Qmobile Noir A950 – Super Phone

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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  1. Imran butt says:

    usman You use amoled screen in noir a12. what U think that the amoled screens are alot better than Ips technology due to give better battery life ?

  2. Imran butt says:

    is waqt qmobile ka noir a20,a600,a900,a950 ma sa koi bi set lena aik RiSkH ha na ? may be phone will faulty or not ? o.O

  3. Aamash says:

    Usman Bhai men Noir a900 and a950 men se kon sa lun????

  4. Arfeen says:

    sallam usman bhai kia qmobile noir a600 java or HD heavy games support krta he ?

  5. uzair says:

    qmobile to bhai set pa set nikalai ja raha ha aur quality worst sa worst 🙂

  6. raheel says:

    Kia is per HD heavy games like Nova 3 mc4 asphalt 7 gta vice city smoothly chal pain gi…….?

  7. Ahmed says:

    plz tell me A600 is better or A900, with reason…

  8. Huzefa says:

    Usmaan Bhai yeh batayen ke yeh kis mobile ki carbon copy hai and kya ismain applications directly sd card main save ho sakti hai ya iski bhe internal memory 1.7 Gb hi hai jo bohat less memory hoti hai aur dosre q android series ki tarah applications iski apni internal memeory main save karta hai.

  9. Amir says:

    Usman Bhai which one is better G five G9 President or Qmobile A950? Plz advise.

  10. laila says:

    hey plz can u guide me which phone should i buy G9 President,or A20 or A900 or A950 em confused… i would be really thankful…

  11. rasoolbux says:

    Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 is a sim card and if the player is gprs and suported reply plz sir

  12. uzair says:

    laila qmobile ka sara quad core phones mei masala araha hai aur g9 sab sa ziyada bik raha ha aur meina bhi g9 hi lia ha agar tumhai bari screen pasand ha to g9 is the best

  13. rasoolbux says:

    There are 18 thousand head my head I pass up a good phone be better at things you do He is very well aware of mobiles plz give the reply I’ll wait for your answer

  14. rasoolbux says:

    bhai maire pass 18 hazar hain mujhai samajh main nh araha hai konsa mobile acha hai wo main lon bhai ap batayi 18 hazar tak koi acha mobile apki nazar main ho to main wo lon reply bhai

    • Usman Malik says:

      you can purchase the qmobile A12 for 18,500, its dual core android phone but it is a good phone in its price range, If you can afford to add 4000 more it will open up quadcore possibilities for you. such as the A600 at 21k, and the Gfive G9 at 22k

  15. Zohaib says:

    Usman bhai, will be there any video review of a950? At least please share benchmarks result? Thanks

  16. Knpimuk says:

    Why is that a950 has a price of 26000 and a600 has only 21000?
    If we compare a950 has 4.7inch and a600 has 5inch?
    Both have same quad core.
    Usman bro can u explain?

    • Usman Malik says:

      The difference is because of Super AMOLED screen which A950 has. This is the same screen used in high end phones.

      • Knpimuk says:

        Ahh thats good.
        Are you using iocean x7?
        How it is?
        Can i buy it?
        Is it better then qmobile phones in terms of performance?

        • Usman Malik says:

          Yes, currently we are using the iocean x7, its a good phone with 5in Full HD IPS screen, yes it is available at allmytech.pk for Rs.27,999

          We will do the review shortly and then you can check it out and compare it.

      • M.imran says:

        q-mobile kay saray quad core phones main masala araha hai kia aur g9 sab sa ziyada bik raha ha,mujhe 5inch main koi acha cell lena hai smart price main,wifi =8mega pixal=AMOLED screens anroide 4.2

  17. Knpimuk says:

    Bro thats cool.
    And also you have to run modern combat 4 and other high defination games and tell us how was that?
    And i found something not good about that x7 that it cant run high apps. Its body is made up of plastic so its not reliable.
    And apps are not stored in sd card.
    Etc is that true?

  18. Knpimuk says:

    Bro one last thing
    if any issue related to iocean do tell me.what about heavy apps did u run it? In x7
    Can i buy it? In x7
    And bro you are doing realy good job. Answering our questions thats not a good thing. There are a lot of forums out there but they even dont bother to answer.
    And you, you are there for us. I realy like it keep it up bro.
    Risking your money to show us review thats not an easy thing you are great. Keep it up bro

  19. Huzaifa says:

    I have a budget of around 25,000 so i’m going for Noir A950. Can you recommend any other better phone in the same price range.

