Qmobile A9 Vs. Huawei G510

Faisal Jaswal

Faisal Jaswal is a customer services professional with over 10 years of experience. He has a keen interest in science and technology and loves to write articles on the latest gadgets and smartphones. He is also an avid manga reader and anime fan.

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76 Responses

  1. ali says:

    g510 or A9 ma ram user available kitni h???

  2. khan says:

    dono main touch kiss ka acha hai

  3. ahmed says:

    which is more suitable for heavy gaming? ?

  4. Munim says:

    does a9 have any battery issues or wifi problem?


    thats mean huawei set is batter thn Qa9?

  6. sohail says:

    bro ye qmobile a9 mai rooted ka kia masla hy? and wifi ka b koi masla hy a9 mai?

  7. Anas Muhammad says:

    Usman Bhai, kindly mujhe ye bta de k 2no me se knsa zyada bhtr hai or games kis me zyada achi or fast chlti hain?

    Or mujhe 1 or bat puchni hai k agr mai qmobile me OS khud Jelly BEan pe update kruga to kya mobile me jo pre-installed apps hoti hain wo aen gi ya phr koi app,game ya feature nhi hoga,e.g: panorama,hdr,games,document viewer etc.

    Or agr me qmobile ki franchise se OS update krwao to wo kitne charges lete hain?

    Kindly aap mujhe OS update (manually) and OS Update through qmobile ki details bta dai.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Anas Muhammad says:

      And please mujhe noir a9 or Ascend G510 ki maximum front and back video recording resolution ka bhi bta de.

      and battery timing 2no ki same hai ya different hai. Agr diffrnt hai to kiski zyada battery life hai?

      • Usman Malik says:

        Noir A9 back video resolution is 1280 x 720 and huawei at 640 x 480 .. didnt test the video recording via front camera . Battery timings is also same. Mainly depends on how much you use the phone.

    • Usman Malik says:

      AOA Anas,
      For games both the phones almost had the same performance.I cant say that one was better then other. But keep in mind that these phones are not meant to play heavy graphical games. You can play games like temple run , 8 ball pool, or angry birds on these phones without any issues. To upgrade the phone yourself to Jellybean you will have to root the device. Rooting will make your warranty void. We havent tried this ourselves, So I cant guide on that.

      I am not sure if qmobile support will charge to upgrade your phone too JB.

    • expwrt says:

      wat I like to advise is huawei ..from build quality to signal strengh huawei is much better ..2 nd Mkt procesr are totaly flop ..their dual is not even close to tegra or arm..last q mobile is totaly chinas 3rd quality phones a 3rd party which make cell for q in pakisatan n wid the name of micro max they are soldin indian colabration ..but huwei is an international brand . a well known brand ..go for huawei .i have used almost all dual cores like s2 atrix atrix 2 evo 3d semsation etc ..huawei is acceptable n some how compete wid thm

  8. Anas Muhammad says:

    What is the weight of Qmobile noir a9?

  9. faaiz says:

    noir A9 flash player ko support krta hai? me ne diff types ki vdos play krni hoti hain diff sites se, mre pas htc explorer hai wo tu easily chala deta hai so plz muje confirm kr dein k ye flash support krta hai ya ni? q k me 1,2 din tak lene wala hon. thank u.

    • Usman Malik says:

      No A9 does not support flash player in its browser. BTW Adobe has officially finished flash support from all andriod phones. But sites like youtube,vimeo,dailymotion can still play videos because they haved moved toward html5 player. Most of the popular websites are shifting towards html5 player as well. Can you tell me which sites do you want to visit for videos ?

  10. faaiz says:

    bhai a9 me html5 hai?

  11. faaiz says:

    my last qus. bhai battery timing kis ki achi hai? a9 ya a12, ap ne tu dono use kiay hen na es lye puch rha hon

    • Usman Malik says:

      Battery of both these phones is almost the same. the battery usage depends on how much you use the phone. A12 can give better battery timings because of AMOLED screen.

  12. Salis says:

    The effects on the Huawei is stock editing software which is included with “Gallery” app. Huawei did not huge changes to apps. They just added a custom UI (which is cool) like Touchwiz, HTC Sense etc. QMobile A9 also has the editing software since I have it. It is opened by pressing the menu button then press edit option. I personally liked the metal body on G510 (which I used in Hyperstar Karachi) and it was good but phone was lagging on games like Subway Surfers, Temple Run 2 etc. The guy told me that it lags because the EMotion UI 1.0 uses up Ram (same problem with Samsung Phones and HTC). Secondly, Huawei phone has a Qualcomm chipset (not processor) but it has same processor as Noir A9 (Cortex A9) but the Huawei is overclocked. You can check GSM Arena to confirm that Huawei has same processor as Noir A9. BTW the review was very informative and has convinced me to sell my Noir A9 since Huawei has much better support as well as Jelly Bean. Update: I sold it already 😀

  13. Mahru says:

    Sir csn u tell me for which cell I should go:
    Whether to go for A7 or G510
    Few says that A7 got great battery that is 2500mA Some says G510 .. Please tell me

  14. kamran says:

    Plz sujest me n0ir a9 or g510? MY priorities or 1>Display clearity.. 2>skyp video caling fr0m sim card.. 3>Battry timing

  15. kamran says:

    usman bhy bta den na. .

  16. Zebi says:

    Sir jee mujhay ye btaien k apkay pass jo set hai huawei ka uska complete model kia hai i mean wo ascend G510-200 hai ya G510-u8951 hai or in dono mein difference kia hai thanks

  17. Ali says:

    Sir, main ny app sy pehly b pucha tha k main ny G9 main WMV format ka song download kiya tha 720p ka lekin us main song ruk ruk kar chal raha hai main ny MX Player FLV Plaver aur b bohat sy player kiye hain lekin problem theek nahi ho raha plz Healp me………..

