu jaya ga.ya bata dain 2400 tak q mobile lu ya htc amaze lay lu .please reply .

  31. awaiz says:

    ASSLAMO ALIKUM usman bhai kia A900 ma dobe flash player supported ha

    Or A600,A900 or lg optimus 4x hd ma sa kon sa lo?

  32. faisal says:

    sir y r u not reviewing this phone????
    are u still waiting for a20???
    kindly rep with the xpctd date of its review

  33. Numair Adil says:

    Salamz.. Usman bhai which is the bset between A900 and A950? Super AMOLED aur IPS display mey battery usage k elava kya difference hai by quality? both are HD display phones aur agar display ka farq ignore kar diya jaey tou dono mein sey konsa phone best hai apki nazar mey? i m so confused bcz both are HD display phones but by software and some of hardware configuration A900 is better then A950 lekin costly A950 zyada hai? is sey kya samjhey Customer??? πŸ™

    • Usman Malik says:

      Numair . Both A950 and A900 have the same processor , RAM and GPU .. So there should be no difference in performance. AMOLED is a better screen because it has better contrast ratio , Better colors and viewing angles. Also A950 has a 2100 mAH battery vs 1800 mAH in A900. So in my opinion A950 is better.

      • Savo says:

        I’ve used both A900 and A950. A900 has the best display so far in the Noir series and its faster than A950. Super AMOLED has better contrast ratio better colors but not better viewing angles than IPS screen.

  34. awaiz says:

    ASSLAMO ALIKUM usman bhai kia A900 ma dobe flash player supported ha

    Or A600,A900 or lg optimus 4x hd ma sa kon sa lo?

  35. Numair Adil says:

    Thanks for reply Usman bhai, But bro A900 is android 4.2 which is latest and obviously better then 4.1.. acha ye bataein 1800 mAh battery andazan kitna time deti hai normal internet use and other normal usages? i am not gamer aur music vaghera bhi rear hi sunta hon mobile par.. lekin net usage hai mera kafi.. like facebook vaghera online rehta hon chats chaltey rehtey hein, iske elava mails vaghera check karni ya zarurat parney par mails send bhi karta hon.. mean ye k internet k elava koi aur use nahi hai mera jis sey battery ki charging mutassir ho.. is surat mey 1800 mAh ki battery kitna time nikal degi full charging k baad? Pata nahi kyon mujhe 900 zada attract kar raha hai.. shayad 4.2 honey ki vaja sey hai ye.. 4.1 tak mai use kar chuka hon lekin i dont remember k us set ki battery kitney mAh thi.. par ye yad hai k 12 se 13 ghantey nikal jatey thai merey use par.. plz reply sir, so kind of u πŸ™‚

    • Usman Malik says:

      With average usage .. Battery 1-2 din nikal jaye ge .. aghar app her waqat facebook use kero gey tu screen be on ho ge .. wifi / gprs be chal raha ho ga .. tu power consumption will be more.. tu shaid 1 din seh phele be khatam ho jaye

      • Numair Adil says:

        Thanks Usman bhai bas aik masla hai ab.. mujhe aaj kal mey fone change karna hai par log Qmobile k quad core k barey mey achi raey nahi paish kar ragey jabkey currently m using Noir A9 which is best in Noir series.. ab mujhe samaj nahi a raha kya karon dual core ney tou tabahi macha di Noir series mey par Quad core k ye roomers bohat fikarmand kar rahey hein.. Acha agar G9 president ki taraf jaya jaey tou kya kehtey hein A900 k against? vesey i m die hard fan of Qmobile aur bohat hi koi majburi hogi k mai brand change karon par ye roomers pareshan kar rahey hein πŸ™

        • Usman Malik says:

          Numair , we will review A900 in coming week , InshaAllah. So far I havent heard of any complaints against that set, so lets see how it goes

          • Adil says:

            Usman bhai, ur reviews are always great and i watch them because i have been in search of a good phone. I thought of buying a y300 but then i waited for Q mobile to launch their quadcores. Thanks to your review that i did not buy noir A20 as it had problems. I am really interested to buy noir A900, it looks awesome. i am just waiting for its review.
            I HAVE THIS REQUEST. please tell about its BATTERY TIMING clearly in your review. 1800 mah is too less for a quadcore. Do open the option of battery in the settings where it shows the time since last charge so i may have an idea. On http://www.gsmarena.com/blu_life_play-5359.php the blu life play (which is same as noir A900) shows that its talk time is 18 hours and standby more than 780 hours, which is impossible. So please do concentrate on its battery timing as its the main concern for most buyers.

