Qmobile Noir A9 Camera V.S iPhone 4 Camera

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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59 Responses

  1. Tahir Amin Khan says:

    JazakAllah Brother for ur comparison upon our request

  2. Tahir Amin Khan says:

    but now plz tell us about the battery timing also ?

  3. HABIB says:

    Does compass work in noir a9 brother?

  4. Abdul Naeem says:

    bhai a9 best ha k a7???
    a7 ka android latest ha..mujy yeh bata dain k in mein sy best kon sa ha???

  5. sami ullah says:

    qmobile A7 ma Autofocus h kia ????

  6. abdul naeem says:

    usman bhai a7 aur a9 ki battry timing change ha.????????

  7. Rehman says:

    I have been considering to buy Qmobile A9, could you please tell me whether it has flash player or not?

  8. Ashraf says:

    bro after your blog i bought A9 but only problem im having is in charging while charging from PC via USB it takes around 4.30 hours for complete charge havnt tried its travel charger on full but noticed its almost same timing can you please tell me is it normal that it takes 4.30 hours to charge via PC USB ??? waiting for your reply

  9. ali usman says:

    usman bhai mein a9 lon k a7???plz help me..
    aur yeh ice cream sandwich aur jelly been mein kia fark ha???

  10. abdul naeem says:

    usman bhai yeh ice cream sandwich aur jellu been mein kia fark ha?????

  11. Humayun Rizvi says:

    Dear Usman, I have to make a choice between NOIR A9 and A12….which one would you recommend based on 1) features 2) camera 3) Screen (AMOLED VS QHD) and 3) battery life and 4) value for money……I will wait for your response

  12. Talha Khan says:

    usman bhai a9 bet set hai k nahi main khareedna chahta hoo aor is ke screen ka resolution kitna hai?? thnx

  13. ali says:

    Back Cam is perfect 8mp. But front cam 1.3 mp its showing too black. Can u help me with tht

  14. talha says:

    hey plz help what should i buy . huwaie ascent g510 or qmobile a10,9 whatever

  15. Asif says:

    I have A9 and facing two problems
    1) Signals of WIFI are too weak. Full bars only If I am sitting in the same room where WIFI router is situated. Also most of the time there is a connection out or delay in browsing as it seems that WIFI is at sleep and taking time to come out of sleep mode.
    2) The camera is not good as:
    a) most of the images are out of focus.
    b) there is a long delay in shutter click and actual picture taken and pictures come out blurred as the subject is moved during this delay.

    Is there any solution to this?

  16. Asif says:

    Also another bad thing about A9 is that the LED lights are too weak to be used. LED’s of A8, A11 are very bright. The pictures shown above seems very good but my A9 camera is nothing closer to it.

    Can you tell me how to use the TV out feature in A9? How to connect A9 to my LCD TV? Which cord to be used?

  17. hasnain says:

    usman bhai plz suggest which one is better .Qmobile A9 OR Huawei G510????????????????

    • Usman Malik says:

      Thats a difficult question, Both phones have almost same specs. I will try to do a comparison in another post. Right now you can look at the video review of both phones and compare.

  18. ahtsham says:

    i use q mobile noir a8 now i sale my cell pleas tell me
    ab main thora sa upgrade lena ha mobile pleas tell me konsa lon mobile

  19. Adnan says:

    Usman Bhai Yesterday i bought A9, em using Skype and unable to make video call…..Can u please tell how to do video call using Skype?

  20. ibrahimkhan says:

    plz..tell me kia A9 main HD games chalti a….like Shadowngun,GTA,NFS….plz ans fast

  21. Rizwan says:

    Respected Usman Bhai,
    I heard from my friend that Noir A9 has low ringtones and hearing volume. Kindly update me regarding this issue. Further guide me it has 3G or not. Because i want to buy such phone which support 3G network with limited budget.
    I am waiting for your kind response.

  22. Saad says:

    I have been using A20 previously. Please let me know is the camera of A9 equivalent to A20? Only tell if you have testied. I know the specs are the same.
    Thanks very much

    • Usman Malik says:

      We have camera samples from both A20 and A9 and A900 too .. check the websites for them and compare.

      • Saad says:

        Thanks. Have checked them out. Frankly it’s difficult to decide. Considering that even A10 has the same specs camera but the results are not impressive as that of A20, it’s difficult to decide whether A9 will be similar to A10 or A20.

  23. Furqan says:

    Sir please tell me. Which is the best mobile a9 or a10 for better camera, internet and gaming use.

  24. Uzair Bukhari says:

    Usman Bhai, for camera which one should I get, A10 or A9?

  25. Uzair Bukhari says:

    So far I know, is that A10 doesn’t have panorama but A9 has! Camera wise which one is good, A10 or A9?

  26. tauseef ahmed says:

    asalam o alaikum can any one kindly tell me how can i change default video player in noir a9. mx player download kia hai but wo videos builtin player mai he chala raha hai

  27. Furqan says:

    Sir please tell me ka noir a9 or noir a10 quad core ma sa overall konsa set better ha.

  28. Usman says:

    gfive g9 better ha or noir a10 and g9 ki price low honay ki reason kya ha. kya is ma koi fault ha.

    • Usman Malik says:

      g9 has a bigger display , other wise A10 quad core and G9 has almost the same specs. No major fault on G9. I guess they want to clear the stock before launching a new phone.

  29. Uzair Bukhari says:

    I had to ask about a phone. Should I buy G9 or G7 or A10 quad core? please reply

  30. Sadaqat Ali says:

    Usman bhai please tell me ka konsa mobile sb sa better ha. Ma na buhat mushikal sa pasy jma kiya ha 17000 ki range ma.

  31. Sadaqat Ali says:

    Usman bhai please tell me ka konsa mobile sb sa better ha. Ma na buhat mushikal sa pasy jma kiya ha 17000 ki range ma. Camera internet and hd games using ka liya.

    • Usman Malik says:

      Sadaqat in this budget you cant get everything. You can go for Gfive G9 which is now at 14,999 , with quad core and 1 GB RAM . It will play most of the HD games but do not expect perfect performance. Also the camera result will be average .. check out the review and camera samples on our website

  32. Sadaqat Ali says:

    Sir noir series ma sa konsa better ha 17000 ki range ma.

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