Qmobile Noir A900 Camera Review

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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151 Responses

  1. Imran butt says:

    is that better than a20 camera ???

  2. Imran butt says:

    can we zoom in and out during video recording ?

  3. SHAMS says:

    Kaha ta na Camera ur Gaming Performance excellent he, ab muje yad nahi yahan muje kis ne comment me likka ta k Shams ap ne ye phone use kia hai jo apni taraf sa comments bana rahe ho,
    look at the video run it in HD mode it is much better than Galaxy S2, can go neck-2-neck with Galaxy S3, infact Noir A900 award ka laik hey.
    Ur kuch nahi Iski display I would say better than S4 just in my opinion.

    • Savo says:

      Lol.. Better than S4? It has no match with S4’s display cuz there is no comparison between 320dpi and 441dpi. You can compare its display to S3.

      • Salis says:

        it is PPI not DPI there is a huge difference! But you are right that S4 display totally outclasses the Noir A900 one because S4 has AMOLED display with full HD resolution screen. Even the S3 had an AMOLED screen.

  4. SHAMS says:

    Imran bro, everything is in front of you decide by yourself, A900 destroyed A20.

  5. Ms.Taha says:

    Usman bhai,main ne a900 lia hei few days back,pehle a8 use kia.maloom nhe k a900 mein drafts q nhe unsent msgs k liye…2nd sim1 ki jacket choty q hei.3rd a900,a600 k features same hein tow prices mein farq q hei… Aya mein ye fon rakhun ya cell out kerdun k satisfaction nhe ho rai…
    Pls guide me…

    • Usman Malik says:

      It has a one regular sim jacket and other micro sim jacket. A900 has a superior display then A600 , thats why the price difference.

    • Savo says:

      Android ma drafts nai hote. Jis number pe msg send kya ho ga wo msgs ma hoga aur agr send na ho to try again likha ho ga. 2nd sim choty is liye hai k jin logon k pass micro sim hai wo use kar sakain. Normal sim ko bhi micro sim ma convert kiya ja sakta hai. A900 is better than A600 because of Ratina display, Dts sound system, OTA , Android 4.2.1 and Its very slim. Best looking phone in the Noir series.

  6. Ms.Taha says:

    Plssssss… Tell me what i ve asked u earlier…

  7. Faisal says:

    Usman bhai. Overcast conditions m iska result thora black ata h ye q


  8. ali says:

    please tell me aap ne gta kese download kiya free

  9. Savo says:

    Usman you also live in Islamabad? I thought you’re from Lahore. :p

  10. wikisherpao says:

    Usman bhai a900 ke camera mai jab HDR ko slct kr ke pic caputre krta hoon to pic to dafa q capture hota hai?but dono pix ke results same nhi hoty.kindly thida xplane kr dein

  11. nomi says:

    Usman bhai which will i buy i hav buget of 32k should i buy UMI X2, ZOPO C2,OR NOIR A900 or xperi sp PLZ help

  12. nomi says:


  13. immad mian says:

    salam usman bhai,plz ap zara games k bare mai malumat dai skte hai k ye gaming review mai jo games play kiye hai (nova 3,real racing 3. gta) S k liye konsa webiste best hai,to download these game and also plyeble on a900,plz zra btaiye.

  14. immad mian says:

    salam usman bhai,plz ap zara games k bare mai malumat dai skte hai k ye gaming review mai jo games play kiye hai (nova 3,real racing 3. gta) S k liye konsa webiste best hai,to download these game and also plyeble on a900,plz zra btaiye.

  15. NuDge says:

    How to turn-off the shutter sound on A-900 without having to turn the phone profile to silent?

  16. Shahzaib Javed says:

    Noir A-900 Or Galaxy S2?

  17. umer meer says:

    kya is k camera ma noise to nai ?

  18. Sahir says:

    Usman bhai voice v60 Gaming k liye kesa phone hai gta 3 chala lega ??? Gpu install hai is phone me ??

  19. Shiraz says:

    does this phone’s panorama features photo sphere??? because every 4.2 jelly bean equipped smartphone features photosphere in its panorama ????

  20. atom says:

    usman bhai q mob me sub se zyada buisness …or sab se zyada fit mob aj konsa nikla hai…koi 3 btao

  21. ali khaquan says:

    salam , can you tell me that , A900 has a BSI ( Back Side Illumination ) sensor or not ? and which cell of q-mobile has a bsi feature ?

