Qmobile Noir A20 vs Gfive G9 President

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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225 Responses

  1. khalid says:

    Bahi kya in dono kay camera result bi same hain. kyun kay suna hai kay a20 ka camer result bohat acha hai. aap kya prefer kartay hain or computer per in dono may say picture or movie result kis ka acha aata hai.kyun kay mujay computer per movie or picture result acha chiya. Pls zurur answer dejiye ga .Thanks

    • Usman Malik says:

      Khalid we will review the camera result of both these phones very soon. but yes according to our initial observation A20’s camera seems better then G9. However A20 camera doesnt have panorama feature which is strange. We will post the camera samples in a day or two.

      • khalid says:

        Thanks a lot Usman. Mujay intizar rehay ga camera samples post ka

      • saim says:

        salam sir .kya ap bata skty hn k g9 bst ha ya a950 .main ly na ha plz sir tl me.main sona ha g9 set fit ha.or baz log bol rhy ha ye thek ni ha bakwas set ha kya ye such ha? Is main 3g suprtr ha? Or is main adobe or falsh plyar ha…im waiting sir plz reply .sir is main wmv video thek chalti ha kya.?

    • SANA says:


  2. Mohammad Ali says:

    Gfive better lagta ha

  3. SHAMS says:

    G9 looks very sexy, I like it but I’ve fear about it’s camera result. Otherwise jellybean latest 4.2.1 is not a joke. A20 build quality is not good it hurts me, display colours looks inaccurate why the hell Q done the wrong finish. Even not a 3g niether have panaroma mode which is nowadays going very popular stuff.
    Bhai ye pakistan hai kuch bhi possilbe hai kia pata aaj 4G launch karde. Just waiting for camera result of G9. Going to buy it.

    • Omair Ahmed says:

      “Q done the wrong finish”
      Its a Chinese phone not qmobile one…Qmobile dont manufacture the phone..they only change the software..!! AUr bhai 4G kiya 3G bhi 2016 sy phely nahji aye ga..ky pata 2020 tak chala jaye…

  4. faaiz says:

    Bhai What is rear Shooter? jo a20 k camera me feature hai.
    Ap ne likha hai a20 me Available Memory (1008.3 MB) hai aur panorama feature b ni hai jab k whatmobile aur incpak ne (1.70) user available Memory btai hai aur ye b likha hai k panorama feature hai a20 me.
    Haqiqat kya hai ye ap he bta skte hen ab.
    Plz a20 aur g9 k camera ka review+result aj upload kr dein.

    • Usman Malik says:

      Faaiz I think out A20 is faulty. Thats why we couldnt install games and the its not showing panorama feature. I will go the qmobile support again today and see if we can get it replaced.

      • vamp says:

        So what did they said. how the issues you have faced so far. also how is the camera results still blur when ur hand move or the person move?
        and low light issue on skype at the night time?

    • Usman Malik says:

      G9 Camera review already posted … We will wait for A20 , get our phone fixed and then review it.

  5. SHAMS says:

    Usman bhai, waisy hum ne tu wait karna hai 10,12 days A20 review ke liye tab tak agar ho sake tu plzzz Gfive phone ka gaming test karwadain plzzz heavy games chalayen..

  6. Mx TiPu says:

    ๐Ÿ™ Usman bhai lagta hai ap g9 Supporter hain ๐Ÿ˜‰

    a20 mai koi fault i have played all big games like nfs most wanted, Modern combat 4 all working perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

    Camera result Awsome

    Built Quality also awsome. Iphone 4s ka Feel ata hai use karte hue smooth touch and awsome display hai ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      yaar supporter nahin hai, we just review handsets and tell the results, tough luck for Qmobile we acquired the set from the market and it turned out to be faulty. But the fact is what if any of you purchased a set and it turned out to be faulty then what? I am happy for you Tipu that your set is working great, in fact we were eager to check out what the A20 was capable of, but I guess we will have to wait for 2 weeks for a replacement. At least I am happy with Qmobile that they offered a replacement when they couldn’t solve the problem, goes to show that they care about their customers.

  7. SHAMS says:

    Mx tipus, yar plzz upload a gaming review of A20 on youtube plzzz yarr..

