Qmobile Noir A500 Video Review : Gaming , Camera , Media and Browser

This is the second part of the video review of Noir A500. After looking at the amazing benchmarks I was disappointed with the phones performance in actual games. Noir A500 wasnt able to play heavy games like Read racing 3 and Nova 3. In a way I was expecting that since Noir A500 only had 512 mb RAM.

Another downside of Noir A500 , although not a big issue is that it cannot play 1080p videos. However it plays 720p videos just fine which to be frank should be enough for a phone.

So overall if you are looking for a phone for gaming , watching HD movies and with a great camera, then Noir A500 is not the phone you want. For everything it is just fine and in its price range its pretty ok.

However, there is one alternate phone in the same price range, with better performance and camera.. Thats Jiayu G2 ( Dual core with 1 GB RAM ) Review of JiaYU G2 is coming soon.

Update : 21-07-2013: I Was able to run real racing 3 after restarting the phone. Although the game play wasnt perfect but the game was playable.

Qmobile Noir A500 Video Review : Games , Camera and Media from PhoneGuru Reviews on Vimeo.

About Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.


  1. sir kindly do review of a900 before jiyau g2..
    plz sir review a900

  2. hi usman,u had done good jobs in the past with these review..i have done a great job.i think a500 quad core processor is like a single core 1 ghz or dual core loads game very i saw it in the review…even htc sensation with dual core processor perform well loads game very fast..can u pls review a900..i wants to buy a new mobile but i m very confused..i love games and i m waiting for ur a900 review..

    • i wrote “i have done a great job” not I . U have done..mistyping

    • Thanks Faraz ,, I will do the review soon.

      • your welcome

        • My friend has HTC Sensation. HTC Sensation runs an old Android 2.3 gingerbread and is upgrade-able to Android 4.0 Ics. There are many ram and processor hungry processes in Android 4.1 and 4.2 which cause the Noir A500 to be a bit slow. But I had compared the HTC Sensation that my friend had was slower than my Noir A9 (which has a dual core processor) in normal apps and games. Both were running the default software without root.

  3. thanks to play dailymotion videos !!! plz play any flash content on your every review like that.

  4. can we get better gaming experience on noir a12 as compared to noir a500. I know that the a12 have 512 ram with 1.2 gh dual core processor and noir a500 512 ram with quad core processor. what U think ?

  5. yar usman bhai agar a8 512mb ra kay sath real racing 3 ko challa sakta hai tu yay quad core or 512mb ka sath kiun nahi challa sakta

  6. faisal can u plz tell me battery timing of this mobile

  7. dont worry it will play all the games hopefull matter of little customixation

  8. why u not accepting by fb friend request i want to do private chat with plz send me request

  9. Usman Bhai A900 Ka Rewiew Kar Dain

  10. yar usman bhai ya set to qmobile ka dual core set sa bhi baikar lag raha ha

    • Nahi Uzair .. Its better then Dual cores .. Its smoother .. I was able to play real racing after restart.

      • then woh crash kyun ho rha tha ?? baad main phir masla nahii kia uss nay ?? Waisay uzair bhaai ki thinking nd meri to same hi hai :D

        • Hassan , I dont why it was crashing lekin baad mein sahe tha . One thing to note is that A500 played real racing with music perfectly later on. However The Dual core versions cant play music in real racing 3

  11. same prob. ha a600 real racing game ma

  12. plz tell me battery timing of this mobile ….

  13. usman bhai you are doing great job n plz tell me that me bohat heavy gamz ni khalta to aap kyia suggst karte he ke me a8 loon a12 ya a500 best he plz tell me..

    • I was able to play real racing 3 after a restart .. there might have been some problem. A500 is indeed slightly better then a8 or a12 in terms of processor and GPU.

  14. bhai plz tell me is sony xperia u better or qmobile a500…? i have to buy n i’m hell confused

    • A500 has slightly better specs then Xperia U .. I havent used Xperia U myself so I am saying this just by looking at the specs. Performance wise they should be equal. However Xperia U is more expensive .. But A500 camera result is not impressive. Xperia U should have a better camera.

  15. mr.Usman aap k review bht helpful hain hamre lye , thnx aap isi tarah review krty rahen …. mujhe ye poochna tha k aap ne dono set a12 aur a500 use kye hain ,, to plz mje suggest kren k ksa mbile lena chahye ?? mje social apps use krni hoti hain aur lite games like angrybirds , jetpack, alex etc play krne hote hain

  16. aur plz ye bi btaden k iss mein 512 ram to hai ,,, lekn available ktni hai ??