            Also tell whether its has LED notification light? i will be very thankful. and keep up the good work πŸ™‚

          • Numair Adil says:

            Salamz, Usman bhai today i have purchased A900, Thank GOD its really Good as we have expecting from Qmobiles quality products πŸ™‚ Amazing display and potential of Quad core processor and 1 GB Ram, Camera is not better then A9 but not so bad in this affordable price, Screen transitions and scrolling is so smooth like as A9.. i just feel one disappointment that there is no Notification LED in the phone.. But no matter because other things are so Good πŸ™‚ Qmobile ROCKS again πŸ˜‰ i would like to also thanks one of my friend here who also using A900 and shared his practical experience.. Thanks to all of u.. πŸ™‚

        • Adil says:

          tell in detail about battery timing, how many hours are u getting from it ?? also compare its battery time with noir A9 ? and is A900 the same size as noir A9 or bigger ? and how much it cost u? and is there any screen protector and back coveri in the box? plz answer my questions. thanks ..

          • Usman Malik says:

            Adil , I have purchased A900 yet. So I cant answer your questions , the price of A900 is 22,500.

          • Adil says:

            i know, i was asking the questions to numair Adil who has bought it but he hasn’t replied. but u will buy it, right? coz im waiting.. my main concern is its battery time compared to other android phones that u review or have used, and how long it takes to charge, plz include these in ur review. thanks

          • Usman Malik says:

            Alright Adil, I will try to cover these too ..

  36. mx tipu says:

    i have buyed this phn today

    i have alreday used a20 and a600
    both sets are good
    but noting in front og a900

    awsome display and hsndfree just love it πŸ˜‰

    best mobile in qmobile
    copy of usa mobile blu life play πŸ˜‰

  37. uzair says:

    yar mx tipu waisa tumna taqreeban sara qmobile ka quad core istamal kar lia hai to kuch video review to dikhao agar tumhara set faulty nai ha to warna mera jitna dosto na qmobile ka quad core lia hai unho na sab na tor kar phank dia ha itna ghatia set hai ajeeb bat ha tumhara pass teeno set kaisa sai chal raha hai strange

    • mx tipu says:

      bro which fault a20 mai fault aye the kuch sets mai us ke bad kisi mai nai aye or a900 is copy of blu life play which is usa compony ultra slim and very light weight

      admin bro you should review this set ap use karu ge to ptachale ga

    • saad says:

      ohh mera bhae it not copy of blu life play its rebranded as

  38. Arfeen says:

    sir,, which smartphone is better between noir a600 & noir a900 according to their specifications ??

  39. dark prince says:

    bhai i have 30k budget . which mobile should i buy samsung galaxy s2 plus, i phone 4s, s3 mini. reply fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Talib says:

      Iphone 4S but only factory unlocked

    • Usman Malik says:

      Do you have your mindset on the three mentioned? As their price is greater than 30k you might be able to get a couple of deals on them but, if you are looking for value for money and are not after any specific brand, then a good bet is the UMI X2 priced at 32k, it has the same specs as the Samsung S4 supports OTG and has a Full HD 441ppi screen, along with a 13mp camera, it beats all of the mentioned phones hands down in terms of specs.

  40. Arfeen says:

    usman bro plz suggest me that which phone should i go for noir a600 or noir a900 according to their specifications ??

    • Numair Adil says:

      Salamz, i m using A900, Its really much better then A600, Hardware configurations of both phones are same but Display and some other few things are better then A600..!