  22. Faisal says:

    bai moje ak cheez batta ho ye jo video recoding kerta hain konsa fromat me save kerta hain ???

  23. noori says:

    which one is better thl w200 or qmobile noir a900 ??

  24. Kawish says:

    Assalam O Alaekum
    Usman bhai ye VIDEO banaty hue jo audio recording kertaha ha to wo mono hoti ha k stereo??
    Secondly ye bata den k isme active noise cancelling mic ha (external mic)??

  25. talha says:

    is there a notification and battery light in noir qmobile a900????

  26. Hyder says:

    Can any body tell me that how is it’s battery timings?? I mean ye full usage pe 1 day backup deti hay??
    Thanks 🙂

    • Usman Malik says:

      depend kerta hei keh app full usage kiss ko keh rahey ho ? keeping display on all the time it wont give you one day

      • ali khaquan says:

        salam , can you tell me that , A900 has a BSI sensor or not ? and which cell of q-mobile has a bsi feature ?
        A9 has this feature then why not in A900 ?

        Another important thing , My Huwawei G510 is lost from F-10 market , Is there any way i can recover it back ?
        or just block it by PTA website ….. 🙁
        Please guide …..

  27. Kawish says:

    Assalam O Alaekum
    Usman bhai ye VIDEO banaty hue jo audio recording kertaha ha to wo mono hoti ha k stereo??
    Secondly ye bata den k isme active noise cancelling mic ha (external mic)??

  28. waqas says:

    usman bhai mere pass qmobile a600 hai mujhe is gta vice city download karni haii app bta sakte kaiise ho gi download

  29. ajlal says:

    noir a900 camera or thl w200 camera

    • Kawish says:

      W200 lene ka socho bhi nahi… Saal bhar baad koi THL W200 k koi resale nhi hogi… Koi 2200 la bhi nahi lega….Noir ki phir kuch na kuch RESALE VALUE ha…. Baaqi aapk marzi bhai…

  30. Wahab Ahmed says:

    Bhai, kiya noir a900 main panorama (photo sphere) app mojood hai? to create 3d photo.

  31. Dameez says:

    Usman bhai, is there any charging IC issue with q mobile including A900? please advise because i have plan to purchase A900 tomorrow in sha Allah.
    Waiting for your good response and you are really helping people. goof work 🙂

  32. Usama says:

    Usman Bhai Tell me that “samsung galaxy s4 korean clone with eye motion sensor” is better or “noir a900”.
    PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer

  33. Shahzaib says:

    Is it better than Samsung Galaxy S4 Korean?

  34. hussain says:

    clone is always clone. A900 is good.

  35. sohail akhoond says:


    Usman bhi app se aik cheez pochni hai a900 camera se related app ne upar aik flower ki image dikhai h yello flower ki os pic mai sirf flower focus h and behinde background blur hai pechay BG par flower blur h.
    Please is trha ki pic mai kese snap shoot lo konsay option use ker k ??? PlZ bataye ga I’m wating

    • Usman Malik says:

      There is not special option for taking such pictures. You just have to be close to the subject and touch the area where you want to focus. The camera will do the rest itself.

  36. Yasir says:

    Can someone tell me that why this phone makes duplicate shortcuts of downloaded apps? And how can we delete them without uninstalling the application?

  37. usman says:

    After reading many reviews from different sites about A900, I have reached on following result.

    8MP Camera is no more than 5MP camera of Samsung. It is just below than 8MP camera of Sony Xperia.
    Yes, you will get a little better processor and a little big screen but you have to face so many issues in Qmobile but you don’t have to face even one in Samsung and Sony mobiles. It seems like Qmobile manufacture sets in a hurry or they don’t have as much expertise as Samsung and Sony.

    Issues in A900 (in other Qmobiles as well).
    Icon duplication
    Suddenly stops working, hangs or dead.
    Automatically switch off and on.
    GPS is not working.
    It has few sensors but sometimes one of them will not in your mobile.
    Memory is too low for software and heavy gaming.
    Many software from Play store will not work.
    One of my friends purchased a qmobile set, he faced no issues in 6 months but after 6 months guess what happened? Touch system stopped working.

    So you are really the luckiest person in the world if you purchased Qmobile A900 or any other Qmobile and you never faced any problem.

