Qmobile Noir A9 Video Review

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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316 Responses

  1. adiltech says:

    thanks bhai πŸ™‚
    apki video share ki hai page par hope u dont mind bro ?

  2. admin says:

    Adil, I dont mind but would appreciate proper credits in there.

  3. irtaza says:

    Hello.I would like to know about the battery issue of this mobile?

    • admin says:

      Irtaza, Like all smartphones , Noir A9 battery would also last maximum 1 day, but that mostly depends on how much you use it. IF you run videos and games it might run out in few hours.

      • ali says:

        brother mere pass q a9 he os ka facebook virsion boht prona he or wo remove nahee hot or jab mian playstore se update karta hoo to message ata he ke remove the preous facebook is ka koye hata bata de plz

  4. irtaza says:

    ok thanks.but would you suggest me to buy this phone or any other phone in 15k

    • admin says:

      Thats something which you have decide πŸ™‚ I have shown you what A9 can do .. I am posting camera result comparison between A9 and iphone 4 very soon too.. Look for that.

      In 15 K you can either go for an international brand with less powerfull specs / smaller screen or go for Qmobile Noir A9.

      If you decide to buy Noir A9 i would suggest getting a bigger memory card though.

  5. irtaza says:

    Alright sure thanks πŸ™‚

  6. very nice review bro it does not seems that its your first review,very good and bravo review you also have a good voice ..and many thanks…

  7. Tahir Amin Khan says:

    Brother plz abhi wo comparison k pics upload karde take aur hum koi set le sake

  8. Sheraz says:

    very nice first review. if u dont mind i would like to add something…
    it has MTK 6577 chipset
    cortex A9 proc with powerVR 531 overcloacked GPU
    both sim cards can be 3G unlike A10.

    can you tell me , does it have a notification light like A2 and A10?

    • Usman Malik says:

      Thanks for Addition. Yes it has the notification light.

      • imran says:

        Congrates to you That was a Professional Review. Dear Usman: I have almost made my mind to buy A9, just require some info from u.
        1= has is got GPU ?
        2= can we open and edit work/Excel in it ?
        3= Can we attach wired or bluetooth key board with it ?
        4= micro SD card is included or not ?

        • Usman Malik says:

          Yes Imram, It has GPU. It should open Excel Sheet, I havent tried it though. I havent tried to attached a bluetooth keyboard as well. Noir A9 comes with a 4 GB SD card and supports upto 32 GB. From your questions it seems that you are thinking of replacing your laptop with the phone. If thats the case I would suggest to go for a international brand. Or if you decide to try Noir then keep the data backed up. I am not saying Noir wont perform but still better to be safe then sorry.

    • fayyaz says:

      are you sure, that it has GPU? because no website has mentioned it….
      if u can give a reference, it would be better….

  9. Sheraz says:

    also can you kindlly describe OTG function?
    what is the REAL price of this cell, bcuz everyone seems to have his OWN price…

  10. Ansar says:

    nice review. s3 ki copy lagta hay!

  11. hassam says:

    ya upgrade hota hai ? 4.1

  12. hassam says:

    a8 vs a9 kn sa set lana chiya ???? kn sa best hai??

  13. hassam says:

    is mai viber aur skype mai video calling hoti hai??

  14. Naveed Ahmed says:

    Salam to All Readers,
    Well i purchased this new smart phone. and after purchased (what a stupidity na :D) i watched the review by Mr. Usman Malik. thumbs up your efforts. thank you. Allah ka shukr, i am not a disappoint buyer of this awe-inspiring smart phone. i just love android but learning day by day to use properly in life. right now in Karachi its price Rs. 15000 but you can buy in Rs. 14700 easily (after a little negotiable). thank you all.

  15. Naveed Ahmed says:

    Mr. Usman Malik, i need more information about this smart phone to use better in easy way and get fascinating moments after understanding about this device. please upload this smart phone review with different and important gadgets or applications. thank you.

  16. Moeed Ahmad says:

    What is the internal memory for apps of Noir A9?

  17. Moeed Ahmad says:

    Which Screen Protector U R Using on A9?

  18. Kashif Jawad says:

    Asslam u Alaikum! Usmam Bhai! is main notification lights hain? jo ke sms or miss call per blink kerin? i knw app ne open comment main bataya hai ke is main notifications light hai bus confirm kerna hai.

  19. Yasir says:

    usman bhai aap yeh bata saktay hay is may maximum playback resolution kya hay 480p(720×480) ya 720p(1280×720)

  20. Panwaar says:

    Nice review thanks.
    Will you plz tell me its weight compare to A8 ?
    Also which one is better to buy between A8 and A9 ?
    Which things of noir A9 are better than A8 ?

  21. zeeshan zafar says:

    iam user of a2 now I want some change..so plzz suggest me a10 or a9..money doesn’t matter…

  22. ali says:

    salam mujhe is phone ki video recording k baray men kuch issues hen.aik dafa mene issay kareeb 2min. ki video bnai aur wo file sirf kareeb 8mb ki bani.isi dauran galti ye hui k mene setting check nai kin k kya settings thin,lakin aglay din jab mene 30 sec. ki video record ki to wo 45mb ki file bnen jab k mene ya kisi ne settings change nai kin samajh nai aya k kya hua?diff. settings try kin lakin wo file size nai mila.aik aur masla hua k 30 sec ki video rec. krni chahi to 4sec ki rec. kr k rec. ruk gai please wait keh k jab video ko gallery men check kiya duration 30sec file 7mb ki thi jab video play ki to 4sec chal kr still hogai wese chalti rai for 30sec.khair ye doosra masla aese hal hogaya k phone restart krliya.lakin file size ka abhi bhi issue hai.mujhe ye phone le k kuch afsos horaha hai kyunke video recording mera maqsad tha.plz jald reply kren thank you

  23. mudassir tariq says:

    great review…….I want to ask that which is best device a9 or a10

  24. usman malik send a masseg of your mobile number on my facebook id my facebook id is killer199130@live.con
    iam waiting for your masseg on my facebook id

  25. hassam says:

    ap is ki skype video calling ka review ki video upload kra aur is ka front camera ka result kesa hai? a8 ka muqabla mai…………

  26. alirazasahu says:

    bhai is ma edge ha ya sirf gprs?