      • Nadia khan says:

        sure than prize is also better than 600

        • Numair Adil says:

          In account of built quality and some other specs price is definitely better then 600, u will use HD display, much much better camera result then 600 and stylish super slim device with only difference of 1500 Rs.. What do we want more? πŸ™‚

      • ali says:

        Numair is may real racing 3 chalti ha

  41. Umer says:

    Usman bhai
    Gfive g9 per onte to ka format chal jata ha
    Because i can not find the mp4 format

  42. Moosa Tariq says:

    hi guys yahi mobile sirf Fly ka nahi bulkay ik europe company ka BLU L100 hai…………

  43. faisal says:

    sir its review /?
    kindly reply

  44. Aamash says:

    when are u reviewing @700 and tell me which one is better Noir a700 or Noir a900????

  45. zoraiz khan says:

    thank Usman bhae..i just want to thank you. Your reviews and even comments are very helpful….thanku so much..God bless u πŸ™‚

  46. Adnan says:

    Please help me decide between Samsung Galaxy Core I8260/2 and Qmobile A900. I have read large no of reviews on both and feel that Core I8260 might be inferior in specs, but may be better in actual performance.
    I am a non-gamer, need dual sim, dont use mobile camera much (believe in specialist cameras), need better battery time (excessive use in talk mode), prefer 4-4.5 inch screen. Besides my preferences, would appreciate your personnel opinion and preference.
    Thanking you in advance, specially for taking out all the time and replying so many massages.

    • Usman Malik says:

      If you are not playing games and taking pictures then I think samsung Galaxy Core would be fine for you. However have you used a smart phone before ? The talk time of all smart phones is not much and they would last on the average 1-2 days.
      Personally I go for performance rather then brands , A9 has a better specs, better screen and better processor and its less expensive then samsung. In the end they are all made in china πŸ™‚

  47. saad says:

    guys i want to correct u this device is rebranded as Qmobile in Pakistan it is not a copy okey ! like gionee e3 India .Admin i want to correct u actual manufacture of this phones are from Miami based company name as BLU hope this will increase your knowledge

  48. Faisal says:

    Salam guys I got this a couple of days ago and just one word for it. FANTABULOUSSS
    Yar iski look and feel he paisa wasooool h I have used s3 xperia arc but it’s look and feel is much much better than those….
    Yar I am amazed by its display m using black wallpaper and black background in app drawer and believe me you can’t even tell k screen kahan se shuru h and kahan khtm..

  49. faisal says:

    usman bhai just one request when you review this phone, take it in blue color and change its walpaper and background to black n i m sure u vl b amazed by its look and display

    • Usman Malik says:

      I understand what you mean . but I am amazed by this when the screen is off .. AMOLED screens are jet black even when they are off .. Thats is amazing

      • ali says:

        Usman bhae please tell me app noir a900 ka r video review kab karayn gaay,,,,,i am waiting for your review,,,,i want to buy this set,,,anxiously waiting for ur reply

        • Usman Malik says:

          I will try to do that next week

          • ali says:

            Thanksuan bhai. ,,,waiting for ur review,,,after ur review i decide whether buy this or not

          • Arslan says:

            salaam usman bhai kia aap bta sakte hain yaeh OTA yeh kia hota hai or i want to buy A900 so is ki bettry timing kessi hai kitni deer nikal jati hai . Or yeh heatup to nai hoat during playing games or etc …. Plz reply must

  50. farwa noor says:

    Noir a900 ka video review kar dayn please,,,,,may ya set buy karna chahti hoon,,just to conform k is may koe masla to nahi ha

  51. faisal says:

    yes usman bhai jb ye set off para ho saamne to its just class front is completely black with blue tint on sides……
    just amazing\

  52. faisal says:

    ali bhai its just amazingggg its look n feel is superb its battery is awesome i charged to 100% and then used it the whole day with almost 4 to 5 hrs of internet usage not only surfing but played videos on ututbe and downloaded games etc and still it was able to last the whole day/..