    I need your replies on this.


  38. Asad says:

    i m very confused.. kindly guide me clearly…
    should i buy samsung s2 plus or noir a900.. i want better cam result and battery timing…

  39. Plz Usman bhai me Mobile lena cahta ho, Q A900 loo ya Quatro Z3? Plz tell me your answer will be very valuable. I am waiting

  40. mohsin raza says:

    Dear usman. Plz tell me how to shutoff the camera shutter sound.

  41. Ahmad Raza says:

    Hi, Usman bhai I have a problem with camera, it automatically shutdown in 2 to 4 seconds.I am unable to make pics.Please tell me what can be the issue and how can I resolve it?Thanks

  42. waqar says:

    Usman bhai i have purchased A900. After 2 weeks its rear camera has stop working. I did factory reset several time but the result is same. even now icon of camera also has disappeared. In factory Menu, i ave checked Main Camera and found total darkness (acdINI Fail) what the hell is this???Please help me, what to do????? according to warranty, it is 6th day of warranty starts.

    • Usman Malik says:

      All I can say is that you should claim it in warranty.. I didnt face any such problem when I was using it. Its just bad luck that you might have gotten a faulty set… Qmobile does have some quality issues.

  43. mukks says:

    can a900 ply 1080p videos n is there any lag while playing hd games

  44. Tanvir says:

    I have A900 cam is not working, even I reset it to factory setting. It appears with a search button only. Any help?

  45. Sheraz says:

    Dear Usman Bhai,

    My QMobile A900 is not pairing on bluetooth with my HP 2000 laptop. When I try to connect the mobile says that it couldn’t pair to my laptop because of incorrect PIN or passkey and it never asked for pairing key. I have tried all known options that is resetting phone, reinstalling bluetooth on laptop but these did not work. Please give some solutions if possible to connect my mobile bluetooth with laptop.


    • okie, hmm what usually happens is that by default the bluetooth is set on “Not visible to other bluetooth devices” go in to bluetooth settings, and where it says “Not visible to other bluetooth devices” touch it until it shows “Visible to all nearby bluetooth devices” it will also give you a two minute time limit, you can pair your laptop with your A900 during that time. Hope that solves your problem

  46. moeez says:

    what about it’s comparison with the camera result of iphone 4 not 4s … which cell should i purchase??? a used iphone 4 or Qmobile a900 ??

  47. Waseem Yazdani says:

    Salam o alikum usman bhai noir A 900 3gp format men video save karta ha jis ko whats app pa share kaya jaye jo sirf lines ati hain video ke jaga video format ko kasay change keya jaye ya asi koye app ha jo is fomat ko change kar sakay?

  48. Waseem Yazdani says:

    noir A 900 3gp format men video save karta ha jis ko whats app pa share kaya jaye jo sirf lines ati hain video ke jaga video format ko kasay change keya jaye ya asi koye app ha jo is fomat ko change kar sakay?

  49. hasnain says:

    Assalam walaikum usman bhai I have HTC inspire 4g battery timing bhut poor h plz suggest me k m knsa set loon noir a8 ya a900 kia dono ki battery timing or feature same h camera aur display ko chor kr.plz answer ms

  50. Hassan Tariq says:

    salam bahi jan .
    pls tell me iphone4 better or a900 now ?????????

  51. waqar says:

    Usman bhai i bought my phone a couple days ago and right now its camera has stopped working. After factory resetting it the icon dissappeared. I lost my warranty. How can I fix this?

    • Well first of all download a camera app like cymera from google play, install it and see if your camera is working, if it is not then take it to a Qmobile sales and service center. Also please install an antivirus such as avast or dr.WEB

  52. Shoaib Shah says:

    Usman bhai mere pas QA900 hai lekin kal se camera icon ghaib ho gaya hai menu se ….. Bhot masla hai plzzz ye masla kaise hal hoga….

  53. anas says:

    Usman bhai mere pas a900 ha lekin cam ka result bohat blur ata ha agr notes ya koi b writing form ki pic lu to… Plz help karden

  54. aamir says:

    sir can u tell me how to turn off camera shutter sound

  55. beni says:

    Kindly guide for which one should i go, QA900 or Huaei G700 cuz i have read the comments here and got worried about the issues frequently faced by people that Q 900 gets hanged and then the issue of copied icons etc…. Kindly let me reach some decision by ur guidance,
    thanks in advance

  56. Daniyal says:


    Do you guys plan to review the new A900i?