    • Usman Malik says:

      In your budget A950 seems like a good option ..

      • Huzaifa says:

        Yes, but i have a few questions, help me out.

        Is A950 worth 26K or should i go for a cheaper one like A600? And if we compare A950, Xperia P, and Xperia arc S which is better?
        Will an expensive phone like S3 be available in this price range in good condition?

  20. Mohammad Idrees says:

    Mr.Usman Malik … i want to buy A7 is it reliable . I have used A10 but tis huge . I need IPhone size mobile .

  21. laila says:

    plz do a video review of noir a950….
    waiting for it..

  22. Salam bhai a950 aur a900 aur a20 mein camera kids ka best

  23. Salam bhai a950 aur a900 aur a20 mein camera kis ka best
    hai??plz Zara jaldi reply Karen..

  24. cutedoc says:

    when ur going to review noir 950.does 950 has fm radio…….i was a fan of g9but when u showed its greying screen contrast i was v unhappy wid it

  25. Fazil says:

    Usman bhi Plz Share Some video & Reviews about NOIR A950.
    Also Comparing to lumias (Windows phone)

  26. shahid amir says:

    Doing great job bhai
    i want to know abut a950
    And your website n coments give me so much information.
    Shahid amir

  27. shahzad says:

    I have bought a950 but its battery timings is not yet set. Please suggest as its drain within 10-12 hours without usage. I have tried the same by stopping data connection and wlan. Your urgent response in this regard would highly be appreciated.

  28. faheen says:

    What about the GPS of A950? Does it connect and works properly? Secondly how is A950 compared to Samsung S3, HTC One X+ and Sony SP. Is Qmobile reliable like these other top brands?

  29. rozeena says:

    Usman Malik kia QA950 my 3G network hy ya nahi plz

  30. Mehmood khan says:

    Usman bhai plz guide me, i want to buy a new cell ranging from 20,000 to 25,000 with best battery timing

  31. Mehmood khan says:

    Usman bhai can u explain AMOLED technology? What are its advantages?

  32. Noor says:

    Hello friend.. Never ignore a super AMOLED mobile screen, it is the best and latest technology of mobile screen which is being used in the latest samsung galaxy series. Go for NOIR A950, u can’t find any phone of this specs & quality in 26,000 Rs. It may become cheap a few week later.

  33. Sidra says:

    Please review quadcore phones from voice. We r waiting because u r our phoneguru. Great job

  34. Raza says:

    Have you checked the camera performance.. how will you rate the actual image taken by the phone while viewing on computer screen and how is the performance of video camera. i was planned to buy a900 but its video is not satisfying as the camera continuously hunts for focusing and ruins the result. a900 still results are also not sharp enough to use as a regular camera.

  35. Shiraz says:

    usman bhai, what is the improvements or qualities of a950 over a900, kindly guide in brief, thanks in advance

  36. Shiraz says:

    which one u prefer? a900 or a950???
    and what is the purpose of AMOLED display?

  37. savera says:

    wel mr usman.. a950 having 1mp ffcamera. n u r saying its better than a900??? m gona buy a900.. i have use it … seems okay .. even 950 as well but its ffcam is so disappointing

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      When we say that The A950 is better, we mean in terms of display technology. It has a super amoled display, the same that is used in the Samsung Galaxy S4.

  38. Mehmood Khan says:

    Usman bhai which model of Q Mobile supports 3G ?

  39. Usman akhtar says:

    galaxy s3 oar noir a950 mei se konsa best hy? Camera result ,battery timing oar performance k lehaz se;; price is not issue. Plz reply

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Galaxy S3 definitely, there is no comparison between the 2 you have mentioned. 🙂 The only phone that compares to the Galaxy S3 & s4 (and that only in processing not functionality) and outperforms them in raw processing is the premium chinese phone Xiaomi M2S.

  40. Shiraz says:

    a900 or a950 have wifi direct feature?????

  41. Shoaib says:

    Bro, I can arrange 20-26000. Suggest me which one of those would be better, Qmobile A950 or Sony Xperia P in terms of quality, reliability, performance and resale value?

  42. salman says:

    please upload video review of this phone this is the expensive mobile of qmobile you have to upload the video review of this phone

  43. ali chohan says:

    aoa usman.
    whihch one is a better option. gfive president in 18k or qmobile a950 in 26k

    also considering the price, whihc 1 is a better option?