  27. alirazasahu says:

    yeah i know bro. Thanks a lot for ur help. Iam going to buy it today

  28. hassan says:

    is a9 is better or a10 .does they have hd recording which should we buy

  29. Hassan says:

    Is there any problem with internet in A9. Internet is working very slow but sometimes it get alright. I am working on wifi and internet on laptop is alright

  30. Zubair says:

    AOA! Usman Bhai you said in your above comments that A9 has 4GB Internal memory.. my question is that, can we use 4GB as ROM mean for Applications etc.?
    i heard by rumours that it has only 1 GB ROM.
    Please Clear that point.

  31. yousaf says:

    Bro A8 or A 9………. which one is better and y?

  32. iakhatti says:

    Dear Malik,
    Please tell us about it Flash light/ Torch. I come to knew that its flash light is poor than A8. Is it?????

  33. Raza says:

    Asalam Walaikum Usman bhai nice review i just want to know should i buy this phone or not i only have 17k i know its not that much reliable,but most people are pretty happy with qmobile smartphones..So should i buy it?

  34. haider says:

    yar mujhe naya set khareedna hai a10 loon ya a9???

  35. Asad says:

    Asalam Alaikum Usman Bhai Ma Aap Sa Is Ki Specs Ka Nahi Pochonga Wo Mujha Pata Han Mana 3 Month Ma 3 phone change kia ha Abhi Mera Pas Noir A6 Ha Ma Isa Sale Karka Dusra Set Longa Kya Aap Bata Sakta 15k 16k Tak Ma A9 A8 Ya Koi Or Android Phone Acha Rahaga My Name Is Asad And I am a Student Of Metric Mera Abbo Na Kaha Ha Ka Ma Aab Jo Phone Dilaonga Is Bad Mujh Sa Phone Dilwana Ka Nahi Bolna To Ma Chah Raha Hon Ka Aik Dafa Acha Phone Lalo jo Is Price Ma Mil Saka Ma Aik Gaming User Hon Kya Aap Meri Help Kar Sakta Han Or Bata Sakta Han Ka Ma Konsa Phone Lon A9 OR A8 Ya koi Or Please Reply
    Thank you

    • Usman Malik says:

      Asad if you are a heavy gameing user tu i would not recommend Qmobile. Koin keh these days games with very high 3D graphics are coming up. Noir A9 has 512 mb RAM which would not be enough. Haan casual gamer keh leya sahe hey. but if you play games for like 1 hour , the phone might get slow.

      If you are looking for gaming buy a phone with atleast 1 GB RAM

      • Strange Bird says:

        Does A9 has notification light inside for missed calls or incoming email/ msgs?

      • Asad says:

        Sir Aap Ka Reply karna Ka Shukria Ma 1gb Ram Wala Phone La to Lon Par Price Ma zyada han Phone Mujha 15k to 16k Ka andar Chahia Ma Bohat Zyada Heavy Games Nahi Khelonga Chalan Mobile Pa Lakin Ma Ya Bolna Chah Raha Hon Ka Ma Konsa Set Lon Noir A9 Or A10 , A8 Ya A7 Jo abhi Launch Ha Or Han Kya Desire Hd Acha Ha ya Nahi Mera Matlab Ha Agar q mobile Nahi larahaTo Desire Hd lalon Mujha Aisa Set Chahia Jo Kafi Arsa Tak Chala

      • sami ullah says:

        A9 can play any game…you can see in the video that usman bhai played temple run,need for speed and RF 13 which are good graphlc game without closing the 1st…..If you play very heavy games like asphalt 7 heat close all the application and free upto 300 mb ram and it will play fine…1gb ram phone will not available in less then 22k…so I raccomand this phone…I am gamer too and I am also loking forward to bye this phone ..

  36. Strange Bird says:

    Does A9 has notification light inside for missed calls or incoming email/ msgs?

  37. abdullah says:

    Hey, Man what about the camera results same as A10 ?? and bro secondly which set you prefer a8,a9 or a10 . For me carrying a10 is very hard :. what do you think konsa better hai??

  38. Strange Bird says:

    Dear can rate the pix resolution of A9 & A10. is it same?

  39. Strange Bird says:

    then tell me Pic resolution 0r PPI of A9/

    • FJA says:

      i have seen many ppl are selling A9 after a few days of buying this set. . . . is there any big issue ??? whts the reason??? cuz i m planning to buy it.
      One of the seller was telling me that its battry/body gets heated after a 20 – 30 min of talk time??? can u tell me if its true??

      • Usman Malik says:

        Well I have still not made a 30 min continuous call on it so i dont know if it gets over heated but yes my iphone overheats too after longer usage. Some other guys were saying they couldnt run the games i played in the review and it was slower for them.

    • Usman Malik says:

      I think its 196 PPI

  40. M.Khateeb says:

    AOA.yar mery pas b a9 hy par yar ye slow bohat hy wo games jo ap chla kar dikha ray ho wo mery to chalti hi nai set he hang ho jata hy kia karo?

    • Usman Malik says:

      I am not sure what the problem can be .. Are you running too many apps in the background ? is your phone storage close to full ? Try to factory reset the phone and then try

    • Aamash says:

      u must have got a faulty set as I got my experience with a9 was very terrible but then I bought a10 which I found much far better than a9. Now I have Noir a20 which is far better than the noirs which are below my phone and I m satisfied with my a20 and love Qmobile and now thinking to buy a900 but still waiting for any other phone to come out by Qmobile!!!!!!!

