Qmobile Noir A20 Video Review

Hello Everyone.
Today we made a small introductory video review for you. More detailed review will follow up later. Overall First impressions of the phone are not very good. the build quality of the phone is not very impressive. Noir A12 had much better look and feel. Apart from build quality the benchmark results are good. Looks like the phone will be able to play heavy duty games.

Below is the latest video review of Noir A20.

Qmobile Noir A20 Video Review : Introduction and Unboxing from PhoneGuru Reviews on Vimeo.

Update : 24/07/2013
We got the Noir A20 replaced from Qmobile. The replacement phone is working fine. All Games are playing well including real racing 3 and front line commando. Full Video review coming soon.

Update : 05/07/2013
I talked with Qmobile support about the phone. One of the issues I had was that why Noir A20 doesnt have Panorama and best shots features in its camera when they are available in android. Thei answer was that the camera doesnt support these features. Its hard to believe that but this is what they told me.

Update : 24/06/2013
I went to the Qmobile support again today, and now they told me that the set is going to be replaced and that it will take 10-12 days. I am so disappointed with Qmobile right now. I dont understand why it would 10-12 days to get it replaced. So guys the full video review of the phone will be delayed by atleast two weeks. Lets hope the new set we get is fault free.

Update : 22/06/2013
I went to the Qmobile Support center and the person who updates the software or fixes problems with software was not present and hence they couldnt help. They said the SD card might be faulty and that they give no warranty for the card, and I should purchase a new one and test myself. So I bought a new SD card ( Transcend ), But the problem is still there :-( , I am still not able to install games. Now I will go their support center again on Monday to get the issue fixed ( hopefully )

Below is an OLD review of Noir A20. The Phone we got was faulty and we got it replaced from Qmobile.

Qmobile Noir A20 Video Review from PhoneGuru Reviews on Vimeo.

We also have some high res. pictures for you of the phone.

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile Noir A20

Qmobile-Noir-A20-Images-Phonegurureviews (13)

219 thoughts on “Qmobile Noir A20 Video Review

    • G9 is much better . but only problem mass is facing is its too large to carry…One can not put it in pocket..much bigger than pocket..so it can not be classified as mobile..and due to small screen its neither tablet..
      Here mobile means “Able to move or be moved freely or easily.”

  1. This phone doesn’t look impressive.Qmobile seem to be in a chaos after the launch of gfive’s g9 phone.They were not expecting that some other local company could launch a quadcore phone in pakistan.G9 seems a way better phone than this one.What do you think usman bhai?

    • GFive is based in China and they make their own phones. Whereas QMobile is a local company that gets phones from China and other different countries (Phillipines, France etc.) and rebrand them. It is a very different story. I was pretty amazed with GFive’s support like cloud storage etc. This shows that GFive cares about their customers since they don’t want to ruin their image in consumer market. Whereas QMobile doesn’t care at all and their customer service is pathetic. But still they are popular because they have a wide selection of phones. I am not saying the QMobile sucks but this is reality that they don’t care a bit of the phones after they are sold and are in the hands of consumers. FACE IT PEOPLE!

  2. Why does it screen looks small, plz do a full video review of it I can’t wait anymore, still hanging between G9 vs A20 which one should I go for, one question can anyone tell me if i buy G9 I personally like it very much but worried about it display its too big if it fits in my front pocket then no doubt I will go for it. G9 design is similar to Galaxy S4 it look sexy whereas A20 screen looks smaller to me. :( no Idea…
    Also can anybody provide G9 pictures taken by it camera.

      • This Model is Indain Brand Xolo Q800, plz check its specification from google or GSMarena. Modile is very good, I’m using it from last one week and there is no issue. This set has 10 Sensors and long battery time. Overall its gud smart fune

  3. usman bhai there might a problem in the sd card…try other sd card and i think it will work fine

    • We tried that it didn’t work out, Qmobile is sending us a replacement should have it in 2 weeks time, will update and complete the review then.

  4. So guys I should go for G9 but what about its camera result plz plz somebody post pictures taken by its camera..

  5. Main Disadvantages:
    I think A20 its almost like the Noir A6 bcoz A6 had lot of problems and some are solved but the main problem it has that the apps in internal memory cannot be moved to SD card this problem is not solved yet.
    The phone is a 2g technology phone again.
    The design looks like an upgraded version of the Noir A8.