  8. ali says:

    main ny ap ka a20 ka video review dekha hai us main tu game crash ho jati hai aur ap ny kaha hai k sd card main move b nahi hoti . aur gfive g9 ka reviews b dekhy hain us main tu koi fault nahi hai game b sub chalti hain. tu main 10-12 days wait nahi kar sakta tu ap kiya kahty hain g9 is batter for use and buying ?????? aur g9 ki screen Gorilla Glass hai k nahi ????????

  9. ali says:

    i want to purchase a mobile tomarrow plz give me you Opinion which mobile is better for gaming and using internet A20 or G9 ??????? plz i am waiting ur ans…..

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Ali bro, we are pretty sure that the A20 has the capability to run high end heavy games, but since we were unable to complete the review due to a faulty set we can’t say anything but if you take a break down of tech, then g9 has the lead with respect to gaming, it has an IPS 720p HD screen that means you will be able to enjoy the graphics due to a better display. Other wise both the A20 and the G9 are head to head in the processor and Gpu performance.

  10. Malik Ahsan says:

    salam usman bro,i wanna know which chipset is better? Qualcomm MSM8225 Snapdragon or MT6589 ?? and which gpu is better? Adreno 203 or PowerVR SGX 544MP ? im confused in buying btw htc desire x & g five g9? kindly reply to my all questions.thanks in advance

  11. ali says:

    gfive g9 ka ki warranty kis trha claim ho gi?
    aur add main jo kehty hain k agar mobile chori ho jy ya gum ho jy tu half price pay new mobile lay lain ?

    • Omair Ahmed says:

      Insurance ka form submit hota ha (Just like Motor vehicle)…Remember again form submit nahi hoga to Claim entertain nahi kiya jata (Like motorvehicle and life insurance).. Phir agar app phone kisi aur ko sell kar do tou na warantee ha na insurance!!!

    • Usman Malik says:

      They have insurance partnership with east west insurance . Insurance claim is on theft or mugging , I don’t think it will be valid in case of lost. In case of theft within 6 months you pay 25% of original price and get new one

  12. Omer says:

    There is also the issue of after sale service, which company in your opinion has better customer support, Gfive or Qmobile?

  13. Yasir bhatti says:

    Bhai plz ap ye bta dyn k
    Q A20 best ha ya Gfive G9

  14. ali says:

    Usman bahi finally main ny gfive g9 mobile lay liya hai lekin aik problem hai main ny hd song 720p ka download kiya tha WMV formate main lekin wo mobile k video player main nahi chala phir main ny MX Player download kar k us par play kiya to us par ruk ruk kar chal raha tha phir VLC Player kiya us par b yehi problem tha. Plz healp me about this problem.Plzzzzzzzzzzz. Mobile ki specification main para hai us main likha hai WMV formate chalta hai.

    • Omair Ahmed says:

      Try VLC player and what is the bit rate of the video? . It can be as high as blue ray quality as low as 240p!

  15. ali says:

    Usman bahi finally main ny gfive g9 mobile lay liya hai lekin aik problem hai main ny hd song 720p ka download kiya tha WMV formate main lekin wo mobile k video player main nahi chala phir main ny MX Player download kar k us par play kiya to us par ruk ruk kar chal raha tha phir VLC Player kiya us par b yehi problem tha. Plz healp me about this problem.Plzzzzzzzzzzz. Mobile ki specification main para hai us main likha hai WMV formate chalta hai. which player is best to play HD 720p Video songs on Gfive G9????????????????

    • Usman Malik says:

      Ali Frankly, I have not tried a WMV format on g9 yet. I was able to play 1080p videos in MP4 format without any problems. Maybe you should convert the wmv to mp4 and then try.
      I also use MXplayer and the default player for all videos and songs.

  16. umer says:

    usman bhai,

    i wanna ask a question frm u related to gfive g9(president)]
    I am really interested in buying this phone please confirm me ke kiyaa mein ye mobile purchase ker loon
    ya phit i should buy phone frm some other company like htc,samsung,etc…
    i hope u read my post and reply as soon as possible..

    Thank you.