  18. Zebi says:

    okie tell me can we play need for speed most wanted 2012 and real racing 3 on huawei ascend g510 or not????????? Coz i personally thick that Huawei company is way better than Qmobile what do u think?

  19. Majid Fazal says:

    Just an update: Q Mobil A9 is now coming with Android Version 4.1 (Jellybean) I can confirm this as I just bought this set yesterday.

    Also, looks wise A9 is far more superior then G510, it is also very evident from the Photos of both sets too.

  20. Rasheed says:

    aoa Sir mai ne ap se yeh poshna tha k Huawei G510 mobile asha hai ya q a9 bettry time or camera result kis ka asha hai ,plz help me or han kia Huawei G510 vedio skype sport krta hai kia hm vedio call kr skte hai mujhe ap k review mai vedio calling nazar nahi i plz reply me

  21. rasoolbux says:

    Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 is a sim card and if the player is gprs and suported reply plz sir

  22. nomi says:

    usman bhai. plz reply. which set i bought. a9 or g510
    pirorties good look, resale value. and over all performance. plz advice which i bhought

  23. Muhammad Irfan says:

    Assalam_O_Alaikum …plzz bhai jaan kindly inform me about A9 flash light …in the both mobiles any different of flash lights ???? and plzz plzz plzzzz upload A9 camera video ..plzz I want to buy A9 plzzz thank you so much…

  24. Muhammad Irfan says:

    Assalam_O_Alaikum …plzz bhai jaan kindly inform me about A9 flash light …in the both mobiles any different of flash lights ???? and plzz plzz plzzzz upload A9 camera video ..plzz I want to buy A9 plzzz thank you so much… and also tell me processor heat problem in A9 ?????

  25. Abhay says:

    plz tell me sirji ki nfs mw can be played without lag on huawei ascend g510??

  26. noman says:

    sir i want your opinion.if you were me,what phone would you buy??i want to buy a phone but i’m confused

    • Usman Malik says:

      I like A900 so far in Qmobile

      • aqeel says:

        Assalam_O_Alaikum bhai can u suggest me which mobile is best hawaii g610 or q mobile a 20 plz can u send your reply also on my id or on facebook i want to know

        • aqeel says:

          over all which mobile is best q mobile a 20 or hawaii g610 plz tell me because i have to buy mobile tommorow and sent your comment on my face book id if u can do so because it is difficult to assess the comment thans

  27. Zia Anjum says:

    Usman Bhai Kia Aap Bata Saktey Hein K “Huawie G610s” & Noir A600 Me Konsa Zada Behtar Hai ??? I Wanna Buy…. A600 Specs Me Thora Sa Zada Hai… Per Pata Nahi Kion Dil Nahi Manta Qmobile Lene Ko… Aap Help Ker Saktey Hein ??? Plzzz Jaldi Bata Dijiye Ga 🙂

  28. Zia Anjum says:

    Usman Bhai can u tell me that Huawie G610s & Noir A600 Me Konsa Zada Behtar Hai ??? I Wanna Buy…. A600 Specs Me Thora Sa Zada Hai… Per Pata Nahi Kion Dil Nahi Manta Qmobile Lene Ko… Aap Help Ker Saktey Hein ??? Plzzz Jaldi Bata Dijiye Ga 🙂

  29. Usman says:

    Huawei jsut launched their quad core dual sim Ascend G610. Could you please compare it with QMobile quad cores to make it easier for us whether we should go for G610 or A900/A950.

    • Jahangeer says:

      it look like that Huawei’s build quality is far better than qmobile lets see what will G610s and G700 will do in the market against all odds.

  30. SSS3 says:

    Usman Bhai Jan please review these phones too ASAP :

    1.Huawei Ascend Y300

    2.Huawei Ascend G610

    These are awesome.

  31. aqeel says:

    usman bhai are there is any sim signal problem in g 610

  32. aqeel says:

    usman bhai which mobile is best a600 a20 g 610 overall because i want to buy mobile but i am much confuse which is best if u khow another mobile then tell me and market of g 610 thanx

  33. aqeel says:

    are anyone use g610 plz tell me how is it performance and its details plz plz reply soon

  34. vickyuxafzai says:

    huawei best hen same like samsung,,,,,,,,,,

    qmobile sub se beqaar hen voice se b,,,,,,, me a9 aur a10 dono use ker chuka hon,,,,,,
    ab huawei y300 use ker raha hon awesome set he camera 5mp hen lekin result a9 aur a10 se acha hen,,,,, 3 4 bhaar zoom b kero to pixelz kharab nae hotey aur pc me b dalo to pic wese hi rehti he jesey mobile me thi ,
    video call b telenor per awesome hoti hen,,,,
    awaz b clear hoti hen
    fb per video b qmobile k nisbat achi chalata hen. net speed b qmobile se achi hen
    betery timing qmobile ki tara hi hen, flash b acha hen qmobile.ki tarah liter ki li8 nae lagi he

    jub k qmobile me buhet probs face kerchuka hon
    charger lagao to misbehave kerta tha

    skype per audio call b baqwaas hoti thi a10 per
    aur a9 ka skype per mic kaam nae kerta tha

    mobile me pic achi ati thi lekin pc me dalo to pixel kharab hojatey
    aur zoom kerney se b pic achi nae ati thi

    aur jub me ne fb per comment kiya k yhe problem huwi to mujhe block ker diya

  35. Habib says:

    Which set is best for hard video gaming and camera result
    under 17000

  36. afzaal says:

    Which brand is best overall?
    Q mobil or huawei

  37. ali says:


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