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Qmobile is currently Pakistan’s leading budget smartphone brand, they do not manufacture their smartphones in Pakistan instead they rebrand premium phones of Chinese manufacturers, which is the trend with most emerging smartphone companies. Qmobile has done an exceptional job at branding and marketing, their T.V. Ads include famous celebrities as brand ambassadors. Currently Qmobile has not only captured the local budget smartphone market but are also being coveted outside Pakistan as well.


Qmobile was founded in Karachi by Mian Pervez Akhtar and Muhammad Azhar Nadeem, it was initially just a feature phone company and later took on the role of introducing budget friendly smartphones in the local market. Although the company still promotes feature phones the bulk of its revenue is generated by smartphone sales.

Reviews & Price:

Phonegurureviews has focused mainly on Qmobile’s smartphone range we have comprehensive video reviews for most of their phones and basic reviews along with pricing of their entire product line.



Qmobile A7
Price: Rs. 10,900
Video Review
Qmobile A9
Price: Rs. 15,950
Video Review
Qmobile A10
Price: Rs. 15,500
Qmobile A11
Price: Rs. 13,500
Qmobile A12
Price: Rs. 18,500
Video Review
Qmobile A20
Price: Rs. 15,800
Video Review
Qmobile A50
Price: Rs. 11,500
Video Review
Qmobile A60
Price: Rs. 12,500
Qmobile A500
Price: Rs. 14,990
Video Review
Qmobile A600
Price: Rs. 19,500
Video Review
Qmobile A650
Price: Rs. 18,900
Qmobile A700
Price: Rs. 20,000
Qmobile A900
Price: Rs. 18,800
Video Review
Qmobile A950
Price: Rs. 22,500
Qmobile V5
Price: Rs. 21,500
Qmobile Z3
Price: Rs. 23,500
Video Review
Qmobile Z4
Price: Rs. 29,999
Video Review
Qmobile V4
Price: Rs. 20,000
Video Review
Qmobile A750
Price: Rs. 25,000
Video Review
Qmobile A170
Price: Rs. 14,600
Qmobile I9
Price: Rs. 16,500
Video Review


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366 Responses

  1. Muaaz Ali says:

    Please tell which phone is better in terms of build quality,camera, screen resolution, gaming, battery and storage qmobile noir a950 or z3

  2. kiko says:

    bhai V5 qmob or xperia c … which one ???

  3. Waqas says:

    I Want To Ask that which phone is GREAT! i mean im a hardcore gamer i need a best gaming device + best camera quality + good battery time , please i m confuse can u suggest me ? can u tell which one is best G’Five G9/Noir Z3/Noir A20 or any other u know will be the same i want ? please reply me

  4. awais says:

    mra pass q mobile a4 bolt ha 10 mnth warrnty ma ha.mja senser ma isuee araha kbi phn karta hn tu screen off ho jati ha jb phn ko ear pass la ka jata kbi of nai hoti screen
    and kindly any body tell me code of checking q mobile senser setting

  5. suhaib says:

    I want to know that qmobile a12 and a20 have notification lights or not.

  6. MUHAMMAD ARIF says:

    sir a11 or a51 me konsa best kindly suggest q k dono k rates same hogaye hen plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz assist

  7. Waqas says:

    Usman Bhai,

    Please suggest me that which one is better, Q Z3 or Sony Xperia C. Would you recommend another in the range of 27 K.??? Kindly Advise.

  8. HASSAN NASEER says:


  9. suhaib says:

    I want to know that qmobile a20 have notification lights or not.

  10. HASSAN NASEER says:


  11. HASSAN NASEER says:


  12. Abdur-Rehman says:

    Assalamu Alaikum!!! I was looking for an android expert, n dude you are just a God’s gift to me. .as I incidentally landed on this site. .I m very upset these days, I sold out my old android phone which was Q mobile Noir A2 by resetting it to factory data. .(I backed up all my application data with google though) and also made SMS backup in memory card in “xml” format. .those were very important msgs. .any how i bought Huawei G610 and i m unable to restore all that msgs. .I just dont know what to do?? I tried a lot of sms restoring applications from google play. . but failed to do so. .plz plz help me. .You are really an android guru and my last hope. .plz reply ASAP. .I m eagerly waiting

    • Usman Malik says:

      well by default your SMS are not backed up google servers , google doesnt provide this service , however there are third party applications using which you can backup. So if you didnt use a third party app then google doesnt have your SMS .. how did you take the backup in xml format ?

      • Jerry says:

        there was an option in sms settings in NOir A2 to backup sms. .by clicking it your sms automatically backed up by producing an xml format file in SD card. . .

      • Abdur-Rehman says:

        There was an option in sms settings of Noir A2 to backup sms. .by clicking it my messages were backed up in memory card in “xml” file format. . .So, basically i backed up my messeges not by using a third party app but by using a system app that comes from factory. . .Now the situation is that, that “xml’ file is available in my SD card but neither my default backup application is able to restore it nor any third party app from google play. .

