Qmobile Noir A7,A8,A9,A10,A11,A12 Comparison

Qmobile Noir A7,A8,A9,A10,A11,A12 Comparison

Qmobile Noir A7,A8,A9,A10,A11,A12 Comparison

So today I am going to review all the Qmobile Noir Series phones here. Particularly I will be comparing A8, A9, A10, A11, A12 , A7, A50. I have been thinking on how to do the comparison, since the specs of all noir series is so close to each other with only minor differences. I think Qmobile have done a great job introducing phones in all price ranges and thus compromising on some features. So I will not go in to much detail and just discuss some of the features in these phones.

Which Qmobile Noir you buy depends on your budget and preferences. So lets get started

Qmobile Noir A10 - Samsung S4 - Qmobile Noir A12

Qmobile Noir A10 – Samsung S4 – Qmobile Noir A12

1: Hardware Specs

Hardware Specs wise all of the noir phones have one thing common. Thats the memory size. Total memory in all of the phones is 4GB , with available memory around 1.9 GB. Rest of the memory is taken by the system. All Qmobile Noir Phones have 512 MB RAM. Which is unfortunate, since the main flagship devices are moving towards 2 GB RAM. Qmobile is indeed going to launch a 1 GB phone very phone because both micromax india and Fly ( russian company ) which qmobile follows have launched phones with 1 GB memory. So Its expected that Qmobile will follow up.

Processor wise we have the same specs too, All of the Noir Series has 1.0 Ghz Dual Core Processor from MediaTek. Only Noir A12 has a different processor which 1.2 Ghz Dual Core.

So In this category we can easily say that Qmobile Noir A12 leads the race.

Qmobile Noir A12 Review Phonegurureviews.com

Qmobile Noir A12 Review Phonegurureviews.com

2: Display

Now this is where Qmobile has made different screens available in different phones. First there are two main options. 5 inch or 4.3/4.5 inch displays. You wont feel much difference between 4.3 and 4.5 inch display, so I will put them in same category.

5 Inch Display

Qmobile Noir A10-Samsung S4-Qmobile Noir A12

Qmobile Noir A10-Samsung S4-Qmobile Noir A12

If you prefer bigger screens then you have to choose between Noir A10 or Noir A11. Here I can easily say that A10 wins because it has the IPS FWVGA display compared to sime WVGA display of Noir A11. IPS technology gives you better viewing angles and clearer images. But there is a slight drawback of IPS display as well. They take 15% power then other LCD displays. So for 5 inch displays .. Noir A10 wins .

4.3/4.5 Inch Display

We have Noir A8, A9 and Noir A12 in this size of screens. I can easily say that A12 is the winner here since it has AMOLED display. AMOLED is much better technology then LCD because of better contract ratio , brightness , viewing angles and power consumption. So A12 wins in ths category.

If you only compare Noir A8 vs Noir A9, then A9 would win because it has IPS technology which is absent in A8.

4 Inch Display

The smallest in displays in our competition are A50 and A7. Both have 4 inch display. which is a good size as well, remember iphone5 has a 4inch display as well. So amoung A50 and A7. A7 wins since it has IPS technology.

So Overall If you ask me which Qmobile Noir phone has the best screen, I can easily say Noir A12. the size of the screen is perfect ( for me Qmobile’s 5 inch phones are toooo big because of large bezels ) , AMOLED looks great and the colors are good and sharp.

3: Camera

Qmobile has given two variations in cameras. 5 megapixel and 8 megapixel. In 5 MP you have A8,A11,A12,A7,A50. I have personally checked A12 camera result and I was very impressed with the results. You can check them at

Here I would like to mention that Noir A7 doesnt have LED flash and A50 doesnt Auto Focus Feature. So both these models lose when compared to others.

In 8 MP category, We have A9 and A10. A9 has an edge here because its camera has BSI ( back side illumination ) technology, which gives better results in low light. I havent seen A10 Camera result but considering the BSI factor. I can say that Noir A9 has the best camera in Noir Series.

You can check out the results here

Qmobile Noir A9

5: Battery

The Battery usage in smartphone basically depends on how you use it. Some tips on how to save battery life in smartphones.


