Qmobile Noir A7 Video Review + Pictures

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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157 Responses

  1. sami ullah says:

    thanks for posting

  2. yuni shah says:

    mere nazariye s A7 KI RAM 1GB HONI CHAIYE but unfortunately its only haV HALF BUT SAME AS A8

  3. FJA says:

    Must appriciate the research. . . . thumbs up!!!
    and first two disadvantages are good enough to drop its plan. . . . . Once again thanks Usman Malik . . . . now i can comfortably go for A9. 🙂

  4. abdul naeem says:

    sir please help me….
    a9 lon k a7????
    ak to yeh daily mobile nikal daty hein…

  5. abdul naeem says:

    usman bhai a7 ki flash light ha kia????

  6. sami ullah says:

    bhai english ma video review manai please

  7. FJA says:

    i have bought the A9 every thing is gud but the thing that shocked me was the battry. It is 1800 mah while on web they are claming 2000 mah. . . . really disapointing . . . !!!!

  8. Yasir says:

    A really insightful blog. Thanks man!!!!

  9. Hashim says:

    Good review. Thanks for it.

  10. waleed says:

    sir i want qmobile but i have little bit confusion with noir a12 or a7……….what will u prefer for me???????????

  11. waleed says:

    a12 or a11???????????

  12. Muhammad Saud Khan says:

    Sir, does noir a7 has capacitive touch screen? and does it have multi-touch?

  13. Rameez says:

    A6 or A7?????

  14. Noman says:

    Nice review Usman Bro ..

    I am thinking to sell my A8 And Buy any other model so what would you suggest ???
    A9 or A7 ?
    A9 has poor battery timing i think 🙁
    A7 Has No Flash And Fat Model
    A7 is more fat then A8 ?

  15. abdul haseeb says:

    a7 or Huawei Ascend G510 . which one is the best??????????????????????

  16. abdul haseeb says:

    please tell me which one of these should i buy Huawei Ascend G510 or Qmobile noir a7?????????

  17. javed says:

    usman bhai jelly bean latest version hai ya icecream sandwich. pls reply.

  18. Ch IrtaZa says:

    Plz tell me, Have a11 service li8 or not?

  19. Mubusher Hussain says:

    Usman bhai kia yeh set ab Pakistan mail available ha?agar ha to is ki price ajkal kia ha?

  20. Mubusher Hussain says:

    Usman bhai mai Qmobile Noir A6 lo ya Qmobile Noir A7?

  21. rana wajid says:

    usman bai noir a7 or a 6

  22. Mubusher Hussain says:

    Usman bhai ya Jo Qmobile Noir A7 ha is ka touch acha ha ya nahi?

  23. ali ahmed says:

    usman bhai, q noir a9 lon ya a10..????

  24. Mubusher Hussain says:

    Usman bhai ma Qmobile Noir A7 lo ya Huawei Ascend Y300?please tell me soon as possible

  25. Mubusher Hussain says:

    Brother Usman ma Qmobile Noir A7 lo ya Huawei Ascend Y300?please tell me soon as possible

    • Usman Malik says:

      I would say go for Huawei .. its camera has a flash light .. there is no flash light in A7, Plus A7 is fat. baaki specs are almost same.

      • ghous ali says:

        huawei ascend y300,,,noir a9… nd noir a7 ma kon sa mob best rehe ga??????????

        • Usman Malik says:

          Qmobile Noir A9 is the best option among these three. If you are spend a little more then go for Noir A12

          • saad says:

            plz tell me k a7 ki skype video call ki functionality kaisi hain. and also tell me about messenger chat speed. because main jo is time mobile use kr raha hu os se chating mein boht problm hai. koi message milta hai or koi nahi milta.
            to kia ager main a7 purchase karu to os mei to aisi problem face nahi krni pare gi na mjhy? can i chat via a7 as convinently as i do from a PC. thanx

          • Usman Malik says:

            We havent used A7 ourselves so my answer is based on specs and other qmobile noir phones that i have used. Popular messages apps like whatsapp, viber and skype work just fine on noir series specially the new ones. There isnt any problem in SMS as well. Which phone are you using right now ?

  26. saad says:

    plz tell me k a7 kii skype video call ki functionality kaisi hai. or tell me something about messenger chating speed. thanx

  27. Omi says:

    Usman bhai i m really confuse abt a7 n a50 which one is best?..
    A9 thora bara set hojata hai pocket mein problem hoti hai.. plz suggest gud one.. mujhey camerey ki need nahi hai i just want gud wifi connectivity..