        • Fahim says:

          Dear Abdur Rehman bhai,
          I just felt that may be i could provide solution to your problem. You can restore your sms simply by using any any qmobile(well u can borrow it from your friend) with sms export/import function like A11 or A2 as u mentioned simply by putting ur sd card and import sms. then simply fwd these sms to your mobile number i,e, in your new cell.
          I hope this will resolve your matter.

  13. Abdur-Rehman says:

    And also tell me how to restore application data from Google Servers. .?

  14. zaheer says:

    Usman Bhai plz plz plz give review of z4 mini.

  15. Haider says:

    which phone is best as an overall gaming and performance wise in qmobile? My range of 12 to 15k!

  16. MOAZZAM says:

    Bhai Qmobile noir a900 or a600 ma sy knsa set best hai?

  17. wasif says:

    plx tel me which phone to take
    A7 or A65 ?

  18. Faisal says:

    i love the work you guys do. i myself am a great enthusiast and from a IT background..
    i just bought for my wife a q300 qtab from Qmobile and to be honest im just disapointed..
    1, Lightweight
    2, slim sleek looks
    3, Latest OS
    4, Good Screen size
    5, Dual Sim

    1, Very poor Lcd and the resolution is very poor every thing is dotted and the colors are very pale and it seems like the brightness is increased. a big no no from my side because the screen is the only thing u see in action in a Ph/Tab. only thing that communicates with you
    2, Poor performance in terms of games and Browsing. again a NO NO
    3, Poor Battery Again a no no when u have to charge it twice daily
    4, Poor Built quality
    A very bad ph/tab from qmobile … i really didnt expected this from qtab when i have used a50,a900,a11 and now this….
    Need ur reviews gurus

    • Usman Malik says:

      Tabs are a different story . Most of the low budget tablets in the market have bad performance and should be taken just as a toy. Most of the chinese tabs I have seen have the same cons you mentioned .. I am not surprised . Thanks for the pros and cons ..

  19. Ahmad says:

    Is noir Z3 available in white colour?
    Faisal bhai?

  20. which mobile is better thl w200 or moto g or gfive g10????????????????????

  21. Ahmad says:

    Dear Usman & Faisal bhai,

    In your reviews for QMobile, can you also kindly review the GPS and navigation performance. As QMobile use MediaTek chipset and some of MediaTek chipset have very long GPS fix time even with A-GPS (5-10 mins) as compared to Qualcomm chipsets (5-10 seconds). Your feedback in this respect would be very helpful for my mobile phone selection.

    Jazak Allah…

  22. rana naveed says:

    i,want to purchase a good Q mobile smart phone
    my price range ia upto 15000
    suggest me a good phone in camera front camera, good touch and processor ,with led light indicator which lights up when u recieve a msg or any other notification and in 5 inch display
    thank you
    plz rply soon
    m,in a hurry

  23. asmed says:

    plz give the review of noir a550 plz plzzzz highlite its camera

  24. Ali says:

    Please review of qmobile noir a550 and plz tell me that how the benchmark result of mt6582 is greater than mt6592? Means noir a900 have less benchmark score than zopo cuppy.

  25. basit says:

    please tell which phone to buy lg smartphones or qmobiles or Samsung galaxy s2??

  26. Farhan says:

    qmobile a550 New mobile aya hay uska Review video Kab aye gi Plzzz

  27. Farhan says:

    qmobile a550 Mobile review video Kab aye gi bhai ..

  28. Muzamil says:

    Usman bhai q mobile a900 ziada acha hai ya sony xperia c aur plz yeh batyn sony ki market hai aur best smart phone company knsi hai? plzzzzzzzz reply me fast kindly i will waiting for ur ans…

  29. Muzamil says:

    aur bhai yeh puchna tha hd gaming wise q mobile a900 acha hai ya sony…..
    plz reply me

  30. bilal says:

    usman bhai can you tell me which mobile is best qmovbile a900 or huawei g610 ?
    waitingfor your answer

  31. Hashmi says:

    Us man bhai I am big fan for you and also this site …u r really phone guru
    Bro plz upload noir a550 gaming & benchmark review it’s my request plz accept it
    I am very thank full to you

  32. daniel says:

    Sir plz make a video review of qmobile noir a550… thankx

  33. Hashmi says:

    Usman bhai plz make a noir a550 gaming review plz sir. Jazakallah

  34. Hashmi says:

    Who is mobile best noir a550 & s|| plzzzzzz reply I am waiting…..

  35. Ali says:

    When noir a550 review will be available?

  36. Hashmi says:

    Please tell which phone better…….? Noir a550 and Nokia x …. plzzz reply

  37. Hashmi says:

    When noir a550 review available…. how much more days what we hope.–

    • Usman Malik says:

      Sorry brother I cannot give you a definite date. We have other devices in pipeline which we have to do first. I will try to get more info on A550 and do a short review soon

  38. komal says:

    which is better xperia z somsung s5 iphone 5 and q z4

    • Usman Malik says:

      I would rate these in following order from top

      1: Samsung Galaxy s5
      2: iPhone 5
      3: Xperia Z
      4: Qmobile Z4.