  44. Dr. Rafiq says:


    I am using Noir A950

    I am facing few problems hope you can help me out. 🙂

    1. I download apps and shortcut is made on desktop, when ever I tun my phone on ( after turning it off) the shortcuts are removed from the desktop.

    2. Similarly whenever I reboot the position of apps in app drawer is always changed.

    3. it is very difficult to find an app from app drawer as they can not be sorted in alphabetical order (no such option in this model)

    4. I have been using symbian phone (Nokia) & found messaging very easy as I have to forward messages to several groups but no such messaging app in android . I have used several apps like Go SMS pro etc but not satisfied.

    I will be very thankful to youi if you can solve these issues for me.
    YOu may contact me at my email address

    Thanks in advance

  45. Khalid says:

    A950 or THL W200. Also can we upgrade android version on A950 from 4.1 to 4.2

  46. Ahmed Afrose says:

    I would like to know the procedure to upgrade the android version on an A950. I find the qmobile site to be suboptimal. I’m facing issues with my Bluetooth-car connectivity (static noise). I’m assuming the upgrade might fix it.

  47. Khalid says:

    You didn’t do any review of camera for A950. I have an A900 and its camera is ok. Please tell me if A950 also has the same camera or a better one. Also tell how we can improve the pic quality in A900.

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Haven’t done a hands on of the A950 as yet, btw what kind of tweaking are you looking for in the A900 camera?

      • Khalid says:

        The camera results are a little rough I mean color and contrast. I thought you may be able to help me find a good software or other means to improve it.

        • Faisal Jaswal says:

          you can try the cymera app it has many photo editing and live picture effects….otherwise android also has built in settings you can reduce the exposure or go into settings and set the white balance as well as the image properties they should solve your contrast and color problems.

  48. Nouman Tasneem says:

    I have Qmobile A950, what to do when it get off automatically due to low batery or any other reason. Please tell is it a defect that the mobile automatically turns off/or the screen turned off.

  49. ATIF says:

    I am going to purchase A950. did you notice any lag in the phone or any problem with the set. like phone gets hang or launcher stop responding etc

  50. ATIF says:

    Also please guide me is there any OTA in A950 and any chance that i can upgrade to 4.2 official with rooting the phone.

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Don’t know about OTG, most of the upgrades you can have them done by Qmobile S&Sc and they usually do it without rooting the phone.

  51. aqib says:

    Noir a950 otg connect ku support krta hai ?

  52. Rabia Kamran says:

    Usman bhae a950 k bluetooth kaam nhi kr rha wht to do ? Plz tell recvd hujta hy but agr ma kch snd krun tu nhi jarha … tell me plz kua krun

  53. abubakar sheikh says:

    a.a usman bhai i am confused which q mobile quad core phone to buy my range is 25000/-.can you kindly suggest me a good phone i am a person who likes heavy games,hd or full hd videos etc.plz plz plz kindly suggest me

    • Usman Malik says:

      Get Quatro Z3 , if you want a really good performance and display. But its single sim phone. Otherwise if you want a dualsim then A950 and A900 are good options. If you like OTG feature then A600 has OTG

      • abubakar sheikh says:

        thanks for replying phone guru but usman bhai z3 and z4 have non-removable battery and that means if over charged or battery goes out of order,than eventually the phone becomes dead which means wastage of money.and i have checked it my self its a really good phone but the reason i mentioned is so am not buying it.and its spare battery is not readily available in the market..secondly a600 dose’nt has the OTG feature i have used this phone once.a900 has OTG feature.and what do you think which is good phone if the choice is between a900 or a950 performance,display,gaming processing power entertainment features wise etc. thnx again and kindly reply because i am going to buy the phone you suggest me amongst these two.i believe your advise you are our phone guru !!!kiny its a request plz plz plz reply….

        • Usman Malik says:

          I am sure qmobile will have a replaceable batteries for both z3 and z4 , Besides these batteries dont burn out very soon. You will probably be upgrading your phone before the battery dies , anyways that my opinion.

          A600 does have OTG we tested it ourself and A900 didnt ( atleast not in the version we had ).

          Performance Wise A900 and A950 should be same since they have the same chipset. But A950 is better because it has Super AMOLED display and a bigger battery.

          • abubakar sheikh says:

            i have checked my self for xtra batteries for z3 in hafeez centre etc famous places but still they are unavailable.and i am sure a900 has ota but not comfirmed about a600.and if you say i believe.another thing a950 either has not the ota feature.and i am not one of those who upgrade quickly.atleast 1 year, and at last i think i am going to buy one of these a900,a950 or z3.