    • Usman Malik says:

      Umer , you cannot compare the quality of HTC , samsung and other famous brands with Gfive. They are obviously better. However if you have a low budget. you wont find any other Quad core , 1 GB RAM phone in this price. but if you can spend 30 K , then definately go for htc or samsung.

  17. Mudi says:

    qhd or full hd men kia diffeence hai?

  18. Mudi says:

    i think g9 is good now bcox i heard alot of bugs report in a20 specially also for wifi n gaming

    • Usman Malik says:

      A20 is indeed buggy. But for some people who got the set without any problem, its working fine for them. I am still waiting for my relpacement of a20 from qmobile.

  19. Can anyone plz confirm me the video resoultion of QMobile noir A20? I heard it make 1080p Video. Plz confirm!!!

  20. sher says:

    usman bhai, is it real ke it has 320dpi and s3 has 306dpi? that means with all these specs it’s better than s3 in one way you can say! what about it’s physical use, is ka touch etc, mean time guzarne ke sath weak hota jata hai ya nahi it’s touch will be great? is this phone worth to buy?

  21. Mudi says:

    g9 specs men a20 se kafi better he?? wht u say bro

    • sher says:

      yar specs mein to g9 bht fit hai,lekin worried about the big screen, 5.7inch zalim, if it can be easy to handle then i am thinking to buy it,rest to yar bs itni cheap range mein aise specs ke mobile handset kahan atay hain!

  22. ilovepk says:

    Usman bro,

    I got a question. Can the A20 run YouTube’s 1080p wali videos smoothly without stuttering?

    If you haven’t tried it yet then do me a favour, download a 1 – 2 minute random 1080p video from YouTube and run it on the phone… See if it’s fluid enough and watchable.


  23. Muhammad Waqas says:

    Bhai Gfive G9 ka PPI 256 hay please correction kar len

    • Usman Malik says:

      They have mentioned it wrong. We have actually used the phone and the benchmarking apps gave us 320 ppi

      • Muhammad Waqas says:

        Brother, Galaxy S3 has a 4.7 inches having a 720p screen and it has a ppi of 306, G9 has 5.7 inches display also having a 720p resolution, how can it have a 320 ppi? There may be something wrong with the benchmarks.

        • Usman Malik says:

          PPI is calculated according to screen resolution size and pixels available diagonally .. I doubt if all the benchmarks are wrong just for g9 ? Also S4 is a 5 inch screen and yet its 441 PPI ? You would argue here as well on how thats possible ?

  24. Anonymus says:

    When are u going to do a detailed in depth review of G9 ?? Discussing dofferent features call , Sms etc ????
    & y gfive is not a good brand “perception” all over the internet & market ??
    Y No other site is willing to do review of Gfive g9 ????
    & 1 more thing ?? wat abt the warranty & after sale service f Gfive , i read many comments on gfive official page that they chareged for any repair within in the warranty period & mot of the time they did not entertain ..

  25. syedking says:

    Hey some of my friends say that the hardware button of g’five is not working please tell me its right or wrong
    I m

    • Anonymus says:

      na drao bhaiii . where r u from , & ask ur friend to contact their customer support & share here how they entertain ….

    • Hassan Khan says:

      The hardware button is useless, It is there just to make the phone look like LG Optimus G Pro. There are also on screen menu button. I don’t know what is the purpose of hardware button when the button is also present on screen.

      • Anonymus says:

        hehe , may be its just for show off , as the phone totally looks like Samsing Galaxy :p
        Should i go for it or not as mere pass bhi aklotay 25000 hain :,(

  26. dr.aftab ahmad says:

    bhai jaan simply q mobile looks pretty than g9 and more fast…….i m using it excellent processing

  27. Waqar Ahmed says:

    Usman bhai can we play gta vice city and gta 3 on a20 and g9.?? as a10 can play it..

  28. Waqar Ahmed says:

    i’m in luv with g9 ๐Ÿ˜€
    i’ll buy that..

  29. Waqas says:

    what is weight of G9 & A600 ???
    which camera quality is better G9 or A600 ???