Noir Phones have batteries with strength of 1700 mAh to 2100 mAh. A10 and A11 have 2000 mAh and 2100 mAh respectively. These phones have bigger screens so they need bigger batteries as well.
Other phones have from 1700-1800 mAH.
Noir A7 has 2500 mAh battery with 4 inch screen. So if you go by numbers then Noir A7 wins in this category with smaller screen and bigger battery, it should give you the best time, but then it also makes the phone a bit fatter then others.
Also keep in mind that smartphones are power hungry, so they would last maximum 2-3 days on standby with minimum usage.

So here is the review. Let me know what you think about. If you want to add something to it. Share your own experiences you are welcome.

114 thoughts on “Qmobile Noir A7,A8,A9,A10,A11,A12 Comparison

  1. Bhai 1 chez ap batana bhol gaye k A9 me Pixels per inch (PPI) or pixel density 240ppi hai ab k a10 aur a11 me 196ppi hai. Baki Sets ka me nahi janta.

  2. usman bhai ap ne likha k display me a9 better hy a8 sy.or camera a9 ka acha hy.mera ek dost hy wo mobile shop chlata hy.wo kehta hy k us ne a8 or a9 dono use kiy hien a8 display quality me or camera result me a9 se acha hy.a9 ka na diplay sharp hy na camera result.kia ap ne dono ko use kia hy.kindly dono ka comparison dein

    • Resale of Qmobile’s smartphones is ok, it sells easily but we are not talking about hafeez center or any commercial market, we are talking about putting it on sale at online sites…..

    • @Khalid as my experience with a8 more than six month that this phone has everything good except ram its ram is not enough,

  3. bcoz A500 quadcorem someone say processor is slow, touch is also nt good,i dont understan about fon feature of mobile, want to buy one time nt again n again, nd better from galaxy s4, which one is best

  4. sir please tell me does noir a10 worth buying ? or plz tell me the best cell in range 10,000-18000 plz

  5. Sir plz meri help kr den … mene 1 week phle a60 liya hai .. so sir is me kch probs hn .. sir battery bht hi ziada jldi lOw ho rh hai ..mob hang hota hai…nd me game play krte huwe tOu bht hi pareshan hojata hn ..coz game tOu bht hi ziada hang hota hai … soO sir plz kOi rasta bta den mob shi hone ka ??

  6. Sir i bought noir A50 but couldnot keep it as it was battery hunger… It couldnt save battery even for 4 hours in my use… Now iam deciding to buy A7 as it has 2500mah… Sir plz tell me is it better on maximum usage with respect to battery? has it any defect? I liked A50 but not battery timing

  7. salam to all frinds.
    meri range 13000 say 17000 hai .plz app batain k main knsa mobile lo a10 ya koi or.mujhy camera result skype video calling or ache batri k b depand hai .plz koi mujhy koi acha mashwara day my contact number 03017810445

    • bhi es me skype sahi nai chalta. agley person ki awaz aati he pr apni nai jati., mic mute nai settings me. agr skype use nai krna to phir thek he. camera flash nai he yani andhere me no snap. notification light nai he. battery fitt he full charge ho to standby pe 10 days chalta he. bs skype masla he.

  8. Salam Usman Sir hope u will be fine dear am living an Qatar now I want to buy Q Mobile Set but tell me about that which one will be better in these two mobile. A 900 OR A20
    Net Browsing?
    Games Playing?
    Camera Pic Quality?
    Video Quality/
    Please reply me soon bcoz am waiting your msg after then I will decide that which one will be better for me ok

    • Aamir Khan,, A900 is better then A20. I would suggest you get that

      Display : A900 has a HD retina display
      Speed : They are both almost the same
      Net Browsing : Same
      Games : A900 felt slightly better .. But not much of a difference
      Camera : A900 has a better camera .. We have sample images from both phones on the website check them out
      Video Quality : Same

      • Salam Dear today I have been seen a new Q Mobile Noir Quatro Z3
        price is 29,500
        plz check this how it is????
        and if you want to check at then plz upload a video about this mobile
        when u upload the video then tell me at time
        I think this one has been new release
        plz tell me details about that
        Thanks a Lot

        • Qmobile Quatro Z3 .. Looks like a very good phone .. It has the MT6589 Turbo processor which We talked about in chinese phones THL w200 and jiayu g4. and the phone has super AMOLED display which should be quite impressive. It should be a good phone but comes with a good price too.

          • can you please do a review of this phone and tell if it is available in the market… can you also tell me it is a copy of which brand like a900 and a950 were from FLY…

          • dear if you know about these set how it is and tell me about this price in Pakistan.
            is this are available an Pakistan or not.
            THL w200?
            jiayu g4?
            what’s difference b/w these two china set and Q Mobile Quatro Z3?
            Tell me also Q Mobile is Pakistan made or china?