  41. nabeeel says:

    Usman Bhai ye set buhat acha but iski resale nai hai…..
    aapka kia khayal hai is baare main?????

  42. nabeeel says:


  43. kashif says:

    mallik sb mein 4 din phle lita a9. bht dar rayan san kidre pesay zaya nayi kr dite. par tadi web visit kr k thand pay gyi .bht shukrya jnab eni sari info da.ALLAH tada pala kre te sada jawaniya maro>>>>>>>>>

  44. Asad says:

    Sir Aap Ka Reply karna Ka Shukria Ma 1gb Ram Wala Phone La to Lon Par Price Ma zyada han Phone Mujha 15k to 16k Ka andar Chahia Ma Bohat Zyada Heavy Games Nahi Khelonga Chalan Mobile Pa Lakin Ma Ya Bolna Chah Raha Hon Ka Ma Konsa Set Lon Noir A9 Or A10 , A8 Ya A7 Jo abhi Launch Ha Or Han Kya Desire Hd Acha Ha ya Nahi Mera Matlab Ha Agar q mobile Nahi larahaTo Desire Hd lalon Mujha Aisa Set Chahia Jo Kafi Arsa Tak Chala

    • Usman Malik says:

      In this case you should go for Noir A9, I havent used HTC Hesire HD , so i am not sure about it. Whats its price ?

      • Asad says:

        Sir HTC Desire Hd Is Release On 2010 And This is the king of android phone of his time now here on karachi its price around 16k to 20k orignal set or refurbish set price 13k to 15k and htc is no warrenty in pakistan so you can tell me what is better desire hd or a9

  45. Haroon says:

    Can you briefly inform how to root and install custom rom?

    and from where i can get custom rom.?

    For notification light how to control it, i mean if any miss call it should start blinking etc

  46. Abdul Naeem says:

    usman bhai mein yeh puchna chahta hon k kia a9 ka 4.0 softwear update ho jata ha kia???
    aur a9 aur a7 mein sy kon sa set best ha??mein ne lana ha…a7 mein latest android softwear dala ha..please mujy batain???

    • Usman Malik says:

      A9 is better then A7. Read my review on both and then you can decide easily. A9 does have an option which shows to upgrade, but the update is not available right now and I am not sure when it will be available . Although A7 has the latest android version but because it still has 512 mb ram, i doubt that it will give good performance.

      • Usman Malik says:

        Desire HD has 1 ghz single core processor , 768 mb RAM. Although it has more RAM then Noir A9, but its a single core processor. Also its OS is only upgradeable to gingerbread. I Am sure the build quality will be far better then qmobile.

        • Asad says:

          Sir Htc proceser are snap dragon and this is so fast i have a6 now and my friend have htc desire z and desire z proceser is 800 mhz and 512 ram and my noir a6 have 1 proceser and 512 ram and desire z better play games and apps opposite a6 his proceser was nice quality these reason i want to ask you what i buy a9 or desire hd and qmobile proceser was slow and htc snap dragon proceser like faster tell me what i buy

  47. abdul naeem says:

    ap ki koi website ha kia jis mein a9 aur a7 dono ka review ho??

  48. abdul naeem says:

    usman bhai a7 ki flash light ha kia????

  49. Asim says:

    bhai usman
    mjhy btayn a9 ki cam ki flash light LED wali hai ya A10 wali bekar hai >????

  50. asim says:

    usman bhai a9 ki flash light camera ki jo hai wo a10 jesi hai beykar ya achy walay phones mein hoti hai LED ya wo hai is ki flash light

  51. Turab Ali says:

    Usman bhai plz bta dain k a9 adobe flash player chalata hai ya nai is mai youtube k ilawa aur websites ki viseos chalti hein kai???…ans plz thankss…

  52. Turab Ali says:

    usman bhai plz bta dain k a9 adobe flash player chalata hai ya nai???

  53. asim says:

    bhai jaan plzz mery liye mushkil ho rha hai fesla karna k mein konsa mobile loon A10 ya A9 plzz meri help karein πŸ™

  54. abdul naeem says:

    brother mein ne suna ha k a7 mein micro sim chalti ha.kia yeh such ha???ager such ha to mein ne yeh set pakistan sy bhr ly ker jana ha malaysia.kia wahan yeh micro sim mil jay gi???
    please tel me..

    • Usman Malik says:

      I am not sure if A7 has a micro sim. Even if it has .. micro sims are available all over the world as iphone and new samsung phones also use microsim , you can also cut the normal sim to make it microsim , special cutters are available.

  55. farrukh says:

    Usman brother i’m watching u r video, its fantastic but mera ek or sawal hy k kya A9 edge chalata hy And ye ky easily root ho jaiye ga

  56. raxa says:

    thanx for a great review but i wanna ask about the video recording capabilities?? does it record videos in 720p resolution and also can it play 720p videos or not?? plz tell me

  57. syed ali says:

    bhai jaan plzz mery liye mushkil ho rha hai fesla karna k mein konsa mobile loon A10 ya A9 plzz meri help karein

    • Usman Malik says:

      A9 aur A10 mein sab seh bhara farak hei screne size ka .. A10 ka updated model a11 be available hei .. you should decide between a9 / a11 and the main difference is scren size . if you like bigger screen go for a11/

  58. Syed Ali says:

    bhai usman A10 ki screen big hai a11 se ..!

