Online Shopping Experience in Pakistan

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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  1. Murtaza says:

    Can u tell me where i from can buy Xiaomi products specially latest Xiaomi phones. Like REDMI NOTE 3 or any way to import phones here in pakistan. as i want to buy REDMI note 3 but i m not getting any online pakistani shop who sell this

    • Usman Malik says: used to have xiaomi phones in Pakistan , but they are no longer selling them. You can maybe ask them if they will import it for you. Other safer option is to contact , they can import anything from anywhere in the world . They take some markup on the price. You can try them.
      Some people have also imported phones from but I dont have any personal experience in importing a phone from them.

      • Murtaza says:

        Yeah i ask allmytech but they refused to import that phone for me. and i emailed to homeshopping they are not responding. i know some chinese online stores they ship smartphones in pakistan but i m scared of import taxes and have doubt on loyalty of pakistan post office (WHAT IF I PAID TO THAT SITE AND THEY SENT THAT PHONE TO POST OFFICE OF PAKISTAN AND THEY DIDN’T DELIVER IT TO ME). now i m so confuse what i do :/

        • Usman Malik says:

          If you want to import from interntional sites . then aliexpress seems reliable. I have ordered some items from them and i will let you know my experience. ( Although I didnt order smartphone ) . But ordering smartphones has other complications. You have to get NOC from PTA for the phone that you are importing. Also If you do order get it shipped via DHL .
          The official custom duty for smartphones in Pakistan is Rs. 500- Rs. 1000 .. But you know they can charge extra whenever they want.

  2. telebrand says:

    beautiful collection …..thanks for share it

  3. Naveed ahmed says:

    Kaymu :::: is totally fraud. sellers sell wrong and very low quality product at online store.
    seller show branded product and send local or wrong product .in this case Kaymu says we will try to solve this issue.
    they are cheaters.

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