    I’m confused about which one to buy: A900, I9, I6 and A900i?

    From reviews and specs it seems that A900 has a better display, while A900i and i6 have more internal memory; i9 and A900i have better speed .. so now we come to camera results .. results of i9 and A900 are close enough only that i9 has a better camera software i guess ..

    I would like some further guidance .. esp. about A900i .. in terms of camera and performance .. may be you guide me through it or correct my understanding.

    Will highly appreciate your reply.

  57. Sana says:

    Whch one is much better to buy a600 r a900? sir w8ng 4 ur repl

  58. Zohaib says:

    Thanks for creating such a great informative thread..

    Should i go for A900 or newly Nokia XL ??? both the phones are in my budget and i am interested in better Camera quality, Sound and display … Which one should i go to purchase ?

  59. Sana says:

    Tnx sir, persnaly i also like a600 due to its mega disply,long btry bcup, otg featurz n notifctin li8 as wel whch a900 dosnt hav al these, but m cnfusd on one point that sir usman said in a600 review whn he compare a600 flash wd THL w200 in low li8, he said a600 dosnt come wd a vry powrful cmra led flash and it is nt gud to take pic in low li8, is thr any big prblm wd the led flash of a600? so plz guide me a600 has a normal led flash like othr phones of noir series or it has a weak led flash?? Only ths is cnfusin 4 me, aftr ths i shal buy it, anxiously w8ng 4 ur repl sir faisal, thnx in advnce.

    • no the light is alright, no big problem, only if you are taking low light pics. meaning if you were to use the A600 led as a flashlight it would suffice, but if you are taking low light or night time pics then it wont be enough.

  60. Zohaib says:


    I bought Q mobile A900 yesterday. Phone is heating up while playing games or long calls.. Is it natural with quatcore smartphones or should i go to shop to change it ??

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam, yes it is alright as long as it is not shutting down or restarting due to excessive heat.

      • Zohaib says:

        No its not shutting down or restarting its just heating up little bit but that’s fine its natural with android smartphones now i know that… Thanks a lot for the wonderful suggestion dear.. Q mobile A900 is an amazing phone.. You guys are doing great work. Thanks

  61. usman khalid says:

    Bhai which one is better a600 or a900

  62. Sana says:

    Tnx sir

  63. Sana says:

    Tnx but m talking abot takes pics in low li8 envirnoment like evening time r ni8 time as well, and m not talking abot to use it as a torch…

  64. sajid razaa says:

    Asalam i alaikum sir,,,,,,,
    Sir i bought à900 a month back but im continously facing a proplem,,,,, that some time its camera , plus some other internet options like uploading a pic or saving a pic from fb stop working,,,, but aftr restarting it becomes ok then,,,, so sir can u plz tell me any permanent solution for.my problem,,,, as it really make me worry sumtimes,,,,,

    • Wa Alaikum Salaaam, try installing an anti-virus app and run a scan after updating it, if it doesn’t work, do a factory reset after backing up all data, it should solve the problem, please make sure you install an antivirus app after factory reset.

  65. sajjad says:

    Sir mere pass qa900 hair but 3 din she camera nhi kam kr RHA reset bhi kiya hair but cam ka icon nhi ata

  66. misha says:

    Salam please koi mujy btado mere pass qmobile A20 hy 1 month phly hi buy kia hy per Ab Iska camera kam nhe kr rha :/ jb camera kholo yh option ata hy camera can’t working :/ me kia kruu plz help

  67. Zaino says:

    Salam sir, plz guide me, mn a900 le lun ya v4 r v5 main sy koi? Qk v4 n v5 2nu ki prices gir chuki hn r mra budgt b itna ha, so plz btaen in me kn sa best ha r ap kn sa recommend kru gae? A900 or v4,v5?

  68. Armaan khan says:

    Salam sir, plz tel me whch one is betr n for whch one i should go, A900 or V5 n V4? Price is not matter 4 me,..