  59. syed Ali says:

    bhai jan mjhy konsa mobile lena chahiye phr btayen final kiun k mai ne ab jo bhi rkhna cell mein jldi sale kar k exchange nhi kar skta mein ne ab 1 year wo hi mobile use karna hai is liye plzz mjhy bta dein k a9 ya a10 plzz .. wp btaye ga k kal ko masla na ho

    • Usman Malik says:

      Bhai, i am not working for Qmobile so I cant garrantee anything from them. You have the reviews you can browse internet for other reviews also. Merey khiyal seh tu A9 is a good set .. abb saal chalta hei keh nahi .. this i cant say

  60. Jahanzeb says:

    Can i upgrade A9 on andriod jelly bean 4.2? Please tell me the procedure.


  61. kashif says:

    usman bhai is mein downloading ki option nahi aa rahi. kindly batayen youtube se downloading mumkin hy a9 mein ya nahi.

  62. osama says:

    does it have a notification light on the front

  63. Asad says:

    Asalam Alaikum Usman Bhai Ma ya kehna chahta hon ka aab mera mond lumia 620 lana ka ho raha ha desire hd ya a9 ka nahi ma janta hon ka ya windows phone ha but acha ha 8gb builtin 5 mp camera with 720p video recording dual core 1 ghz snapdragon s4 and 512 ram aap batao lon ya nahi its nokia please tell me i am waiting for your answer

  64. Farrukh says:

    Very nice review Usman sb… Helped me a lot to get an idea of Noir Phones…

  65. waqar says:

    Assalam-o-Alaikum usman bhai mjhe plzz bata den a11 or a9 me se kon sa ziada better ha. Screen ko hata kr. Battary kitni chalti ha or hang to ni hota ye bata den plz

  66. Rizwan says:

    I have a bettery problem in my A9….
    Battery Drained very fastly….
    Ap ka cell kitni timming daita h…???

  67. Farrukh says:

    AOA Usman sb,
    I bought A9, white color. Overall, Itney kam paison mein yeh bohat acha phone hey.

    I inserted 16 GB card and installed some of other applications like Viber, What’sApp etc. And it is getting slow after that.

    I’m also thinking to root it, dump stock rom and try to install some custom rom.

    Can you please provide any help/suggestion in order to boost its performance?


  68. fahad khan says:

    what is the average battery time , on the a9 and a11,

  69. Noman says:

    Nice review Usman Bro ..

    I am thinking to sell my A8 And Buy any other model so what would you suggest ???
    A9 or A7 ?
    A9 has poor battery timing i think πŸ™
    A7 Has No Flash And Fat Model
    A7 is more fat then A8 ?

  70. Muhammad Usman Anwar says:

    Dear Usman Malik,

    Very Nice & Detailed Reviews

    I am going to purchase Noir A9,
    Please tell me Two things

    1st, Which Body Color looks better?
    Black or White

    2nd, I read a review on whatmobile site that A9 has weak GPU, so it run the HD videos bit slower that normal. Is it true?

    Waiting for your posting………..

    • Usman Malik says:

      Thanks for the compliments. I have only used A9 in black color, so dont know how it looks in white. I have also not tried playing HD videos on it yet. If you can wait few days , check out huawei’s G510 as well. They are launching it pretty soon and at a great price. I will be doing a review of that phone as well. That might be a better option then A9.

  71. fahad khan says:

    I am stuck weather i should buy the a11 or a9 , i am thinking about the a11,

    I am mostly looking for these points

    Battery Time with normal use ?
    Which Andoird,
    And screen ppi?

    So can u help me decide which one

  72. Bilal says:

    Salam.. dude i need your help since im a new android user.. prob is previously i was using noir a5 classic and was impressed much by qmobile and planed to buy a9 now prob is a9 lags very much then a5 in games even a5 was running games better then a9… point of buying a9 was to enjoy smooth gaming .iz that its software prob? should i go to customer care to get it reinstalled ? kindly help me much worried about my handset :v sorry for my bad english….

    • Usman Malik says:

      I am not sure why you are experiencing this problem. Try running only game at one time and shutdown other apps in the background. Which game are you tryin to play ?
      BTW these qmobile phones are not recommended if you you want to play heavy 3d games.

    • Noman says:

      Salam .. Bilal A9 me Hardware me problem lagti hai .. mene bhi socha tha kay buy karun A9 , But Jab Market me chala kay dekha toh woh mere A9 Se Slow Laga aur thoda lag bhi kar raha tha like smooth nhn tha chalanay me … So jelly Bean karwa kay dekho Qmobile Service center se In sha Allah Sahi ho jayega

  73. Bilal says:

    yar mere pas a8 bhe hay uspe bilkul saheeh chal rahe hain… and yea closed every thing…yar jelly bean install karon? what are disadvantages of jelly bean in noir a9?

  74. Bilal says:

    Vector Game… a5 main tou isse bhe behtar chalta tha… aur temple run main bhe bech bech main lag hay… aur han somtimes jab bhe main koi app install karta hoon. and when i open that ap after installation error aajata hay app stoped πŸ™ iz it software prob?

  75. Faruqi says:

    That’s a good review by you.
    I purchased this set in white, its better than i expected .
    Dear Usman! there is a problem i faced on the 3rd day, when i make a call, a tiny red light start flashing on the front side of the phone just close to the earpiece. I think this is the proximity sensor. I checked all the setting but its not giving up. This also flashes when i pick up some in coming call.
    This light only stops when i switch ON the Loud speaker during the call.

    Plz help by suggesting something ….

    • Usman Malik says:

      I am not sure what the light means. I am not using A9 anymore myself. I Will try to find out

      • Faruqi says:

        I will wait for your reply,

        I have tried on Internet but could not find the answer.

        But one thing for sure, that red light was not blinking when i bought the phone. Even i have tried Factory reset but no results …

        Thanx anyway

  76. Bilal says:

    @faruqi its normal brother dnt worry its proximity sensor light… same thing with my handset πŸ™‚ So dnt wory… yea i wanna ask you one thing… have u installed Vector run game? how is it worknig smooth or very lagy?