  28. Omi says:

    AF camera or AF with LED flash mein difference kia hai

  29. Muneeb Khan says:


    No doubt QMobile is another ‘re-branding brand’. All the phones listed here are similar to the handsets being sold by QMobile. Check out the given link.

  30. Muneeb Khan says:

    I am using Noir A7, I can let you know what ever you want to know regarding this phone.

  31. Muneeb Khan says:

    The phone does what it says, I am playing games such as Temple run 2, Max Payne Mobile, Into the Dead, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Modern Combat 4, etc
    Well regarding the screen display quality and it’s resolution, Max Payne is a perfect hit for this game and that does include TR2, etc. NFS MW lagged a bit but not as much as to be disappointed. The songs preloaded inside the game lagged badly but the graphics were no doubt good. Supported applications remained smooth until I played MC4, it lagged a little. Max Payne remained smoother than my expectation, so basically in a price range of 12,900/- PKR, the phone is a dream come true for most of the users, no doubt.
    The 512 MB RAM helps it out. There are a few pre-installed applications that include Angry Birds Space, One Clean (No need to download Task Managers), Skype, etc.
    The new version and the pre-installed version of Skype is quite remarkable, though the pre-installed one lags when you are about to sign-out/log out of it. The update is recommended. Other wise the camera quality is quite awesome but the cons? Well, yup no touch focus, no flash. Other than tat the camera does what it says.

  32. Muneeb Khan says:

    Battery timing is perfect and suits me best since it is after all 2500 mAh. Charging time is a little longer but I would recommend using the phone’s included charger. Tried a Samsung, HTC and QMobile (Noir A2) one and they sucked at charging. The given charger for the handset boosts more energy than the other ones.
    The battery in playing games in full brightness of the display remained constant. The battery does not drain out fast like other Samsung phones. Well can not defy them knowing they are after all with smaller batteries in the capacity. So the battery got a 9.7/10 from me. As about the display quality, 9/10. Resolution is just pefect. Running the phone normally or with games and other running applications, there were no such lags that I noticed and the good part is that it’s multi-touch <3 🙂

  33. Muneeb Khan says:

    Pre-Installed Application (Can be disabled):
    – Skype (Video Calls Supported)
    – One Clean (Alternate to Advanced Task Manager)
    – Smart Tools (Includes measuring distance, length, angle, sound, vibration and then compass, torch, metal detector, vibration measurement, etc)
    – Theme Skins
    – Weather
    – Kingsoft Office Suite
    – Magnetic Compass
    – Adobe Flash Player 11.1
    – WhatsApp
    – Dhingana (Alternate to Saavn)
    – Messenger (Yahoo)
    – NQ Mobile Security
    – Angry Birds Space
    – eBuddy
    – Twitter

    —About Phone (Settings)—

    Model Number:
    QMobile A7

    Android Version:

    Baseband Version:

    Kernal Version:

    Build Number:

  34. Muneeb Khan says:


    Internal Storage: 1 GB
    Phone Storage: 1.78 GB
    Memory Card (4 GB Included): 3.66 GB

  35. Muneeb Khan says:

    —AnTuTu Benchmark v3.31—

    -Test 1-

    Total Score; 5348 2/5 Stars
    CPU: 2430
    RAM: 1154
    GPU: 1076
    I/O: 688

    1001 MHz (x2) [480×800]

    RAM: 1154
    CPU Integer: 1283
    CPU float-point: 1147
    2D Graphics: [480×800] 380
    3D Graphics: [480×800] 696
    Database IO: 495
    SD Card Write: (9.6 MB/s) 96
    SD Card Read: (9.7 MB/s) 97
    CPY Frequency: 1001 MHz (x2)

  36. Muneeb Khan says:

    –System Info–

    Phone Model: A7
    Brand: QMobile
    CPU Hardware: MT6517
    CPU Model: Dual-Core ARMv7 Processor
    CPU Frequency: 250.25 ~ 1001.1 MHz
    Screen Resolution: 480 x 800
    Screen Density: 240 dpi
    GPU Vendor: Imagination Technologies
    GPU Renderer: PowerVR SGX 531
    GPU Version (OpenGL): OpenGL ES 2.0
    Memory Size (Total): 1024.2 MB
    RAM Size: 483.1 MB
    Camera: 4.9 MP 2560×1920
    FF Camera: 0.3 MP 640×480
    Android Version: 4.1.1
    Build Number: SV1.0
    Kernal: Linux Version 3.4.0 (android@android-desktop) (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Feb 25 13:27:29 CST 2013

  37. Muneeb Khan says:

    Quadrant is not yet stable on the JellyBean so I am going to miss it out, it shows different results every time on high-end phones.