      Other options better then Z4 are
      1 : Samsung S4,
      2: LG G2
      3: HTC One

  39. Hashmi says:

    OK plz try to noir 550 review soon

  40. Hashmi says:

    Sir plz tell who mobile is best ….noir a20 /noir a550

  41. M.Waseem Malik says:

    Aoa which phone is better QMobile A750 or G five G10 ???
    I like A 750 because of it’s better resale value & look.

  42. Muzamil says:

    Aoa, q a900 ziada acha hai ya q a700 please pore specification k lihaz se bataye ga…

  43. adeel says:

    i want to know how to install third party app on qmobile z4 (i.e. candy crush saga apk file)

  44. axmed says:

    HI every one if u want indepth of noir a550 just google ( noir a550 is that same clone )
    hope u will find it

  45. axmed says:

    just google explay flame

  46. Muzamil says:

    Usman bhai qmobile a900 ziada acha hai ya a910 plz har lihaz se bataye ga plzzzzzz reply fast……..

  47. anwar says:

    plz yay batain k gfive a97 kesa ha?
    10-12k range ma best smart phone?

  48. taha says:

    i love ur website but i will suggest you to update the price and can u please upload video review of gfive president g6 bcz i think it is best for gaming purpose in my budget it is quadcore and 1gb ram so please tell me can we play gta vicecity or the sims 3 on it without any stopping

    please reply

  49. axmed says:

    plz bahi jan ab to noir a550 ka review da dain
    pata chala ha ka ya mobile explay flame ka clone ha
    kasa ha ya mobile plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz review soon 3:)

  50. Muzamil says:

    Aoa plz yeh batan samsung galaxy s3
    used mein achi condition mein 23000 ya 24000 ka mil gaye ga pllllllllllzzzzzz reply me fast..

  51. Faizan Ahmed says:

    AOA bhai.. i hope u r fine… yra ap log A36 and A550 k reviews kab upload karo gy… mujhy purchase karny hn.. magar bina kisi expert review k i’ll be blind.. so plz reply. 🙂 thanks

  52. ZAudari says:

    plz bahi jan aab tak Noir a550 ka review nahee aya plz aab to oor intazaar nahee hota jaldi sa review da dain plz plz plz oor camrea or display ko hilight kiya ga plz

  53. sana says:

    A O A when will the review of noir a550 upload i am waiting cant wait any mor
    plz bhi jan give its review soon and can it record hd videos

  54. ADIL YOUSAFZAI says:

    sir kindly suggest android fone..not fond of gamings too much..bt going abroad..need good camera front too…good camera videos ..no experience of smartfones..range 30 k..waiting for rep..thanks

    • taha says:

      you should buy qmobile z4 13mp back and 5mp front with ips display u can play heavy games on it as well

  55. sana says:

    just tell how long 1 week 2 week or months

  56. nauman says:

    Please post qmobile noir a550 video review iam waiting.
    Kindly upload review of noir a550.
    i want to purchase this mobile.

  57. sandha says:

    Sir plz upload video review for me and lots of other people are still waiting. I want to see its review because I want to but one of them but Sir for the time being only suggest me which one is better?


    waiting for your kind response

  58. adeel says:

    plz usman bhai jald a550 ka review kar den me waiting look wise performance wise zaabardast ha par apke review ka intezar ha or apki suggestion ka thank u plz 🙁

  59. Maaz Ahmad says:

    Please tell me Qmobile A910 kesa phone hai? mai is mobile ko buy karna chahta ho.Qmobile a910 acha hai ya huawei G700.

  60. Maaz Ahmad says:

    kia Qmobile a910 or Huawei G700 HD videos bnate hain??????

  61. Ahmed says:

    sir. i am buying Qmobile noir i9 it is 16500 is any phone beter then that in price of 16000–18000

  62. Wajahat says:

    Salam BHAI.Yar agar ap Qmobile i9 per aik Detailed Review kar dain to buhat meharbany ho ge

  63. Ali says:

    Please Sir also review “GFive President G10 Fashion”. It is the new set from Gfive with 16,900 price on whatmobile.com

  64. Habib says:

    Kindly do a review of qmobile noir a550

  65. adeel says:

    salam usman bhai ek sawal ha plz reply k mali400mp2 or powervrsgx 544mp ye dono kia same detail show karen ge game me q k a900 me mostwanted or nvidia tegra2 or power531 dno me itne detail nae the jitne power544mp me the i want to buy noir a550 usme mali400mp2 ha so u know anything about it ?

  66. arslan says:

    Plz post detail review of qmobile i9

  67. waqas says:

    assalamu alaikum sir i want to ask u that which phone is better qmobile a550, qmobile i9, qmobilei6 i mean which is better in gaming and net speed and other plz tel me sir

  68. waqas says:

    plz sir rply me which is best in gaming and browsing qmob a550 qmob i9 qmob i6 plz tel me i will buy one of them

    • Usman Malik says:

      i9 would be best among these 3 options

      • waqas says:

        Thank u very much sir and ihave another question plz guide me one more time plz sir which one is best in overall performance qmob i9 or voice v60 plz thanx for guide me u r a real phone guru thanx for u and all ur team for our guidance god bless u

        • waqas says:

          Sir im waiting forur answer after get ur answer i will go to market and will buy one of them plz sir tel me which one is best q i9 or voice v60 in over all performance specially in gaming and browsin

  69. waqas says:

    Plz rply must sir qmob i9 or voice v60

  70. Shahid says:

    Assalaam O Alaikum, I have Z3, I want to know what exactly is stored in phone internal memory. I have only 900 mb or so left. What type of stuff needs to be cleaned?