    Main Advantages:
    The screen size is perfect and handy and according to http://www.incpak.com one of the best feature of this phone is the Camera Result which is crystal clear and almost like all other 8MP branded phones out there.
    Also the ram management is quite good and benchmark scores are quite high.

    • Im a noir a6 user.. i’ve been using it for 3 months with root. I never faced any problem on my mobile and i am currently playing conract killer (1gb) on it. there was only one problem with this smartphone of phone storage which sony xperia j also have. the problem was solved by rooting the mobile and editing vold.ftsb file in system

  6. usman bhai inform us about the SD card issue as soon as u can because i m planning to buy this tomorrow morning

    • USman bhai [lease reply fast about its wifi and memory card issue

          • I was using wifi connection very efficiently in a20 but immediately yesterday its signal gone in a same room that i using before and now if i go near to router its connect but otherwise i cannot, kindly tell me the solution because i am not in Pakistan and i cannot go and claim varanty

          • Try to remove wifi setting from phone. Then search and connect again. Or changr the name of your router Wifi then connect

          • usman bhai mjhe a20 lena he.. isme ab koi problem to nh ati??? or ye b bta den k a600 or a20 k comparasion me konsa acha he

  7. Plz Plz inform us as early as possible that the problem fixed or not?

  8. Just bought this, and having issues with wifi. When the phone is next to router, it connects to the wifi network but when i take the phone away lets say 2 meters, it drops the connectivity and then shows the wifi signal after a while but dont connect to the router again. does anybody else having the same issue with wifi?

    Phone signal, yes I also had the same issue with the phone signals. it drops, and at my place zong singnals are not that good, so it drops the signal at my place but i am more concerned with the wifi singals.
    Does anybody here have this issue with wifi?

    i’ll be thankfull for your kind answer.


    • I bought it today but I don’t found any fault or in its WiFi and SIm signals.
      Probably this is because of us router.

    • Hassan,
      Our A20 has no problems with WIFI .. It connects to wifi even with weak signals and browsing and downloading apps works fine. However we are still not able to install games like real racing 3 and D-day. Did you install these games successfully ?

      Phone signals are fine for me on telenor as well.

      • All games and everything works fine only noir A20
        I bought it on Saturday
        Its SD card is faulty due to which when I reboot my phone than all apps were deleted.
        I went to QMobile care centre
        They reinstalled my phone and told me to inset some other SD card not one with mobile
        Luckily I have an extra 4gb card in my old mobile. I inserted it in it then they on their WiFi on my on he and told me to install apps and check it.
        I installed apps for half an hour and then reboot it, then I checked all apps and the were working fine.
        Then I formatted SD card (I got with mobile) and check it again but still it have same problem. So now I m using 4Gb card and it is working fine.
        Everything is perfect but memory is small.
        The cad works fine on computer BT not works fine with noir A20, so the SD card I got with h it is s faulty.
        But the mobile is awsom.

      • We need to swaap the the sd card memory to internal memory,,,then the sd card memory function like internal memory ,,,install games in it then it will run and no issue,,,,but first u root the phone,,,,convas hd in india ha same problem,,,,so swaap the memory ,,,,yhen a20 will work fine

      • Usman. Yes I tried Real racing 3 and it worked. But at the FPS it it not playable.

      • bhai me na noir a20 kal he lea ha is ke call ke awaz kam aa rhe haa is ka koi solution btyn plzz???

  9. I just want opinion should I buy it or wait? Cause many are reporting to drop signals of WiFi and Sim randomly low. Plz inform us about the SD card issue because i m planning to buy this Phone.

    • Many have reported? or Just one above you?
      I too was thinking to buy it….but now i have to investigate before spending 20K ,,,Qmobile Damn…

  10. bhai jese ap ne qmobile walo se a20 ka confirm kia tha aise Noir A500 , A900 & A950 ka b confirm kijiye plz, suna hai k jald launch ho rhe hen maybe a week or July 2013 k end tak.

    aur a20 ka full review jab marzi upload kijiye ga mgr a20 aur g9 ka camera result + review monday tak upload kar dein, jesa k me ne apko kaha tha k me ne g9 review dekhne k bad lena hai tu me just camera ki waja se ruki hui hon, agr g9 ka camera result b bravo g95 jesa he hoa tu phr lene ka koi faida ni.