  77. usman says:

    bhai jaan a9 mein skype or facebook pehley se insatll hota hai ya khud karna parta hai
    plzz reply
    with respect

  78. Bilal says:

    Noir A9 is Exact copy Of Myphone A888 and Jb is avaliable for this phone on websites and forums hope this helps you Admin……
    MyPhone A888 Duo Specifications:

    4.5″ qHD (960×540) IPS capacitive display
    60fps, 245ppi w/ 5-point multi-touch feature
    Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)
    1GHz dual-core MT6577 processor
    PowerVR SGX531 GPU
    512MB of RAM
    4GB of internal storage (2.5GB Usable)
    microSD card slot up to 32GB
    8MP autofocus BSI camera with dual LED flash
    720p HD video recording
    1.3MP front-facing camera
    TV-Out Support / FM Radio
    Dual-mic noise reduction feature
    HSDPA 7.2Mbps, HSUPA 5.76Mbps
    WiFI 802.11b/g/n, WiFi Direct, WiFi HotSpot
    Bluetooth v4.0 with A2DP
    GPS with A-GPS support
    Turn to mute function
    Google Play Store / Pinoy Phone App
    microUSB v2.0 (No USB-OTG support) / 3.5mm audio jack
    Motion / Proximity / Environment Light Sensor
    Tri-band GSM / Dual-band 3G – SIM 1 (3G) and SIM 2 (2G)
    133.2 x 67.9 x 8.9mm (dimension)
    135g (weight

  79. Bilal says:

    dude and yea there is no battery issue in this rom.. and battery life is improved in this … so kindly work on this rom and help me to update my handset…

  80. Bilal says:

    Link above i have post is Jelly bean Rom For noir A9 has no battery issue as mentioned on page… but has improved battery life… waiting for your repy….

  81. Bilal says:

    no bro since im a new andriod user.. dnt know much about rooting and eles… help me… or u can share this link with some other developers hope they can help us…

  82. Farooq says:

    Dear Usman,

    Can u confirm if A9 and A10 has magnetic compass.



  83. shahid says:

    Sir, please tell me about A9, can it support the 3G,Java, and Miscrosoft word document?

  84. Naveed says:

    A.O.A , Bro plz tell me kiya Q A-9 Me Tv out hai ??????? plz urgent batao i want to purchase

    • Usman Malik says:

      No. It doesnt have TV out

      • Farrukh says:

        It does have Janab…
        System Settings –> Display — TV out settings.
        You may need a separate adapter for that which would be connecting through its usb jack and may connect to TV/LCD with HDMI or else.

    • Farrukh says:

      It does have Janab…
      System Settings –> Display β€” TV out settings.
      You may need a separate adapter for that which would be connecting through its usb jack and may connect to TV/LCD with HDMI or else.

  85. sami ullah says:

    ram user accessible kitni h??

  86. Bilal says:

    Hello Friend…. aap se guzarish hai ke ye set kabhiiii mat laiyooooo….
    recently… main ne 8:20PM pe mbl full 100% charge kiya, sab apps band thein, aur standby pe set rkh diya, 8:32PM pe dekh tau bettry 95% reh chuki thi, jab ke na Wi-fi open, na bluetooth, na koi aur apps, na koi call ya msg, F**k Mbl…

    • Farrukh says:

      Aray bhai, itni problems aisy set mein common hein. I’m using A9 and I was using HTC rider. Yes, it does have little bit battery drainage problem, Magar itni bhi nahi hy…

      I’ve rooted it and then replaced its built-in launcher and its working much better now.

  87. zaib khan says:

    qmobile a9 ma upgrade option ha ya ye upgrade hosakta ha

  88. Numair Adil says:

    Salamz.. I got this set 1 week ago.. its such an amazing cell phone in a very reasonable price.. Can u imagine qhd display 1 ghz dual processor with 512 mb ram.. Yar itna Aala nasal ka display hai like Galaxy S3.. Mai ney A10 bhi dekha 11 aur 12 bhi dekha par ye jo item inho ney phenka hai market mey iski misal hi milna mushkil hai.. letey waqt mai dar raha tha k Qmobile hai Allah khair karey lekin 16,850 rupey kharch kar k aaj mujhe bilkul koi pachtawa nahi hai.. camera bhi kafi munasib hai.. if u are advance camera user tou bohat achi capturing ho sakti hai bas options use karney aney chahyein.. overall i give 9.5 out of 10 to this Phone.. πŸ™‚

  89. Numair Adil says:

    Usman bhai bas aik baat poochni hai.. Vesey tou mai 100% satisfied hon is phone sey but ye bata dein bas k agar mai service center pey ja kar jelly bean update kara leta hon tou koi problem tou expected nahi hai? i mean kuch phones mey aisa hua hai k os update k baad mukhtalif problems start ho gaey.. bas is cheez ka dar hai k itna aala nasal ka set hai kahin update k baad aisi tesi na ho jaey iski hala k i like to update kyo k jelly bean k jo potentials hen vo apni jaga kamal hen.. lekin dar lag raha hai, kindly give ur suggestion.. Thanks!!!

