Qmobile Noir A11 Review and Pictures

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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111 Responses

  1. Omer Ahmed says:

    Will u recommend me this phone ??? is it worth ir

  2. Omer Ahmed says:


  3. Jawad Nizamani says:

    Any Idea ,,, Noir A9 vs A10 vs A11 ???

    • Abrar says:

      I think A11 is best because it has a screen resolution of 1280*720, while A10 has 854*450 according to whatmobile.com.pk. Means you can see a whole wesite in the display without zooming it

    • Abrar says:

      Sorry for my earlier reply about resolution. Its WVGA which is 800*480 pixels, not 1280*720 as mentioned on whatmobile.com.pk

  4. FJA says:

    now waiting for ur equally good review of A7 q mobile. . . . . Launched today. Hope to see it soon from u!!! 🙂

    • FJA says:

      and now really confused between A7 & A9. cuz m really concerned about the batry timings and Q has launched A7 with 2500mah and also jelly bean. but camera is 5 mp and screen size 4 inches. . . . . also not sure about the outlook and performance. . .. . . so which 1 for, should i go???? waiting for ur response……

  5. FJA says:

    Thanks!!! i and many others like me will be waiting for the A7 reveiw by you. Kindly highlight the enhancements of jelly bean as compare to ice cream as well. looking forward……

  6. nouman says:

    plz tell me a11 and a10 is glass toch or plastik toch… plz plz plz…

  7. nouman says:

    which phone is best a11 and a10…??

  8. Sajid says:

    How about A12, have you rooted it? or installed CWM Recovery on A12?

  9. Asif says:

    I wonder how the camera on A11 is actually 8 MP instead of 5 MP as written on the phone and its box. If you check the camera settings and pictures it is actually 8MP.
    Everything in this mobile is fantastic. The only downside is WVGA 800 X 480 pixel resolution which should be HD (as wrongly mentioned on various sites as well as Qmobile where it is mentioned as WVGA as well as HD which is confusing).

  10. Arif Nadeem says:

    i want to buy a android cell phone , would u tell me which phone is best in the noir series.

  11. Sehrish says:

    Which has the best resolution A9 A10 or A11

  12. Sehrish says:

    now l,m going to buy QMobile A9
    the only thing what l,d like to ask U is shape factor
    which is best in shape A9 or A10 ?
    A11 is out of there bcoz l personaly don,t like the shape of it

    • Usman Malik says:

      Personally I would advise you to get A9, because of its balanced shape and size. I didnt like A10 because it was too bulky for me. Its also thicker. Difficult to keep A10 in the jeans pocket, but then the bigger screen gives you more real estate for browsing and viewing. So you might have different preferences then me.

  13. Sehrish says:

    Thanks !

  14. Sehrish says:

    How much difference between the screen size of them
    is it too much or just a little bit ???

  15. sohail iqbal says:

    salam. sir kindly give me a infor.. ky mai qmobile mai kon sa best hy A10 or A11???

  16. naqvi says:

    salam . sir suna hy k A11 me touch problm hy . meens ia ka touch A10 jesa fast ne hy .kia yh bat thek hy ?

  17. Akmal Bhatti says:

    Malik sab A10 aur A11 mein overall camera result kiska zyada better hai ???

  18. Akmal Bhatti says:

    Mere question ka answer to dedo yar

  19. atiq says:

    plz tell noair a11 is best or a9.

  20. Kingfreak says:

    Of A7 and A8 and A11 which is best for gamers and battery saving purpose???

    • Usman Malik says:

      If you are looking to play heavy 3d games then none of the noir phones are good enough because they all have 512 mb RAM. Among the noir series A12 is best because of better screen and processor.

  21. Aniqa says:

    Usman bhai ap loag personal pasand aur na pasand ko darmiyan me le atay ho

    main ne khud use kiye hain a9 a10 and a11 her kisi me koi na koi kami hai par meri nazar mein a10 un se zyada perfect hai

  22. Atta says:

    brother please suggest me which phone is best in Noir A series in respect to their specifications and features, please personal preference ko side rakh k give me critical analytical reply based on performance and quality of screen as well as other features including sensors.