          • Salam Usman bhai
            plz mujeh ye batao keh galaxy S3 vs S4 main kunsa best hain

            aur please ye be urgent batao keh
            Galaxy S4 “3G” Ocata-core
            Galaxy S4 “4G” Quad-core

            main kunsa acha hain aur kunsa best hain speed quality aur sab kuch main

            main qatar main hooo
            aur idar s4 tu abi start nahi howa hain

            plz reply jaldi karo main n duno main ek set kharidna chahta hoo ok

            ALLAH HAFIZ

          • Wa alaikum Salaam, S4 is way better, well actually you can buy which ever you prefer as the octacore version runs on fours cores

          • dear usman bhai can you please tell me about A8 i just purchased about week ago its gud set but pichly ek do din se slow hua wa hai main kisi b apllication ko use kerta hu tou close kerny pe back kerta hu tou mobile direct menu ya display show nai kerta 5 sec bad display ata hai

    • donot do until you know that its ‘mAh’ is same as the ‘V’ is same and same case with the charger otherwise it will cause a major failure of the main charging ic and MTK Thermal Manager of your phone i have experienced it two times.
      1.Charging a8 with charger of a6
      2.charging a6 with local charger

  9. where goes the noir a6?
    its latest release is impressive;cheaper and awesome than the Noir a50.Its DUAL CORE.ICS4.0.4 and UI is now impressive having uninstall options for major bloatwares and hd wallpapers .Its screen display is better,camera is better performance is better that matters.This is the same case as with the noir a8 JB

  10. Sir please tell me ka in dono ma sa konsa mobile better ha noir a10 or noir a9. Ma na in dono ma sa koi aik purchase kerna ha.

    • both are good, A9 has a better camera result though,I am assuming that you are referring to the A10 dual core version, it has a larger screen.

  11. plz brother teel me that qmobile a9 supports hd games like blood glory and frontline commando plz i’m thinking to buy it but only if it supports all types of games which a10 dose…plz bro reply soon i’m waiting or just txt me on 03153131224 it would be better

    • if it runs on the A10 (dual core version) it should run on the A9 as specs are the same.

  12. I want to buy a smart phone in the range of Rs.10,000 to Rs.11,000. I will be thankful I you could advise me in this regard.

    • Add 1k more and you can have a good smartphone. you can get yourself a dualcore phone with an excellent IPS display, I am talking about the Gfive A78 Ferrari, it has the most value for money in the dual core class.

  13. Agar ap smartphones lena chah rha hain to ye sets ap len :
    1. Qmobile A30
    Price Rs.7800
    2.Voice V30
    Price Rs.11600
    3..Qmobile A6
    Price Rs.11850
    4..Huawei Ascend y300
    Price Rs.13500
    5.Qmobile A8
    Price Rs.14500
    6.Qmobile A600
    Price Rs.19500
    7.Huawei Ascend G610
    Price Rs.20000
    8.Qmobile A900
    Price Rs.22500
    Ye Phones apko full maza den ge baqi sary phones bekar hain.
    )))))))))))))))))—-For Buying Used Branded Phones—–(((((((((((((((((((((((
    1.HTC HD2
    Price Rs.8000~~~11000
    2.Samsung Galaxy S2
    Price Rs.14000~~~17000
    3.HTC Sensation
    Price Rs.11000~~~13000
    4.Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    Price Rs.18000~~~21000

    • Can u tell me de difference betwin A8 new version vs old version????? May be some issues in new version? Which model (version) i purchase?

    je ak question puchna tha buy smatfone which is best for me noir a10, a11 or a500
    plz ans me m waiting for u ans..!

  15. Plz hepl me sir, i wan2 buy A10 Quad core, kindly tel me whch type of mobil it is? Specly it’s cmera reslt n batry timing? And if any othr prblm is thr thn mentin it, plz

  16. Plz help me sir, i wan2 busy A10 Quad core, kindly tel me which type of mobil it is? Specly it’s cmra result and batry timing? And if any prblm is thr in the set thn mentin it, plz

  17. Sir plz help me, i wan2 busy A10 Quad core n m impres frm his smart shape n large display but m cnfusd that u sugest to some people n gv importance to A500 n A12 ovr A10, c’n i ask why u said likh ths? Is thr any prblm in A10? Specly it’s cmra reslt or batry timing? Plz repl me is a10 is suitble 4 me or nOt.. Tnx

  18. Sir please tell me. Who is the best mobile Noir A10 Or A9 for better camera result internat and gaming use.

  19. Sir please tell ma who is the best mobile A9 or A10 for better camera interner and gaming use.

  20. Sir plz tel me, how is the A10 Quad core cel phn is? Is it better than A10 Dual core? And is there any difrnce in the shape n size of Quad n Dual A10?

