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Today we have the review of Qmobile Quatro Z3 for you. Quatro Series is the flagship series of Qmobile. Quatro Z3 comes with a Turbo MT 6589 processor clocking at 1.5 Ghz Quad core processor with 1 GB RAM and an amazing super AMOLED display with 720p resolution.

Super AMOLED displays have very good contrast ratios and just blows you away with the color sharpness you get in them. So We can easily say that Quatro Z3 has the best display in Qmobile. Quatro Z3 also has the slimest profile with only 6.85mm thickness, which makes it very easy to handle and feels great in hands.

Price of Qmobile Quatro Z3 is Rs. 26,500. But the price justifies the features Z3 has. Check out the first part of the video reviews of quatro z3.

Urdu Review

Qmobile-Quatro-z3-Introduction by phonegurureviews

Build Quality:

Qmobile Quatro Z3 has a good solid build quality. Since its back cover is not removable therefore the backside is made up of good hard plastic with a matte finish which feels very durable. Because the back side has a matte finish it wont get scratches that easily. As mentioned before the phone is only 6.85 mm thick which makes it super easy to carry around.


What’s In The Box?

Qmobile Quatro Z3 comes with the all the usual accessories.


–          Charger with local adaptor so you can use it in the local power sockets

–          Headphones (good quality)

–          USB Cable

–          User’s Manual


Gaming on the Qmobile Quatro Z3:

The Qmobile Quatro Z3 has a 1.5 GHz MT6589 Turbo Quad core processor, and a Power VR SGX 544MP GPU along with 1 GB Ram. Z3 has a super AMOLED screen with 720p HS resolution, which gives great colors and therefore proves to be a great gaming phone with good performance and a great display.


Urdu Review

Qmobile Quatro Z3 Video Review Gaming by phonegurureviews

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 performed very well on Quatro Z3, The graphics were flawless because of 720p display and the gaming experience was great too. We didnt notice any jerk or lags during game play.



Nova 3 is a HD FPS ( first person shooter ) game with great graphices. Nova 3 takes a lot of time to load on MT 6589 T processors and Quatro Z3 was not an exception. But once the game was loaded , it didnt give any lags or delay afterwards. Overall the gaming experience was great for Nova 3 on Quatro Z3.


GTA Vice City
GTA vice city is a very graphic and processor hungry game. Although the game graphics are not very good as compared to Nova 3 or real racing 3 , but it has a very extensive game play. We noticed that phones with MT6589 processors didnt perform very good with GTA vice city. The game sstarted off good but after some times it used to get laggy.

However phones with MT6589 Turbo processors performed much better with GTA Vice city. Quatro Z3 therefore as expected played GTA Vice City pretty well. We didnt feel any lags or jerks even after playing game for 30 minutes.


Qmobile Quatro Z3 Gaming Remarks:
So overall Qmobile Quatro Z3 is a very good gaming device. It has a very good processor with a great display and will give you a permuim gaming experience.


Next we cover the Z3’s camera interface and multimedia capability.


Qmobile-Quatro-z3-Camera-Media by phonegurureviews


Camera: The Camera interface of the Quatro Z3 is similar to that of the A900, its not the default that comes with Jellybean. It has such options such as smile shot, gesture shot (which allow for automatic shots), has panorama option, face beauty and photo editing options as well. Video options allows for white balancing setting, exposure setting and flash control during video recording. A comprehensive Camera review of the Z3 will be uploaded shortly.

If you would like to check out the Qmobile Noir A900 Review.


Multimedia Playback: The Z3 has excellent sound quality and is able to play most HD formats (720p and 1080p), the true HD 720p Super Amoled screen shows off the video in great contrast and great color reproduction.  As you can see we tested two Full HD videos which the device was able to run without any lag or distortion of any kind. It can also run multiple formats such as flash given it has the right player installed.

If you would like more information on the AMOLED display tech please read this article IPS Vs AMOLED


Browser Functionality: The device has Chrome pre-installed, video playback in HTML 5 is possible and if you wish to run flash then you need to go for a compatible browser app.  There was the slightest of lags during zooming, you wouldn’t notice it afterwards, most probably due to the website. Even at max zoom no pixelation was seen.