  38. Muneeb Khan says:

    —AnTuTu Benchmark v3.31—

    -Test 2-

    Total Score: 5362 2/5 Stars

    RAM: 1161
    CPU Integer: 1354
    CPU float-point: 1142
    2D Graphics: [480×800] 373
    3D Graphics: [480×800] 671
    Database IO: 465
    SD Card Write: (9.3 MB/s) 93
    SD Card Read: (10.3 MB/s) 103
    CPY Frequency: 1001 MHz (x2)

  39. Muneeb Khan says:

    Another best thing I noticed about the QMobile Noir A7 is that the temperature remains stable, does not overheat like the Sony Ericsson Arc S but the bad part of the phone is that it is heavier than the rest in weight.

    Being a dual-core is perfect enough for users with a normal or a more advanced usage and for beginners, dual-core refers to a CPU that includes two complete execution cores per physical processor. It has combined two processors and their caches and cache controllers onto a single integrated circuit (silicon chip). Dual-core processors are well-suited for multitasking environments because there are two complete execution cores instead of one, each with an independent interface to the frontside bus. Since each core has its own cache, the operating system has sufficient resources to handle most compute intensive tasks in parallel.
    Multi-core is similar to dual-core in that it is an expansion to the dual-core technology which allows for more than two separate processors.

    In the graphs it appears quite better than a Samsung Galaxy S with a higher integer but right below the Amazon Kindle Fire with not much of a difference in comparence.

    As for the stability tests, the graphs remained green and positive showing no such high temperature or work over load, giving the phone a good performance plus point.

  40. Muneeb Khan says:

    The phone does not show any laggy prformance when in a normal condition neither in a normal – gaming experience so for the users in such price range, I would definitely recommend the phone for starters to novice users but as for the high-end tech users, I am sorry to say this phone is not for you. High-end always comes with a price such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 (55K+), HTC One (55K+), Sony Xperia SL (30K+).

    Graphics are quite rice in the price range as regarding other costly phones so I would definitely recommend this one. You may call it the Fly Energie or maybe the standard name used here, the Noir A7.

    I did my homework on the Fly Phones and got to know they sell their products under different names such as QMobile and Fly. They target the mobile phone markets of Russia, Ukraine, India, Southern Europe and the CIS.
    The company is based in Russia and the UK but the phones are being produced and developed in some of the selected and reliable factories of China where they use the high quality standard materials to make the phones reliable, strong and competetive.


  41. Muneeb Khan says:

    Downloading Asphalt 7: Heat (v1.0.6) for the phone since the game requirements are met and now lets see if the smartphone fulfills it’s promise or not.. I’ll write a review for applications people want or need. I’ll give the full review for it. Do ask 🙂

    M. Muneeb Khan
    (Emm Kay)

    • Zubair says:

      How’s the precision of the touch sensors? A10 has just 2 sensors which results in alot of typos when typing msgs. Does the same happen with A7 as well?

      • Muneeb Khan says:

        The precision is really magnificent and well no such typos/lags appeared in my usage. It’s perfectly normal 🙂

  42. Zain says:

    Can anyone tell me about battery timing? like how many hours for video playback, browsing etc.
    Also tell me if we can move games and apps to sd card? or we can only move to phone storage like a6.

    • Muneeb Khan says:

      The battery timing is perfect for calls and texting and as well as running applications (games included). Yes, we can move games and apps to sd card by default.

  43. ezaz khan says:

    Usman bhi I want a mobile having 4 inch screen plz advice me which mobile is best in reasonable price .I like a8 but it has 4.3 inch screen plz help me

  44. ezaz khan says:

    Tankx alot usman bhi

  45. Adil Yaseen says:

    Great work & Review Muneeb Khan… Thank u very much.. awaiting for ur Asphalt7 review

  46. Fahad says:

    Mujy ye btay kay qa6 main jely bean hai aur main a6,a50,a8 main say knsa set khredoo?