  71. sanaullah says:

    plz btao k Qmobile k models A950, A550 Ya i9 in sets mei Notifications light hei ya nahi please jaldee bta do g???

  72. aneela says:

    ive been following u guys for quite some time now and must say u guys are doing a really good job with everything!
    please tell me:
    1)a900i vs a910 which one is better and which one i should go for in terms of durability and performance
    2)what is a910’s cpu and gpu

    also if u guys could please do a review for a900i
    thank you

    • A910 is better as it has a 1.3 Ghz processor along with an HD IPS screen, but I would suggest you go for the new Qmobile I9, it is cheaper and it has the same specs as the A910 except for the front facing camera.

      • Aneela says:

        I know it’s cheaper but I need the front camera as I make video calls to family a lot
        Thank u for ur quick reply but the a900i has a cortex a7 chipset and I can’t find out what the a910 has so wont theree be a difference in the speed of the interface etc of the phone?yes this chipset is old compared to newer phones but this is what I can afford at the moment.thank u again but please can u somehow find out about the a910’s chipset?
        Thank u again for replying so quickly

  73. maha says:

    which q mobile is good? a 550 or a 10 or a 10 lite ? over all performance vise ….

  74. fatima says:

    bhai can u tell me which q mobile is best according tothe terms of performance and durability ?
    a 10 , a 550 , i6 , i9 ??
    i want to purchase in the range of 14 000 to 16000 .. kindly guide

  75. Sajid Kashmiri says:

    Assalam o aliekum sir,
    Qmobile A20 or i9 which one is best by bettary timing and by overall performance??


  76. fatima says:

    which cell is better in betwwen a 20 and a 550???

  77. zainab says:

    noir a 20 / noir 2 10 lite which is perfect?

  78. zainab says:

    is noir 20 is 3G supported??

  79. ahmed says:

    noir a 10 lite / noir a 20 / noir a 550 ? which 1 i should purchase? overall performance ka according

  80. faisal says:

    AOA , please tell me that a900 is better or a900i , gaming , performance and display wise …

  81. ahmed says:

    nior a 20 is 3G supported???

  82. faisal says:

    AOA , please tell me that a900 is better or a900i , gaming , performance and display wise …

  83. Usman Khalid says:

    Bhai pls tell which one is better a900 or a600 or a700.

  84. Usman Khalid says:

    Do you recommend Noir a900 in 18k to 19k budget??

  85. ahmed says:

    sir plz tell which 1 is good in terms of performance , batery timing and camera resutts ???
    noir a 20 / noir a550???

  86. Adeel says:

    Kindly confirm me if Qmobile v5 has an option of memory card slot, as its not clearly mentioned at their site & what will be the best tab in the price range of PKR 20,000

  87. iqbal says:

    sir fasial, which 1 is very very best qmobile v5 or qmobile i9 plz answer me sir

  88. ayesha says:

    which is best performing and long life battery qmobile z3,i9,v5,v4 tell me

  89. ayesha says:

    mobile performing and hd gaming performing wise sir

  90. zia says:

    yr mery v5 ki battery jaldi low ho jati hy or back cover b nai nikal ta
    mujhe new battery lagwani hy me kya karon anybody tell me plz plz plz

  91. ayesha says:

    mobile performing and hd gaming performing wise sir faisal

  92. anwar says:

    plz i want a cheap android phone. searched for qmobile a120.
    do u suggest any other set in that price range?

  93. faysal says:

    qmobile a900i or i9 gaming wise ??
    please reply

  94. Tanzeel Zafar says:

    Hey.Kindly tell me is A900i processor performance better than the A900? Because right now i’m using i9,it’s also 1.3 ghz but is seriously a shit processor.A900i also has the same.please inform me,just send a message on 03200426344 and i’ll call you back and get the information

    • ALI says:

      Salam Tanzeel u r expecting help from others so u should also help others, so plz can u tell me why i9’s processors is shit? plz tell me and about its performance like camera result, game playing and specially battery timing which is the main issue. I want to buy this set. should I go or not?

      • nadeem says:

        I don’t know abt i9 but A900i is a rebranded version of Gionee Ctrl V5 model. You can search it on the web.

  95. Ali says:

    I want to buy a phone with 3gb of ram in range of 35000 rupees plz tell me faster

  96. zeesha says:

    Please post Q mobile Z5 reveiw.. Does it support 4g and what is its build in memory???? Plz usman bhai reply soon

  97. ALI says:

    Plz dont buy Q mobile at all as their after sales service is so worst dat it will become mental torture for you. if u give ur Q mobile cell phone for any repair they will break it more and then they will not accept the damage as well because they will write on ur slip dat in case of damage or dead they will not be responsible. it happened twice with me with two different sets (A600 & A-8) moreover there are frequent delays in work as well. many people i have seen complaining abt their pathetic service in their labs, i am also a victim of Q mobile.their UAN helpline number also dont work, try it. so u can not launch ur complain anywhere and their website dont reply to ur queries. their staff is unprofessional and unskilled to repair cell phones. dont buy Q mobile buy any other brand please.

