Qmobile Noir A900 Video Review : Camera , Media and Browser

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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120 Responses

  1. AniQue... says:

    Bhai I just need two explanations so thaT I can buy this set happily anD confidently……

    1) Is this 1800 mAh battery really sufficient?

    2) AnD this lagging seems to be a majoR issue…. It feels like this set lags quite frequently even in the normal usage…. Or is it just my thought????

    Plz reply soon…..

    • Salis says:

      You can get Nova launcher and it won’t lag at all. The problem is with the launcher. It is customized for having animations and themes.

  2. Farhan says:

    Does A900 camera capture videos in full 1080 HD mod?

  3. Aswad says:

    What about the OTA Update feature ? is it there ? And how about its gps functionality ?

  4. Arslan says:

    i see its quite a good phone but its of china mobile. if compared with xperia L , which one do you recommend me?

    • Salis says:

      It performs higher performance wise since the Noir A900 gets 13,000 score in Antutu where as Xperia L gets 8,000-9,000 points and it performs well with high quality games but Xperia L doesn’t performs not so good (used both, Xperia L in Hyperstar and friend’s Noir A900). Also Noir A900 has HD 720p retina display but Xperia L has FWVGA display which has lower pixels. Xperia L has signature Xperia phone style and it looks more stylish. Noir A900 is the best Noir in looks and it is pretty slim. Both phones have average cameras but there are many options in both phones regarding shooting modes effects etc.
      One thing is that Noir A900 is not China phone, there is BLU Life Play being sold in U.S which is same as Noir A900 and Gionee Elife E3 in India which is also same as Noir A900. These phones only use a chipset from a Chinese company (MediaTek) but this chips are also being use in phones by Lenovo and they are pretty good as compared to other phones in the same or higher price range. A900 phone can be compared to Galaxy S3 or HTC One X/X+ performance wise. I would recommend Noir A900 overall and am also thinking of buying it after using my friend’s one. But if you want branded phone, go for Xperia L or you could go for Xperia SP if you have the budget for that phone because that performs even better than Noir A900

    • Usman Malik says:

      Xperia L might be same or slightly better performance wise.. But A900 has a better screen resolution then xperia L.

  5. Salis says:

    The camera interface is customized by QMobile. It basically has all the features (with some added) of the stock camera but the interface is customized. Thanks for reviewing this phone Usman! I think I should get Noir A700 but Noir A900 has awesome design and is very sleek. Will be waiting for Noir A700 video review.

  6. Salis says:

    The camera interface is customized by Gionee (which has Gionee Elife E3 in India which is same as Noir A900). It basically has all the features (with some added) of the stock camera but the interface is customized.The app launcher/homescreen is also customized by Gionee and they did a great job adding themes and effects. Thanks for reviewing this phone Usman! I think I should get Noir A700 but Noir A900 has awesome design and is very sleek. Will be waiting for Noir A700 video review.

  7. Muhammad Aamash says:

    What about the earphones????????

  8. Imran butt says:

    Is it,s battery life is better than noir a9 ?

  9. Arslan says:

    i bought the Noir A900. cell is working perfect according to my needs but the camera result and battery is disappointing. otherwise it is best cell phone in this range as compared to the branded cell phones in pakistan.

  10. Arféen says:

    is the camera result of noir a900 is as same as noir a9 BSI camera ?? or is there any different betwéen both phones’ cameras ??

  11. salman says:

    Bro kindly ap is ki camera quality k baray me btaen k jb hum pic ya video capture kren gy to is ka result kesa ho ga?? overall camera kesa hai?? plz do tell 🙂

  12. laila says:

    panaroma feature nai hai??

  13. Khurram says:

    Hi i m facing problem with a20
    when i make a vdieo call on skype camera goes to dark…
    where is the problem…..

  14. nomi says:

    Usman bhai i wana knw the answer of this question 4rm u. That why qmobile is not having there sets nfc(near field communication) enabled. Sets like galaxy s2 also have this feature. It is very important 4 fast transfering of files. Plz anwser it thanx

  15. M.Fazil says:

    Usman bhai Konsa sa set behtar hai I’m Very Confused
    Plz Guide me……
    Urgent i’m waiting

  16. SHAMS says:

    Noir A900 is much better than other noir phones. Excellent Camera with lots of features, Powerful Flash, fast n smooth performance.

