Qmobile Noir A20 vs Gfive G9 President : Video Comparison

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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71 Responses

  1. Farid says:

    well nice review, brother please review some more chinese phone.

  2. Imran butt says:

    video resoution of a20 ???

  3. Waqar Ahmed says:

    Zero shutter lag is awsome..

  4. Asad says:

    Should I go for G9, A900 or A20? Also, which company’s better; Qmobile or GFive, in terms of tech support, warranty and after sales service?

    • Danial says:

      Believe me, G9 is the best !! I own this phone and it’s awesome. Moreover, consider this, Gfive is a Chinese brand, but is sold internationally but Qmobile is a local Pakistani company. Af far as aftersales service are concerned, Gfive has pre-installed an app named ‘Gfive After Sales’ whuch gives us information on Gfive centeres all over Pakistan…. Gfive has also installed many useful apps such as antivirus etc… and ofcourse, Gcloud, avery useful backup, storage and phone locator software… Warranty is also available and if you live in Karachi, the best place from where you shoyld buy the phone is from Metro…. Itvs only 20000 there. One more thing, Gfive has also put a screen protector and also give a free flip cover, in the box. The headphones are also of good quality.. I highly recommend this phone. The rest is up to you….

      • Asad says:

        Hey! Thanks for the detailed reply. The apps on the phone that come preinstalled are no use to me, to be honest. Also, GCloud can hardly be considered noteworthy – you have Google and GDrive for that purpose. What I meant is, if for example, your phone goes bad, are the warranty guys helpful? Like, do they offer a good tech support, keep you hanging for no reason?
        Also, how good is the touch response of the phone? Keep in mind that I am coming from a Galaxy S, so I’m kinda used to a good touch response. I used my friend’s Qmobile A50, and its touch sucked big time, particularly when the phone was lying on its back, the touch would go all awry and won’t respond.

        • Danial says:

          Ok… theres warranty information in the box, in a form of a booklet. I haven’t need it yet so not sure how is that gonna work. And the touch response is excellent.. some times I feel like my finger didnt even touch !! You can see the three reviews made by Mr. Usman Malik on this website…. But I tell you obe thing, there’s no memory card so if you are expecting high speed app and gaming performance, buy Sandisk® Ultra™

          • Danial says:

            One more thing, does Gdrive offer contacts, and apps storage ?? Or remote control or Remote Sim Lock or locating your cell phone ??

      • arslan says:

        where can i buy this gfive phone in islamabad?
        plz tell somebody

      • Sunder says:

        I live in Islamabad and I have to buy this set ASAP. Kindly let me know from where i can buy it,I have checked blue area but could not found it. 🙁 help 🙁

      • Sunder says:

        I live in Islamabad and I have to buy this set (G9 president) ASAP. Kindly let me know from where i can buy it,I have checked blue area but could not found it. 🙁 help 🙁

  5. Danial says:

    Another good review Mr. Usman Malik ! As far as I am concerned, Gfive G9 is still the best and I havr bought and Im using it right now to write this comment. I think the fisplay is very good because I am addicted to Real Racing 3 and the graphics work out the best with beautiful colours !!!
    And can you please tell me how does the zero shutter delay work

  6. Boomee7@gmail.com says:

    How can i download gta vice city on my g9 using 4shared or sumthin else FOR FREE!!
    Snd the link or method???


    • Danial says:

      Go to apkmania.co

      Search there for any app, see the instructions which will tell you to download data files too….

  7. Techie says:

    Just a sec there, in the video you said there is no face detection in Noir A20. I own one and can assure you there is.

  8. Moiz says:

    Dear can i have voice v70 mobile phone (gaming,camera,touch)performance Review pleassss

  9. Ibrahim says:

    kindly tell me about the battery time of g9 ……. bcz battery time is the big issue in android phones ….. and i m confused to buy which phone ” g9 or lumia 520 ” . kindly reply me ….

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Hi battery timing of the G9 is alright it lasts more than 2 days if you don’t watch any movies or do heavy gaming, but depending on the usage it can come down to several hours if you are watching back to back HD movies or doing heavy gaming. You really can’t do a comparison between the G9 and the Lumia 520 since the have different operating platforms, G9 is android and Lumia 520 is windows, so it comes down to a matter of preference, that is which operating system you are comfortable with.

  10. imran says:

    usman bhai kya main a20 khareed loon acha set hai iss men koi falt to nai hai plzz i am waiting your answer

  11. sheri says:

    Usman bhai plz tell me.. meey konsa fone lunn. G9(president) aur A600.. and other users app bhy btae plzz..