  90. Asad says:

    Asalam Alaikum Usman Bhai!!!!!!!!!
    Mana Aap Sa Pehla Desire HD or A9 Ma Sa Kisi Aik Ka Pocha Tha Usman Bhai Aab Mera Mood Heavy Set Lena Ka Ha Ma Lumia 620 Ya Htc Sensation Xe Lena Ka Soch Raha Hon Mujha Pata Ha Ka Windows Phones MA Apps Kam Han Mujha us Sa Matlab Nahi Kya Aap Bata Sakta Han PAidari wagara ka lihaz sa konsa mobile behtar rehga please reply i am waiting

  91. mohsin says:

    internal memory kitni hai

  92. asad says:

    usman bhai main ne kal a9 liya hai .. but muje kuch samj nhe aa rahe yeh application ko memory card main kise trasfer karte hain aur yeh games jo 150 mb k hote hain unko computer c download kr k memory card main dal sakta hn plz help muje samju ne aa rahe

    • Usman Malik says:

      To move an applicaiton to SD card , follow these steps
      1: go to settings
      2: apps
      3: click on the app you want to transfer.
      4: there will be an option on that screen below “clear data” . “move to SD card”

      For installing games from SD card , when you download them they have instructions on how to install. Different games have different methods.

  93. sohail says:

    bro why u not recomemded qmobile A10??? plz tel me… sugest me on cel betwen “qmobile A10 or A9 or Huwavei g510?

    • Usman Malik says:

      Sohail, I have personally not used A10 , but seen it and it seemed too bulky and big to me and its also not very thin. If you like bigger screens then go for it. Otherwise A9 and Huawei G510 have a very reasonable size. Between the two I would say Noir A9 is slightly better. But if you can spend little more money then go for Noir A12.

  94. Zuhair says:

    Hey Usman,

    I would like to know if A9 lets us install apps on the memory card. Noir A2 has this huge problem of installing everything on the internal memory and the 4GB memory card i have is almost empty and useless.

  95. faaiz says:

    noir A9 flash player ko support krta hai? me ne diff types ki vdos play krni hoti hain diff sites se, mre pas htc explorer hai wo tu easily chala deta hai so plz muje confirm kr dein k ye flash support krta hai ya ni? q k me 1,2 din tak lene wala hon. thank u.

    • Usman Malik says:

      No A9 does not support flash player in its browser. BTW Adobe has officially finished flash support from all andriod phones. But sites like youtube,vimeo,dailymotion can still play videos because they haved moved toward html5 player. Most of the popular websites are shifting towards html5 player as well. Can you tell me which sites do you want to visit for videos ?

  96. faaiz says:

    Usman bhai first of all thnkx 4 quick reply. me site ki link ap k sath share kr rha hon es me hr types ki vdos hen jo diff servers se play hoti hen.
    Can u tel me the reason why Adobe has officially finished flash support from all andriod phones?

    • Usman Malik says:

      Some of the links there are from dailymotion, which you will be able to play because they support html5. Other links where they have flash player wont be able to run .

      Flash was not optimized for mobile phones. It consumed lot of battery power and was buggy. Abode tried to fix the problems but they couldnt do that. HTML5 is much more stable and widely accepted. Remember iPhone also doesnt support flash from the start. Thats why they pulled the plug on flash.

  97. talha says:

    usman bhai plz .tell me . main ne a9 liya but main jb games khewlta hn tu game achanak black hote hai phir resume karna pharta hai.what to do

  98. faaiz says:

    Malik bhai es site wale ne a9 ko kafi bura set show kia hai aur ye b kaha hai k a9 aur a11 lena paiso ka zia hai. link de rha hon.
    bhai me a9 ya a12 dono me se 1 lena chahta hon ap ne tu dono use kiay hen, a12 ki WVGA AMOLED capacitive touchscreen k ellawa btaen k performance wise aur camera wise a9 acha hai ya a12?

    bhai jis trha ap ne a12 ka full vdo review dia hai us trha a9 ka q ni dia?

    • Usman Malik says:

      INCPAK have not actually used Noir A9. There author have Noir A8 and based no that they have said that upgrading to noir A9 is not necesssary. Noir A9 is a better phone then A8 because of a better and bigger screen and better camera.

      If you compare A9 and A12. then A12 is slightly better better because of more powerful processor and AMOLED screen. But Noir A9 has a better camera. I will try to write a full article comparing all noir phones in next few days.

  99. Sahil murtafa says:

    Sir i wana knw about what iz it jealybean and ice cream sandwich. Nd which is better

  100. Faisal Jaswal says:

    well Jellybean and ice cream sandwich are the names of android’s mobile operating systems, it is like windows for pc there is windows xp, windows vista and windows 7 etc….. same Android has gingerbread,ice cream sandwich and jellybean…

    there latest version is jellybean 4.2, it has a lot more functions, but its also is device dependent for example it uses a lot of ram so it is not recommended for smartphones with ram less than 1GB.

  101. Arslan says:

    Sirf itna bta dain k a9 ki battery 1800mah ki hai ya 2000mah ki iske box pe 2000mah likha hai lekin box open k bad 1800 nikalti hai kiya ye sach hai?

  102. M.Hussain says:

    asalam o alaikum usman bhai mai ap se ye puchna chahta hu k iski bettry timing kesi hai waise to 1 month use krne k bad bettry 4 ya 5 ganto mai khatam ho jati haii log aisa kehte hai????// aur kiya ye phone khareed kr mai pachtaunga to nhii? waise mai sara din facebook pe online rehta hu to ye bettry kitni khatam karega sara din online rehney pe plz tell me usman bhai

  103. jutt says:

    Sir me 3 swal puchne hen,
    1- When will u write a full article comparing all noir phones?
    2-Why Adobe has officially finished flash support from all andriod phones?
    3-Upcoming Qmobile Noir A16 releasing date & its price?

    • Usman Malik says:

      1: Full Article on comparing noir phones coming soon.
      2: Article about why adobe finished support on all android phones also coming in a day or two
      3: No News on qmobile noir a16 yet. they should have launched it already as micromax and fly have already released. Price will probably be around 20K

  104. jutt says:

    Sir a9 aur a12 ki user available memory kitni hai?

  105. faaiz says:

    bhai Can u give me the strong reasons Why Adobe has officially finished flash support from all andriod phones?