  17. If we don’t bother about the camera, which one do u think is best overall between G510, A500 and A9 mainly on performance, durability and screen quality..

  18. dear i m really impressed with your efforts. plz tell me which one is better in camera a12 or a500 and also for social websites

  19. usman bai thanx for previous message
    . my purchasing power is about 14000 to 18000. recomend a best q mobile

  20. What is the exception in performance of A500 in comparison with A9 and G510 as it is quadcore but 512 ram make it at the same Que where other 2 are standing???Am i right.. what games or apps can we run in A500 which are not running in other 2??

  21. A.O.A
    USMAN bhai plz tell me major difference of a8 n a500
    kyia camera a8 ka acha hai ya a500
    or screen a8 achi he ya a500
    or games a8 me achi chalti he ya a500
    plz tell me m confuse which cell me buy…?

  22. bro can you tell me that should i buy this phone or not because is 512 mb ram is enough to hold the phone and is its screen resolution is good enough to see online videos?? PLZ EMAIL ME ON MY EMAIL ADRESS

  23. Can you please give some review on A500 screen (LCD). i heard its viewing angle is not good becoz of TN panel. what is your views abt it? thanks

    • Yes Viewing angles are not good indeed .. But they are not that bad either . If you try to view from extreme angles you wont get good results .. but in normal usage you have any difficulties

      • can u compare it with htc desire display though its a very old phone , any newer version of htc or any other brands of mobile.

      • Its viewing angles are pathetic…specially when u look from top side….too much depressed with the viewing angle…noir a8 has perfect view from every side

  24. kindly tell me about its touch as compared to a9… bcz a9 has very smooth touch.. what about a500′s touch???

      • thnx.. but plz help me out… suggest me which phone should i buy from these two (a9 and a500) … i do not play more games at phone…
        I just want a phone with smooth touch, cool look, good performance, display and battery timing…

        • Then go for A9 , because A9 has a better display. Battery timings are almost equal in both phones. A500 however has better performance.

          • ok.. but i think a500 is smart in look as compared to a9.. what u say?? and what about cam of a500, is there a large difference between pic quality and display quality of a9 and a500 cam?? kindly tell me about this…

          • Asad , We have camera results from both A9 and A500 on our website. you can compare them. A9′s Camera is much better then A500. However yes A500 looks better then A9 and has a better processor and GPU

  25. Hello usman bhai should I buy noir a10 or noir 500 …… I play light games like temple run etc. And I watch lots of movies and tv shows online …. which one is best for my purpose …

  26. Dear Usman

    Please let me know that whether this phone runs SYGIC navigation application which is one of most downloadable application of android in the world.

    Waiting for your response.

  27. sir q mobile noir a9 aur a8 mein se kis ka camera acha hai

  28. Yaar… noir a500 ka white color m koi video review nhi hy??? m dekhna chahta ho0n k white colour m kesa lgta hy.. so i can buy it … ya koi suggestion ho to wo e de do k white colour a500 ka kesa hy…. thnx…

    • Mene A500 white me liya hai and it looks smarter than in black colour, white zada cool hai bro.

      • thnx sajjad.. ap mje uski pics bhej skty ho kya?? ya mje apna skype id de do m bt krlnga.. ya cell phone number… bs aik bar dekh k tassalli krluga.. then i will buy it… thnx

      • Usman Bhai can you tell me that which mobile is best for me in range of 14000 to 18000.
        I play games like real racing 3 and need for speed most wanted and some lite games like subway surfers etc
        I want a better camera with minimum 720p recording.
        I know that these specs are much greater than price but can u suggest me a good phone in this range.not jiayu g2 like phones which are not available easily……….
        plz reply me as soon as possible

  29. plz tell me which has better internet speed and also better sound and battery timing among a500 and a9 ??

  30. which phone should i buy?
    a500 or a20
    please reply.

  31. sir plz noir a50 ka review karen ap ne a50 fly ka review diya hai q mobile noir a50 ka review den plz

  32. plz plz tell me which mobile/set is best ! G’five (G 9 president) or Qmobiles (noir A900 n A600)
    im damn confused b/w them !! Both hav good reveiwss n good camerass nice screenz ..! bt according to soucres i got to know tht Qmobiles hav many faults in it ? n Gfive G9 is better thn it ?is tht true ??
    plz give me a detailed answer!!
    *** *** *** ** *** *** *** ** *** *** *** ** ** *** ***
    replay must n fast !
    regards ,

  33. i am stuck between a20 and a500
    which one should i buy?
    please reply

  34. Can we install dailymotion and youtube on it.Can we watch long videos on this phone on dailymotion or youtube..I am stuck between A 500,A 9,A10,A 20.Can u plz tell me which one should i buy.