  30. sohaib says:

    usman bhai suna ha g9 charge honay main bht waqat lata ha

  31. uzair says:

    4 ghanta tak laita ha maximum aur full gaming internet use karna par 2 din mei khatam hota ha aur normal use pa 3 ya 4 din tak nikal laita ha bohat zabardast set ha bhai

  32. Usama says:

    Usman bhai ye batain ke qmobile noir a20 ki touchscreen ziada sensitive hai ya samsung galaxy star ki

    • Usman Malik says:

      Usama I havent used Galaxy star but I think it would be same .. both are capacitive screens. Dont go for Noir A20. The set has issues

    • Shoaib says:

      galaxy star aur A20 ka touch same hai lekin galaxy star and galaxy star pro dono baqwas hai angry birds aur temple run jaise games support karta hai aur heavy game to install hi nahi karta maine 13,000 ka liya tha aur 1 hafty bad 11,000 ka sell kar dia ….

  33. Usama says:

    So Usman bhai what mobile should I buy noir a20 or a600 or sony xperia play

  34. Noman Yousafzai says:

    does G9 shows threaded view sms??

  35. Ikrama says:

    Usman BHAI what mobile should I buy my range is 22 thousand

  36. uzair says:

    mudi mei gfive g9 use kar raha ho aur allah ka shukar ha bohat acha chal raha ha mera pass battery timming wagaira sab behatarin hai zabardast set ha

  37. Mudi says:

    so my brothers i will be buying G9 day after tomorrow … so plz if u have heard any of issues for G9 plz tell me soon or if u have a btter alternative within 22000 plz soon

  38. noman says:

    asalam o lakum .sr muj ko mobile lena h .tu kon sa mobile mn lon jis ki camera ki vidio aur awaz ki qualiti achi ho.mtlb the best mobile ho.g five ya q ka leatest ho 4.2 andrroid
    just reply

  39. uzair says:

    mudi tension nai lo bohat acha set ha lai lo mei use kar raha ha allah ka shukar ha acha chal raha ha aur dua karta ho tum kharido to tumhara set bhi bohat acha chalai aur plz gfive g9 kharidna aur use karna ka bad batana zaroor ka kaisa set ha plz ok good luck

  40. Ikrama says:

    Usman Bhai Noir A600 IS BETTER or NOIR A900

  41. Mudi says:

    Salam special thanks to u all for helping me now i have the phone but having prob with heat near camera

    • Khizar says:

      No prob bro, i have the same set and same problem but this is because the CPU is located near the camera so dont be upset as there is nothing to worry about and it aint a problem ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Mudi says:

    koi achy games batao yar most wanted kahan se download krun free or kese?

  43. uzair says:

    mudi konsa phone lia ?

    aur bhai mera g9 bhi yaha sa hi halka sa garam hota ha jab wifi dair tak chalao ya heavy load dalo aur ya to phir bhi bohat kam garam hota ha meina sony xperia p lia tha wo to bohat ziyada garam hota tha aur meina abhi tak jitna bhi quad core istamal kia hai wo sab halka garam hota hai bus

  44. Mudi says:

    yar ye wifi ka koi hal batao conectivit range a2 se b kam he kia karun .. or koi solid games b plz mjhy most wanted chahiy … fre

  45. Rimsha Abid says:

    @USMAN kia app mujhey bata saktey hai key app ka q mobile repair ho kar kab aega, Take hum jaldi camera test dekh sake????

  46. fahim says:

    i need to know that which phone is better bw G9 & A900???

  47. uzair says:

    yar mudi meina abi tak high game dead trigger chalaya ha behatarin chal raha ha

  48. Temur Ali Saeed says:

    asslamo alaikum
    dear brother plz! tell me which software is the best to purchase “Android” ,”IPhonne”, “window” or “Symbian”
    and Why . Plz! give a report on it totaly and correctly. hurriely plz!

    • Usman Malik says:

      Temur , This is a very big question , which OS to choose. Symbian is basically DEAD OS .. dont go for that. iPhone is no doubt the best one out there . Windows phone 8 is also very good but does not have much apps. Android however has lots of apps and has the most number of phones. In the end its your personal liking and preferences on which you should decide.