    • Usman Malik says:

      Atta, In Noir Series A12 is superior because
      1: Better processor then the rest of the phones ( 1.2 Ghz )
      2: AMOLED Screen.
      3: Build Quality.

      Noir A9 has the best camera
      Noir A10 and A11 have bigger screens.

  23. Ramesh says:

    Dear Sir ap se ye janna chahta ho ke Q A12 A11 me konsa set acha he..rply fast

  24. Sumaira says:

    Sir i want to know that Noir series ki resale hai ya nahi in market?

  25. Sumaira says:

    Sir i want to know that Noir series ki resale hai ya nahi in market? As i have heard that its a local company so these mobiles couldnot be sold back in the market. Is it true?

  26. talha says:

    plz usman bhai help me .. mere q a9 bht slow hoo gy hai .. mian ne running aplication main dekha tu 16 mb free ho neche jo information ate hai plz help me what to do

  27. Istiqlal safi says:

    Hi, which one is better:

    Android jelly bean or android ice cream sandwich

    and also which one has good touch :

    Qmobile noir A11 or Qmobile noir A10

    and also can i play Temple run in qmobile noir A11

  28. Istiqlal safi says:

    Qmobile noir A11 me ketna internal memory hey????

  29. MS Shehzad says:

    HI Bahi,
    which mobile is good for gaming Qmobile noir 11 or Qmobile noir 12


    both are same??????????

    • Usman Malik says:

      they both have the almost the same specs .. A12 having a better ( AMOLED ) screen and slightly better 1.2 ghz processor. A12 would give you slightly better results

  30. Maryam navid says:

    Salaam, any idea for A10 is better or A11…………….i think both are same

  31. Amir khan says:

    Hi, kunsa qmobile qaming ke leya acha hey???

  32. ahtsham says:

    hello dear main ne noir series main se a8 a9 a10 use kya ha lakin mujhe acha a10 laga ha baki a9 0r a8 betry ke lehaaz se bre bakwas mobile han ab mujhe ap ye btu ke main konsa mobile use karo ke mujhe thora different lge

  33. Sumair Mumtaz Raja says:

    Usman Bahi is it true that it is being upgraded to 4.1

  34. chshahbaz says:

    dear plz recomend one best fon in following “a8”“a9”“a10”“a11”

  35. smart says:

    hey qmobile noir a11 note is good or a10

  36. atifzulfiqar says:

    A.O.A Sir mairay pass qmobile A11 hai .problem yeh hai k is main koi bhi application download nai ho rahi .gmail ka account bhi hai lekin phir bhi download nai kr raha .aik dafa restore bhi kr chuka ho aur flash bhi krwa chuka ho .so is ka software new karwana parhay ga ? Explain me

    • Usman Malik says:

      Get it checked from qmobile support. It should be able to download apps. What happens when you try to download ?

      • atifzulfiqar says:

        Qmobile support yeh kis jaga hota hai aur kaisay check kiya jaa sakta hai ? Is k elawa sir main nay aik application install ki hui hai 1mobile market main is say applications download krta tha lekin ab nai hoti jesay hi start krta ho thori dair baad download unsucessful aa jaata hai .aur gmail ka account bhi new nai bn raha kyun k jub mobile restore krtay hain to gmail ka account khatam ho jaata hai aur dobara banana kaafi mushkil hota hai bn bhi jai lekin google market accept nai krta .

  37. umer butt says:

    bhai plz bta do a9 white may milta h?

  38. Aamash says:

    When will u review Noir a700 and tell me fast please is a700 better or a900 (screen doesn’t matters)???????

  39. Imran butt says:

    what U do with your old phone,s like a8 ,a9 ,a10 and more ?