  47. shan says:

    mene kch logo se suna h k a7 kabhi kanhi hang ho jata ha….kia ye such ha?????waiting for your rply

  48. Anwar Khan says:

    Usman aaj kal Noir A8 Jb k sath aa rha hy lekin uski battery timing boht kam hy as compare to old A8 with ICS. eski kia waja ho sakti hy..??

  49. Zohaib khan says:

    uaman bhai noir a7 acha hai ya nokia asha 303 i am realy confused

  50. Usama Ahmed says:

    Kya noir A7 720p video bilkul thek chala leta hai ya 480p tak chalata hai ya us se bhi kam?? plz give mein answer.

  51. saqib javed says:

    sir please tell me hows noir a10 ? is it worth buying ? should i go 4 it ?

  52. Syed Zohaib says:

    i am using A7 Noir its amazing Phone

  53. Jak says:

    Hi !!! I have noir a7, it is working fine but only issue is RAM usage.It only has 20 or 30 mb free and phone shuts down the apps even if I play only songs, I have also used task killers but no result and the worst thing is that the task killer of the phone also does not stop the apps and I have to restart the phone in the end but after sometime RAM consumption again moves up. Need help , any suggestion ???

    • Usman Malik says:

      Install less apps , I guess thats all I can say about .. If you can factory rest the phone then that can also speed it up

    • zehra says:

      hi’m using a7 and its good but abhe 1,2 din se hang horaha hai viber open hota hai aur phr aik dum se main home screen ajati hai games mai b yehi horaha aur photos mai b kindly help me what to do

      • do you have antivirus installed? if not get it installed right away and have your phone scanned, if that doesn’t help do a factory reset, but make sure to backup your data before doing that, in most cases that solves the problem….if it still persists after the factory reset then its best to to get it checked by Qmobile care center.

  54. saba shakir says:

    A50 or A7??
    tell me asap! please!

  55. Huzefa says:

    A7 battery is very owseome. But one thing i got that Ringtone is very low. But in headphone sound is owesome. A7 & A10 sounds are very low. shore main aap ko mushkil he kisi ki call sunaye de ya message because vibration bhe bohat low hai. But battery i will say again very very owesome.

  56. hamza says:

    usman bhai a7game chalat high resolution chalata hai?

  57. Soban says:

    does this phone has preinstalled adobe flash player like a A10 had if no then can we install adobe flash player because I heard that jelly bean donot support flash player

  58. Huzefa says:

    A7 is hanging very much. Temple Run and Not even Rail Rush and Subway Surfers Run.

  59. Zeeshan says:

    Any One help me out??????????
    I have A7, When I am trying to call on SKYPE, VIBER, WHAT’s APP, The caller will not be able to hear my voice when calling but i can hear there voice, I also attach hands free but it isn’t working “problem Exist”, subsequently normal phone call is giving me excellent performance mic is working properly. Please guide me.

    • Nabeel Hasan says:

      For those who are unable to use Skype on Q Noir-A7, try to downgrade Skype version. I am using Skype 3.2. And I have to select speaker phone then earphone to allow my voice to be heard by other party.

  60. Sharjeel says:

    my phone is rooted. i just tried to flash clockworkmod in my Noir a7 but nothing happens. i tried to do it again by using another method but it doesn’t work. in fact now my phone is not showing stock recoverymod. whenever i try to go into stock recoverymod it just shows a white screen and then restart.

  61. uzair says:

    @muneeb khan ..you still using A7??

  62. uzair says:

    @usman malik…..have u personally used this set??also tell me should i buy this or samsung galaxy star/pro…regards.

  63. Aimen Khan says:

    Dear friends…!!

    Mein ne ap ki Detail suni hi but i don’t know kia karon muje samj nahi a rahi kindly ap muje batain ke mein A7 lon ya na lon es ka camera ka result kesa hi,video call me problem hoti hi ya nahi or internet feature kese hin i mean net kesa chalta hi kun ke mein es ko lena chata hon ager ye fazool hi to mein es me paise zaya nahi karon ga koi or model le lon ga help me urgent



    Aimen khan


    waiting for you best response …..