      • Mudi says:

        having camera issues … face unlocking men aksar camera kaam nahi karta .. aksar camera mode men jao to screen green ati he front or back dono camron ko pic capture hoti he per wo b screen k color men green .. ye kia masla koi bata de…. G9

  49. uzair says:

    camera ki setting ja kar reset karlo sai ho jai ga

  50. fazi says:

    yr ap sub choro saari batein mujay bs ye btao k g9 , aur iphone4 s and A20 mai se knsa acha hai …… i m bit confuse

  51. janoo says:

    bhai mai G9 mobil lo ya Nokia 1600 plz help’,khoday paman

  52. uzair says:

    yar usman bhai apko g9 sai ziyada iphone 4 better lagta ha kia bat kardi yar apna ๐Ÿ˜‰

  53. Abu Bakr says:

    Usman Bhai noir a600 and noir a900 kia memory card per games install kartey hain ya nahin kar saktey.

    plz answer plz answer plz answer plz answer plz answer plz answer plz answer plz answer plz answer plz answer plz answer plz answer plz answer plz answer plz answer plz answer plz answer plz answer plz answer plz answer plz answer plz answer Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  54. saim says:

    sir mera zadha mind a700 py ban raha ha.a950 py ni srf ap ky reply ka intzar ha a700 thek ha g9 sy? 2no main sy kon sa lo a700 ya g9 gfive?

    • Danial says:

      Bhai buhat se logon nay phonegurureviews ka review dekh ker G9 liya hai aur sb hi yahi kehte hain k buhat aala phone hai… Mein bhi yahi hi kahoon ga, meray paas bhi hai ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Asad says:

    Hey. I have been following this blog for quite some time now and have noted a couple of points:

    1. Stay away from A20
    2. G9 should be the way to go.

    There’s also the Noir A600 which I believe is more or less identical to G9, except its screen size. So it really isn’t a question of G9 vs A600. It’s more of GFive vs Qmobile, and that’s what I need answered.
    So in terms of tech support, after sales services, warranty, etc., which one do you think is better? I have seen the websites of both the companies, and to be honest, Qmobile’s website looks more polished and easier to navigate, while GFive’s website looks pretty half-baked, with most of the links not working. This gives the impression that GFive is one of those “ainwee” brands while Qmobile’s a bit better.
    What’s your take on this, Usman?

  56. rana says:

    a950 ka ppi kitna ha usman bro.

  57. rana says:

    q mobil a950 full hd play krta ha ya nahi? ful hd video b rec… hoti ha is main?

  58. Abu Bakr says:

    Usman Bhai agar noir a600 micromax a116 canvas hd ki copy hai to is main bhi games memory card par install nahi honi chahien because i have seen the review of ranjeet from tech2buzz.com he said in his review of canvas hd that games cannot be installed on memory card. SO PLZ answer that a600 kia games memory card per install karta hai plz check then answer after checking.

    • Usman Malik says:

      Abu Bakr .. all the new models from Qmobile allow apps and games to be copied into SD card . I havent used A600 myself But I am sure it would allow as well ,, Otherwise it would be a flop since 1.79 GB would not be enough available memory.

  59. Asad says:

    Hey. I have been following this blog for quite some time now and have noted a couple of points:

    1. Stay away from A20
    2. G9 should be the way to go.

    Thereโ€™s also the Noir A600 which I believe is more or less identical to G9, except its screen size. So it really isnโ€™t a question of G9 vs A600. Itโ€™s more of GFive vs Qmobile, and thatโ€™s what I need answered.
    So in terms of tech support, after sales services, warranty, etc., which one do you think is better? I have seen the websites of both the companies, and to be honest, Qmobileโ€™s website looks more polished and easier to navigate, while GFiveโ€™s website looks pretty half-baked, with most of the links not working. This gives the impression that GFive is one of those โ€œainweeโ€ brands while Qmobileโ€™s a bit better.
    Whatโ€™s your take on this, Usman?

  60. suhaib muneeb says:

    sir. i bought gfive g9 it has better camera result than noir a500,a600.a700,a900,a950. please tell me i can sale it or not. i am looking for sony xperia v

  61. KHALIL says:

    Assalam o alekum.. Usman bhai I would like to know about ppi of a8, and comparison of a8, a9, a20 which one is best ever and finally which q mobile android phone is best ever under 20 k price? w8ing for rply

  62. AK says:

    usman bhai i just compaired qmobile a600, a900 and a950 on qmobile website. these are almost same but a950 has OS jelly bean 4.1 and a900 has 4.2. and front cam of a950 is less then a900. but price of a950 is expensive then others two. kya mazak kiya hai qmobile walon ne..