    • Hassan says:

      I recently bricked my noir a900. i went to the service center and they repaired my phone in warranty and reinstalled the firmware without any charged. My phone was dead, and now its as good as before without any cost.

  98. sobia says:

    which mobile is good in camera quality????G5 G9 president or noir v5????

  99. sobia says:

    Which mobile is good in camera quality?????G5 G9 president or noir v5?????

  100. Moiz says:

    Bro plzzzzzz Tell Meh About Qa900i Is It gOoD or not ???
    And Which one Is Better Qa900 or Qa900i ???

  101. zeeshan says:

    plz sir tell me about gfive g9.

  102. zain says:

    sir plz tell that qmobile noir a910 is available in which colours and give vedio review of qmobile noir a910.

  103. zain says:

    it looked better than i9.becaus it has aluminium built.sir plz tell me when will you give vedio reviews?

    • zain says:

      i saw vedio review of micromax canvas turbo mini and wiko darkmoon which are same as qmobile noir a910 but selling with other names.

  104. Ali says:

    usman bhai i want to buy a phone with 2gb of ram which one i buy xperia z or QMobile z5 please reply me brother

  105. TABISH says:

    salam sir plz do the review of qmobile z5 it comes with snapdragon 800 processor 🙂

    thanks in advance 🙂 😀 t

  106. TABISH says:

    salam sir plz do the review of qmobile z5 it comes with snapdragon 800 processor 🙂

    thanks in advance 🙂 😀

  107. Javed says:

    Usman bhai ko aaj kal sahat roza lag raha hai. issi lye nai aa rahe…. 😉

  108. TABISH says:

    wating for reply 🙁 ….

  109. amir says:

    which qmobile is better for 3g – otg – gaming – ips touch – mobile performce wise
    qmobile a600
    qmobile i9
    qmobile v5

  110. Usama says:

    Plz tell that which phone is better overall in everything Xperia Z , Iphone 5 or nexus 4.

  111. hadia says:

    which one is best Samsung galaxy S duos/Sony Xperia M /Xperial L /Q mobile A550 Plz tell…thankyou

  112. arslan says:

    plz tell me which phone is best in the case of camera,gaming and display
    qmobile v5 or gfive honor g10
    or suggest me a smartphone at price range of 25000

  113. Azhar says:

    Please tell me About new A900i it is better then A900.

  114. aamir says:

    which qmobile is better for 3g – otg – gaming – ips touch – mobile performce wise
    qmobile a600
    qmobile i9
    qmobile v5

  115. Fahad says:

    Sir. Plz tell me about noir a900i and does it have OTG function..

  116. Hassan says:

    Listen every one i9 has not IPS display. Its size is very large in looking so it is bulky. Must watch second hand set in the shop before buying. thanks

  117. wahab rehman says:

    please tell me ke qmobile noir i5 kesa ha es ka review post kar dean please

  118. faysal says:

    AOA , qmobile a900i or i9 ??
    gaming , performance and display wise …..
    please reply….

  119. Naveed says:


    Please let me know which is best available smart phone in the market is the range of 20,000 to 25,000. Please advise.

  120. Rana Ali says:

    Faisal bhai tell which phone i buy in range of rs 35000 please tell me faster i shall be thank ful to you

  121. Irfan says:

    Salam sir, plz sir ap log new launch Noir i12 ka jald he review kren, specf bht aala ha price k lehaz sy bki sb bten ap k review main nazar aen ge k kesa mbl hai, 2gb ram, 1.3 quad core procesr, 31mp+5mpg cmra, 5 inch mga disply and also very very slim and stylish fone, price 21,500 pkr, plz as soon as posible, i shal b w8ng, tnx

  122. akram says:

    sir faisal qmobile i12 ka review kb ay ga answer meee

  123. Ali says:

    Faisal bhai please app log qmobile i12 ka review dein and tell me kya is mein otg ki support hai ya phir ni

  124. Ali says:

    Faisal bhai please app log qmobile i12 ka video review dein and tell me kya is mein otg ki support hai ya phir ni

  125. irfan says:

    sir g qmobile v5 ka review kb dein gein

  126. Hadi says:

    Bro kindly uplod review of noir A910, as son as possible… Thanks in advance

  127. maha says:

    which cell is good in terms of overall performance ????
    i9 / a20??

  128. Amir Ali Tharani says:

    Brother, Qmobile has finally leveled up with the launch of the Noir Z5 equipped with the snapdragon 800 processor..
    What’s your say regarding their newest flagship phone??

  129. yasir says:

    Faisal/ usman bhai, which is the best phone in every aspect my range Rs.20,000.??