    • Adil says:

      faisal bhai, can u tell me the power capacity of the charger u got with it. it is written on the charger plug. iwant to know whether it is 500mah or 1000mah. and if thats not possible, can u please tell how long it takes to fully charge???

    • farwa noor says:

      Thanks for your rply,,,,,please tell me is may lag to nahi hota aur games kaysi chalti han,,,,,aur kon si games compatable nahi han,,,,thanks

      • ali says:

        Faisal bhae is may kon si games nahi chalti aur games kaysi chalti han

      • Faisal says:

        Frankly speaking I haven’t experienced any lag in it it is working very smooth I am not a big gamer so I haven’t tried many games just few like temple run OZ, and a heavy game eternity warrior 2 and they were just smooth….

  53. SHAMS says:

    yes, display of this phone is much better then other noir phones.

  54. fareed says:

    i’m using A900 which is the best of all qmobile light weight feel like feather in ur hand, HD display having crisp and sharp graphics, play heavy games,for me battery is good enough to play games surfing net all day through gprs and wifi, talk time is good, both camera a1 hai equipped with best lens, this phone have some heating problem with its own camera app and game installed in it, baki is price main ye mobile king hai.

  55. Faisal says:

    Adil bhai its charger is 1000Ma and I can’t say anything about its exact time of charge cz I keep it on charge when I Sleep n when I wake up its fully charged πŸ˜›

  56. Hamza Rashid Inam says:

    please usman bhai can you tell me that is there any faults in qmobile a900? cuz i am going to buy it on few days

  57. Yah page Usman ni kula hey and logoki help and reply bagi lug karrahahi
    usman to just reply karta hey ki no idea and reviews coming soon.:P

  58. Faisal says:

    Usman bhai my Antutu benchmark score for this device is 12550 and quadrant benchmark score is 3990…
    Kindly comment Is it good enough????

  59. Abdul Hafeez says:

    I have got a problem with A900, my icons of installed apps have got duplicated in the main menu, every icon of installed app is shown two or three times in the main menu. can somebody help me about this, you all if anyone one knows about this problem please help me.

  60. wikisherpao says:

    sir a900 mai notification light hai ke nahi?

  61. ARSALAN says:

    Bhai by your opinion which is better noir a900, lumia 520 or lumia 521 ?? Please rpl fast

  62. Gulzaar says:

    Sir what does OTA really mean, i mean OTA (Over-The-Air Updates) = An over-the-air update is the wireless delivery of new software or data to mobile phones from PC Or something else?
    sir qmobile noir A900 qmobile noir sai itna acha hey ki 1500 wast kia jay???waiting for ur replay>

  63. faizan says:

    Assalam u alaikum bhaiyo ! yaar kisi nay nova 3 a900 main chala k daikhi hai agar ni toh koi check kar k bata sakta hai ?

    • Shershah says:

      yup, brother faizan i played N.o.v.a 3 in A900 and u can play every game in qmobile noir A900 because it’s quad-core

  64. faisal says:

    gulzaaar bhaai wait kr lo aur lena to a900 ,,..
    IN SHA ALLAH dua kro ge πŸ™‚

  65. faisal says:

    gulzaaar bhaai wait kr lo aur lena to a900 ,,..
    guarenteed maza

  66. Savo says:

    I’ve bought Noir A900 last week and I’ve seen no problem in it yet. Its working perfectly fine for me. I’ve compared its display with Noir A950 and A600 but A900 has the best display in the series. I’ve also compared its display with my friend’s HTC One X which was almost the same but a little more sharp, so display wise its even better than the HTC One X. I think its because of the IPS Ratina Display(320dpi). Also i’ve played different games on it all are working fine. Notable differences that I found in it when comparing to other high end Qmobile Noir series is that its very fast, touch is very smooth, slimmer, better display and most importantly it never gets heat up even you call, play games or charge mobile. Battery timing is pretty decent takes 2 hours to charge and lasts 1-2 days on normal usage. If you continuously play games on it than it will last 4.5 hours.

