Qmobile Noir A700 Smartphone

Faisal Jaswal

Faisal Jaswal is a customer services professional with over 10 years of experience. He has a keen interest in science and technology and loves to write articles on the latest gadgets and smartphones. He is also an avid manga reader and anime fan.

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73 Responses

  1. Imran butt says:

    very attractive 3000 mah battery. It will give excellent result . decent resolution of screen 540 by 960 not good as 720 by 1280 resolution phone,s.

  2. attiq says:

    it’s weight is going to be a bulk because of the Marathon Battery

  3. uzair says:

    yar 22000 kharch karna ka bad bhi resolution QHD mila to phir faida kia ha aur jitni bari screen hogi aur resolution kam hogi to utna hi ghtia lagai ga set

  4. Aamash says:

    Bro! which one will be better a900 or a700???

  5. uzair says:

    yar mera pass to g9 ha likn mujha qmobile ka aik set a900 hi thora behtar lagta ha agai tumhari socch

  6. uzair says:

    yar amash mera pass to g9 ha likn agar qmobile ka barai mei pkocho to a900 behtar ha thora likn g9 is best

  7. sajjad says:

    usman bhai please a500 ka battery backup and camera ka video review upload karen

  8. nomi says:

    usman bhai A600 ka full detail review kb kro gay, em curiously w8ing. . .

  9. Muhammad Aamash says:

    Please give a video review of Noir a900……
    I have been waiting for it………….
    Anxiously……..:) 🙂

  10. Omer says:

    Am very tensed knsa phone lu i hv 23 thousands and want a good mbile with features like a700 , tel me which is best wise shape and features .. A700 r a900 ar else s2 ,

    • Usman Malik says:

      A900 seems to be better then A700 .. But we havet reviewed both phones. There are some really cool phones coming from allmytech.pk in your budget. THL W200 forexample.

      • awais dost says:

        salaam sab dost kase hai muje ye batao k muje q.m a700 lina hai app sab ye batao ye mobil kasea hai me lielo k nahi usman bahi app hi batao do kasea hai acha hai bi k nahi

        • Usman Malik says:

          Awais .. if you want a bigger screen then I would say that g9 president is a better option in this price.. A700 looks more bulky , its has a qHD screen. however it does have a bigger battery

          • dear sir, which mobile should i buy V75, A550, A700, A900. Which one is best… Just say one of the them.. pleaz sir I am waiting for your answer..

  11. KHALIL says:

    Dosto according to my knowledge A700 is a best phone because its battery is 3000mah but it would be very good if it comes with HD screen except qHD.
    there is a game by Qmobile with customers that they are producing awesome phones but having feature lack in each phone like this diagram:
    a900 everything good but battery 1800mah that is not enough
    a700 everything good but qHD is not enough good
    same technically problem with other cells also that some having good battery, some having good display, if try to buy a phone a man is getting confuse to decide that which one to buy, like me . Help me dosto

    • shahzad says:

      yar kia karo gy hd qhd ko. itne set liye sub me charger sath rakhna parta he office waghera me. 3000mah battery aaj tak kisi ne nahin di. ek do feature agar kum hen to kia huwa. a700 is the best.

  12. Nouman Rifat says:

    I have just bought A700 because of it scree size, its the biggest in size from qmobile. Its awesome but there is a small bug. When you open camera for pictures it works good but when you switch it to video, the video goes too much darker(black) which is almost unviewable so while chatting on skype, your contact will see too much dark video of you, he almost can’t see you. I have tried other qmobile cells like A8 and it works very good in case of video so in A700 there may be hardware or developing bug 🙁

  13. Waleed says:

    can you please send me the link for A700 video review.

  14. Waleed says:

    and can we add a 3000mAH battery in A900?

  15. hacker's tech says:

    I want a custom rom (android 4.2.2) for qmobile 700…and i think every body here, making a issue about its qHd screen i think its not a big deal…

    • Ali says:

      Yes finally someone in this world who also wants a Noir A700 ROM, I have combed the Internet for ROM and there is not a single ROM that is available for A700

  16. Usama says:

    Which phone is better ” SGS 4 KOREAN version with eye and motion sensor” or ” NOIR A700″.
    PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer PLZ Answer.

  17. Mjhy nhii mila g- sensor is mai to ap logon ne q specs mai likha hai???? >:(

  18. Ehsan Khan says:

    Luv ur site.. luv the reviews.. plz review a700 n maybe a comparsion of a700 vs g9 they both are in phablet category

  19. Adnan Manzoor says:

    Bhai ye specification tu kisi bhi site se mil sakti hain, iska camera review or benchmark dekha den tu kafi behtar feel karun ga choose karny ma.

