Qmobile Quatro Z3 Review

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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198 Responses

  1. ehtsham rasheed says:

    Bhai is ki battery fix ha???

    • Moosa Tariq says:

      han g is ki bettery fix hai for more info plz visit fb.com/mrandroidguru

      • farhan says:

        Usman Bhia z3 ki battery kasae nikalty ha pls reply …….
        Z3mare chalty chalty off hoga ha on nhi ho rha pls bta da is battery kase open hoty ha pls reply email send this address

        • NO the Z3 does not have a removable battery it has to be taken to QMobile sales and service center for battery replacement, as it has a non removable batter similar to the iphone concept. what you are facing is a drawback of a unibody construction.

        • shahid says:

          Attention : Farhan : Z3 goes dead and can not be turned on.
          I get this problem every now and then. You can not take out the battery. Accidentally i discovered how to reboot the mobile when in this condition.
          1: Press together -Volume button and Power on button, this will bring a Menu on the screen.
          2: Use Volume + and – buttons to make selection from Menu items ( I used Reboot)
          3: Press Power Button to execute menu selection.
          Mobile should start rebooting.

    • Shahzad says:

      bad experiance with the voice quality of the phone. the speakers voice to the person on the other end of the phone get weak and dies.

      I trusted Qmobile and they have let me down……sadly.

      • han sunny says:

        sunny some unexperinced users install apps you know when there a few app that have bugs like some apps crashes on jelly bean its the same the thing if you open an app or have to many apps running it crashes :P

  2. SHAMS says:

    Phone is sexy but price is still high should be 24k, THL W200 is best so far but the only drawback with w200 is that no light in touch buttons. Otherwise it can beat S3 easily.

  3. Asad Shaikh says:

    Asalam Alaikum!!!!!!!!!!
    Usman Bhai Please Shared Video Review Of This Phone

  4. Khalid says:

    Okay so what do think is it worth spending 7k more and buy quatro or should one go for thl-w200

  5. Soban says:

    Vivo X3 has break the record of ascend p6 and is now the slimmest phone in the world. It has a thickness of 5.75mm

  6. Aamash says:

    i u review this phone……….????????

  7. ajlal akbar says:

    USMAN bhai now the Z3 OR UMI X2 TURBO?????????????????????///

  8. Usama says:

    Usman Bhai it is “GIONEE ELIFE E5″

  9. ali says:

    which is better Noir A500 or Noir A10 Lite. in performance, graphics, camera,battery etc.

  10. Shah says:

    Kia is may memory card slot hy

  11. Haider says:

    Hi Usman

    When is the review of VOICE mobiles coming ?

  12. ali says:

    Voice Xtreme V40 or Noir A10 Lite.which is better?

  13. ali chohan says:

    aoa usman.
    whihch one is a better option. gfive president in 18k or qmobile a950 in 26k

    also considering the price, whihc 1 is a better option?

  14. Aamash says:

    Will u do a video review of this phone ??????
    please reply !!!

  15. Mekaiel says:

    First of all, I want to congratulate you, this is a very well done review site!
    I appreciate the reviews, the video quality in the video reviews is slightly too low to appreciate the smartphone screen properly, but really well done otherwise..this site is very very helpful!

    I also have a question, and that is regarding the date of the Qmobile Quatro review and boxing: I’m anxious for a detailed review before having to decide abt buying one!

    Thank you!

  16. Mekaiel says:

    I was also wondering if you could have an out of 10 rating system for different aspects of the phones, and rate them for us?
    And maybe a Pros and Cons summary at the end of a review?
    Again, appreciate the effort put into this site! :D

  17. Ulfat says:

    kya is main dual sim hai

  18. Rohaan says:

    i have it on the 1st day of launching, 5/5 for me, battery timing is cool, cheapest Super AMOLED HD Display equivalent to Samsung SIII. I have switched from BB Z10.

  19. Muhammad Aamash says:

    Next review of????