  17. Shadab says:

    AOA! I am curious to know, how is the sound quality in hands-free, I mean how’s the sound quality on hands-free compared to others mobiles. Is it worth to buy if u r a music lover? anxiously waiting for the reply!

  18. Anas Muhammad says:

    Usman bhai please upload its skype video calling sample.
    I want to check that either its camera becomes dark in video calling or not.
    The camera’s of noir a700 and a20 becomes dark in video calling.
    Please upload it soon because i m planning to buy it within 2 days

  19. imran butt says:

    Have you updated your skype app ? There was a issue with skype and they released an update . try that and will be work on both phones. a900 have better front and back camera.

    • Anas Muhammad says:

      I already updated skype app
      Its not only skype issue but also other camera apps have same problem, only built-in camera app works fine on A20 and A700
      Other installed camera apps like Picsart, 360 Panorama etc. also have same darken camera issue.
      Its mobile issue not skype update
      If anyone had experienced skype video call on a900 then inform us.

      • attiq says:

        Anas bhai mere pas a20 hai iske software me issue ha k skype me video dark aati hai na sirf front cam ki balke back cam ki bhi but iska 1 solution hai jo k custom rom hai
        A20 ke clones like fly iq446
        Xolo q800 ke stock rom me b yehi issue hai
        Just install custom rom

  20. Asad Shaikh says:

    Asalam Alaikum!!!!

    Usman Bhai Q Mobile Ka Quad Core Phones Ma Konsa Sab Sa Acha Ha A500,A600,A700,A900,A950
    Gaming,Camera,Display Or Build Quality Ka Lihaz Sa Mujha Purchase Karna Ha Is Lia Poch Raha Hon.Mana Aap Sa Pehla A900 Or HTC One S Ka Bara Ma Pocha Tha Aap Na One S Choose Kya Mana Na Saddar Ma Mallom Kiya HTC One S Ki Price 30000 Ha Ma Itna Paisa Afford Nahi Kar Sakta Please Aap Mujha Q Mobile Ka Quad Core Phones Ma Sa Bata Dan Ka Konsa Phone Acha Ha Ya Abhi Ma Intazar Karon Taka Q Mobile Koi Acha Or Acha Mobile Launch Kara Please Answer Dijiaga Mujha Phone Purchase Karna Ha.
    Allah Hafiz!!!!

    • Usman Malik says:

      A900 is a good phone in the series

      • Asad Shaikh says:

        Thanks Usman Bhai For Give Me Advice. Now I Decided To Buy A900 (:

        • Asad Shaikh says:

          Asalam Alaikum!!!!

          Usman Bhai Aap Na Kaha Tha Ka Noir A900 Acha Ha Is Liya Kal Ma Mobile Market Gaya Mana Is Ka Price Maloom Kiya 22500 Ka Tha. Ma Purchase Karna Laga Toh Usi Shop Pa Aik Aadmi Aaya Sale Karna Noir A900 Mana Pocha Bhai Aap Kyon Sale Kar Raha Ho Us Na Shop Wala Ka Samna Toh Nahi Bataya Lakin Shop Sa Hath Kar Us Na Bataya Ka Is Ma Ya Problem Ha Ka Aap Koi Bhi App Install Karo To Us Ka 2,3 Shortcut Bun Jata han Dekstop Pa Or Agar Aap Google Play Sa Live Wallpaper Download Karan Toh Uski File Currupt Ho Jati Ha Mana Us Ka Mobile Use Kiya Toh Yahi Problem Thi Phir Mana Khud Dosri Shops Pa Used Noir A900 Dekha Diyada Tar Ma Yahi Problem Thi Oe 2,3 Banda Or Bhi Mila Jo Noir A900 Sale Karna Aaya Tha Is Liya Mana Abhi Purchase Nahi Kiya. Kya Aap Ka Noir A900 Ma Bhi Yahi Problem Ha Kya Or Kya Ya Problem Is Set Ma Hi Ha Kya. Mana Socha Ka Pehla Aap S aPoch Lon Phir Kharidonga. Aap Ki Kya Advice Ha Ma Isa Purchase Karon Ya Nahi

          • Usman Malik says:

            Some people are facing that problem .. But if you factory rest your phone and format your card then it shouldnt come .. Some other users got the issues fixed from qmobile support after re-installing the OS .. I didnt have this problem in my A900