  69. Armaan khan says:

    Tnx sir, wel the price of v5 n v4 decrease to 21 thousand and b4 these two were around 28 thousand, that’s y i changed my mind frm a900 to v5, bcz nw thre is only difrnce of 3 thousand r left among these two wch is nt an issue 4 me if it’s a gud phone, nw the price of v5 is 21 thousand, but m also cnfusd abot the the shape of v5, aik to iski size bht bari ha r kahen ye dekhne main b bura na ho, sth e isko card b ni lgta, jst 16 gb internal memry, btry b non remvble hu ge r cmra b real 13mp hu ga k ni.. Lots of questnz in my mind…

  70. nimra khan says:

    A900 or xperia Z???

  71. mano billi says:

    A900 or i phone 4s ????

  72. Irfan says:

    Salam sir, plz tel me whch one has better camera result Noir a9 or a900

  73. Abdul Rauf says:

    Respected sir,
    Please tell me about A900 set how in performance. Because i am much interested to by this handset. is it original Hd display or not?

  74. Abdul Rauf says:

    And what about your opinion on koeran handset

  75. Muneeb Saad says:

    Dear Usman Or Faisal Sir;
    how to add contact photo in a900?? i tried it from contact but there is no option to select photo…..and i also tried from photo to set as contact photo but in that case contacts were not shown…….Plz help me to fix this……….Thanks in Advance 🙂

  76. alizar says:

    A900 buhut acha phone hai mein khud es ko use kar raha hn

  77. Shehryar Awan says:

    Bhai. Mera Q Mobile. A900 ka camera pata nai kahan chala gaya . show he nai ho raha plz bata do

  78. Yazdani says:

    Qmobile bot mayous kun ha A900 ke harware kisi kam ke nai ha naya set waranty men tha k us ka charging jack kgarab ho gay waranty clame ke to kaha gaya k hardware ke waranty nai hoti naqis hardware kon lagata ha coustomer ya company? Mujay mashwara deya gaya k app is ka pora circut board change karwayen jo 8000 men ho ga is tara ap ke waranty bach sakti ha 22 hazar ka set or 8 hazar ka pcb yani 30 hazar men par gaya A900 market say 1000 men repair karwa k 22 hazar ka set 10 hazar men sale karna para koye nai lay qmobile bot fazol ha sarasar nuqsan men rahain ge app

  79. behzad says:

    hello i have qmobile a900 it is not connecting to pc when i connect it it only charges the phone and not show any option. plz give tell me solution

  80. zia bangash says:

    Salam usman bhai. Ma ziabangash made mobile ka camera kam nahi Karha hair.plz Bhai kuye slutin bats do.

  81. hamza khan says:

    What is the camera result of. Qmobile a900

  82. Tayyaba says:

    I m using Q mobile A900 from last 2 years its been 6 months I m facing issue in camera it turns green nd I m not able to take pics nd make videos .every time I have to factory reset after that it get work .but this is not a permanat solution .please help me for solving this issue thank u

  83. usman says:

    Usman bhai I have a problem in mobile a900 camera icon disappear ho gya ha or back camera nahi chal raha flashlight on karain to message aata ha k camera busy ha to kindly mujhay is ka solution bta dain

  84. Musaid Gujjar says:

    I need help.
    I am using Noir A900.
    But I am facing problem in Noir A900 its front camera not working.when I tried to open it.its show a black screen for minute after that both camera not working.
    I restore the photo e completely by 3 ways.
    First in Restore setting.
    Clear EMMC.
    And the last clear user data.
    But still facing this problem.
    Please tell me what will I do.

  85. Tajamul Hussain says:

    My phone camera can’t connect what should I do? And also a flash light which give warning that ur flash light is using by another app so I can’t find that app

  86. zaryab ahmad says:

    Usman bhai a900 ka back camera kaam nahe kar raha . option be ghayeb hai is k leye kya karen

  87. ali says:

    Mera a900 ka camera gain hogaya hai pls help me what should I do reset karu koi app download Karu plsss help me I can’t live without my camera

  88. ali says:

    Anyone pls help me I can’t live without my camera

  89. ali says:

    Where is my camera gone

  90. Bilal says:

    Bro just reset your phone n your camera will auttomatically appear 100%.

  91. ghafoor says:

    qmobile n900 back camera not show

  92. Muhammad Junaid says:

    My camera is not capturing pic. Plz help QMobile A900

  93. Muhammad Junaid says:

    Jab main capture wali jaga par click karta hn to pic nhi banti.QMobile A900.

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