  130. M.Waseem Malik says:

    brother kia hal hai. & is it TRUE that octa core consumes 25% less battery & voice x5 is better or v90 plz reply

  131. M.Waseem Malik says:

    Thanks for reply but u didn’t answer my this question that is it TRUE that octa core consumes 25% less battery as compared to quad core?

  132. M.Waseem Malik says:

    Thanks brother

  133. osama rauf says:

    bhai can u plx give the review of noir a900i as fast as u can

  134. Rana Ali says:

    faisal bhai please app log qmobile z6 ka review dein plz plz plz plz bht hi zabardast phone hai

  135. ABU BAKAR says:

    qmobile noir i6 or noir i12 ka review

  136. usman mirza says:

    Sir i want to ask which is the best qmobile and has the best battary timing under price 1400.plz plz plz sir mujay bta day.thanks

  137. Emaan says:

    i wnna buy Noir i9.. is it good?? or i5??

  138. ABU BAKAR says:

    qmobile noir i6 vs gfive g6 kon sa phone acha ha

  139. usman mirza says:

    Sir i want to ask which is the best q mobile and has the best battary timing under 15000

  140. arslan says:

    I Want To Ask that which phone is GREAT! i mean im a hardcore gamer i need a best gaming device + best camera quality + good battery time , please i m confuse can u suggest me ? can u tell which one is best lg g2 sony xperia z or qmobile z5 or any other u know will be the same i want ? please reply me my range is 42000 plz reply plz

    • Oneplus one…. in the price you have mentioned, but if you got the dough then Oppo Find 7 it’s the daddy of all smartphones right now but cheaper than the best….

  141. Hassan says:

    can you please give a review of noir i12???

  142. saleem says:

    sir g mere i9 me upper jo wifi k signal show krta hai wo nai araha kya krna hoga

  143. Shahwar says:

    pls QMobile a75 ka review kr dein

  144. Sally says:

    I want to buy a tablet in the price range 10,000- 15,000. Which one will you recommend?

  145. Sir I wanna ask which fone should I buy… qA900 , qmobile i9, samsung galaxy duos 2, galaxy ace 3, nokia xl, nokia x2. price range is 16-18 K. please do let me know…. ???

  146. farhan says:

    sir mene qmobile i9 or galaxy S2 ka camera result dekha ko
    qmobile i9 ka result 3 ya 2 mp lag raha tha Galaxy S2 k samane

    to sir kya Qmobile i9 ka result assa hi hota hy ya mere set me hi problem hy

    • can’t really say, check it with the sample pictures we have taken and uploaded in our camera review of the I9, if it is same then no need to go to the sales and service center.

  147. farhan says:

    to Sir kya wo sahi kr dein ga
    or ky mere camera galaxy s2 ki terha hoga answer mee

    • I can’t say that it will be like S2 because there might be a difference in the lens, but they should be able to fix a problem if there is one in the lens of I9 so that it performs to its optimal setting.

  148. farhan says:

    thanks sir

  149. Rana Ali says:

    Sir faisal mein apne qmobile noir a600 ka version kis tarha update kar sakte hei

  150. Usman says:

    usman/Faisal bhai what r u doing these days? no such activities these days. I am fan of Xiaomi Redmi 1s but it is out of stock for about 1 month. can u update me alternative to this set? or it will be good to buy from out of country online stores?

    and plz update your post from Rs.20000 to 25000 best mobiles. Thanks waiting

  151. noman says:


  152. danial sohail says:

    Hello ..i am confused that which mobile set is better in all things and perfomence vise i6 or i9 i want to buy thats y..plz suggest me ….

  153. danial sohail says:

    Ok thanks and how will be that if i buy a550 ..it is good or i9 ..r there any air gesture in a550..plz t

  154. Usman says:

    Dear Friend plz suggest me a good phone in every aspect (battery should be removeable, sd card suppported and dual sim). my range is 26000. thanks

    • danial sohail says:

      Usman the best phone in range of 26000 is qmobile noir i12 and huawei acend g700 ..but i think qmobile is fast and better ..so u can take i12!!!

  155. danial sohail says:

    Plz tell me are there any gestures in a550 noir…it is better or i9 plz reply me

  156. Ali Irfan says:

    Assalam Alikum,
    Dear sir, please tell me which phone is best (Huawei honor C3 or Noir i12)

    and when you upload review of noir i12


  157. qasim says:


    companies like qmobile, lg, gfive are providing low price phones with quiet high specification, on contrary the android phones of high end companies like sony, samsung, htc are very expensive with high specifications.

    so what is the reason behind low price but high specification phones of qmobile, gfive etc. do they compromise on quality????

    if i buy a q mobile or gfive, do they create any problem over time or work smoothly??

    thanks in advance

  158. usman mirza says:

    Sir i want to ask that which is the best qmobile with 1 gb ram,quadcore,ips screen and price under 18000

  159. usman mirza says:

    sir i want to ask that which is the best q mobile under 13500.which do not hang

  160. usman mirza says:

    q mobile i5 kaysa hai kiya ye hang hota hai .aap ki kiya rai hay

  161. Abeera says:


    PLease tell me that which fone is better..huawei g610 or q mobile noir i9??in terms of camera result and battery timing etc.