    • Danial says:

      Yar aap A600 ko Gfive G9 say compare nahi kerskte. Gfive G9 class ki cheez hai… Mein iss ko abhi yeh reply type kernay k liye bhi use ker raha hun…. Zabatdast phone aur zabardast hd display k saath beautiful colours aate hain… Yeh phone iss price main best miley gaa Aur yeh HD games bhi chalata hai. Sb kuch hai iss mein aur buhat maza aaraha hai use kernay mein…. Mein aap ko honestly yeh phone recommend karun gaa kyun k yeh best hai aur main bhi use ker rahah hun

      • sheri says:

        thnks.. 1 more thng i get 2 knw.. android ka version kia hy?? what mobile par.. 4.1 likha hy.. jbkayy usman bhai ny video review meeey 4.2.1 kaha hy..??? nd camera result kesa hy ..accr 2 yor experience

        • Danial says:

          4.2 hai aur camera result day light mein aur well litted room buhat zabardast hai bit honestly, flash itna acha nahi hai… Yeh android 4.2 ka masla hai lekin camera ki flashlight kaafi bright hai

  12. nauman says:

    Usman bhai g9 has a low sound how we can increase it.

  13. Rimsha says:

    Its a request kia app mujhe G five mein OTG function chala kar dekha saktein hai???

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Unfortunately Gfive G9 does not have OTG functionality

      • Adeel says:

        Faisal bhai, lekin storage optiomn me Mount usb storage likha hoa hai, tu usb mount kyn nahi hoti mene 2 GFive G9 check kiay hain. aur mere pas bhi G9 hai but otg nahi chal rahi, A600 me check ki us me chal rahi hai, mere dost k pass hai.

  14. Rimsha says:

    Ok , Thanks
    Kia yeh hafeez center mein available hai?

  15. aziz cheema says:

    plzz plzz friends tell me which fone is best a20 or a600 coz i want to puchase fone one of them plzz tel me

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Out of the two that you have mentioned, A600 is much better, check out the reviews and specs of both (available on our website) and you’ll see why

  16. MOHAMMAD says:

    How do i get g9 mobile in UAE.? Or where i get in Peshawar?
    Or where i get in Peshawar?

  17. salman hashmi says:

    plz tell me about this mobile camera and

  18. salman hashmi says:

    plz tell me about camera and sensors in gfive g9

  19. zeeshan says:

    Salam usman bhai..!
    i bought G9 President few weeks ago.. it’s a very nice smart phone. one thing i noticed, why the captured video has a format of 3gp?
    all the other smartphone’s video format has mp4… but why 3gp in G9?.
    if i transfer the video file from G9 to other amart phone… its says, “Unable to load video”
    then i have to convery it mp4.
    can you tell me about it?.

    • hmm, well I guess you can download an app from playstore which records by default in mp4, although now a days all smartphones handle most formats via 3rd party video players, so you shouldn’t have that problem, just download a suitable player on the phone that you are transferring to and it should play fine and save you the hassle of converting the video.

  20. ali says:

    kya koi bta sakta ha ke g9 ma OTG ha ya nhi

  21. G R Brohi says:

    No doubt President G9 is better than Qmobile a20, but unfortunately Gfive Service Centre at Karachi has been closed from today. Therefore, to buy any mobile of Gfive in Sindh is now risky.

  22. ZUHBEE says:

    Faisal bhai I am confused ke konsa set lun, Gfive G9, Huawei ascend 512, Qmobile 10 quadcore, All are in range of 15000 to 16000

    • Gfive G9 has better specs than the rest and is cheaper as well, meaning more value for money.

      • zuhbee says:


        • Hmm, I don’t know what price they might offer, but have you tried dealers in Rawalpindi?? the smartphone closest in terms of specs to G9 is the A600 by Qmobile and it costs 19500…You can try the G6 it is cheaper than the G9 and has 1 GB Ram.

  23. Izhar Khan says:

    The Display quality is very bad compared to A600. Images look in bluish shade. Screen looks whitish. True black colour does not appear on G9 screen compared to Noir A600. I believe this must not be case with all Mobile sets of Gfive G9 because no one other than your video pointed it out. After so much time has passed after making this video, please elaborate whether it was specific G9 set fault or all G9 mobiles come with this problem.

  24. Usman says:

    Some ppl say that gfive g9 hangs during internet surfing and gaming….is that true….b/c i m going to buy in a week…..also tell me where i can get g9 in peshawar?

    • The people we know who are using the g9 have not reported any hardware fault, yes at times they did mention that certain malware or viruses got in to their set which caused it to restart or hang, when they did a factory reset the issue was resolved. So its best to have a good antivirus installed regardless of which set you buy.

    • Danial says:

      Lol those people must be qmobile supporters.
      Awesome gaming experience on Gfive G9 according to my experience, browsing is also noticeably fast.

  25. Sohail anwar says:

    Sir g yeh gfive presedent g6 technicaly kesa set hn.mai ise kharedna chahta hon.plz reply

  26. Danish Ali says:

    Kindly correct its dimensions, I have seen many of the website including yours in which you have mentioned G9s wrong dimensions Correct dimensions are 157 X 88 X 7 or 8 mm

  27. Abdullah says:

    What is the battery timing of g9 on gaming ?

  28. Ahmed Saeed says:

    Can you please tell me that Gfive G6 kesa phone hai ?

  29. jibran says:

    G9 ko agar root kar lein to kia phir is main OTG work karey gi..???
    please ans me ….

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