  21. Sir plz tel me, How is new version A10 Quad core, it’s ovral performance n specly cmra reslt n batry timing, also tel is thr any difrnce in the shap n size of A10 dual core n Quad core? Plz must repl…

  22. qmobile is not so good voice v10 is better bcoz it has 1.2 ghz prossesor and jellybean android in 7,000 only

  23. usman is not sure about qmobiles qmobile is not good and a10 is not good set you dont buy it

  24. sir plz tell me which phone is good in gaming,performance and camera results among qmobiles?Range 10000-14000?

  25. Aap ki nazar mein Camera,Video aur Function ke hawale se kon sa mobile best hai Nokia Lumia 520 ya Q Mobile Noir A900?

  26. which one is better A9 or A10 quadcore..??
    A10 quadcore market se shot hai, aur A9 ki resolution A10 se better hai, but does processor effect so much that I should not buy A9..???

  27. Assalam u Alaekum Usman Sir! Mash aa ALLAH u work v.wel
    i have a question that..which phone is better by camera and perfomance a500,a8 or huawei ascendy300?

  28. Sir i have Qmobile A12 ..es may kuch days say messages buhat hang ho rahay hai kafi late sms jata hai n cell on honay kay bawajood jab koi call kerta hai tou powerd off ki voice ati hai plz solve my prob

  29. bhai mera A7 ka camera lens dhundhli pics nikal raha he cotton se lens bhi saf kia he magr phir bhi wo baat nhi jo pehle thi kya men is men milta julta koi or Q k model ka lens laga skta hun plz mjhe reply meri email p karen men bohat pareshan hun lens ki wjha se

  30. Dear Mr Usman Can you please give me some information that the qmobile the best set is which one and its have have came more than 8mp and are its work with 3G and 4G network and its working out of pakistan or no

  31. Please mujy bata den k kon sa Qmobile ka model 4g network chala sakta hy usama bhai and faisal bhai kiun k 3g and 4g network aj pakistan main aa chuka hy ?????!!!!!!!! Plz reply me on my email edress plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  32. Which one is better??
    Qmobile A900, quatro z3, htc one x, samsung s2 plus, Samsung s3, huaweii g700????

  33. I want to ask can the LCD of noir a7 b replaced ?? How much would it cost for it !! I want it to get replaced cux it had got so much scratch on it !! 2ndly I want to sell it I bought of for 10800 how much should b its selling price if I get LCD replaced !! 3rdly I am confused any its memory I have downloaded few apps and my whatsap isnt working thr comes the version is old change or date or download !! And if I download when downloading is completed there comes not enough storage space inspite of fact that I had deleted many apss !! I need to know whether I should buy a 8gb card for it do the apps go in it ??

    • I am not sure about the prices of LCD or what prices you may get on the market .. Try selling it on OLX , you may get a better price. Yes you can try installing an 8 GB card and then install whatsapp on it. Or maybe remove some existing apps

  34. And yea its still in guaranteed it will expire in August !! Can I get my scratch removed or get LCD replaced in this guarantee by united store ?? And wot to do if I uninstall whatsaap and when download it again it won’t b downloaded ?? AGR download na ho in such case wot to do ??

  35. Sir plz batain agr mein QmobileA8 ko charge karny k liay qmobile k aesa charger use karta hu jis ki charger specification (output 5v and 0.12A) hai to kia wo sai charge kary gee. mga nai maluum k QmoibleA8 ka charger knsa hai …….. lekin mobile ki battery bht jaldi down hojati hai

  36. Q k sab mobile phones behad bakwas hen achanak se stop hojate is se acha ha k insan thoda wait kar k samsung ka hi koi set le le

  37. Sir, mere pass a6 he, me call kerta hoon to scree off hojati he uske baad on kerne per aaker chali jati he. phir battery nikaal ker again start kerta hoon. plz help me

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