  63. AK says:

    Please suggest which one should i buy among (gfive g9), (qmobile a600) or (qmobile a900)

  64. Rai says:

    I have htc sensation xl… want to switch to g9… is it better idea? need ur opinion

  65. YOUsuf qureSHI says:

    usman bhai my question is the noir a900 is batter than g9 ? if batter than how?? plz give ans of my qu.

  66. engr:rakesh khatri says:

    salam usman can u tell which mobile compare or best from samsang galaxy s4 except iphone.sir kindly tell me me waiting for ur answer

  67. waseem says:

    kon sa ache mobile he dono me se g five ka g9 or q mobile ka A20 fast anwser me plz

  68. Sheikh Ovais says:

    Hi there guys.

    I bought this phone a month later. I’m pretty happy by it’s performence in such a price.
    I just want to share the unfortunateness I recently had with you all.
    Yesterday my friend dropped it accidently from his hands while playing Temple Run and its front casing (the glass in front of the LCD) got broken badly.
    kindly make an advice if any of you you have any information about changing it’s front casing, I mean where should I go to get it fixed.
    I reside in Karachi.

    • Danial says:

      which phone ??

      • Sheikh Ovais says:


      • Sheikh Ovais says:

        I’m talking about gfive G9.

        • Danial says:

          Ok, its better that you take it to a gfive centre because I dont think there will be any other solutions and thanks for sharing this info, I will be more careful with my G9 ๐Ÿ˜€

          P.S; If you dont know where is the Gfive centre, check the Gfive After Sales app to get the address ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • rizwan says:

            sallam hope ull b fin m textingfrm ksa .i bring cell g9 frm pk but its battry fall hurryy..?

          • Danial says:

            Actually, if you do alot of gaming then yes, it does fall quickly, and when you are not using it, switch off wifi… keep phone on auto brightness mode….If you want to super conserve your battery, download DU battery saver app

          • Usman Malik says:

            How logn does the battery last ? Did you use 3G in KSA ?

          • Sheikh Ovais says:

            Yes, I went there and they told me its sensor will be changed (will take about 3-4k to be changed) but its short right now, come next week.
            Hope I’ll get it fixed then. :-/
            And yes, please take care of your sets and don’t let them be in careless hands! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Danial says:


  69. Rizwan says:

    i am using this, its not matter of game or auto bright, battry is not good, on first day i was call to ZAIN HELP LINE (in pak like telenor or ufone), they said they dont support china, i said i have all spec as lik galaxy but he refuse me, then i did setting by myself n it start net on normal sim. yes otherhand i put 3g sim it doesnt work, last night i did setting by galaxy mobile cos in this set u have to do manual. now its fin otherwise i was upset this set just for 3g i bring frm pk n i waste all money, nw its pretty well. but abt battry m not mch satisfied. tc all of u

  70. Hy Ra says:

    Hi Phone Guru!
    My question is that I am about to buy a phone in like 2-3 days. I have opt for Qmobile A700. Is it a good option? Or this Gfive President? Which one is better? My range in 20-23k. I need a detailed answer.
    P.S I do have a little knowledge about these things so I wont mind if you talk about technical terms as well ๐Ÿ™‚
    Please guide me.

    I shall be grateful.

  71. salik says:

    Asalam w alaikum how are you bhai app say mujhay ya pochna tha k mainy as bar koi achha ya smart phone lina chah raha hoo or first time liy raha ho bhai please help app mujhay ya bataoo k main qmobile ya g,five ya huawai main sy kon sa lo plz many buhat mushkil sy pasy jama kie hain bahi jan qmobile ka a500 ya huawai ka 510 ya gfive ya bravo ya g9 plz plz plz replay must

  72. AHMED says:

    usman kya G9 3g ko support karta hai? Aur pakistan main kahn available hai?

  73. Umar Farooq says:

    Do you still support buying G9, since a lot of time has passed after its release.
    Can you recommend any better alternative other than Qmobile?
    Should i go for a tablet or G9, i basically do not need to make phone calls with such a device.

