Phablet Vs Smartphone

Phablet Vs Smartphone

What is the difference between Phablet and Smartphone?

Well to finally answer our valued visitors who have asked us time and time again “what is a phablet and how is it different from a regular smartphone?”, we decided to roll out this article.  We’ll try to answer the question in the simplest way possible.


 What is a Phablet?

The Phablet:

Phablet (phone + tablet) is considered a hybrid or merger of both devices whereby it has the added functionality of a cell phone to that of a tablet.  The Phablet has all the features of a tablet such as a touchscreen, stylus(optional), a on screen virtual keyboard, several sensors, and now Phablets are also coming with OTG functionality allowing for devices to be connected via USB.

Phablets usually have a larger screen size as compared to regular smart phones, there are several suggestions out there as to which size of a smartphone qualifies it to be considered a Phablet. The average screen size is considered to be between 5” and 7” but we are of the opinion that any screen size greater than 5” and capable of fitting in to your pocket is a Phablet. :-)

Why Phablets?

The opinion is, that regular Smartphones were great under 5” before their display and processing power was below HD and less than 1 GHZ respectively. But when these mini-computers started to touch on the realm of heavy duty gaming and multi-media, a change needed to be made. People wanted devices that would truly allow them to appreciate watching their HD content and maybe to share it with some friends. Same went for gamers, for the 1st time they had the opportunity to play PC level games on mobile devices, but a larger screen was required in order to truly allow for ease of playing and to appreciate the graphics detail on their device.

Another reason why a Phablet concept was necessary requires us to take the Tablet as an example:

If the Tablet can be considered as a compact form of the regular laptop, then we begin to realize why the next logical step was the Phablet.  Ask yourself this question is it easier to carry several different devices or a single compact device having multiple functionalities?

I remember a gadget enthusiast friend of mine would be carrying a laptop, a tablet and a cell phone. I’d always ask him if you have the laptop why do you need a tablet?  His answer would be well it’s less bulky, easier to hold and I can watch my favorite movies, play games or surf the internet on it.  The usage of the other two items is self-explanatory, but these days he only carries two devices, his laptop and his phablet.

Phablet Comparison

Future of the Phablet:

Almost all major smartphone manufacturing companies have launched a phablet of their own and are continually working on the concept, Samsung with their Note series, Samsung Mega and Grand phones,  Sony with their Z ultra, and Iphone is rumored to be launching iphones with larger screens. In the local tech market the Gfive President G9 and now following suit even Qmobile has entered the market with their Noir A700 smartphone.

Also as you will see in the video if you follow the link we have shown an example of OTG functionality, and if things go as they are, soon even laptops will be obsolete. You will have a compact pc with communication functionality that fits in your pocket and is compatible globally on cellular networks.



And Guess what there are even some clothing brands which are increasing the size of pockets to accommodate the larger phone sizes, it kind of gives you an idea of how much influence the Phablet concept has.

Now if even clothes are being designed around a device then you know the future is bright and strong. :-)


Sony Xperia Z Ultra Phablet

Note III Phablet

Samsung Galaxy Note III Phablet






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  1. Please give review of Gright inspire a380

  2. The line between a smartphone and phablets are fading away as most of the flagship phones have a screen bigger than 5″ now a days. A smartphone screen shouldn’t be bigger than 4.5″ in my opinion. And a phablet without a stylus is pointless

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