  20. waleed says:

    ive just bought A950……. feeling sad…… if I had the knowledge about the launch of quatro…. i would have definitely waited for a week……

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Thats life in the tech world….you buy a device and a moment later its outdated…..

      • waleed says:

        specifically Q mobile users have to learn to get used to it more rapidly……. the company is in a habit of launching new models with the gap of weeks……. :-)

  21. ali says:

    Please reply!

    Voice Xtreme V40 or Noir A10 Lite.which is better?

  22. sajawal says:

    Please tell which phone is better in terms of build quality,camera, screen resolution, gaming, bettry huawei ascend g510 or qmobile a600 plz

    • Usman Malik says:

      A600 is better .. It has a quad processor .. 1 GB ram and a bigger screen.

      • abdullah says:

        which one is better, huawei g 610 or qmobile A900…
        almost same specs, with diff in dimension nd camera, nd display… but price diff is 3k
        also huawei has a better Name in the Market..

        I need to buy it today, anyone who sees this, pls reply

  23. Waseem hussain says:

    Usman bhai is mai notification light hai..

  24. Sumair says:

    Usman Bhai. I am using samsunf S2 plus. What you prefer Qmobile A600 or Qmobile Z3 or stick with Samsung S2 plus????. please reply quick

    Many Thanks

  25. hammas asif says:

    Usman Bhai… is phone ki unboxing and video review karain…!!!

  26. Wajahat says:

    usman bhai, ik android clone mobile ha jis k specs net pr na hon to uski ram, rom, cpu, gpu, cam etc sub kuch mean full specs kese check kiye ja skty han?
    or agr wo iphone ka clone ho or us mn ios krwaya ho to us k full specs kese malom kiye ja skty han?
    i’ll b very thankful if u mail me, thnx. my id is:

  27. This phone is an absolute spectacle, despite the price tag of 29,500/- it will do good in pakistani market. but do you know huawei has launched g610 as well?? it is cheaper than quatro but the specs are still comparable.. do check it out..

  28. Arbaz says:

    Admin plz upload voice v40 and noir a80 review

  29. asad says:

    plz fix your website its taking too much time and freezing chrome

  30. Usman says:

    Where to find china brands vivi x3, umi x2, thl w200 in lahore?

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      yes these brands are very reliable, they are not your average chinese phones, they are premium phones available via allmytech.pk

  31. Usman says:

    Are these brands reliable?

  32. moin says:

    NOir quatro Z3 is know available in 26,500, ain’t it’s amazing

  33. G.N. Memon says:

    Usman bhai , it says it has face detection and Gesture support, does it has autopause option or any other face tracking and gesture sensor based function ?

  34. moin says:

    bought this phone today, this mobile is really impressive, looks are awesome *noting the fact that it is a unibody smart phone.. camera results and each other thing is great. Antutu score is 16,937. and it runs all graphic intensive games with ease, out of 16GB user available is 13.3 GB… and battery timings are also good.. SO, in my opinion this phone in RS 26,500/- is a thing to rush for…

    • faraz says:

      This is very bad.price down by Pkr3000..
      I think launch of z4 is near.the only problem with these phones are non removal batteries. In electricity environment of pak it is very risky.

  35. Shahid Ali says:


  36. Syed Fahad Ali Shah says:

    The set is insane.. I must say. I was just checking out the reviews.. I do not post comments on sites and reviews like this at all, but Usman bhai your way of explaining everything just forced me to leave comment :D You review phones so clearly and with detail.. Thumbs Up to You (Y) Great Job.

  37. Usama says:

    Usman Bhai PLZ tell me that “Samsung Galaxy S4 Korean Ver. With Eye Motion Sensor” is better or “Z3″.
    PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer
    PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer

  38. Jahangeer says:

    BHAI ,which should I purchase SAMSNUG GALAXY S2 PLUS or HUAWEI G700 or QMobile QUATRO!? AND did huawei and qmobile are using Quality screens whch are scratch and break resistanat or not?