    Reply please ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      In its category G9 still has the most value for money, yes there are several alternatives to Qmobile, such as the premium chinese phones being offered in the market, some of which we have reviewed on our website. If you don’t need to make phone calls on such a device then you should go for a tablet it would cost you less if you go for the chinese brands and if you go for renowned brands then they will be expensive.

      • Umar Farooq says:

        It is so nice of you to reply ๐Ÿ™‚

        Would you recommend xtouch, ainol or any other tablet which costs less than 15K and preferably a better processor?
        I plan to go for better battery time with tablets.

        • Usman Malik says:

          I would not recommend tabs from these brands. You can get google nexus 7 tab for around 20-25 K , you should spend little extra and get something durable and reliable.

          • ayaz says:

            usman bhai ya g9 set acha hy k nai koi kya kehta hy koi kya ma kya karo g9 set lo ya nai plz answer

          • Faisal Jaswal says:

            yes its a good phone, we haven’t received any bugs on the G9 best value for money for the 1.2GHz quadcore processor class.

  74. ayaz says:

    sir ma kon sa mobile lo qmobile a700 ya g9 kon sa acha hy plz reply

  75. ali says:

    can anyone tell me exact wt of g9 president..??its 192 gm or 168 gm.. its heavior or lighter than bravo g95 plz tell

  76. aqil says:

    usman bahi mere pass q mobile a20 hey liken es par interet settings nahe ho raha haye saudi arbia kia me is ko use kar sakta ho saudi may pleace relply

  77. Danial says:

    Everyone, just keep calm and buy a G9. For all those who are javing problems, just use the backup and restore app to backup all the data and applications and then factory reset the phone. Cheers!

  78. Inam Ullah Advocate says:

    Aslam o Alaikum, Usman Khalid Sahb!
    How are you.
    I wanted to buy Qmobile Noir A600. then i heard and searched about Gfive G9 President. please help me that which cell phone is better in respect to all things like camera, display, features, etc. I am waiting your reply.
    Thanks in anticipation.
    Allah Hafiz

    • Wa Alaikum salaam, A600 has OTG functionality (you can connect USB devices, such as keyboard, mouse, etc) and costs Rs.19,500. the G9 has a 5.7 inch screen ( if you like large screen phones) and a price tag of Rs.18,000, OTG functionality aside the G9 has more value for money, rest of the functionality of the G9 is similar to the A600.

  79. asad says:

    kia gfive g9 py sim py skype chal skta hay k ni?
    plz Faisal bahi or Usman bahi reply zaroor dn…….

    • Well its not that the SIM will be able to run it or not, it depends on the GPRS connection, personally based on our testing and past experience we don’t think that you can have a good skype experience on the current EDGE technology in place by our Telcos, maybe when 3G is launched it might be possible.

  80. zeeshan says:

    AsalamoElekum…! Usman bhai..
    few days ago, i purchased Qmobile A10 QuadCore, when i captured a picture, it was kind of blury and also the video qualtity is not good…
    yesterday i watched the review of Gfive G9, i liked that review, i want to know its camera result and videos also… plz kindly tell me… is Gfive G9 have a better camera n video quality then Qmobile A10 Quadcore?
    im waiting for ur reply….

  81. imran butt says:

    plz post noir z3 camera sample …..

  82. Asad Saleem says:

    Usaman Brother please tell me is Noir A20 supporting 3g service.

  83. Qasim says:

    Kindly mujhy yai bta dain g9 mobile py google play chata hai . Kisi ny btyia hai google play ka problem hai g9 mobile pe

  84. Mahnum says:

    Should I buy Gfive G9 president or Qmobile noir A12? Which one is better?

  85. Hamayun Alvi says:

    what is the current price of G5 G9 ?

  86. Muhammad Farooq says:

    Kia ye 3g sim chalata hai?yani ager pakistan mein 3g sim ati hai to kia g five g9 os ko chaly ga?

  87. Haroon says:

    Usman bro please tell me which is better to purchase from Qmobile A10 Quad Core or GFive G9..
    Please reply fast.. i have to pur. mobile within 2 days..