  35. I heared that noir a500 has a problem that whenever you make a call the screen goes blank , leaving you without during call options like speaker or dial pad. you cannot recharge your mobile through scratch card cuz of non availability of the dial pad… kindly help me out.. plz usman bhai..

    • Asad , the phone screen goes blank when you bring it near your ear. Thats a feature.. As soon as you move it away from you ear the screen with re-appear. Its not an issue.
      No the issues you have heard are not true.

      • thank u usman bhai.. i know its a feature.. but i heared that screen remains blank even when we move the phone away from the ear.. thats why i asked this…

  36. Usman malik.. can we use sd card memory to install apps and games in noir a500??? kindly reply…

  37. Bhai qmobile noir a500 games me kaisa hai or camera me bhi agar ap me
    pass ziada mobiles hai to a500 mujhe de

  38. Usman bahi A9 main GPS he ???

  39. For your information A500 can play 1080p contents with MXplayer but as you shown in your review VPlayer can not

    It is a Vplayer fualt.

    again check this confirm us.

  40. Usman bhai kindly tell me that.. which phone is best ??? Huawei g510 or noir a500??? i am going to buy one of them, after your reply.. thnx..

  41. Usman, why is that this phone can’t run Real Racing 3 smoothly? My Noir A9 could run games like NFS Most Wanted and RR 3 very smoothly. I can see that by looking at the time of the race and the seconds increase smoothly and there is no stuttering. But can you find out if these new Quad Core phones have sound bug with NFS Most Wanted? Because many people (and myself) have reported bad sound quality with Dual Core Noir’s running NFS Most Wanted. It might be because of Android 4.2. This phone should have Jelly Bean 4.1 due to it’a low ram.

  42. usman bhai plz tell me in detail and give me the best option …….

    QMOBILE noir A10 Or A500 ……….. the things i mostly use will be (gamming, skyping, web browsing )

    plz give me the right advice…..


    • A10 is dual core .. A500 is Quad core ..both have 512 MB RM .. A500 has a better GPU .. A10 has a bigger screen

    • i have qmobile a10 and i have a trick for speedup noir a10 install dailymotion from playstore and watch 6 or 7 videos on dailymotion after this you see your noir a10 is running very fast and after this also intall nova launcher for better performance but when you restart your noir a10 it is again runs slow so repeat this trick for better performance for heavy games

  43. Hey, hope you’re doing well. I wanted to ask you about a glitch that many users of A500 are facing, as i read reviews from other sites. Does the phone, during a phone call is blacked out? Meaning you cant use the screen as it goes black. The reviews say that you cant even hang up unless the caller hangs up the phone. Please shed some light on this issue.

  44. how to install new theme skins in noir a500.. kindly help me….

  45. ok thanks.

  46. sorry for asking more questions but the more i bend towards buying this phone, the more questions arise.

    1. This phone has 512 mb ram. Is this enough for average use? Or does it lag because apps like facebook and viber are on in the background while playing games like minion rush or temple run 2?

    2. How is the loudness of the ringtone? I saw the sample of the phone at a shop and even with full volume it had a very low sound. Checked a couple of tones including noir, etc.

    3. How do you rate Huwawei against q mobile in terms of durability and performance? A lot of my friends have suggested me to buy a huwawei phone rathar than qmobile. If we talk a specific phone; Y-300.

    • Murtaza , A500 is not meant for gaming .. for simple games like temple run 2 .. it should be fine .. but not for HD games .. Social apps should work fine on it.
      ringtone volume was average for me . Huawei y300 is a good phone .. although its a dual core .. but has a snapdragon processor which are equal if not faster then mtk quad core phones .. huawei y300 also has a better camera .. so yes huawei y300 can be a good choice

  47. Helo usman bhai i am confused between a8,a9 and a500 whch one is more better in using skype,internet and camera.i use skype and video calls.whch one is gud in battery as well

  48. AOA
    Usman Bhai you’ve answered my question yet.
    Any way i wanna know that how many ram from 512 is available .
    I will be very thankful to you if you give me some screenshots of the app”hardware info”
    plz plz

    i want complete screenshots
    another question is that its camera is so bad or just fine.I mean its camera is worst????????