  162. usman mirza says:

    Qmobile i5 kesa hai.aap ki kiya rai hai

  163. Shoeb says:

    Waiting for your video review of Q Noir V5

  164. Faizan says:

    Can you please make a video review of new Qmobile Noir i10, and compare it with Qmobile noir i9,
    I am going to buy a set in price range of 15000 to 17000, but i am confused which one to buy…
    And also please tell which of the above 2 sets is better in terms of Sensors, Display, Processing, Battery Hours, Browsing speed, Gaming, Camera etc.
    I would really appreciate if you reply to my request.
    And with that also show their pros and cons over each other.
    Thank you

  165. shiraz says:

    make a Qmobile noir i10 video review about specs and sensors and gaming

  166. ahtisham says:

    sir which one have good camera i like to take photographs qmobile z6 qmobile a900 or huawei honor 3x pro sir reply me please

  167. ahtisham says:

    sir ans to den

  168. ahtisham says:

    sir please reply

  169. owais niazi says:

    kindly do a review of a900i or tell something about it.should i go for it or there is anyother better phone in this price.

  170. Abdullah says:

    usman / faisal bhai. main new mobile lena chahta hon and main ny qmobile i9 or huawei honor 3C select kiye hain. plz bta dain k konsa mobile better hy ? ya is k eelawa koi or acha ho to wo bta dain.mera budget 23k hy.
    plz reply

  171. shahbaz says:

    Q mobile noir i12 has more value for money then honor 3c

  172. Ahmed says:

    kindly review OPPO mobile as well Especially against Q mobile

  173. danial says:

    Hello assalamualikum sir how r u ??? I wanted to ask a question that i had bought a noir i9 on 20 th august .at that time it was 4.2.2 jelly bean but now it is been upgradable to kit kat..sir can u tell me that my i9 can be upgraded to kitkat or not.or i have to buy a new one..if it can be then how can we upgrade..plzplz solir answer of my question ..iam waiting???

  174. nomi says:

    A.O.A. Faisal bhai.
    mujhay kuch informations chahye thin.men qmobile noit a910 lanay ki soch raha hon is men GPU MALI-400 hai.kia ap mujhay bta saktay hain k ye chipset type qmobile a900 sey achi hai.
    aur meri app sey aiq request hai k plz……..ap [qmobile noir a910] to krey mujhay is ki performance oor overall set ko dekhna hai.mein nay is ki kafi tarif suny hai…………………..plz reply me bhai…………waitng for reply

  175. nomi says:

    Thankyou very much sir……….:) :):)

  176. danial says:

    Assalamualikum sir .main ny ap se aik or bat pochni tji wo ye ky huawei ascend p7 ya qmobile noir z6 main se konsa saa set best hy ya bohat acha hy..jya p7 main bhi air gest hain…plz sir bta dain p7 kaisa phone..kiu k main 4 saal k qmobile ke set ley raha hun or mujy is per bohat aitamaadhy ..to is baar main p7 use kr na chahta hun…ap bus bta dain konsa acha zayada hy..plz pl.sir reply zaroor krain..thanka

  177. danial says:

    Assalamualikum sir !! Sir main ny bus ap se aik bat pochni thi ke jo huawei p7 hay wo kesa set hy..main pechlay 3-4 saalon se qmobile le raha hun to ab main noir z6 or p7 main confuse hun ..to is bar main huawei try krna chahta hun..to kya ap mujy bta sakty hai huawei p7 kesa phone hy..kya us main gestures main gestures hain.kiu k qmobile bohat acha phone hy or sasta bhi or air gest bhi deta hy…bus ap mujy us phone ka bta dain ..konsa zyada acha hy ..agar ap bta dain to meri bohat help ho jay gi..thanks…

  178. Riffat ali says:

    Which GPU is better PowerVR SGX544 or Mali-400MP2?

  179. nomi says:

    fasisal bhai plz…………give the review of QMOBILE NOIR A910.Now it’s price is more decreased (16500)and specs of phone are very good.
    waiting for reply and review…………………..

  180. Abdullah says:

    Bhai As’salam o Aliakum. plz guide me which phone is the best in the following according to performance , display , camera and for internet use.
    qmobile noir i9
    qmobile noir a910
    huawei honor 3C.
    plz reply
    i am waiting for your answer

  181. Riffat ali says:

    huawei honor 3C. is best

  182. A says:

    faisal bhai please app log qmobile z5 ka review dein

  183. Rana Ali says:

    faisal bhai qtab mein se gaming ke liye konsa tab acha hai plz bhai tell me

  184. Ahmed says:

    Kindly tell me what is differance between A900 and A900i which one is batter any one please tell me

  185. A says:

    faisal bhai qmobile ka best tab konsa hai gaming ke liye

  186. jamal says:

    sir which phone I should buy sony xperia z or huawei honor 3x pro I am a lover of gamez and makig photographs

  187. Pr!nXe uXi says:

    KiNdLy upLoad full rEview of QMobile Noir i10.. i wiLL bE vEry thaNkfuL 2 u 🙂

    i aM w8inG fOr fuLL rEview of QMobile Noir i10..