    • i’ve been using A20 it is by far the best smarphone. having gud result of camera as wel as other features, its display and colours are fabulous and one more who the guys are saying that the SD card is faulty and appa cannot be moved into SD card, that is not true at all. i’ve been moving apps as wel as games.try it b4 posting comments…

      • Asif does your A20 have panorama , smile shutter or best angle views in the camera interface ? also have you rooted your phone ? If not have you tried to install real racing 3 or frontline commando ?

        • Salam bro i have a20 rooted it installed touchwiz 4.2.2 rom camera got panorama apps r moveable to sd hd games work aswel.

          • Where did u get 4.2.2 touchwiz ROM I have 4.2.1 but can’t findtouch wiz plz help me

  11. yar mujy nai lagta k is ki apps sd card main move na hon Qmobile noir series sub main games or apps sd card main movie hoti hain to yeh kesy ho sakta hy k apps na move ho it is impossible yar
    usman bai ap ka ky khyal hy?

  12. bhai usman malik qmobile a50 ka camera auto focus or scratch resistant glass he ya nahi

    • Hassan , yes its the same phone as fly but I think Qmobile specially orders them to make similar phones and maybe they took out 3G option to save the cost .. Its just a speculation though.
      Besides We dont have 3G in pakistan yet.

  13. I Have Bought This Mobile 3 Days Ago. Its Simply awsome. Awsome Smooth Touch. Awsome Battery Timing.
    All Game Work Perfectly. I Have installed Real racing 3,Nfs Most wanted,Modern combat 4, Gta vice city , Nova 3, Dead Tragger And too many games likes temple run and subway surfers. They All Are Working Like Charm Without any jerk. Front Camera 10/10 ;)

    You Can’t Find Gfive G9 In Markets Easily. And Qmobile a20 Is available On Every Shop. ;)
    G9 Has too big screen :/ And a20 has 4.5 ;)
    Smooth Display Smooth Touch

    Back Cover + Mobile = look like s2 ;) <3
    Simply Awsome <3

    From My Side 10/10 <3

    • MX Tipu. Are you sure real racing 3 is running perfectly? cuz i have an a20 and the FPS is too low for the game to be playable.

  14. Sir mujhe ap se gilla hai, ap huma k comments k ellawa kisi aur ka reply dena pasand ni krte, me ne parso 1 question pucha tha aur 1 kal, mgr afsos mre kisi comment ka ap ne reply dena pasand ni kia, mre kya kisi aur person ko b reply ni dia. jab k huma ne b parso comment kia tha mgr ap ne itne sare persons ko chor k just huma ko reply dia. me ne tu koi aisa question b ni pucha tha k jis ka reply dena munasib ni tha. agr aise he hai tu next time se me comment ni krta ap just girls ko reply dein baki sab pagal hen jo apko sir smjh kr ap se question puchte hen.

    • Sorry Hassan if you felt ignored … Actually some questions are easy and for some we have to research ourselves .. so Thats why it takes time and I have other things to do as well besides the website, so i get busy. I will try to answer your question ASAP.

  15. sir is nacheez pe bhe nazar kare 2 din se mera sawal padding me he

  16. Usman bhai tell me about camera result of noir a20 .
    kia is ki ful vedio hd recording hoti hai ? samaung htc mobiles ki tarha .
    is ki recording ki resulotion kitna hoti hai ?

  17. Can anyone tell me difference between PowerVR SGX544 vs SGX544mp, how much performance will I gain if I choose 544mp over the 544.

  18. Mx tipu, Can you please provide a video of your A20 show us physically that A20 can really run all those games without any trouble, also Usman bhai said We got a problem in A20 which is relative to Sd card for installing games into it, whereas you mentioned I have “installed” successfully some heavy games, then maybe Usman bhai have got a faulty device.