  67. faisal says:

    i just wanna know whether its back cover or flip cover available??????
    guys kindly reply

  68. Asad says:

    G9 or A900? Which one’s better? Also, in terms of warranty, after sales service and tech support, which one’s better; GFive or Qmobile?

  69. Shershah says:

    Sir agar mai 32GB Sd card use karo mera mobile tu slow tu nahi hojaiki???

  70. Gulzaar says:

    Sir Fly acha company hey ya genuine ka?
    i mean kunsa mobile zeyada time karta hey?

  71. imran abbas says:

    guys A600 is better than A900 because A600 is more stylish than A900. and A600 has notification light and a900 don’t has. A600 battery’s is 2000mah and A900 Has 1800mah and also about display
    battery’s charge will finished very soon u must make brightness very less and in a600 will take 2 days to finished the charge..buy A600 it’s awesome and also it’s cheaper than a900

  72. Dr.Farooq says:

    aoa usman…i am really impressed with your work and the way you cover different mobile specifications, it’s really very professional and helpful. keep it up…i am waiting for your video review on Q mobile noir A900..as i am eager to buy this but G9 makes me little confuse. so need your help in selecting either G9 or A900. waiting for your reply

  73. Adil says:

    usman bhai, do tell about the battery timing in the review. u have used so many fones so u can easily give a comparison of its battery in ur review. i am waiting for ur review from 1 month and finally now u have bought it.

  74. Adil says:

    usman bhai, also tell about 3G connectivity. a900 has 2 sim slots, one is micro sim and the other is normal sim. i think that 3G works only in one of them …plz clearly tell about the 3G connectivity on the normal sim slot..

    also compare the noir a900 size with noir a20 and i phone..
    Also take 2 or 3 photos in ur camera review so that we can see the shutter speed, ..u tell all the features but u dont show actual photo capturing…

    Plz bhai include these and the battery timing in ur review. thanks πŸ™‚

    • Usman Malik says:

      Adil, reviewing battery timings are difficult because before reviewing I constantly use the phone , tranfer data , install games .. So its difficult to tell the actual timings . Any ideas how I can check battery timings ? I will see If I can test 3G connectivity as well.

      • Adil says:

        usman bhai, u r rite..but still ur opinion will matter, u constantly use all the phones before review so u may have a rough idea whether battery was bad, ok or gud.. compare it with the phones u have reviewed…i just want ur opinion..if battery is not gud, i would prefer a cheaper cell with a better battery so dat is why it is important for me.

  75. SHAMS says:

    Usman bhai when testing Real racing 3, try to play with interior view I wanna know if side mirrors show behind view or not ?

  76. Dr.Farooq says:

    when video review will be coming usman……waiting waiting…..

    • Usman Malik says:

      Sorry Dr saab for the delay .. Actualy because of ramaza I am finding it hard to find the time to make the video. I will try to post it soon

      • Dr.Farooq says:

        no problem at all usman…its quite understandable….there was nothing to bother you…take your time and enjoy your ramadan….whenever you find it feasible then do it….stay blessed… πŸ™‚

  77. SHAMS says:

    Usman bhai, review kab araha hai Week khatam bhi hogaya or review ghayab. πŸ™

  78. Shahzad says:

    Which one is better. noir a900 and g9 president ?

  79. Kashif hafeez says:

    My app icons are multiplying on A900. Kindly suggest a solution

    • irhas says:

      you have to do these steps :
      Settings > All Settings > Apps > All > Launcher

      In Launcher you have to ” Clear Data ” ..

      after that your problem will be solved πŸ™‚


  80. Ali says:

    usman bhai what about THL W200 by allmytech.com ???

    they are selling it at 23000/- and this phone is beating Qmobile A900 , please let me know this company is better/worse or equal to Qmobile ?

  81. saad says:

    Have this mob and is perfect better than s3

  82. Ali says:

    got this mobile today and its really great phone thanks to Usman bhai for reviewing it and making it easy to choose.

    Usman bhai please suggest how you manage to install Vice city,Nova3 and real racing 3 in just 1.7gb available space in this phone ,kindly response soon.