Final Remarks: The Quatro Z3 is an excellent Android Smartphone as far as camera functionality, multimedia and games go. The device is extremely thin, even thinner than the Samsung Galaxy S4 but the problem with having such a sleek phone is that the battery size and thus battery power is limited and that since there is no cover, you have to have the smartphone itself opened to replace the battery.

The Quatro Z3 does not have Dual SIM functionality or an external memory card slot, another compromise which they had to make in order to improve style and keep it sleek. So if you are just going to install some games, take occasional pictures and shoot some videos the device is great, if you like downloading movies and usually carry large files then you might face a problem.

Also given the price tag a sweet 26.5k, we find the Z3 not having OTG support a drawback.


Qmobile Quatro Z3

Qmobile Quatro Z3

Qmobile Quatro Z3

Qmobile Quatro Z3

Qmobile Quatro Z3

Qmobile Quatro Z3

Qmobile Quatro Z3

Qmobile Quatro Z3

Qmobile Quatro Z3

Qmobile Quatro Z3

Qmobile Quatro Z3

Qmobile Quatro Z3

Qmobile Quatro Z3

Qmobile Quatro Z3

Qmobile Quatro Z3

Qmobile Quatro Z3

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  1. ahh,my mobile review..usman bhai its really awsome..when i put it in my pocket it seems that it will be broken into two pieces,its really slim.but very good build quality,but i m sad there are no flip covers available in market :(

  2. now usman bhai i have 2 qusetions,that whether it supports otg cable or not?i havent tried otg cable on my phone ,can u pls tell me does it support it?and my second question is that how did u find that it has the wireless update option,because in my Z3 i cant find an update option in the about phone section! So pls let me know,WAITING FOR UR FURTHER REVIEWS ON Z3, :D

  3. Assalam-o-Alaikum Usman Bhai APKMANIA se Games Kaisa Download Karta Haan Please Please

    • Me too waiting for the review of Quatro z4……..!!!!!
      Love that one…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Salam, I want to share my experience with qmobile Z3 and Sony xperia C. Both are quadcore processor Z3 1.5 & xperia c 1.2, mediatek chips with 1 gb ram. Z3 has 4.8 amoled screen with 720 resolution and xperia c 5″ IPS with qhd. both come with 8 mega pixal main camera with Z3 having 5 mega pixal and sony has vga camera. my brother got z3 a month ago on my recommendation, i really like that phone really fast and snappy good gaming performance. i was impressed. but few days ago i got xperia c coz i needed a dual sim phone so z4 was out of question as well. my first impression was wow. screen was really amazing compared to z3, bright colors looks sharp and reaaly good. phones fast with good gaming performance. camera is way better than z3. i do recommend this phone even though more expense than z3, available around Rs 30,000/-

  5. Hi usman, well i saw your review and bought z3
    Thanks for the review and I would like to add something which might help people…all u folks out thr the phone is awesome and am playing GTA SA yes GTA sand Andreas and it is working perfect 2nd thing is that the back cover is removable but you cannot take battery out as it is written on batter don’t remove batery…I came to know about this when I went to market for its flip cover…yes its flip cover is available in arkt…any thing else if any one went to ask feel free…and thanks again usman. Tc

    • MY CIE EXAMS are in may they will end on 15 th and then I will buy Z3 4 months have passed since you bought it can u give any tips or bugs regarading it?

      • i jst faced a problem few days back…my Z3 stopped recognizing my front camera…when ever i tried to open it, it says can’t find camera so i restarted my phone and the front camera option was gone, well i have given it in warranty now lets see what they do…otherwise it was working like a charm…

  6. Aoa,
    I want 2 buy dis cell fon z3 today,plz would u tell me is it better then g five g10 president?
    And wat about z3 voice quality?pic and video result?
    Plz reply as soon as u can,em really thankfull 2 u.

  7. Sallam sir usman I have z3 mobile in 10month warranty. The problem is in my mobile is that when I receive a call my caller can’t listen my voice but when ha call me again then he can listen my voice very well. So tell me what I do for this problem.

  8. Is this mobile available in white colour?I wanna buy this mobile in a week!please can anyone tell me?

  9. AOA. Usman bhai can u please tell me that z3 back is removeable or not?

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