    • A.O.A , shams bhai mx tipu iz rit…..i have q a20 rooted,and it plays batman dark nit rises,gta vc max graphics and resolution,mdrn cmbt 4 and need for spd mst wntd aur nova mili nai aik mili the wo faulty the but i am sure a20 can run that 2 :)

    • And yes one more thing is ki performance deknay kay liya mainay 2 hd moviz aakati chalai thaein(dice player aur aik stock pay) aik 1080p the ( avangers) aur dosri 720p(pursuit of happiness) 2.2 gb nd 700 mb respectively……. aur pop up play say movie chala kay browseing…… and camera quality out class

  19. There are some games which run only in phone memory. On SD card, won’t work. This is phone’s internal memory is very important. A20 gives 4GB of internal memory, out of which much will be consumed with pre-installed apps making it less than 4GB, which is insufficient. Currently, I don’t know how much will be pre-consumed by built-in apps. Anybody knows? Also you cannot move all apps to SD card.

  20. Hi. Went to the shop here in Multan, and mentioned him the problem, he said go to qmobile for the warrenty, I lost my patience and had a verbal fight with him that I purchased from you just yesterday and you saying this. Anyways iwas a bit over in reacting, and after 2 persons who were sitting there intervined and he gave me the display unit which he opened just yesterday, and to my surprise its signals were awesome. and to my surprise signals reception of wifi was more then satisfactory.

    I am happy with the new set but very disappointed with the verble fight.

  21. I purchased noir a20 yesterday. Its everything works fine but when I switch off mobile then after turning it on all the apps of SD card were removed. Today I installed those apps and again along with many other Apps. Then I connected my mobile with laptop and copy songs in SD card then again all apps of SD card were removed. I spent 4 hours in downloading apps but now all AppS were removed.
    In Menu>storage > apps all SD card apps were shown by grey icons.
    Please solve my problem and help me.
    Regards :

  22. usmaan bhai n all friends , app skype video calling chala ker daikhain app ku iss phone k flop honay ke jumla problems main sik problem dikh jaye ge , main 21 hours k baad set sale ker diya shukar hay 1500 he nuksan howa , dabaaaa total dabba mobile hay jaisay skype video calling kartay hain camera dark ho jata hay normal camera working well but with skype gona dark front n back both ………….

    • May be your piece was faulty too :P..
      Nah its impossible..agar camera normal work kar raha ha tou kisi bhi software sy normal work karega…If not then software problem ha.!
      Lagta ha Chinese company ny qmobile ko THAGH liya ha..!

    • Automatic brightness is not working
      You can satisfied with my opinion after download alternate camera apps from play store
      That is why the camera of skype does not automatically brights the video

  23. o shit, bhai esi lye apko kaha tha k es ka camera review abi upload kr dein.
    bhai ap ne qmobile walo se Noir A500 , A900 & A950 ka confirm kia ya ni?

  24. bhai ap ne g9 ki 1 aur vdo upload krni thi mgr abi tk ni ki? kb kro ge ya krni ni hai ab?

  25. Salaaam, Vedio calling from skype is working in Qmobile noir A20????

    and does it comes with cover (like book)

  26. koi mje btay ga k qmobil a20 aca ha ya g five
    Q a20 hd cem ha r g five?
    R in dono ki lcd r tuch kese hn My nu is 03127593288 plz koi mje dono k bare mn sms pe bty ga

    • Ahsan, The LCD touch of both these phones is same. Qmobile A20 has quality issues .. Many ppl are reporting issues. Its Camera is however good and records video in 1080p

  27. Plz usman bhahi take look for qmobile noir A20 mey skype ka problem to nahi hey

    mey skype zeyada use karta ho wor muje A20 pasand aya hey so plz ap check kiji ki skype mey problem na ho …..plz plz plz it will be so kind of you…

    • Shershah , Our A20 was faulty , so we claimed the warranty with qmobile and now we will replacement in 12 days. After that we will do full review. Right now I cant answer your question about A20

  28. NIce job mate ! its a hectic work but really assistive. My question is that what is the differece between this AMOLED (qmobile12) and the screen of qmobile a20 (HD) and when is the review of a20 coming ( new review with fixed prob,s) .

  29. sir g main sab kuch ker k daikha hay , agar softwere main problem hay tu handset main he hoi na , is phone main price hay kiss cheez ke softwere ke lol tu anyway main rest ker k bhi daikha skype update ker bhi daikha , dono sorat main he camera blind ….phir bhi agar app ku doubt hay tu buy this phone n check it shayd ap ke kismat mujh se achi ho app ka handset na karay problem lol

  30. @MX Tipu Though i Appreciate your effort but you should have recorded some other Live thing to show the video quality , Recording from a T.V Monitor is just stupid [no offence] You could have just recorded people walking by in your street or traffic on road … As it is the industry standard to show the Cam Result .