  39. M.Faraz says:

    Qmobile Noir A900, or Qmobile Quatro z3? which one is better?

  40. One of my friend recommended your site, and I loved the reviews. I am planning to buy Z3 but after reading your review THL W200 caught my attention. So I’ve viewed all your video reviews of W200. Could you please tell me whether Z3 and W200 are same in gaming, camera browsing etc or not.

    Should I go ahead and buy Z3 or wait for your video reviews of Z3? If video reviews of Z3 are in progress, then please let me know, I’ll be desperately looking forward.

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Yes THL W200 is at par with Z3 if not better, overall value for money is greater with THL W200, Z3 review is in pipeline but in all honesty it will be after sometime.

      • Thanks Faisal for prompt reply. I heard that Z4 with microSD support, 13MP rear & 8/5 MP front camera and increased built-in memory & ROM is launching at the end of this month. Do you have any news about it? It’s speculated specs are way better than z3 so I guess I should just wait a couple of weeks for it. What you suggest sir?

        • Faisal Jaswal says:

          Your welcome, well that is still in the rumor mill, I believe Qmobile has the potential to make quality stuff, its your choice bro :-) one of the problems with tech gadgets or smartphones for that matter is they will keep on improving and very rapidly at that….I think its hardly been 2 months since the launch of Z3 and Z4 rumors already out…what I am saying is when Z4 comes out you will probably hear rumors of the Z5 :-) and so on so forth. So if you find a good phone buy it, as the software or apps for that matter will be supported by it for at least a couple of years. I’ll give you the example of the UMI X2S it is the world’s 1st true Octa Core processor and it will be available shortly and I am guessing looking at its predecessor, it will cost between 30k to 40k. Check out the article we have on it…. :-)

          • Abdul moiz says:

            Qmobile noir quatro z4 is a good set .its market price is 36500.

          • Abdul moiz says:

            This is a good smart phone. Its market value is 36500

          • @Abdul moiz

            I don’t think QMobile will launch Z4 at around 36000, all I can see is at around 29 – 30k at max. Z3 is available now at around 26k so Z4 at 30 – 32k max makes a lot of sense. Beyond that will be a disaster, as no one will want to buy a QMobile at that high budget, as there are lots of other options available at that price tag.

            My 2 cents.. :)

      • Salam Faisal once again.. :)

        I’ve purchased Z3 yesterday and its an impressive mobile, speed is awesome, heavy games are running smoothly and display etc is very good.

        But there are a few things, which I’d like to share.

        1) Battery is fixed, you cannot remove the battery. But I don’t consider it as a drawback.

        2) Volume is average, not too high as compared to other phones. But I’m also fine with this.

        3) I don’t know, but the camera (while taking pictures) is a bit slow and shaddy. But when I turn it to video recording, it works perfectly fine. Front camera is also good. Picture quality is also perfect but the camera while taking pictures becomes very slow. Maybe something is wrong with my camera settings, can you please help me with camera settings?

        Apart from above mentioned things, the mobile is just awesome and I’m loving it, its battery life is also about perfect.


  41. hassam says:

    I want to ask k kya ye mobile sachi me buhat acha hai …i mean k me ne kuch sites par logo k comments parhe …kuch ne kaha tha k ye mob acha hai …but kuch keh rae the k touch kharab hai and qmobile lcd ki warranty bhi ni dete and things like that ….so i want to ask k kya wo jhoot bol rae hain …ive seen many comments like that ….please guide me …i want to buy this phn …wrna ye na ho na k pese bhi kharch karo aur cheez bhi kharab mile ….PLZ reply as soon as possible ……it would be an honour if u replied on my mobile number :03244257797

    • Usman Malik says:

      We havent used this phone ourselves .. SO i am not sure. If there is a manufacturing fault in LCD ( like a missed pixel or DOT ) then you can claim the warranty with qmobile.. and they will fix it…If the LCS is broken then there is no warranty

      I dont think keh iss ka touch kharab ho ga ..