  49. Bro , can you tell me the difference between Qmobile noir a12 and a500 in the following specs. Because I want to buy 1 of them , Thank u.
    1: Weight
    2: camera

  50. AOA…
    i wanna ask is this phone good for web browsing or should i go 4 a9 or xperia…cause i need to use browser alot in university…

  51. AOA, I am a new to this smart phone thing, currently i dont have a smart phone, my budget is around 15-16k what should i do? buy 2nd hand smart phone or go for new A500? Need help…

    • If you can get a good deal in used phone then thats good .. A500 is not a bad option for entry level smart phone

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam, well it depends on your preference and what are you looking for in a smartphone, like for what purpose are you mainly going to use that smartphone? Also do you like large screens or normal ones…so these are some of the questions you have to answer yourself, then you can check out the reviews and you will be able to decide which phone fulfills your purpose.

  52. salam sir jee.

    why its not installing flash player,saying again again that fp is not for yr device. need help.

  53. hi dual core and quad core mein kya fark hain

  54. plz you show in video how to delete system apps in android mobile

  55. Please mujay yehnbta di jiye k kia hmm noir a500 k andar spl yani stick premear leagur chala sakte hain?kia hm iss ma videos download kr sakte hain youtube ya dailymotion sa?kia hm iss kay flash lite ko as a torch light kimtarahmistamal kr sakte hain?

  56. jab ma qmobile a500 sa call karta ho to blank screen ho jati hai to ma kiya kru plxxx btao

    • you have to check something is blocking the light or proximity sensor, its usually a dirty screen guard, a way out to stop the call is to go to settings and then into accessibility and check power button ends call, it should allow you to end your call by pressing the power button.

    • Many people faced problem during calling of noir A500. LCD turns black and does not on after call. There is a solution to QMobile noir a500 sensor problem:

      Open Dialer and write *#8702# system dubug option will open:
      1- If you see japanese options. Just press the 2nd one.
      2- Then Scroll down you will find FM option.
      3- Press the second option above Fm option on the same line in japanese you will find a rating of you touch.
      4-Put your finger on your sensors and the screen will turn green.
      5- Press the “second button” from the three given buttons below your screen.
      6- Don’t pick your finger from the sensor.
      7- When you press the second button the screen will reset on its normal black color
      8- Pick your finger up and away from you sensors and press the same second button again (don’t put your finger on sensors just press the button).
      9- It will again reset and the just press the exit button the third one and then the white button at the down corner of the page.
      10- You will come back to your dialer. Everything will work 100% perfectly. Just reboot if you want to, call and check your sensors and screen will not turn off when calling or receiving call inshaALLAH….

      Hope it will solve the QMobile noir a500 sensor problem.

  57. AA !

    I am facing a problem in A500. On extensive use, the Chrome browser shuts down automatically and home screen is displayed. Moreover, some time some basic games like Tample Run 2 fails to load. What can be possible reasons and solutions. Thanks

  58. kindly tell me all android apps can install on A500 & A600 i am not considering heavy apps and memory
    i am asking for normal games and day to day apps

  59. kindly also tell me available ROM

  60. Sir g phone ma jb krta ho tb display nai ata and jb call ati ha tab b ASA he hota ka bara ma bate plz

    • bro aj kal har smartphone me aik sensor ata hai (proximity sensor) ye sensor mainly front speaker k sath hota hai call k dauran jb ye cover hota hai to screen black ho jati hai taa k koi galat touch na ho jae …. ye sensor 4 se 6 inches ki distance pf cover catch kr leta hai .. so ye koi fault nai hai ye feature hai unless apke phone me koi defect hai .. hope apko samajh a jae gi :)

  61. Sir can i play 1080p video on noir a11 and for movies and doing online screaming on dailymotion youtube vimeo metacafe and other sites can we doo online screaming on above sites with noir a11 just sir tell me that noir a500 is best or noir a11 for movies and playing time pass games?and also for watching movies online so which phone will u recomend?

  62. I recently bought A500 it is working very well……. Gaming wise it is awesome phone…………

  63. AOA dear Usman bro m Umair sir mein ye janna chahta hun ke q mobile mein kam se kam qeemat mein skype video calling mein acha android jelly bean 4.1 built in memory bhe bhee ziada aur memory card supported ho wifi bluetooth 3g aur back camera ka result acha ho pics mein bhee aur video bhee hd record karta ho aur wo set chalne mein acha ho hang na hota ho display issues na hon kisi bhee kisam ka koi masla na hota ho us mein kaunsay q mobiles hain wo unke name mujhe yahan guide kar sakte hein mein buhat confuse hogaya hoon kuch sites per users ki opinions parh kar mujhe samjh nahi araha ke kaunsa qmobile buy karoon please aap he guide karein kaunsa best rahega mein apke reply ka wait karunga Thanks.