  20. saqib says:

    usman bhai qhd screen m heavy graphics games chl jatay hain?is k camera ka result kaisa h?plz plz plz reply,i want a mobile that can take good images in night or low light and front cam bhi acha ho,my budget is 20k
    plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply plz reply

    • Usman Malik says:

      Saqib in that budget I believe A900 has the best camera . But still its not a perfect camera for night pictures. yes qHD screens can show heavy graphics too

      • osama saleem says:

        yes.. there is a problem while using camera video with other apps like skype line etc.. while other phones are too good with these apps.. i am using bbz10 its also amazing.. even if one is spending 20 above for qmobile, spend it on bb.

  21. ibtisam anees says:

    hi sir usman. mere pass qmobile a700 hai. mgr jb mein call krta hu toh iski lcd off ni hoti jesa k baki sets meinbhots hai…. plx telll me about this..plz

  22. Salman Sarwar says:

    Sir I just wanted to inform an issue regarding A700 charging.. When ever i connect the charger to my a700. It give an estimation of 2 hours to charge but the problem is it takes around 4 or more hours to charge fully.. I have changed the chargers…charged it with the original charger aswell.. charged it through my laptop.. But still the issue persists.. The question is .. Whats wrong with it ? Should I sell it ? or get it check? will the warranty cover this issue ?

    Your authentic & quick feed back would be highly appreciated..

    • Usually Estimates are approximates and should be taken as such, there could be several reasons for such a time difference, unlike conventional feature phones, smartphones are continuously running some application or another and sometimes several of them meaning these applications are using battery power, and if you have your data connection or wifi on it will consume even more battery power causing it take to longer to charge up. To check if this is the case the next time you charge it, close down all applications from task manager, run a ram optimization app and turn off any data or wifi connection and then charge it. You will hopefully see an improvement in the time it takes to get charged.

      • Salman Sarwar says:

        Thank you for your quick feedback.. I did all that what you have told above but didn’t make any difference.. But today when i tried charging turning my phone off…it charged very quickly, in fact quite close to the estimates 🙂
        Now should I be worried ??

      • osama saleem says:

        sir i also have a battery issue. its charged good till 80% but rest 20% are cmpletd in just 5 min n also drop the same way.. why is this so?

        • Muhammad Irfan Mirza says:

          I dont know the exact problem but first i will tell you my problems i faced and their solutions:

          1. My a700 used to charge after more than 8 hours. The problem is that the data cable qmobile has provided with a700 is of very low quality. I purchased an adopter of 1 ampere and attached a 3mm high speed cable. From then, all my charging problem are over. Which means that the cable is of low quality 1,000%.
          2. The battery backup issue. After i bought the 3mm cable, i drain the battery once every week upto 3% and then fully charge the battery.
          3. Always charge your mobile while it is switched off for a perfect charging.
          4. When the mobile is 100% charged, switch on the mobile and charge it for further 10 minutes.

          After i followed these steps, what i have concluded is that the battery of this mobile is outstanding. If you want the exact and non stop android experience then Gionee Gpad G2 is the best (a700).

    • Muhammad Irfan Mirza says:

      Keep in mind that the data cable qmobile has provided with a700 is of a very low and cheap quality. I use a700 myself and after i purchased a 3mm high speed charging cable (data cable) with a 1 apmere 3 pin adoptet, my charging problemd are over.

  23. khurram says:

    Hi. I wanted to know about the data sim function. How to activate data sim (sim with internet options only) on A700?
    How can one start using data sim on this set?

  24. Ibtisamanees says:

    Hi. Sir plz qmobile a700 k liye android 4.2 ya 4.3 rom bnaien. . . .

    • Muhammad Irfan Mirza says:

      Go to QMobile service center along with your warrenty card. They will update your phone’s software to android 4.2

      • Ali says:

        They never do it, I got my A700 at 4.1.2 and when I bricked it while trying custom roms,I took it to them and they did 4.1.2 again plus there is no ROM available online for A700 so it can never be upgraded unless some blessed developer ports the custom ROM of Gionee Gpad G2 to A700, even though they are same phones buy roms don’t work

  25. ibtisamanees says:

    hi… sir usman kia nein kesi aur phone ki rom apny qmob a700 py install kr sakta hu??? mein a900 ki rom a700 py install krna chahta hu….plz btaein..??? aur kkia koi problem toh ni ho g

    • Muhammad Irfan Mirza says:

      A700 ki koi custom rom dunya may mojood nhi hai. Mera bhi a700 rooted hai. Service center say ye 4.2 may upgrade hojayega. Take your warranty card with you.