  21. Anas Muhammad says:

    A900 interface is modified so maybe they resolved this problem.
    It also has Android 4.2 , so i hope that this issue was resolved.
    I don’t be able to buy it till now because i has to buy used set in black color and mostly adds on olx are for blue. So I’am waiting

    • Anas Muhammad says:

      Usman bhai Which one is better in your opinion A900 or Galaxy S2 LTE E110s?
      I purchased s2 yesterday its every thing is good and it plays 1080 amazingly fine. But it is slow than A20 in my opinion and dead trigger and eternity warrior are not playing smoothly as on A20.
      So I’m planning to exchange it with A900.
      What you say?
      Does A900 plays 1080p videos smoothly or not?
      Because in A20 the videos plays at 19fps(max) due to which the sound become distorted.
      Also check test the skype video call on a900 and inform me.
      Thanks in advance….

      • Usama says:

        a900 plays videos perfectly fine because a600 also can play. If you have doubt then check video review of ELIFE E3 OR BLU LIFE PLAY. Because both of these and noir a900 are same but with different name.

  22. Khurram says:

    i have a A20 its so good phone by gaming…
    but video calling is not working fine..
    So I’m planning to exchange it with A900.
    PLZ check test the skype video call on a900 and inform me.
    Thanks in advance….

  23. Shiraz says:

    kia a900 men tv out hy? ya kisi app k through yeh function use kia jaskta hy?????

  24. Faizan says:

    Usman bhai, sir now a days voice v60 adds comes alots how is that set a compare to a900 waiting for ur reply

  25. Shiraz says:

    i decided to go for a900, but one question rises in my mind, i love to hike and trek, and a900 has no barometric sensor, so is there any app present in playstore who uses another sensor to determine altitude???
    kindly answer my this final question, thanks

  26. samkhan says:

    Hi, Thumbs up for the good job. Could you please tell me, if this phone has 3g or not. As I have heard, we could expect it in Pakistan in 6 months time..Thanks

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Yes the A900 has 3g support

      • Uzair says:

        Faisal/Usman bhai,

        Firstly, thank you for the video review… I see you have confirmed that A900 has 3g support, but do you have any specs/speed detail on it.. I want to buy this phone, but if there is no 3G support, then its useless for me, as I will leave for Europe next month.. Thanx again

  27. Muhammad Usman says:


    Usman Bhai my name is Usman too and i am from KHI…
    i have qmobile A600 good phone but ihave problem with wifi signal eve in the same room i gives me 1 or 2 signals out of 4…
    Please telll me about a900 wifi and on your reply if wifi is awsum i will switch to A900…
    Please reply me fast…

    Kind Regards…

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Wa alaikum salaam, we did not face any problems with the wifi capability of the A600 the problem could lie with your specific handset, but tell me have you checked any other smartphone with wifi in that room? It should give you a better idea. The A900 is also an excellent, sleek, stylish phone, and we did not face any issues with it’s wifi.

  28. Shiraz says:

    does this phone’s panorama features photo sphere??? because every 4.2 jelly bean equipped smartphone features photosphere in its panorama ????

  29. Shiraz says:

    have a900 or a950 wifi direct feature????????

  30. Asif says:

    Usman Bhai is mobile me apple/HTC/Samsung ki original handsfree laga sakty hain? mic bhi theek kam karyga? coz mene A9 lia hua hai us ne siwaye qmobile k koi or handsfree nahi lag rahi, mere pass s3 & HTC Rhyme ki original hands free pari hai kindly ye check kar k bata dain, taky me ye set perchase karoun.

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      there shouldn’t be a problem as long as the headphone pin and jack are compatible meaning for example if the phone has 3.5 jack.

  31. Asif says:

    or iski battery ka bhi batana k A9 se achi chal rahi hai?

  32. Sohail Muzammil says:

    Thanks for your very informative reviews. A question about the dual sim feature: Are both sims active? Because on phones like the HTC Desire & Galaxy Y, if one sim is busy or you’re using the internet, no caller can. This can be disastrous for a surgeon (like me) on emergency call.

    I’ll be grateful for your input.

    • Sohail Muzammil says:

      Sorry for the typo: No caller can get through if one sim is in use for the internet or a call on the HTC Desire or Galaxy Y dual sim phones.