  83. muna says:

    bhai q mobile noir a900 mobiles acha hai aur ye havey gaming ki liye acha mobile hai bhai aur 1080 video suported hai bhai ye mobile perfect hai dosre phone jisy samsung bhai reply plz mere pass pessy hain sir main ye lelon reply plz bhai jaan

  84. muna says:

    bhai gfive g9 aur q mobile noir main sy acha mobile konsa hai reply jaldi plz bhai jaan

  85. saad says:

    Downloadin real racing 3 sir but sound track of games are saving in my music wat to do ?

  86. saad says:

    Which launcher do u prefer for this phone ?

  87. KHALIL says:

    Br do i install applications in sd card in galaxy s2 plus? if yes than how? kindly mention procedure?

  88. Ali says:

    I want to purcahse 32gb card for my A900 , please suggest which one I should buy ?

  89. Ali says:

    I want to purchase 32gb card for my A900 , please suggest which one I should buy ?

  90. talha says:

    salam bhai . ma n aj noir a900 lya ha bt us ma aik fault agya ha .jb screen ko touch krte hn to bht chote chote spots nazar ate hn..kya ap bta skte hn ke kia fault ho skta ha
    plz reply soon

  91. talha says:

    thnx bhai jahan s purchase kia ha woh counter claim kra k dn g us k screen ma fault ha…..thnx bhai

  92. Farooq says:

    Salam usman bhai, sir is ki almost weight ketni hai. Waiting for ur reply

  93. Adlaan says:

    Usman bhai Noir a900 me software update ki koi option nahi hay ? and what happens if you double tap the build number ? pleas help!!! how to fix the multiple icons ?

    • Usman Malik says:

      Nothing will happen if you tap the build number.. There is no option to update software in A900.. you can however root the phone and then update it yourself but thats on your own risk.

  94. farooq says:

    sir here in peshawar a900 is short shoperkeeper told us the price will be increase is that true plz reply to my email

  95. UsAMa ReHMan says:

    sir ap a900 ka full review kab de rahe hen

  96. Fabian says:

    Hi Usman,

    I currently own the A900 and im still trying to figure how to take a screenshot of the phone like most android phones. Can you help please?

  97. Zahid says:

    I bought q bomile a900 ……If somone know how to increase the volume level of such mobile by useing cods pls help me

  98. Awais says:

    sir i m use a900 mobile it is good in working but one problem i m facing in this set is apps automatically ad plz solve this issue for me

  99. Zeeshan Raza says:

    Can any1 guide me among three qmobile sets? A600, A700 or A900

    Wat is thr OS version?

  100. Agha Waleed says:

    Dear Usman bhai AOA!!
    I am planning to buy Qmobile A900. Plz tell me in your honest opinion is it worth 22500 PKR??? Is it good in performance? Im a bit confused. I have been hearing different reviews and opinions about Qmobile smartphones. Some ppl say they are good, for some they r gr8 while some say they r all fake and the claimed quadcore processors arent quadcore in real and are quite slow. So Im surrounded by all these concerns. Is Qmobile A900 as good as any other smartphone of samsung, HTC or sony in your opinion??? In the end should one go for it or not??

    • Usman Malik says:

      The processor speed mentioned by Qmobile is infact true. The difference is that that these processors are made by the company “media tek” , Samsung , HTC and other known branded usually use “Qualcomm” processors. A dual core qualcomm processor is equal to quadcore from media tek. That is why MediaTek Processors are cheap and hence the phones are cheap too.

      You cant compare qmobile phone quality and performance with big brands.. they are definitely better, but then they are expensive too.

      So overall qmobile phones are good value for money. You can check the video reviews and see that the performance is pretty good.

  101. Salman says:

    Assalamolaikum…..i bought a new A900 today….but i think its battery is discharging much more faster that you talked about in your review…..:( :/
    Any reasons why…..?

    • Usman Malik says:

      Salman ,, Usually when we buy a new phone we are using a lot of wifi , downloading new apps and therefore it seems that the battery is not enough. Once you start the normal usage , it will feel fine. BTW the battery will last 1 day with normal usage.