  40. ash says:

    games,camera ,download ,speed key lehaz sey konsa mobile acha hai ? a10,a9,a12,a11

  41. IRFAN SHAH says:

    Can I play HD video of 1080p with Noir A11

  42. Saad says:

    Sir i am little bit confuse that i want to buy an mobile for watching videos and play some timepass games.just i want to watch movies at better resolution and great view of big screen and want to use skype viber whats apps and other chatting sites.so which mobile is the best noir a11 or noir a500?

  43. Muhammad Ramzan says:


    Bhai, kindly ye bataye ga ke A-8 aur A-11 (Note) mai se konsa mob acha hai, mai ne buy karna hai, mgr koi idea nahi ho raha, plz plz suggest/recommend me, A8 or A11, mai A4 Bolt use kar chuka hu, mgr memory issues they soo, and one thing more, mai wifi only office mai use karta hu, agr ghar mai net use karna ho thn GPRS use karna parta hai, on JAZZ Sim, soo mujey wo mobile recommend karey jis pe GPRS bhi acha chall jaye, aur tentions kam ho, kindly mere Email I.D. pe reply kar dijye ga, (ramzanarshad@hotmail.com)
    Thnxxxx….. TC….

  44. faizan says:

    Hello sir this is faizan again..if you remember me i talked about gfive bravo and take a much advice about that phone..nowadays i am using noir a11 it’s much better gfive bravo..my question is about it’s andriod updates…is it support OTA updates?
    or how can i grab it to jellybean??? it’s andriod 4.0.4(ice cream sandwich)

  45. Haider says:

    Sir.Can you Please Post the video review of qmobile A11…….

  46. talha says:

    How abt qmobile noir a20?

  47. Abdur-Rehman says:

    what is the difference between WVGA and IPS display? which one is advanced?

  48. Angel eye says:

    i want know about the camera of nor a11 is there 8mp or 5mp or hd? becz on sach website and in video reviews its 8mp nd on some where its 5mp hd camera plzz tell me the correct and also about its price? and is noir a11 and a11 note are both same set name? plllzzz rply me fast i want to buy nd im confused

    • Usman Malik says:

      A11 has a 5 MP Camera .. BTW I would highly recommend that you should not get A11 .. If you spend a little more you can Gfive G9 president with double perfromance and a bigger screen.

  49. Angel eye says:

    but maine suna hai gfive k mobiles ache ni hoty 🙁 or na maine kabhi use kiye hain qmobile to use kiye hain maine

    • Usman Malik says:

      According to my experience , they are equally as good as qmobile. Both of these brands are made in china .. in G9 you are getting a quad core processor with 1 GB RAM , in A11 you get dual core processor with 512 MB RAM. There is a lot of difference in performance.

  50. Angel eye says:

    but g9 is not in my rang it 17000
    and what about gfive glory 85?

  51. Angel eye says:

    sorry glory g86

  52. Angel eye says:

    AND what about sony xperia L or M which one is best?

  53. fahad says:

    hi sir am confuse which phone i can buy i buy the phone which have bigger screen ,good battery timing and good camera so which is the best gfive president g9 or qmobile a650 or a600

  54. zayam uddin says:

    yaar a11 kesa set hai hang hota hai mein ne suna hai bohot…koi batado jaldi…

  55. Anonymus says:

    i Got Q A11, i was using it normally but unexpectedly i found in morning my wlan is not connecting, when i tried to troubleshoot i found the Wlan is even not turning on, now there’s no support for troubleshooting / repairing this kind of fault in the QMobile, i would rather suggest everyone not to take this ugly and bad support Mobile phone ever!

  56. ILYAS RAZA says:

    wich mobile is better for gaming a11 or a10

  57. kamran says:

    I have QMobile A11 note. I am faced with a problem of space issue on my mobile despite I deleted so many things from the mobile nothing helped me. even after this whenever I download anything from play store they are not downloaded and a message appears that insufficient space on the device. can anyone please help me in solving this problem.

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