  42. Faisal Jaswal says:

    Well the best thing to do in that case would be to purchase it from their official sales & service center. BUt I doubt if there would be companies copies of Qmobile, copies are usually made of High foreign brands, such as Samsung, Sony, Apple.

  43. Abdul moiz says:

    Sir,which is better thl-w2000 vs qmobile quatro z3?please make a video review of this set plssssss sir reply me please

  44. FLaMeOo says:

    I bought this set today and its what can i say JUST AWESOME and those who are saying bad words to this mobile about specs i gfound many of them on qmobile page whatmobile and all are just saying because they dont have money for it or the bought higher priced phone and they are just simply regretting :P really i will say its a BEAST and a great machine with antutu of 16,609 but its display is WOW do try it then say about it worth buying mobile

  45. hassam says:

    Where to buy original z3
    Im in lahore
    What si official site of qmobie?

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Any shop which has qmobile phones, don’t worry they haven’t started making copies of it as yet :-), official site is qmobile.com.pk

  46. Abdul moiz says:

    Sir which is best iphone 4s 16gb vs z3 reply me

  47. Sajid Khan says:

    OTG ????
    Notification Light ???

  48. Bilal Bal0ch says:

    Plz tell me where can we find 3g option in qmobile quattro z3 and kindly tell me how we update their OS plz must reply I have mobile quattro z3.

    • hassam says:

      bilal baloch
      u saud that u have z 3
      can u kindly tell me the truth about its battery time ,overall performance ,speed and camera
      is it a good mobile ?
      does it lags?
      i would be thankful if u answer my questions

      • Bilal Bal0ch says:

        This set is awesome its battery timing in 4:30-5:00 when using WiFi or gaming and its performance is best and camera to but camera in night is bitter slow but camera result is best I played many games like modern combat 4 ,real racing 3,GTA vice city,NFS moated wanted ,subway surfer game which run so smoothly without any laging.over all performance this set is best.

        • hassam says:

          Yar ap konsi city me rehte ho??
          agar lahore me rehte ho to tell me k ye kahan se liya?

        • Bilal, can you tell me how you installed Modern Combat 4? I downloaded its full version (.apk) on my laptop and then copied it into Andriod>OBB folder, installed the game. But when I run it, it says click OK to play, but when I do so, the game just minimizes?? Any idea what is the issue?

          Also I installed Real Racing 3, downloaded its 896MB update but after that the game just stopped at intro and I was never able to play it. I even have to restart my mobile when the game halts.. :(

          Can you or anyone else help me with these 2 games?

          • Bilal Bal0ch says:

            I download real racing 3 from googleplay it is working smoothly on my phone without any lag download it from googleplay. And I download latest version of modern combat 4 from kikass torrent first u extract the zip file into obb folder and then installed the apk.then start the game OK.

          • Bilal baloch says:

            download Modern combat 4 latest version from Kickass torrent and also other games u may like. If u downloaded real racing 3 from Google play if it is laggy so then type Googleplay and search RR3 graphics if u installed it and open real racing 3 graphics then select to medium it will solve your issue.

  49. Sajid Khan says:

    Notification light hay ????
    aur OTG hay plz tell me??

  50. hassam says:

    To all those who have bought this phone , i want to ask k kya ye phone perfect hai ,is ka display kesa ha, is ki battery timing, is ki gaming performance and overall performance?,does it lags?
    Plz sach bolna
    Only tho those jinho ne ye phone karida hai

  51. Nabeel Malik says:

    To all those who have bought this phone , i want to ask k kya ye phone perfect hai ,is ka display kesa ha, is ki battery timing, is ki gaming performance and overall performance?,does it lags?
    Plz sach bolna
    Only tho those jinho ne ye phone karida hai

  52. usman elahi says:

    bro does it support 3G ?