  106. usman karim says:

    asalam usman bhai
    main ne aap se ye poochna tha k a9 main tv out hay ya nahi?

  107. Shoaib Ahmed says:

    Hi Usman,

    First off, thanks a lot for your effort and relentless help that you have been extending to the never ending list of inquirers.

    I am on the verge of buying an A9 and would like to have a second opinion from you as you must have been using this phone now for a couple of months. Is there any accelerometer issue with it? Has it pulled through well over the past few months without any glitches? Your reply would make me finally buy the product or decide against it.



    • Usman Malik says:

      Thanks shoaib for compliments .. No I havent come across any issue with A9. Just wanted to let you know that I myself am not using the phone anymore, sold it to a friend but havent heard of any complaints. As you might know I keep on changing phones πŸ™‚

  108. FAISAL says:

    bhaaaioo kindly help me out..
    i need opinions of u all whether i should go for a9 or a12???
    i m not a heavy gamer or intensive mobile user i m just a normal user with playing normal games..
    kindly share ur opinion and specially USMAN SIR i’ll b w8nn for ur opinion

  109. Nouman says:

    Dear Usman bhai,
    Can you please suggest me which one is better to purchase. noir A8, A10 or A20???
    Need your suggestion.

  110. faithful says:

    bhai jaan confirm krna tha online sites pr galaxy s4 korean version 24k mn home delievery kr rahe hn

    tu teh kiya bala he??

  111. umair ahmed says:

    usman bhai aapse puchna tha ke noir a9 720p ki video chlata ha ya nai?

  112. arsalan says:

    hi usman
    i recently bought A9 runs on Jelly bean by defult, everything is gr8 except its sound.its very low is there any way for boosting its sound.

    • Sumaira says:

      yeah. i am also using Noir A9. also interested to know the way of boosting its sound.

      • arsalan says:

        I installed app called speaker boost it improves sound in hearing calls or music but ringing on external speakers still remains low πŸ™

  113. Khurram says:

    I have just posted a query regarding this phone ‘s soun in above relevant post. I m really disapointed after buying it due to it’s sound. It’s really tooo low to hear any person or ringtone n specially when u turn on the so called speakers!!!

  114. anshara says:

    hey tell me can i buy this

  115. mohsin ammar says:

    I have bought this mobile it has jelly bean 4.1.1 which is working slow I wanna install ice cream sandwich what should I do?

  116. Najmus Saqib says:

    I have Noir A9. I have installed off line google maps. In open air when i turn on A9’s GPS to check my location on map but it is not able to lock the satilite and hence always unable to tell the position.
    Have anyone try GPS with google off line maps on Noir A9? I have try this on Galary S1 and it works perfectly.
    Usman Malik sahib plz help.

  117. Hamza says:

    Message ya koi aur cheez likhty howy, Keybad ki viberation kaisy khatam ker sekty hay ?

  118. Asad says:

    Dear Usman,

    I am looking forward to buy this phone. Some of my friends are using it and they have complained about having some bugs in it. If you are running an application, phones gets restored to home screen. If you run a game for more than 20 minutes, it gets to homepage on its own.

    Do you know about these things?

    If yes then please reply.

  119. Asad says:

    Thank you very much Usman and khurram. My next query is about the A900 Noir. Are there any flaws or bug in this cell phone? Does this phone has lag issues? I was wondering if I can go for that? My requirements are not that much I just want a phone with an excellent camera and a good interface. I am not fond of playing heavy games on phones. I found this phone structure very unique and eye catching? If I am to buy this phone, does it worth it?

    Please do let me know about good and bad regarding this phone, I have watched your reviews and stuff about it. But I wanted to know about your current recommendation about A900.


    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      We usually test a phone for around 2 weeks, during that time we did not find any issues with the A900 we had. It is a stylish and sleek set and if you have set your mind on it because of that reason then its your choice. You know what they say “Shok ka koi mul nahin” we are saying this because when you are asking is it worth it? One cannot really put a worth on one’s “Shok” as to say so.

  120. Adnan says:

    Usman Bhai Please Suggest some precautions (android Software n Hardware) for the android beginners…and specific to A9 ?

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      INstall an anti-virus 1st of all, make sure that you go to settings and for application updates, set the option to wifi only, otherwise you’re gonna get charged heavily for internet usage by your telco.

      • Ad Nan says:

        thanks faisal bhai, moreover i recently installed some apps (5) which aren’t very heavy, and A9 get slower, late response……ab ye kya baat hui k banda apps he nai chalaye tu faida :/

  121. Talha Khan says:

    Salam!usman bhaai how r u?
    Qmobile a9 ko kese root kiya jasakta hain?
    Or how to delete system apps ? I cant update facebook on it..

  122. faysal says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    AOA , SIR , please tell me that when i close my QMOBILE NOIR A8 and re-open it , then it,s 10 % battery decreases ,(even when i closed my phone and reopen it about 1 min , it’s battery falls 10%) .
    please reply ..

  123. Furqan says:

    Usman bai please tell me ka konsa mobile better ha a10 or a9 camera aur net use ka liya.

  124. Noman says:

    AoA … Well can we use noir q10 camera with yahoo or skype installed on PC or laptop? Like Iphone camera? Or is there any way to use it in this way as I tried to use q10 camera but it has not been detected by the PC

  125. shahzd jamal says:

    yaar i m using this noir a9 withandriod version 4.1.1….installed about many 10 application and 5 games..it runz everythng smoothly…its pretty good…and m very satisfied wth it…touch is smooth,display is good…camera result iz awsome..it would be better if u buy it used i mean a month or two..then it will b low in cost as well as u will b satisfied then..nyc phne

  126. faisal says:

    AOA , when my battery is less then 50 % , it falls too much fast , I donot know why , please tell me a solution ………QMOBILE NOIR A8 .