  26. waseem says:

    aoa.faisal bhai plz muje batein k mein q a700 mob lon ya q a600 ???? plzz reply

  27. salman says:

    Kindly plz tell me the procedure regarding activation of 3G on my A700… I am using telenor.. but how can I activate my 3G.. Is it the micro sim slot that is 3G enabled or the 2nd one?

    awaiting your prompt feedback brothers …

    • Muhammad Irfan Mirza says:

      You only have to go to sim settings and convert your network to 3g. Both sim slots can be accessed for 3g services

  28. shoaib says:

    kiya qmobile a700 ki battery qmobile a600 main fit ho sakti aur ya koi aur 3000mah ki battery jo qmobile a600 main adjust ho jaye. becuase the only issue with qmobile a600 is its battery timing.

  29. Muhammad Irfan Mirza says:

    Hello guys. I happened to purchase Qmobile A700 today and so far, its the best. What if some features are missing or are outdated? At least you all are getting everything inside! So please stop criticizing this innocent device…

  30. fahd says:

    I want to know step by step procedure of connection wifi on qmobile a700.

  31. Muhammad Irfan Mirza says:

    Help!!! Help!!! Help!!!

    Qmobile A700 is a brilliant budget phone. But i am continuously facing a problem. Is it a bug or problem? kindly explain:

    I have placed icons on my start screen. Whenever i restart or switch off and switch on again, every time i have to rearrange the icons and place them back to the start screen from the menu. Now, i am used to this daily exercise. Please guide me through this issue. Thanks!

    • Do a factory reset after backing up your data, once done, install an antivirus and keep it updated, if the problem does not get resolved take it to a Qmobile Sales and service center. A similar issue was reported on the A900 where icons duplicated for no apparent reason.

      • Muhammad Irfan Mirza says:

        Hello thank you for reply. I will do the same as you have directed. I will update you regarding this serious issue. Thanks!

      • Muhammad Irfan Mirza says:

        Hello. I have done a hard reset but the problem remauns the same. I have rooted my a700, but have no plans to install a custom rom and destroy my device. The purpose of mine rooting tge device was simply ti change the bootscreen and its tone. Which i successfulky did. But i haven’t planned ti present tge device in service center because i will nit place any icin on desktip. Thanks for your coorperation. I am running tge boitscreen of nexus..

  32. Muhammad Irfan Mirza says:

    Hello. Qmobile Noir A700 is a rebranded version of Gionee Gpad G2. Check details:


  33. Muhammad Irfan Mirza says:

    Hello. After using this mobile for about a month, some critical and normal problems that i am facing/ overcomed are:

    1. The stock launcher of A700 contains a bug. Everytime i restart the handset, all icons disappear. INSTEAD, I DELETED THE STOCK LAUNCHER AND REPLACED IT WITH NOVA LAUNCHER PRIME. Now, everything is fine.
    2. I am observing that it takes about 5.5 hours to charge a battery if below 25%. This is somehow insane. Even though i switch off the handset, the time it takes remain intact.
    3. If the battery level be 50% or above, it charges quickly (approx 2 hours). That means that for every 10% of charging, it takes about 30 minutes…
    4. I have installed DU Battery Saver PRO and it is safeguarding my phone very smartly.
    5 Finally… i want to tell that this mobile does not need a custom rom at all. If the users just install nova launcher, they will not remember the stock launcher at all!

    Thank You.

    • Ali says:

      Hi, first of all I’m so glad to find you, there are very few people with A700, anyway that battery charging issue is so true it take like forever to charge and I’m used to putting it on charge all the day and using it that way, however the S4 charging cable does improves it, it’s like 4hours charging from 5% to 100%.
      Anyway if you could please tell me any custom ROM available for A700, I know we can use Nova and theme it all the way, but I want to use some xposed modules that need 4.2 and above, I really need to know how you got 4.2, those guys at QMobile service centre don’t upgrade at 4.2 they install the same 4.1.2

    • Ali says:

      My biggest problem is I want to change the drop down status bar and quick setting to look like kitkat and that can’t be done on stock rom

  34. Rasheed jee says:

    Koi bhai btaye ga kia q a700 ka camera thek ho skta hy?result hi nhi hy dhundla sa ho gya hey .plz tell me03234253932

  35. ana says:

    how much tym it will take to fully charged?

  36. zain says:

    I press the option create new folder on my menu screen but every time i pressed that option some of my folders got hidden…Plz tell me how can i unhide them again..

  37. Fahd says:

    Assalam o alaikum,
    Please tell me urgently how to turn off proximity sensor of qmobile a700.
    Jazak Allah

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