  31. Dear Usman,

    I am still on the fence between A9 and A20. The deciding factor being 3G connectivity. I am in karachi and called up Qmobile’s head office at The Forum clifton to inquire about 3G connectivity. They said that both A9 and A20 had 3G. I insisted that the reviews on the internet had conflicting reports on 3G availability on A20 but they reassured me.

    My request is that when you conclude your review on A20, please give definitive information on the 3G availabiity on A20.



      • Thanks a lot. And sorry about your ordeal with the faulty set..but what to do..when it comes to electronics it can happen to anyone with any gadget.

  32. AoA. bhai i bought a phone online on whole sale price 21,999. its XTOUCH X509. i am using it from 2 days its a brilliant set with quad core and 1gb ram . i found no fault in it until now. you can check it on


    i ran heavy duty games on it like real-racing 3 , D-Day, cod, asphalt 7 heat , frontline commando. i ran these on SD card and i found no fault as on A20 and A600. its smooth and i am very happy with its performance.

    • hi xtouch x509 hav ips screan or tft plz answer me i want buy this phone but i dont like tft screan

  33. hi mai nay ajj subah noir a20 liya mujay bht tension rhi kaay kahane koi kharabi na nikal ay jab mai nay iss ko onn wagara kia to hr chizz sahi thi memory card mai bhi game install ho rahi thi no wifi problem bettery timing ka abhi pata nahi hr game chal rahi the temple run or real racing 3 hr application bilkul sahi chal rahi hai na koi buttons ki light outline say bahar ati hai mai nay iss ki bht pics kinchi hai aur jald hi upload kr doun ga agar kisi nay kuch poochna hai to 03246060140 mai cal kray aur han iss ki torch itni tezz hai iphone 4 ki torch bhi is kay samnay kuch nii aur camera result bht acha hai

    qmobile is the best company

  34. hi mai nay ajj subah hi qmobile noir a20 liya mujay bht tension thi kay kahine yah kharab na hooo jab mai nay kholo to bht pyara tha iss ko chalya to wifi aur memory card ki koi kharabi na nikli camera to itna itna acha tha aur agay wala am aisay lag raha tha kay mp hoo hr game chal rahi thi realracing 3 temple run hr application bilkul shi work kr rahi thi aur flash light bhi itni tez thi kay kya bataoo jiss nay layna hai lay loo koi kharabi nahi hai mai nay to noir aa10 bhi istamal kia aur a20 bhi mujay koi problem nahi nazar aii
    I LOVE QMOBILE……………!!!

    kisi nay kuch pocchna ho to 03246060140 par rabta kray plz sms krain phone nahi attend karo gaa

    (Mai nay Pics Khanchi hai Noir A20 ki plz batay kahne par upload karo)

  35. Salam Usman Bhai plz mjhe bata den A20 me hanging problem to ni arahi ha?

  36. usman bhai if u still has this phone try installing 4gb card in it….i think the problem with games might be solved

    • Ali I talked with qmobile Support and this phone does indeed have a software issue. They said that A20 will receive software update in 15 days and these problems will be fixed then.

  37. usman bhai review this phone!!! it might be a great alternative to qmobile quad core faulty phones!!!!(Xtouch X509)

  38. usman bhai do u think in next couple of months the problems with A20 will be fixed?? and also qmobile quad core phones price will decrease???

    • Qmobile support said that the problems in A20 will be fixed in 15 days .. I dont think prices will decrease in next 5-6 months

      • plz tell how to save battery of A 20 i just do messaging and sumtimes i use wifi but my battery goes to 50% in half a day i dont have long calls too then wts the reason and how to combat this issue

        • I think its normal for battery to go down to 50% after half day usage with wifi .. You can turn the brightness of the screen to minimum possible to save battery . turn off wifi when not using , turn off auto updates

  39. usman bhai i think that majority of the quad core set by qmobile are faulty..just go what mobile and see in the comment that a lot of people are selling their phones and they are making lame excuses that they are in urgent need of money or they got a gift of s3…..