  53. shiraz says:

    qmobile kab andriod updates dena strt kray ga? hr coming week new set launch hojatay hen atleast they should give andriod update, very disappointing :(

  54. phony dady says:

    Ok I m loking 4wrd to buy a phone worth 28000 and I got me eye on qmobile quatro z3, I want to it but I wanted to ask that is this phone upgradable to 4.4 kitkat or 4.3 jellybeans?

  55. sikandar bakht says:

    So usman bhai and faisal bhai give us final comments about Z3. N plz lounch Z3 vedio. Plz

  56. sikandar bakht says:

    Does Z3 facng any issue?

  57. moiz says:

    sir samsung galaxy s2 plus vs quatro z3

  58. zarar khan says:

    Usman bhai plz which 1 is good samsung galaxy s2 plus or quatro z3. Plz post Z3 vedio review

  59. najam says:

    Usman bhai plz which 1 is good samsung galaxy s2 plus or quatro z3. Plz post Z3 vedio review

  60. hayat Ali says:

    Faisal bhai please lounch Z3 vedio review

  61. Farhan says:

    Hi Usman. Just wanted to ask how to upgrade the OS of Z3? Thanks

  62. hayat Ali says:

    Usman bhai , faisal bhai Z3 ka vedio review lounch kare na

  63. Zeerak Ansari says:

    Z3 Processing power vs S3 ???

  64. Hasan Tahir says:

    which mobile is better qmobile a900 vs huawei g610 .please ellaborate on each aspect.usman ur info is needed

  65. Zeerak Ansari says:

    want to buy this phone but waiting 4 its video review because i have never used Qmobile before ? Heared it get slow will taking picture and is it build to last because china k phone jaldi kharab ho jatay hy is phone ki quatity keya hy jaldi karab to nahi ho jaye ga ?

    • I bought this phone last month and am using it extensively. Built quality is good and phone is almost perfect. The only issue I have noticed is with its camera, it gets slow which taking pictures indoor in less light, if you switch to video recording or turn on more lights in room it works perfectly. Camera quality is brilliant in sun light, just little slow in less light only while taking pictures.

  66. Zohaib Vohra says:

    Usman bhai can u tell plz how can I save photos from web to z3. I could not find the option

  67. Hammad says:

    What if I say Moto G is much better than this B)

  68. naeem says:

    This phone does not support 3g at all. Never buy this phone if working outside Pakistan. Shame on qmobile though.

  69. muhammad ayaz says:

    Salam to all bro..
    Pls. mujhe z3 Aur z4 mobiles ki mazeed information dain .
    Me k.s.a main rahta hon Aur abhi tak maine N mobiles ko nahi dekha .lakin mangwana chahta hon .
    A12 to use kya hai 3g+battery timing theek hai lakin ppi kam hai Aur antatu benchmark sirf 9000 hai jo K kam hai .
    Pls .Brothers I need help

  70. Ahmad says:

    I am using Qmobile Z3. it shows 2 GB internal storage and 8 GB SDcard. i am facing the problem that all games and applications are directly installed in internal storage which is full now and when i try to even update an existing installed application it says storage space full. and i am unable to move games and applications in SDcard. please tell me how to cater this problem i have 6 gb free in sdcard.

  71. Ahmad says:

    I am using Qmobile Z3. it shows 2 GB internal storage and 8 GB SDcard. i am facing the problem that all games and applications are directly installed in internal storage which is full now and when i try to even update an existing installed application it says storage space full. and i am unable to move games and applications in SDcard. please tell me how to cater this problem i have 6 gb free in sdcard. already tried difference applications to move apps to SDcard.

  72. Ahmad says:

    i would be very grateful if someone be kind enough to reply my query. i would like to ask how to root Qmobile Z3. as after rooting my problem will be solved.

    • Usman Malik says:

      Ahmed , I have heard that you can root all phones with MT 6589 processors in a same way. So basically you can take the rooting kit available for this processor and try it.