      • ali says:

        Assalam o alaikum I m using qmobile a900 from last1 months . I installed MX player in it but it doesn’t play 720 HD movies from fun maza or mushkurat.com but agar youtube sa kro to chil jeti hain belkul thek wo kyo sir plz answer me

        • azhar says:

          did you tried, without MX Player? try it.. or try some other player like GoodPlayer…
          anyway A900 me 720 kya 1080p bhi chal jati hyn… as you also said, youtube se chalo to chal jati hy. mushkurat and funmaza has some website issue, on their own…

        • Usman Malik says:

          Are you downloading the videos or playing directly from website ? and which format are you using ?

  102. shahroz says:

    sir Usman me aap se ye puchna chahta hu k.. noir A20 nd Noir A900 me se kis ki camera achi h.. aur dono me se kis ka auto focus acha h…. aur kya Noir A20 1080p video chala leta h… plz reply zarur krna me aap ka wait karu ga… thanks

  103. Faizan says:

    Usman Bhai How to take screenshot in A900? as in from whatsapp or any other app

  104. abro says:

    does it have cpu MTK6589 or MTK6589T,,,
    bcz in spcs it shows MTK6589
    but when i run anTutu then it shows MTK6589T
    i can attach the snapshot if i could…
    so what’s ?????

  105. Farooque says:

    Please anyone tell me how to take a screen shot in Qmobile A900?

  106. malik shoaib says:

    Assalam o alaikum I m using qmobile a900 from last 3 months . I installed MX player in it but it doesn’t play 720 HD movies I installed from funmaaza website. And downloading speed on sim internet is good but browsing speed on chrome uc browser is very slow . how can I solve these issues plz

  107. fahad says:

    usman bhai can u plz tell me, how much time it gets to recharge q mobile a900 mobiles battery..

  108. malik shoaib says:

    Usman bhai I m waiting for aur answer plz tell me solution of my problem

  109. salman zafar says:

    usman bhai AOA.
    I want to know. which one should i buy. gfive g9 president or A900.
    plus qmobile say that A900 have DTS surround sound. is it really true or just they are giving highend earphones with it… other than that all specs are same.
    please reply. yours truely…..

    • Usman Malik says:

      gfive g9 is not available at redued price of 14,999 .. So tht is a bg plus . Yes A900 has DTS in its speakers . The earpones that come with it are of normal quality.
      A900 is slimmer and smaller then G9. I you want a bi screen , go for G9

  110. mughees says:

    Sia Aoa.
    Please sir tell me what mobile is the best. Samsung galaxy s2 or Q mobile noir A900
    .I am very confused about those. I SHELL B THNKFUL TO Usman sir and whose that tell me.

  111. Muhammad Mubasher says:

    Assalam u Alaikum,

    Usman bhai can you please tell me what either I should buy

    A600: Which is 5”HD and has front camera 2MP (PKR 19,500)
    A700: Which is 5.3”QHD but has front camera 1.3MP (PKR 21,500)
    A900: Which is 4.7”HD and has front camera 2MP (PKR 22,500)

    I will use it for Video Call. Also please tell me which one is good for its camera quality i.e. Flash.



    • Wa Alaikum Salaam, Out of the three you have mentioned the A600 has the most value for money and an additional feature of OTG.

      • Muhammad Mubasher says:


        I am concerned about video call quality also. I work in Kuwait and my family will call me through skype for video call. Will A600 give me good front camera quality or A900? As A900 has HD front camera.

  112. Umer Hassan says:

    How can we snap/take a Screenshot in Q-Mobile A900??
    In I-Phones by pressing It’s main Button with lock Button togather…

    Koi website browse krty huwe tasveer kheichnay ka tarika???

  113. imran says:

    Can any body tell me where I can find a good quality silicone back cover for mobile a900. Appently only one type is available in market which is not visually appealing and is very hard so the side bottoms don’t get pressed.