    • Sami. From what I know. most of the comments on whatmobile are plain crap. Anyone can write anything to cast doubts in your mind and to malign a certain brand. The relative ease of accessing internet and social media is a double edged sword. You can run into “information” that is just incorrect and just because it is posted by someone as an “experience” you would consider it correct. Competitors at times use these tactics to lower the rating of their rivals.

      So always take what you read on on the internet with a pinch of salt. Yes there could be problems, like what Usman ran into, or what people are saying about skype not working on A20. But to confirm that one should rely on better reviews like the ones Usman is posting here.

  40. Usman Bhai noir a20 ki update kb tk aegi
    Please jldi confirm kr k bta de. Thanks

  41. Assalam-o-Alaikum
    Usman Bhai qmobile noir a600 theek ha ya nhai as compared to noir a20 and whats about the price of noir a600

  42. Can any one tell me the names of games that are being hang in Qmobile A20… which i heared the news about that i-e 3D HD games might be… plz kindly tell me the name of games…..

    • All games are working fine in my set.
      I have played eternity warrior 2, frontline commander, dead trigger, red line rush, temple run 1,2, candy crush, 8 ball pool etc

  43. Dear Sir… what i found from comments above. that noir a 20 has many faults in it. battery issue, wifi issue, SD card issue, games hanging issue, 3G issue, etc. kindly while giving final review cover all faults that either these have solved by qmobile or not. i shell very thank ful to you. as i am interesting to buy it. that is why asking. …

  44. Thanks “Anas Muhammad” for sending me the games name…. i’ve checked all the games and all are working fine & smoothon Qmobile A20… there is no hang problem at all in it…. it is the Awesome mobile… ya i admit it that the given SD card is faulty.. but you format it.. it will run fine….

  45. hey guys………….. skype problem has solved in Qmobile A20…. yahuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…. :D now this mobile is totally Bug free….

    • Do u update your mobile or purchased it this week because the skype issue is not solved yet in my se.
      I read in above comments that it’s software update will be available soon but it is not available till now.
      Kindly inform me about resolving skype issue or A20 software update.

      • Skype issue is not from Qmobile. You can update the skype yourself from the play store and the problem should be fixed.

        • I already update it but the issue is not resolved.
          It’s not only skype issue all camera apps are not working correctly. The image is very dark. Only in sunlight it works properly.
          Only the built-in camera app works fine.

        • USMAN SIR


          • Nabeel we have not tested the A50 hands on, so as far as we know not many issues regarding the A50 have been reported, but most of the time problems do get resolved after a software change. As far as the A50 not facing any problems at all after a software install we cannot be certain.

    • can u please guide me how did the dark camera on skype, oovoo and all other apps resolved? im totally confused :(

  46. i have update my mobile from karachi customer care center at “Aldullah Haroon Road sadder mobile market karachi on the issue of video calling on skype “camera shows dark image ” “… now its woks “FLAWLESS” / “MARVELLOUS”…

    • Do they charge any amount?
      I will go tomorrow to the customer care centre, hall road Lahore
      By the way thanks for informing

  47. I require a solution for how to turn-off auto update in A-20. Secondly m experiencing problem with skype when auto updated, its stops working. Can u pls help me out. Is it ok to delete the skype originally installed.

    • Dear Kash..
      to turn off the auto update–> setting–> Application–>All–>choose Application like facebook, skype or whatever–> e.g open facebook, or skype or else –> uncheck on autoupdate…

      i think pre loaded application can’t be deleted, it could be disable…
      it would work fine when u “reset factory setting”

      • Many thanks for ur quick response. However I can’t find an autoupdate check box on skype. It appears the permission is fixed and not modifiable. Any suggestions on this front !
        Yes, u r right, the option is to disable and not delete. I am little unease to use the reset option unless its the only choice.

  48. a900 is a super awsome MOB yarr.. m using it from 3dayz in its working hell fast in awsome graphics n Full HD.. dnt waste ur mony on A20 or G9 etc.. jzt go straight fr a900.. usman bhai plz upload a review of a900 so that people dont get cnfuze on these mobs..

  49. I went to qmobile customer service and they informed me that its a software problem (front camera picture is very dark during skype session with high noise and skype auto update issue) – they will now return the phone after updating software in 2 days. Will keep all posted.