  73. jazib says:

    i m from hyderabad . how can i get thl w200 ? its not available in market

  74. jazib says:

    i m confused whetjer i should go for z3 or thl ? thl is not avalaible in market while in z3 i heard that while on call it gives low voice to reciever ? is it true ? i just saw comment not sure .

  75. Harris says:

    ” Questions is, Are you willing to spend 30K on qmobile phone ? ” I have bought and used alot of qmobiles from budget bar phones to expensives androids and have had nothing bu good experiences… i dont care if qmobile’s rebranding or manufacturing their phones themselves as long as the offer great specs and solid build coming in at very competitive prices…

  76. Taha Bin Amir says:

    How is the headphone quality of this set. I have heard that Qmobile has replaced the original beats look alike earphones with local ones.Is it true Urgent reply required beacause I am thinking of buying this beauty!

    • Anila Khalid says:

      Dear Usman bahe kindly suggest me which phone I buy under 33000 .Also performance wise ,graghics wise ,camera wise, stylish wise,screen above 4.5 inch and also gaming wise.

  77. Waseem says:

    Dear Usman bahe I have 33000 kindly suggest me which phone should I buy graphics wise,performance wise,camera wise,screen size above 4.5 inch,beauty wise and Also gaming wise .plz reply zaroor krna

  78. jazib says:

    should i go for quatro z3 or thl w2oo ?

  79. jazib says:

    9 mobile a900 or v60 ? i heard v60 betry timing is better than q mobiles is it so ?

  80. MUAAZ ALI says:

    Please tell which phone is better in terms of build quality,camera, screen resolution, gaming, battery and storage qmobile noir a950 or z3

  81. Shahid H. says:

    I purchased Z3 about 2 months back. I am having a problem. It just goes dead and you can on turn it on, though it shows 45% + battery. Today (17-01-2014) I noticed it was dead. I plugged to charging at 6 AM, till 1 PM it could not be turned on. After Jummah prayer (2:00PM) , I tried and it turned on. I have no clue as to why this is happening. Anybody experienced the same and can share the solution ? Irony is that Q-Mobile UAN number and Islamabad Help Desk numbers would not response.

  82. Murtaza says:

    Usman malik mujhe ye settings samjha den k Z3 me during call bat karne wala banda music kyse sun sakta hai….mene bht try kiya hai par setting ny ho rahi.

  83. farukh says:

    Dear usman how can i move apps from internal to phone storage in qmobile z3
    And can i upgrade os 4.2.1 to 4.2.2 in z3

    • Usman Malik says:

      when you open an app from settings–> app . you should see an option to move from there. IF there is no option then it means Z3 is automatically managing it.
      you can upgrade if you root your device. I Am not sure if there is an official update available.

      • farukh says:

        Thanks dear
        In setting there is a tab named move to internal storage in a900 but in z3 its missing and my phone storage is going to full
        It seems rooting is only option to fix it.
        How can i root my device

  84. Muhammad Aamash says:

    Salaam Usman bhai,
    Will u recommend going for galaxy tab 3 7.0 over Dany genius tab q4 or should i go for the genius tab q4??
    Reply please

  85. shehzad says:


    Anybody will tell me that how can i open memory card in Qmobile A-8, as i am inserting it but it does nt work, i also chaned another one but result is same.
    kindly suggest me

  86. Taha says:

    Which one should i buy LG Optimus G or Noir Z3.
    Is there difference between Snapdragon S4 Pro and MTK6589.
    Please Reply.

  87. Taha says:

    Which one should i buy LG Optimus G or Noir Z3.
    Is there difference between Snapdragon S4 Pro and MTK6589.

  88. Aslam u alaikum

    I just appreciate your awesome effort for maintain this kind of website.
    Well job.