  114. Muzamil says:

    Aoa sir, my question is that kya qmobile a900 mein led charging hai? aur iss mein jo white colour hai wo agey se bhi white hai ya sirf pechey se hee. mein ne pehley kabi qmobile use nai kiya yeh acchi company hai smartphone mein b china ki company toh nai hai? kindly mujhe jaldi jawab plzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • Muzamil says:

      Aoa sir, my question is that kya qmobile a900 mein led charging hai? aur iss mein jo white colour hai wo agey se bhi white hai ya sirf pechey se hee. mein ne pehley kabi qmobile use nai kiya yeh acchi company hai smartphone mein b china ki company toh nai hai? kindly mujhe jaldi jawab den plzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

      • Usman Malik says:

        most of the mobiles these days are made and designed in china .. Please check out the video review of A900 as well. Its white only from the backside .. front side per tu screen hei .. LED charging ka kya mutlab hei ?

      • Azhar Abro says:

        white color, back se and front se bilkul side wali edge/border jo hy wo white hy. ager black leke back-cover white chhara don to difference ye rahega k front wali edge-border black hi rahega. Qmobile ka A900 china brand nahi, bulke UK brand hy FLY k name se… Fly Phoenix IQ4410 nam hy exact…. kuch countries me iska nam BLU Life Play hy. It’s reliable and one of the best phone, with good features, design, and ppi.

  115. Muzamil says:

    sir matlb notification light hai kya?

  116. Haroon Gohar says:

    sir aslamoalikum
    hope you fine mere cell Q A900 ki battery bohat slow charge hoti hy koi solution hy is k liye

  117. Mustafa says:

    When I connect my a900 on charging it only charges 2 % after 2 hours
    Is this charger fault or mobileΒΏ

  118. Irfan says:

    Salam usman bhai, i wan2 buy a900 but m cnfusd n also afraid that issues whch the public discus here, like dublicte icons, sometimes main camera stop working, automatic set on/of, charging issues etc, so plz tel me is thr any serous issues like that in 90% a900 mblz r it is jst bdluck for few pplz that they have faulty mbl, plz explain these prblms, tnx in advnce, wslm….

    • azhar says:

      a900 is one of the brillaint set, i owned it, i faced none of any problem you mentioned above,
      except duplicate icons (sometimes)… but it is not big deal, just use different launcher, like Nova, Mi Launcher. I use these launchers anyhow, because i did not like the original launcher.

  119. ali raza says:

    hello sir
    i am having problem with my qmobile a900..when i set my wifi on very often it start reboots automatically …i am tired of it.is there any solution for this …please ..thanks

  120. Ali says:

    Whch one is betr, a900 or a910?

  121. amir says:

    hi sir i have a problem in my noir a900 would you like to solve it… please

  122. zahid says:

    sir i need a sujjestion…should i buy a900 or a900i…im currently using nokia N8 which has the beast 12mp camera..so i want my new mobile to be a good camera phone and should has a great audion in earphones..please tell me wich one is better

  123. zahid says:

    and one other thing i dont like to change cell phones too often as I am using n8 since last 2 years..my question is can A900 or A900i can last that long?as many friends are posting problems in a900..please also confirm that did you had any problems like these?
    waiting for your reply.

    • a900 reported problems, but I also know people using the a900 for almost a year now….but if you want a good camera experience with good sound then the Z series is better than a900.

  124. zahid says:

    thanx for the advice sir but Z series is out of my budget..i love the a900’s shape and features thats why im headed for q mobile..otherwise i still love my N8..nokia is nokia after all.

  125. zahid says:

    so its a green signal from you guys??should i buy a900?

  126. zahid says:

    and one more thing…i have searched so much about the dts sound of a900..can you please tell that how is it???and does it work on speakers or headfones?because i connect my mobile to my car stereo too often via audio jack..please tell me about it..

  127. zahid says:

    A600 is great phone my elder brother has it but i dont like its shape and its a bit heavy..a900 is much better in shape..can you please tell how to use alphanumeric keyboard in messaging in a600??samsung and htc has it but i couldnt find it in Qmobiles..

  128. Adeel says:

    During a call, when I press the power button call is disconnected. How can I disable this function in A900?

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