    thaNkxXx.. ^_^

  188. meer murtaza says:

    sir ek araz hai plz mujhai ipad mini 16gb k confirm price bataye pakistan main sir main apki jawab ka intazar karonga sir

  189. meer murtaza says:

    sir ek araz hai plz mujhai ipad mini 16gb aur ipad mini 2 16gb k confirm price bataye pakistan main sir main apki jawab ka intazar karonga sir

  190. Waqas Khan says:

    Sir! Usman & Faisal i like ur reviews very much, you tell things very appropriate & accurate manner.. kindly review qmobile x800, octacore processor doesn’t matter to me, but i loved its dimensions like iphone4 & kitkat…. but of course if u wanna spend 20k so also u will need good performance, so confiused about it, waiting for ur review for x800 🙂

  191. Azeem Sheikh says:

    Kindly upload the review of QMobile X800. Plz

  192. Imran abbasi says:

    i have noir i5,recently bought almost a week ago,i have kitkat 4.4.2,i am having a problem with the push notification on facebook,facebook messenger,and also on whatsapp sometime i get the notifications and sometimes not,could anydody help me? i have tried everything installed push notification fixer and turned all the platforms off and then on again but nothing works.i hope i’ll get the solution i am pissed of it i have to open the app if there is any notification or not.

  193. Adnan Zaib says:

    Waiting for qmobile x800 review 🙂

  194. shoaib says:

    usman bhai qmobile noir i9 acha hay ya a910 with over all feautures or camera kis ka zyda acha hay
    or a910 agar hang ho jai to restart kese hoga q k us ki bettery fixed hay

  195. Adnan Zaib says:

    How much time till QMobile X800 review???

  196. Nosherwan Huma says:

    Assalamu alaykum,
    Faisal bhai, please list these in order of preference. A600, A610 and i9
    JazaakAllahu khayran

  197. Danial says:

    I want to purchase in a range of 15 Thousand a good smartphone!
    And If I have to choose between Noir i7 or Q Mobile M90 which one should I purchase????

  198. M.Tayyab Qamar says:

    Noir Z6 or Z4? Z5 is better then both as it has a snapdragon processor but I don’t like its big size… can u please guide in that regard

  199. zoraiz says:

    Salam. dear admin I need info about z4 mini . I mean is good to by for 3g and let me knw about its battery timming aswell

  200. maha says:

    whish mobile is better ? q mobile i5 or q mobile i6????

  201. Salam.Faisal and USMAN sahb many thanks for ur assistance to the nation.sir I have QMobile i12 now I want to buy QMobile z6.what u suggest for me.plz reply is must.also tell me deformities of Qmobiles as a whole with honest.thanks

  202. shahbaz says:

    dear plz tell me which phone is best noir x800 or moto g 2nd gen or any other mobile under 20000 to 25000

  203. shafi says:

    x800 16gb, i12, or z4???

  204. maleed says:

    aslam usman bhai m90 acha hai ke nahi or us ki battery timming kitni hai or wo kitni der main charge ho jata hai

  205. maleed says:

    aslam usman bhai m90 acha hai ke nahi or wo kitni der main charge ho jata hai or samaung galaxy star advance kesa hai plz reply

  206. hide windows says:

    Wonderful, what a blog it is! This web site presents useful facts to us,
    keep it up.

  207. waseem says:

    AoA. Can anybody comment on q mobile X800 16GB? Usman Malik, your input please! I want to buy that

  208. hassan says:

    which one is better galaxy s3 or noir x900 high?

  209. If some one wants expert view regarding blogging
    after that i propose him/her to visit this website, Keep
    up the nice work.

  210. Sabir says:

    Dear friends, Iam willing to replace my qmobile A900 with A900i. Looking here for expert and specific advice before I do that because I enjoy display of A900 and don’t want to be disappointed.

  211. naeem says:

    sir plz qmobile z8 ka review upload karein keun k wo abhi naya or sasta hai. thankyou

  212. junaid says:

    Sir do you think that the upcoming new smartphones of qmobile can beat its rivals, can qmobile give better user experience than samsung please comment

  213. Imran says:

    Qmobile linq L20 (Rs. 11500)oR General mobile 4g (Rs. 13499) aT Daraz.pk
    Which is best to buy? I’m going to order….

  214. sameer says:

    hi kia q moile best hy

  215. Raza says:

    How to find block list contacts and remove contacts from block list on R3000 Qmobile

  216. Muhammad Waqas says:

    Sir plz tell me which is better q mobile z12 or huawei honor 5x

  217. Muhammad Waqas says:

    Sir plz tell me which is better q mobile z12 or q mobile z14 or huawei honor 5x

  218. hadi says:

    please tell me about x factor of q mobile

  219. talha amin says:

    my phone is q mobile a2 one day i press the home button my phone is gone a held and all black it is the date 9 december 2016 and today date is 13 june2017 please guide me now

  220. Azan says:

    Qmobile uh need to improve ur camera result it most

  221. MA Rana says:

    Samsung C7 or LG V10
    Which one is best

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