    • This is the right decesion… i m proud of the team of QMobile bacause they make your phone bug free with proper QC what i had observed.. and they dont give us a long time for wait… even they breif us very well… Thanks for the support team of Qmobile…

    • Well got one problem of dark pic in front camera during Skype session fixed. However once I update the Skype it stop working. Need to go back to mobile support. Why they do not address all issues at one go ###???!!!

  50. QMobile is crazy! Installing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Noir A20 which has 1 GB Ram and installing Android 4.2 on Noir A500 which has 512 MB Ram! Lol

  51. Usman, the FLY IQ446 Magic has 3G and it is exactly same as Noir A20. So how is it so that Noir A20 doesn’t have 3G? Even QMobile site states that Noir A20 supports CDMA 900/2100 frequency which means it supports 3G. I also didn’t have a 3G option on my Noir A9 but it did support 3G.

    • Salis ,
      Qmobile actually doesnt buy from FLY , They buy from the same vendor and maybe when they were ordering A20 .. they asked them to remove 3G module to save cost ?W

  52. I m using this mobile for 2 weeks and hvnt found any fault accept darkness in front camera in Skype. What is the solution plz tell me.

  53. My A20 working is so fine..
    only SKYPE video calling goes dark..
    What is the solution plz tell me..
    in our city no any service center…..

  54. How about viewing angles
    I have a500 having worst viewing angles

    can you compare both a500 and a20 viewing angles plz plz plz

  55. Salam

    I have bought this phone and its working great. great wifi, camera, interface and smooth working. I love it.

    Usman bhai where do you download heavy games like vice city and nova from? they are not available on the play store. atleast not free.

    • on play store they are not free but if you sarch on google with the extension .apk (e.g. GTA vice city.apk , N.O.V.A.apk etc) you wil find a lot of websites offering free game like apkmania.com etc.kust download them and open them from a file manager like IO file manager (free on playstore) and WALLA you have your game. i hope my answer helped…….:)

    • on play store they are not free but if you search on google with the extension .apk (e.g. GTA vice city.apk , N.O.V.A.apk etc) you wil find a lot of websites offering free game like apkmania.com etc.just download them and open them from a file manager like IO file manager (free on playstore) and WALLA you have your game. i hope my answer helped…….:)

  56. How can I remove default email signature. *** This message has been sent using QMobile A20 **** ?

    • both hardwares are same . in my opinion go for noir a7 if you can buy . its really a v.v good phone in the range.
      a7 camera records 720p hd video and hardware and battery is also amazing.

  57. usman sir ironically the same problem u mentioned happened to me…i recently bought a20 and after 6 days the phone couldnt read sd card properly…the files r shown in manager but music or photos dont show in player or gallery…so i went to qmobile and they updated software….but issue was still there…so finally they sent it to be replaced….they have given me 21 sep as recovery date….:(….pls can u tell me of an sd card which is durable with qmobile a20 ..cause it even damaged my toshiba and kingston 8gb cards (originals)

  58. why people wasting money on these cheap mobiles of Q MOBILE? can u compare q mobile with other branded manufacturers like sony? Impossible! They make attractive adverts but when i hold the phone in my hand it feels like a china mobile.True story!Please invest money on branded products!

  59. Usman bhai mujhe koi game k liye acha mobile batadain mera budjet 11k to 14k hai phle mje game k lihaz se giayu g2 lena gaya lekin puri market mein kahin nahe mila is k elawa koi dusra mobile btayen jis mein nova 3 aur dusre hd game chal jaye plz plz plz

  60. Usman bhai please tell me a20 can work in uk with 3g sim plz urgent i am going to uk next week

  61. Hi Guys, I want to buy this celphn, but need a suggestion that what color i have to choose?? Black OR White?? :P:P

    • Can’t say if every A20 has the same problem, our replacement set worked, but more bugs were reported in the A20


    • If you have the budget for an HTC sensation XE try getting one of the other models of Qmobile such as the Quatro Z3 or the A950 or one of premium chinese sets for example the THL W200 costs 23k and has the best value for money in 1.5 GHz quad core processor class…

  63. Dear Usman,
    I have A20 ..its spec mention that it has 4GB Rom but mine one showing only 1 GB….i have also checked it in Android assistant too.Are there versions of this phone in market or its manufacturing fault??