  64. sir i want to buy phonw which 1 should i buy sont xperia u or a500 plz tell fast

  65. andhere mein iss k flash k zariye hum is k saath achi pic le skte hain……iss ka flash acha hai k nhi……anyhow nice work Mr usman

  66. Can we record videos with a500 at night with the flash

  67. what about a20 camera performance ?

  68. salam usman bhai, can you exactly tell which one is best for heavy and hd games like nova 3, modern combact 4, gta vice city etc. zopo c2, q quartro z3 ,umi x2 or a900?????

  69. Which is the best video player i should install on noir a500 which shoul play all formats videos. Please suggest me something.

  70. Dear Usman, I just bought my QMobile A500, Two things I need your advice.
    1st. I dont know how to open torch in A500??
    2nd. How to activate Viber , once I have deactivate it. they said that they send code in 24 hours. They send but when using it they said its expired. So give me expert advice in detail for both.
    Kindly email me

  71. Salam Usman Bhai,

    I just bought my new QMobile A500, Just 1 things I need to know.

    In my phone there is no option for software update OR system update! Where can I update my phone to Android’s Latest Version 4.2.2.

    Plz give me your expert opinion on this.

    I will b very thankful to you.

    Kindly email me:


  72. Usman bhi A500 use krte krte held ho jata ha battery nikal kr on kro ton on hata ha .. do u have any solution ??

  73. abdul wahid shami

    my qmobile camera is not connected and i lost my camera from the screen camera ko kese wapis le aawon koi tarkeb btain

    • well there is usually a default protection for preinstalled apps such as the camera function, but if you have removed it from the main screen its alright if you into internal apps there should be an icon for the camera app, or you can install a 3rd party camera app such as cymera from the playstore.

  74. Dear a500 is too slow hou can fast

    • well regularly clear the ram of programs your not using, also you can install an optimizer app from play store, you can run that everytime you finish using a certain app, it should improve the performance.

    • bro clear ram + cache … force close some heavy apps …. remove junk … and if u can then root the phone .. u wont regret

  75. Muhmmad Hashim Irshad

    I have Qmobile noir using this phone about 2 weeks … It is Veryy good in Perfomance as compared to noir a9,a12 and 20….Yeah, Usman said right that it can run Real racing 3 .. no issue with the game….. Camera is better than a10 (Fine) ….

  76. usman bhai plz tell me k a8 acha ha ya a500…game wise?or disply wise or processer wise..

  77. main ny new Q mobile noir A 500 laykin play store open nai ho rha

    • bhai aj kal mre bhi koi google se related app nai chal rha maybe sync ka masla hai (MAYBE!!) but mne vpn proxy se chalaya to sab chalta hai play store… gmail …hangouts etc … (htc 1) to proxy se ap chala kar dekho chal jae shayd aur thore days me apne ap thek ho jae ga in sha allah

  78. hello usman bhai i wanted to ask that does the noir a500 have a notification led ? and can it run games like real racing 3… nfs mw with the ram cleared and no apps in background …. and how gud ia the flash …. (rooted device)

  79. I would like to know Usman Bhai, which phone should I buy? Noir A10 or A500?

  80. Just for use of facebook, twitter, instagram etc. for camera and better performance but not gaming, A10 or A500?

  81. I have a500 I can easily play games like real racing 3, gtavc, GTA sand areas, dark knight ries, amazing spiderman, modern combat 4, NFS MW,dead space

  82. Dear All,

    Can you please tell me How I can ON LED Flash Light independently. it is working with Camera but I need to use it when light gone (Loadshedding).

  83. dear i wanted to what app to install ram space to sd card. and i am getting distrubing sound when speaker is on. the receiver hears echo and not proper voice

  84. How to activate skype video call on Noir A500?

  85. usman bhai can you tell me that can we install custom roms or customize the Qmobile a 500.for example can we change its ram from 512 mb to 1gb???or change its screen to ips or etc better quality screens??plz reply

  86. thanx for answering.hardware changes means no ram change,noscreen change etc…is that what you are saying??

  87. im using a500.its a perfect phone in this price. the only problem i m facing is that it is taking too long to launch skype? can anybody assist me in this regard.other apps are working like a charm.

  88. my qmobile A500 shows an option after restarting my phone, the option is
    “Complete action using”
    Google Text-to Pico TTS
    Always Just Once
    Its not going further from that screen.. what should I do now??

    • if you are able to do a factory reset do so, otherwise if it just hangs on that screen then take it to a sales and service center. Could be either a virus or the software got corrupted.

  89. Muhammad Baqar Qazi

    dear i need to know the app you used before installing real racing 3. u mentioned that increased sapce or something. can you guide me abt it.

  90. my A500 does’t show the camera even I have reset. can anybody help me pls?

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