  33. Ibrahim says:

    Sir please help me to choose between a600 and a900
    tell me what are their pros and cons , i am really confused between these two
    sir plz reply fast i’ll be really really really thankful to you 🙂

  34. umair says:

    usman bhai plzz mujhy ye btaen k a600 me notification light hai ???

  35. Wahab Ahmed says:


    Usman bhai, mera aik dost kehta hai kay qmobile youtube nahin chalata, aur slow net browsing karta hai aur hang hota hai slow chalta hai.. is he right??

    Wesy i decided to buy this noir a900 , bohot tarifeen suni hen..
    plz give me answer .Thanks

    • Usman Malik says:

      Wahab, you know youtube is blocked in pakistan. So if you want to play videos you have to first install a VPN app and then use youtube. Going through a VPN app slows down the browsing. Otherwise there is no problem with qmobile phones playing youtube videos.

  36. Wahab Ahmed says:


    Ye aksar complain aati hai k mobile charger nahin connect karta, kabhi charger port khrab hojati hai ya handsfree support nahin karta, phir mobile khulwana parta hai. ye problems aksr hoti hen Qmobiles main. Kiya yeh hakikat hai? q k mene kabhi mene kabhi purchase nahin kiya so qmobile mene lena chah raha hun. aur main 10 class ka student aur main achi mobile lena chahta hun.. Mujhy yeh mobile to bht pasnd aaya lekin kuch complains k waja sey double mind hogya hun.. so plz give me advice.

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Wa Alaikum Salaam, well honestly during our testing of the A900 we did not face any such problems, but yes we have received certain queries regarding some problems with the A900 such as icon duplication, but haven’t heard of charger issues or usb port issues. A word of advice on the USB port issues there is natural wear and tear and that can be accelerated by rough handling so I can’t say what the exact problem is with regards to USB ports not working since I don’t know how the people who are complaining used their phones.

      • nouman says:

        sir why its cam changed cplors of things in light..???? what is solution of this problem.?????????

        • Faisal Jaswal says:

          Unless you have specifically chosen a filter such as sepia or grayscale, the camera shouldn’t change color.just to be sure go in to the camera settings and where it says color effects: make sure “none” is selected.

          • nouman says:

            no sir these all are on normal mode i think its noise in camera thats why its hapned…is any solution of cam noise..??????

          • Faisal Jaswal says:

            brighter background light

          • nouman says:

            Sir agar flash light k sath puc laita hon hon toh face color yellow ho jata ha or baq color bi change atay han…????

          • Faisal Jaswal says:

            Haven’t heard of such an issue, could be a set with a faulty camera, try taking it to the retailer you bought it from if he changes it great otherwise the qmob sales and service center is the way to go.

  37. Rai Pervaiz says:

    yar muje ap sb se ye pochna ha jo b q mobile use kr rhy han k ye Q mobile HD recording 3gp format m kun krty han MP4 m kun ni main ny A9 m A600 use kia han or in m chek kia ha 3gp recording bnti ha.

  38. Taha says:

    I Think Qmobile has stopped making this phone.
    Can You Please Publish Review huawei G610’s because i’m thinking to buy it.
    I will be grateful if you publish a review of huawei G610’s.

  39. zeeshan says:

    my noir a900 frequently recome unresponsive,,,dark screen and start working after removal and reinsurting bettery plz help me to resolve ths problem
    would I claim warranty???????????????

  40. usman says:

    After reading many reviews from different sites about A900, I have reached on following result.

    8MP Camera is no more than 5MP camera of Samsung. It is just below than 8MP camera of Sony Xperia.
    Yes, you will get a little better processor and a little big screen but you have to face so many issues in Qmobile but you don’t have to face even one in Samsung and Sony mobiles. It seems like Qmobile manufacture sets in a hurry or they don’t have as much expertise as Samsung and Sony.

    Issues in A900 (in other Qmobiles as well).
    Icon duplication
    Suddenly stops working, hangs or dead.
    Automatically switch off and on.
    GPS is not working.
    It has few sensors but sometimes one of them will not in your mobile.
    Memory is too low for software and heavy gaming.
    Many software from Play store will not work.
    One of my friends purchased a qmobile set, he faced no issues in 6 months but after 6 months guess what happened? Touch system stopped working.

    So you are really the luckiest person in the world if you purchased Qmobile A900 or any other Qmobile and you never faced any problem.