  89. Taha says:

    Should I buy LG Optimus G or Noir Z3.
    Is there difference between Snapdragon S4 Pro And MEDIATEK6589T.
    Please reply

    • Usman Malik says:

      Taha , There is a lot of difference between snapdragon and mediaTek processor. As a general rule you can say that a dual core snapdragon processor is equal to quad core mediatek. If you want a really good gaming experience then go for snapdragon processor.

  90. Taha says:

    Then Optimus G is the phone I should go for.

  91. Hakeem Ullah says:

    Salam brother..

    Really appreciate your work here.I have bought this phone though i dont have experience of smartphones but i
    like this phone.It works good and battery is fine.

    i have one question.I had lost its accessories on the day i bought it.
    can i purchase its original accessories from anywhere?any idea?

    Thank you..

    Hakeem Ullah

  92. anum says:

    Can’t v update d software on own like some of my applications r not working ): help

  93. Nasir khan says:

    Usman bhai !!!
    i m using ths fone for the last 6 months, i alwys read ur reveiws n then i went topurchase it, n m soo mch satisfied, but now as the 3g n 4g is on the go in pakistan, sooo kindly guide whether this fone wud b able to hold the load of 4g n upto which extent????? will b waiting fr ur reply bro.

  94. tabeeb ahmed says:

    Usman bhai kya Q mobile z3 ki LCD mil sakti hai, agar mil sakti hai to is ki price kya hai

  95. hassan says:

    3g not working on z3 wierd.

  96. rohaan says:

    i want to know how long will the battery run if we use 8 hours a day and how will the sim insert and will it be a problem if there is no sd car. and it has hd screen too?plzz reply usman bhai i wanna buy it soon

    • It will run approx 24 hours, if used normally otherwise 2 and half 1.5hour back to back movies or 4 hours of hd 3d game play. there is a slot to insert the SIM, storage is the only problem once you run out of the internal 16GB storage you’ll have to delete some stuff and apps to make space, since it does not have an external storage option.

  97. Farhan says:

    I want to ask Z3 vs Z4 mini ….. ??

  98. 123.456 says:

    can anyone please tell me how to insert sim in noir z3 correctly.
    phone is not detecting the sim when i insert it.

  99. can Bella says:

    can anyone please tell me how to insert sim in noir z3 correctly.
    phone is not detecting the sim when i insert it.

  100. waqas says:

    Usman Bhai Mara z3 mobile jalty jalty band ho gya ha or mobile garam ho gay tha ya kia mashla ha

    • Install an antivirus, could be a virus, if problem does not get resolved do a factory reset after backing up your data. New phones having heavy processors do heat up its not something to worry about unless, your phone is shutting down to excessive heat

  101. aadnan says:

    query!! i am going to buy q mobile z3 2nd hand its have a warranty, i want to know about how can i check the imei num of mobile to verify it on card and 2nd how can i know that mobile has been repaired or not? and 3rd one , is there any sticker of digicom attached to mobile? if yes, where?
    your response is highly appreciated !!

  102. arun kumar says:

    which cellphone is best to buy Q mobile z3 ,,z4 mini ,blackberry z10 or hauwae honor 3c …plz rply bhae usman malik , faisal jeswal …

  103. usman says:

    i need panel for my qmobile z3… would appreciate if anyone can help me out.. 03335292198

  104. jazib says:

    How can i get lava iris x5 in pakistan? plz reply

  105. hell all plz give me qmobile z3 flash file

  106. asad says:

    i want to buy a smart phone in the range of 23000.
    and qmobile z7 and z3 are of same price.which will remain best..
    usman bhai plzz reply me fast.

    • FLaMeOo says:

      bro to be honest you should look other mobiles than this :) raise some budget and go for meizu m1 note or buy xiaomi redmi note :) you can buy much better mobile in 23k :) do some research

  107. Qadir Khan says:

    I am facing a problem in my z3 qmobile. I have 9 gb free but still i can’t download any app from the playstore. And theres insufficient space in the internal storage. And theres no option to move the apps from internal to phone storage. What to do?
    Please send me solution for this on,

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