  88. Bilal says:

    hey i want to purchase g9 should i purchase it or it has any issues ????

    Any type of issues anyone knows plz tell

  89. Hamayun Alvi says:

    what about the notification light in g5 g9 ?

  90. sana says:

    aoa i wana ask the price of G9 president az on different website diffrent price is mentioned?

  91. sana says:

    and also tell e it supports 3g or not as except 2or 3 sites it is wrtten that it does not support 3G?

      • Khizar says:

        Faisal bhai, i don’t think it does, i have it and it says TD-SCDMA. as far as i know, this range is availaible only in china and also my G9 does not run 3G. Can you help me with it’s activation ??? awaiting your reply sir

        • If your specific Gfive G9 president has a TD-SCDMA then unfortunately you won’t be able to run 3G on it here, and far as we know the 2013 versions of the gfive G9 president have 3G support, as we have tested 3g on it and that is why we are certain.

        • Danial says:

          You need to set up an APN. I have Zong so I search on google how to use zong mobile internet on Android. Details for Apn will be given for your network, enter them and you are good.

  92. Usman Ahmed says:

    Display of G9 is not Full-HD. Please correct that.

  93. Tahir says:

    i want to ask some thing
    voice . Qmobile . Gfive .
    All 3 brands use same hardware or not if they use same then what about the price

    • Danial says:

      The processors, GPU etc are the same but a lot of difference may be seen in Camera, Display, Battery, Screen Technology, Networks etc so that alters the Price…. but I think Gfive is the best ๐Ÿ˜›

  94. Mahi says:

    Salam..main Gfive bravo g95 khareedna chahti hon main ye jan’na chahti hon k kya ye phone acha hai? aur iska touch kesa hai? plz reply karden.. cuz dekhne main tho ye phone acha lagta hai… Thanks

    • yes it is a good phone touch is good too, but if you are going for a phone and don’t care about large screen then go for the Gfive Ferrari which costs 11k it is a dual core phone as compared to the G95 which has single core, plus the screen colors and display is better than the G95. If you can muster your budget to around 15k you can buy the Gfive G9, it has the best value for money right now in the 1.2Ghz quadcore range.

  95. Noaman Ahmef says:

    Pleas fix your commenting system….it breaks on multithreading….on smalller screen

  96. Amir Ali says:

    Can you tell me that which phone have higher score in antutu benchmark noir a20 or g5 president g9?

    • Usman Malik says:

      If you want utlimate performance of nova 3 , then think about getting a Octacore .. Like THL W200s, or Qaudcore Snapdragon processor. The phones you mentioned will all play nova 3 but its not the best performance

  97. Faheem Aslam says:

    Gfive g9 has TD-SCDMA technology. will it support 3G in Pakistan ???

  98. irfan says:

    Usman bhai,
    mujhe Gfive G9 lena he … iski price doosri websites par 15,000 he…. iske exact price kitni he..???

  99. Mohsin says:

    Brother. Which company is reliable? QMobile or G Give…?

    • both are at par as far as reliability is concerned, but out of personal experience Gfive has the better customer services as far as processes, courtesy, and speed is concerned. We had the worst time….of our lives when we had problems with our A20…in the end they replaced the set but after much arguing, discussion and many many visits. The thing that companies especially local ones should realize is that where product competition is so tough, companies need to have reliable and effective after sales services….

  100. naseeb khan says:

    salam usman bai may g9 istimal kar raha ho per 3g is per kam nahi kar raha is ka hal plz bataw jab k a10 pay kam karta hay over g9 pay signal lost hota hay

  101. saim says:

    koi batae ga k kia g9 3g sport hai or is main hd song chalty hain. Mery pas 2 option hain 1 samsun glaxy note 1 jo k 2nd hand 12 ka mil raha hai ya phr g9 7300 ka with 2 mounth warenty to main konsa set lun.

  102. Shoaib Khan says:

    Bro mein suna hai ke gfive ka do model ay hai TCDMA aur WCDMA 1st wale mein 3g support hai 2nd wale mein air gesture hain 3g support nahi yeh suchnhai kia aur plz iss ki new price batana meine check kia to abhi 11,999 dekha raha hai

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