    I need your replies on this.


  41. Arsalan says:

    Usman bhai, kindly tell me what do u mean by Notification Lite.??????

  42. DR ADIL says:

    Just keeping the performance in mind, which you will prefer between 600, a900 and gfive president G9?

    • They are all practically the same as far as performance is concerned, so it comes down to an added feature, a stylish design or value for money, what do you prefer?
      Value for money is with Gfive G9, OTG functionality is available in A600 but you are paying 3500 extra for it as compared to G9, and style is with A900 for which you would be paying an extra 6500 as compared to Gfive g9 just for style the A900 does not even have OTG.

  43. Habib says:

    Please Kindly Do A review Of Qmobile Noir A550

  44. Muhammad Khizer Akram says:

    Is there a tv-out in A900

  45. Ikram Khan says:

    I bought A900 back in December 2013 after reading some good reviews here. with in three months it started having software issues like hanging up and not starting back only after the battery was removed. but i could live with that. then after 5 months it wont accept charging from other Qmobile chargers but would accept from its own charger (pretty weird) but could still live with that. Now it has totally stopped getting charged from its own charger (charger is fine). Took it to the Qmobile service center with 6 months warranty and they said that charging jack is damaged and its not covered by warranty. Astonishingly the whole board needs to be replaced which will cost around 8000 rupees. That’s pretty outrageous for a repair to cost half the price of the phone.
    There were claims on this page about good build quality of this phone but I now believe its pathetic that a phone gets damaged by just charging.
    My advice to everyone or anyone buying Qmobile,,, Dont buy it….

  46. Asad Shaikh says:

    Asalam Alaikum!!
    Usman BHAI mujha aap sa ek zaruri Baat pochni this please reply Kar dayaga jab aap ya Parhan usman BHAI mera pas a900 ha mujha 2 montha jo gaya purchased kara hua mana 1 month pehla isa root kya tha or incpak ka custom rom install kiya tha par aab mana stock rom dubara restore kar liya par phone kafi lagy (slow) ho gaya ha mana jab rom ka backup banaya tha phone rooted tha toh jab mana isa restore kiya toh phone abhi bhi lagy ha bhala ma reset bhi kar don jab bhi kya aap please batayana ma kya karon unroot karon phone ya kya karoon? Please jaldi reply kar diyaga i am waiting foe your answer.

    • Usman Malik says:

      unrooting the phone might not fix the lagging issue. which SDcard are you using ? do you have too many apps on your phone ? Custom ROMS tu usually phone ko fast ker deeti hein .. maybe you should try to delete some system apps that you dont use

      • Asad Shaikh says:

        First thanks for reply and the mer pas 8 gb ka sd card ha jo mobile ka sath aaya tha or mujha pata ha ka apps oa data cache mobile slow kar data ha toh mana pura sd card or built in storage dono format kar daya phir dobara stock rom ko restore kara toh ab bhi laggy ha games ma bhi lagging kar raha ha to kindly aap ki kya suggestion ha ka ma phone unroot kar don?
        Please help me

  47. ahsan khan says:

    kia qmobile noir a900 skpe vedio call per acha result hy

  48. ahsan khan says:

    kia qmobile noir a900 per skype vedio call acha result hy?

  49. django says:

    aoa i just want to buy something good in a price range of 15000 pkr what would u recommend bhai? waiting for your reply?

    • I would recommend that you add an extra 1 or 2k and either go for the Zopo cuppy, I9, or the G10 fashion. That extra 1k will be well spent if you add it to your budget.

  50. Khan says:

    AOA, sir qmobile ny jo new mdel noir i12 launch kea ha plz uska jald e review kren, set ki specf bht ala ha kemat k lehaz sy,. W8ng 4ur review.

    • sami says:

      your video reviews were good….but your website is very bad and not active.New video review comes after 2 years…..

  51. aftab says:

    There is a problem in my camera front is working and back camera is not working so plz us man g solve this problemproblem a900 qmobile

  52. Muhammad Junaid says:

    Sir my Mobile QMobile A900 has some camera problem. Main Jab pic capture karny wali Jaga par click karta hn to picture capture nhi hoti .plz help me….

  53. M. Muaz Tariq says:

    Kuch bhe download nahe ho raha play store sy.n Na he browser sy.
    Is A900 may software update hotay kya.

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