          • abubakar sheikh says:

            i have checked my self for xtra batteries for z3 in hafeez centre etc famous places but still they are unavailable.and i am sure a900 has ota but not comfirmed about a600.and if you say i believe.another thing a950 either has not the ota feature.and i am not one of those who upgrade quickly.atleast 1 year, and at last i think i am going to buy one of these a900,a950 or z3.thnx once again phone guru >>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. RAY says:


  55. RAY says:

    and local phone with the best processor like tetra 4 quad core (nivida)
    and should i be able to root it

  56. Sammia says:

    Can you upgrade the android version of your noir a950?

  57. Ahmad Adil khan says:

    Usman Bhai You are Our Phone Guru.. Kindly Let Us know about Version Update of Jelly Bean 4.2 will Avail by Qmobile or Not.. I tried my Self alot to find out about Update but Every Customer Care Center not telling the Truth.. All were saying that they don’t have any idea about it..

  58. umar says:

    may kn sa set purchase karun aa950 yah a600?
    mra mind a950 ka hay but a b a600 k baray may sunna hay
    what abot batrry timing and display a600 VS a950

  59. azmat says:

    please send me the way to open the bettry of q950. I m worried.

  60. Ali Imran says:

    Dear plz tell me is A950 facing the over heating problem as in A20, i had used A20 but when i play games like Real racing 3 the phone is over heated, tell me is A900 and A950 has this problem???

    • M. Kashif says:

      I have been using a950 for last 3 months…. so far so good, no over heating, battery life is perfect.. It’s a good phone.

  61. Zain Baloch says:

    Usman bhai plz tell me urgently k qmobile a900 or a950 ka screen size to aik jitna hi ha lekin a950 ka screen main hi sensor buttons honay ki wja say display a900 say kuch chota nai ho jay ga????? Plz suggest me good phone range 26000 RS

  62. Zain Baloch says:

    And Usman bhai plz also tell me that k looking wise a900 fit ha ya a950??? Or picture quality kis ki achi ha?

  63. Zain Baloch says:

    And finally a900 khareedna chaheye k a950??? a900 ya a950 with reasons…???

    • Ahmad Adil khan says:

      A900 is much better then A950.. but i will suggest you to go with Huawei G700.. Best Device except Cam Quality.. Cam Result Average! 80/100

  64. aleem says:

    usman sahib kia qmobile a950 mien 3g network hai?????????

    • Muhammad Kashif says:

      Qmobile A950 support 3g and 3.5 g both….. I have been using it since Dec 2014 and It’s a good quality phone with respect to battery life, display, camera, size, weight (within this price)

      The only problem i faced couple of times is that it went dead couple of time all of a sudden at the last unit of battery… Earlier i thought its a technical problem that needs a fix but then i realized that some times it doesn’t bear the shortage of charge….. Nevertheless, It only happened couple of times and over all the set is perfect as I said.


  65. shanavaz says:

    Salam Dear Mr. Usman Malik

    I am using Q Noir A950 Mobile, Bi Mistake I am activate voice display activation, means now where ever I touch the phone it will tell us, now my phone is too slow, and I wants to deactivate, but really I dont know how to do that, also it showing safe mode, kindly reply me as soon as possible.



  66. sherzameen says:

    Q A950

    how to fix please this problem
    unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped
    please please………..

    mingora swat

  67. sherzameen says:

    kese k pass Q A950 k backup hain.help plz


  68. Kaamil Butt says:

    I have a A950, it dropped and the screen plus touch system have broken, where can I get parts in Islamabad ?

  69. Ali Javed says:

    I am using Noir A950 from past 3 months. I have issues with its camera, WiFi and Bluetooth. When I open camera app, it gives error that “can not connect to camera”. Some times files are not sent by Bluetooth. Now even the WiFi has stopped working. Its neither turning on nor off. Kindly tell me solution for this. I have already tried booting up process for camera, some times booting up phone makes camera work but not always.

  70. Usman bhai mene mobile lena hai please bta dy kon sa loon qmobile a900 .qmobile a950 ya qmobiel x900 jo high game ky liye thek ho please bta dy

  71. shoaib says:

    mera qmobile A-950 on huta hai lekin uska touch bikul kaam nahi kar raha plz solved my problem

  72. nazir khan says:

    Usman meri qmobile a950 camera par can t’ connect camera araha ha plz is Ka waja bata

  73. muhammad usman says:

    yar kisi k pas g agar ho q a950 lcd touch to rabta kary 03315334924

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