    • Ahmed says:

      Mere paas A7 hai or phone theek chal rha hai.Mein ne ye phone May mein 12800 ka purchase kia tha or ab ye 10900 mein available hai.Camera normal hai means fixed focus hai or flash nhi ha,720p video banata hai.Video call b theek chalti or net mein b koi prob nhi hai.Bus prob ye hai k agar zyada apps install kr len to phn load lene lag jata hai means RAM boht consume krta hai or dosra prob ye k iski price 2000/= kum ho gai hai to ho skta hai k thori quality b kum ho gai ho but not sure about that.
      Agar budget 1000/= zyada kr len to VOICE V30 is se thora better hai

  64. Shahzad Maqsood says:

    Respected Usman Malik,
    I have gone through your reviews before purchasing Noir A7. It helped in very much. Thanks for the same. Its really wonderful job you have done.

    Sir, i have recently purchased Noir A7 and has installed pc-suit and driver into my computer after downloading the same form website of qmobile; but my phone is not connecting to pc-suit. I have also enable the USB debugging from developers option provided in the setting of phone.

    Shahzad Maqsood

    • Usman Malik says:

      You should be able to connect to PC without using any PC suite. just enable the USB storage on the phone when you connect the USB

      • Shahzad Maqsood says:

        Thank for precious reply. How can I enable the USB storage because when i connect the phone with computer via USB nothing happens; no notification whatsoever appears. Can i enable USB storage manually. My phone is not connecting to the computer in any way.

        • Usman Malik says:

          when you connect your phone to computer should get a notification on your system which gives you the option activate the usb storage. If that is not happening then there must be something wrong

  65. Usama says:

    Which cell should i buy?
    Qmobile a7 or a60?

    Please reply!

  66. Nabeel Hasan says:

    Hi guys, I have purchased Noir Q-A7, Its very decent phone set. Camera is also OK. One issue I am facing is that it records video in 720P resolution but frame rate varies. Indoor video recording I get 30FPS, but whenever I record in day light or bright light, it drops to12FPS. which broke my heart. I don’t understand the reason. Kindly if anybody can confirm and check it with their A7 model. May be its some setting problem or software bug. Kindly reply.

  67. anwar says:

    i need to buy a phone.
    which one will be better
    htc desire S
    samung galaxy star


  68. jawwad says:

    mujhai qmobile lena hai Kn sa lena chahiya A50 ya A7.?plz reply

  69. Muhammad Waqas says:

    Does this phone has LED for Camera?

  70. usman says:

    kindly mujy abi batain ka A7 lon ya voice ka koi set reviews dek k canfuse ho gwa hon

  71. Aamar says:

    Sir, ma ne suna ha k Q mobile ki ab pehly wali quality nai ha, hanging problem ha. ma Q Noir seriesme 512 mb ram spec. cell fon lena chahta hu. PlZZZZZZZZZZ help me.

  72. Salman Sandhu says:

    Can anybody tell me about the Noir A7 Q.Mobile Camera Setting????????????????????

    Picture main chehra dhundhla aata ha………………..Plzzzzzzzzzzz Help anyone

  73. Awais Khan says:

    plz tell me how could i install cwm in A7 and from where i download it for A7.


  74. ali ijaz says:

    Bhai noir a7 ki internal momry main sy free katni baki bachti ha

  75. raheel says:

    i have qmobile A7 could anybody plz tell me kay front camera display kasa hoga coz mob ka front camera display nahe araha hai..

  76. raheel says:

    i have q mobile A7 could anybody tell me kay front camera display kasay hoga coz mob mai front camera display nahe ho raha hai………………

  77. Muhammad Bilal says:

    aoa .sir I hv a problem in my qmobile noirA7 .it automatically starts calling and curtain screen automatically comes down repeatedly. touch screen is working at some places and not working at other places At same point .eg. at home screen the browser point can b easily touched and working while if I touch the same point in msging it willnot work.plz help

    • Do a factory reset, it should solve the problem if it is software related, also install an antivirus such as avast or dr.web. If it does not get solved after factory reset, then take it to a qmob service center.

  78. imer says:

    (qmobile a2 lite) key internet setting chai he mere facebook nahi chal raha he plz mujhe batana kaise hote he ufone sim ke gprs settings

  79. mymobile says:

    “Calme mobile SPARK S8” have double sim?
    Spark s9

  80. I fancy what you’ve got right here, love what you’re stating and therefore the approach you say it.This is a really attention-grabbing article.

  1. March 27, 2013

    […] is why Qmobile Noir A7 with jelly bean and 512 mb is not […]

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