  64. Dear Usman,
    I have just bought 10days ago QMobile Noir A65, its software is gud but have problem with WiFi away from router 40 to 50 meter cannot connect to WiFi at home. Even near to router can’t get 100% result.

  65. I have been using A20 previously. Please let me know is the camera of A9 equivalent to A20? Only tell if you have testied. I know the specs are the same.
    Thanks very much

  66. Salaam
    Bhai noir a20 mn ik issue hai k jb isy mass storage pr lagaty han ya jb isko restart krn to ye apni default ringtones pr a jata hai mean jo company ki trf se assign hoti hn whi ringtones automatically lag jati hai, apni choice ki ringtone dobara assign krni prti hai and same matter wid notification sound…
    Can u plz tell me whts the problem??

  67. Q-mobile A50:
    Bought it in January, I hardly had the fone for 2/to 3 weeks in my hand, since then it is continuously with the Q-mobile service centre. Its a curse to have that phone, neither they change the set, but doing repairing n repairing on the fone. 1yr warranty is shit.
    I learned that buying a big brand means satisfaction in life.
    But when buying these wannabe brands, they make your life full of troubles.
    One thing you must add to your daily routine then i.e “Have to go to the customer service center”, where they complete service you brain, but wont serve you.
    I would suggest that if you’re going to buy a Q-mobile, please save your money and buy a good brand.

    Thank You.

  68. bhai A20 3G supported hai ! video me ghalat dikhaya hai! mobile networks > network mode > then sim one me jo sim ha wo display hogi us k ander jaker 3g ka option hai!!

  69. kia A20 3G supported hai ka nahi q k log keh rahy hai k ye 3G support krta hai plz confirm it thanx

  70. Sir,
    Meray pas qmobil hay,e880 aur e760,mera 4gb ka card show nhn ho raha aur na kisi aur mobil pr please koi tarika batain,aur 1gb ka card ko lock lg gaya hay saray tarikay istmal kiay lock nhn khul raha please help me.

  71. Salam everyone !
    Qmobile noir a20 awsome smartphone hy iski performance ka koi jawab nai skype , facebook, viber , whatsapp sb smoothly run krta hy iski wifi ki signal strength bhi bht ala hy atleast mere old mobile htc desire se to zada better hy, mene iski performance check krne k lie ispe apps or heavy games install kiye Real Racing 3, Modern Combat 3, Hungry Shark Evolution, Dead Trigger 2, Subway Surfer or Dead Effect ye sarey games ispe flawlessly run krhe the ik glitch ya lag nai aya or mai shocked the iske processor ki iss level ki performance dekh realizing the fact 1.2 Ghz Quad core processor or 1gb ram k sth koi shuk nai k ye is level ki performance deliver krskta hy last but not the least iski battery timing baqi sb big screen phone se bht impressive hy bcs iske andr 2100mah ki battery mojud hy or iska screen size 4.5 inch hy jo k blkul perfect disply bhi bht bright or clear hy blkeh kafi phone se zada crisp lagta hy , iska body size bhi bht compact hy 9.3 mm jo k aram se pocket mai fit hojata hy.

    Qmobile thumbs up for your effort bringing Noir A20 the beafy spec phone with reasonable price , according to me this is the best smartphone iski build quality baqi qmobile k available quadcore phone se zada achi hy pouch or cover mai jakey blkul samsung Galaxy s2 ki trha lagta hy kahi se bhi cheap ya china phone nai lagta jabke a600 or a900 lagte hy

    Noir A20 ki detail jan ney k lie ap mjse emai lk through contact krkste hy (shah_sk91@hotmail.com)

  72. Hi My Noir A20 is not connecting with the PC, it just starts charging but not connect to the mass storage, even it can not offer the Mass Storage option and directly starts charging, if you have solution than please tell me. Thanks

  73. usman sir i have qmobile a900 1 month se sahi chal raha hai aur ajj kal kafi hang ho raha hai plz tell me sulotions thanks,.

  74. Usman/Faisal bhai! I really admire your effort, such helpful blog. I just want a suggetion between Q mobile A20 and Noir i9. I already saw their reviews, and aware all of their features and i like both phones. Kindly suggest me one of them which overall performance is best.

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