  127. Sulaiman says:

    i need to know one thing regarding my Q Mobile A9.. Need for speed hot pursuit on my device is running without any lag or any error but my motion sensor is not working properly in this game i mean The Car keeps on revolving it feels like my motion sensor is having some problem BUT on the other hand my motion sensor is running perfectly OK on other RACING GAMES…

  128. Zeerak Ansari says:

    Qmobile Z3 kasa set hy istamal karnay may ? Specs to us k bahat achay hy liken . Touch , camera quatity how is it ? never used qmobile before thats why i am asking ?

  129. Mahnoor Bano says:

    A.O.A! I bought A9 but i have been facing some problems; I can’t seem to transfer any files from my computer to my phone. a window keeps showing up ” the request has not been honored ” , the problem is here that i cannot get any requests on my phone from my computer but a signal keeps showing up on my phone upcoming request. I cannot find a way to accept the request.

  130. Arshad says:

    Q mobile noir A 9 support sim internet in saudi arabia?

  131. Arshad says:

    Can u tell me procedure becoz its nt working there

  132. Muhammad ISRAR says:

    dear usman,
    i have two questions. first one is if I make a call on skype my friends didn’t hear my voice. and secound Ques is how can i connect my A9 with T.V.

    • could be several different reasons as to why your friend could not hear you, could be a problem with your wifi or could be a problem with theirs…or if they are on GPRS then there will be a problem, or if you were attempting from gprs. I am not sure that there is an option in A9 by default of TV out functionality

      • Muhammad ISRAR says:

        my friend i am using WiFi here in Saudia and also my friends are using WiFi connections.. kindly give me a solid advice for this problem. or tell me how can i uninstall my Skype. because it already built in application in my phone.

        • I’m afraid I can’t give you a definite answer as I am unable to physically check it, usually the skype program itself has trouble shooting options in such cases, if you would like to uninstall it, what can be done is that you go to the apps homepage and select the icon for skype and you will see an option to uninstall it on the top of your screen.

  133. princess says:

    i cant sign in to my gmail from qmobile a9 kindly help me out .when i enter my e mail id and password
    and den press next it gives that “cant establish a reliable connection to server” but wifi is on and working properly for other applications xcept gmail and playstore.plzzzzzzzzzzz help me out

  134. Muhammad ISRAR says:

    Mr Usman,
    ap sy kuch pocha hae answer to dr daen

  135. Niaz Ahmad Khan says:

    Dear admin salam !!! i just want to know that which android operating system is best Ice cream sandwich or jellybean, and little describe it plzzzzzzz

  136. Waqas Mumtaz says:

    bro. plz. tell me A9 3G network support krta hai plz. reply me03008707901

    • Usman Malik says:

      yes G9 has 3g network support

      • Waqas Mumtaz says:

        bro. main ne New A9 leya hai us main kuch apps download ki hain daily motion opera viber to o slow ho geya hai cemra kuch seconds bad open krta hai apps thori dir bad open krta hai ek gmae ki angry bird wo chlaon to screen black ho k home screen py a jata hai plz. help me reply me mail mtengineer@nokiamail.com

      • Waqas Mumtaz says:

        and A9 main Anti virus kon sa instal krna chahiy?

        • dr.web, avast and NQ are all good options.

          • Waqas Mumtaz says:

            men ne A9 New lia hai . is ka problem ye hai ke is ki batery 90% ke bad chand seconds mein 100% ho jati hay. lekin chargher utarte hi wapis 90% per aa jati hai.us ke baad theek chalti hai .to us ka kya karna chahiye.

            anti virus install krny se slow to nahi ho jaye ga

      • Waqas Mumtaz says:

        men ne A9 New lia hai . is ka problem ye hai ke is ki batery 90% ke bad chand seconds mein 100% ho jati hay. lekin chargher utarte hi wapis 90% per aa jati hai.us ke baad theek chalti hai .to us ka kya karna chahiye.

  137. maliha says:

    hello sir
    q mobile noir A9 par main website say dramas dekhna chahte hoo lekin woh chal nhe rahay
    apnapaktv.com say video error arha hai plzz tell me k kaun sa video player install kroo

  138. amir says:

    usman bhai, would you please tell me the easiest way how to clear the log list of my phone actually when i use skype on A9 the skype calling list is came in log list and when i am trying to clear it or open the options it says force shutdown try later would you please help me out other wise i need to factory reset each time to clear.
    kindly recommend me some thing easy as i am not very use too with android .

  139. amir says:

    usman bhai, would you please tell me the easiest way how to clear the log list of my phone actually when i use skype on A9 the skype calling list is came in log list and when i am trying to clear it or open the options it says force shutdown try later would you please help me out other wise i need to factory reset each time to clear.
    kindly recommend me some thing easy as i am not very use too with android .if i need to install any software which is easy to install and use kindly tell me way .

  140. amir says:

    sorry its not a9 its a2

  141. umar says:

    how to change alarm and message alert tone of Q mobile A9

  142. Raza says:

    Salam Bro. Kya qa9 ki Ram expand ho sakti hai? agr ho skti hai to tarika zaroor bta dein

  143. Ghulam Raza says:

    Kya is ma built in flashplayer ha? Agar nhe to adobe flashplayer install hojata ha?

  144. faheem says:

    qmobile x25 main 3g on hoti hai magar koi bi video clips nahi chalta kab k qmobile 8i fb par video chal rahi hai plz bata do x25 main fb video Q nahi chal rahi or x25 main kiya karna hai

  145. ALI says:

    i have QA9 today i reset it it does not showing sim management option nor it is picking sims?

  146. ali says:


  147. Mohammad shah says:

    Salam dear how are u…
    I have q mobile x150 here is some problem .near the front camra their is red light on how can i turn of this bcz it take much charge… Plz help

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