Qmobile Noir A20 Video Review : Gaming

Qmobile Noir A20 Vide Review: Gaming

Hi, after a long long break we are finally bringing you the A20 gaming review as you know the 1st set that we got was faulty and we had to have it replaced and Qmobile sure took their sweet time. Well we finally got our replacement a fully functional replacement set, you know what they say, “Deir Aye Durust Aye”  :D

Qmobile Noir A20 Specs:

Processor : 1.2 ghz MTK Quad Core
Ram: 1GB RAM
GPU: PowerVR SGX 544 MP
Display: 4.5 qHD LCD Display
OS : Android 4.1 ( jelly bean )

Qmobile Noir A20 Antutu benchmark results came up at 12,950 and Quadrant benchmark came up as 4001.


Below is the video review of Qmobile Noir A20 gaming.

Qmobile Noir A20 Video Review : Gaming from PhoneGuru Reviews on Vimeo.


We were more than happy with the performance of the Qmobile A20 while playing heavy HD games, the 1.2 GHZ  MTK Quad Core Processor with 1 GB RAM and it’s PowerVR SGX 544 MP GPU performed pretty good and handled the graphic intensive games very easily.


Temple Run 2:

The game ran quite smoothly given that it was on full graphic details, meaning all shadows and volumetric lighting was on. With everything at max detail the Qmobile Noir A20 handled the game pretty well as can be seen the movements and frames were smoothly depicted there was no lag or any sort of problem regarding touch response.


GTA Vice City:

The Qmobile played out vice city with ease, we were surprised vice city takes its toll on the resources of a device, even after continuous game play the A20 was able to render the graphics without any lag or degraded touch response, it remained smooth through out.


Nova 3:

The heaviest of the heavies, there aren’t many other games out there that are more resource hungry or that push a device to its limits the way NOVA 3 does. You don’t need a benchmarking software to check that you can simply tell by the sweet time it takes to load up, varying from a minute to up to 5 minutes on some devices. Once it finally loaded the Qmobile Noir A20 was able to run the game without any lag and the touch was smooth throughout.


Real Racing 3:

Qmobile Noir A20 ran real racing 3 without a hitch the device was able to render the graphics easily and also played out the audio of the game clearly and without distortion, as several device we tested previously had an issue with audio on real racing 3. No lags or touch degradation was seen or felt during game play.



The Qmobile A20 was able to play out the games smoothly and without any lag, that is definite pro for the Qmobile. On the other hand the A20’s regular LCD screen limits viewing angles, so you might have a hard time showing off your game play to your pals. Also the screen is qHD so the level of graphic detail would be limited by that.


For a more in depth understanding on the difference between LCD, IPS LCD and AMOLED visit the following article…



Also if you would like to know the difference between HD, qHD and other display resolutions please check out the following article.


51 thoughts on “Qmobile Noir A20 Video Review : Gaming

  1. and also tell methat qmobile replaced ur phone or they send an update to the device??

  2. please bta da ka gta vice city aap ne kha se install ki ha plz plz plz

  3. usman bro u jst highlight games in a20…plz do inform us abt its camera performance as well..thanx

  4. i am stuck between a500 and a20
    which one should i buy
    please reply!!!!

  5. usman bhai akhir apko qmobile sa set wapis mil hi gaya ;-) flop company ( qmobile )

  6. Usman bhai I have all of the games including NFS Most wanted, GTA Vice city, Modern combat 4 with mod version which I play fairly in my A600 but I didn’t get the Nova 3 PowerVR version please tell me which site????

  7. can u pls tell me which to buy a600 or a900??
    which phone is bettwr from gaming point ??

  8. usman bhai gta vice city ka link plzz send kar denge and installation ka kya process hai?? i mean vice city k liye koi emulator to ni karna parta??

  9. Usman Bhai jis tarah noir a600 micromax canvas hd ki copy hai us tarah noir a20 kis ki copy hai

    PLZ answer PLZ answer PLZ answer PLZ answer PLZ answer PLZ answer PLZ answer PLZ answer PLZ answer PLZ answer PLZ answer PLZ answer PLZ answer PLZ answer PLZ answer PLZ answer PLZ answer PLZ answer

  10. Does A20 still having issues in it? I am in a mood to buy it but worrying about its various issues.
    Kindly Reply,

  11. Bro kindly tell me that noir a10 or a8’s contact backup file can be restpred in a20 or a900 cell phone? kindly must tell me it is important to know.

    • go to you main google account you use for the playstore from settings –> accounts –> google .. Select the account .. make sure contacts is checked to be synced. If its not already check that and then wait it for sync.. When you get a new phone .. use the same google account and all your contacts will be restored.

  12. Usman bhai plzzzzzzzzzzz
    Snd me the link for downloading gta vice city
    Plzzzzzzz answer quick

  13. Br today i sold my noir a8 and will go for other android cell so before reset factory i backed up my phone data in google server, so now tell me when i buy a new cell that backup that was include contacts can be restore in new cell? iam worry about my contacts

  14. and kindly tell me that which one is best cell Jiayu G3 or Qmobile a900? by price, specification and benchmark?

    • G3 is less expensive in price then A900 .. Both have almost same screens. But A900 has a quad core processor. I would say A900 is better.

  15. usnman bhai kya aap ye bta skty hain k mery A20 ma typing mtlb kisi kisi waqt msging aur jo b sarech write krni ho nahe hti Dictionary ma likha jata ha pr save nahe ho rha hta ma bohot pareshaan hn cel on off krna prta ha plz tell me about this…………!

  16. So QMobile Noir A20, A900 both have the same GPU? You’ve written that both of them sport a PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU. While those folks at INCPak say that its GPU is PowerVR SGX 544 (not MP). A900 shoulda had a better one because it has a better display. Which one’s right?
    Anyway, isn’t it surprising that A20 ran GTA very smoothly while A900, which has far better graphic rendering features, made you experience jerks?

    • Yes Both have the same GPU .. INCPak must have been mistaken, All the MT6589 processors are coming with this GPU. A20 ran GTA slightly better then A900 because A900 has a HD screen .. the processor and GPU has to spend extra processing power while rendering the screen. A20 has a qHD screen and thus the slight difference.


  18. asalam!
    can u plz tell how to download gta vice city in my noir a20, mena play store ma dekha h lekin us ma gta nhi pri,please guide me the downloading procedure

  19. Hello dear I have stuck at the qmobile logo and it bootloops again and again. Can you help me in this regard? And thanks for the detailed review of A20

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