OnePlus One Review and Price in Pakistan

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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17 Responses

  1. Basit says:

    Sir G we are waiting for G10 feshion camera review but u r posting new reviews!!!!!!!

  2. from lg you have added goggle nexus 5
    but there flagship is lg g3 which has “Q HD” display
    due to display it becomes the best in the complete smartphones world
    and i think so that is the fare better than oneplusone

  3. obaid khan says:

    Dear usman bhai, if im not wrong, its official priceis us$299, then why its price is at higher side in pakistan market.???

  4. Qazi Saad says:

    Usman bhai , what do u think about Xiaomi M3 ?? it has almost the same specs as this one , and price is 31-32k at plz do a review of M3

  5. imran butt says:

    Not good as q z5

  6. Fahad says:

    Are xolo smartphones available in pakistan.

  7. imran butt says:

    A.O.A! DEAR usman YOU NEED TO make review of noir z5 (qualcom snapdragan 800) that have better specs than this one except ram. Which is not a big deal for us. Bcz benchmark result shows that z5 is even better than s4 and little bit low score than s5.
    plz atleast give response to my comments. I will very.v.v.v.v thankful to you.

  8. TABISH says:

    sir ap new reviews nae la rhe bhot din se plz do a review of z5 kindliy…. 🙂

  9. Areeb says:

    bhAIjan 😀 kia bat kar rAhe hO… Apni hi beizzati kArwa rahe hO… Q mobile jitna bhi bara mobile nikal wo sab k perOn k neeche hi rehtA hy… China hy wo… Ye cyanogen mod hy jo k q ne kabhi suna bhi nahi hOga… Or na hi us ka andriid update hota hy chacha :p :p ye kitkat hy + ab hojaega Lollipop android L..

  10. Haider says:

    Assalam 0 Alaikum

    Thanks bro for telling the price of this awesome smartphone and yes alot of people dont have any idea about smartphones bcz some people are saying that noir z5 is better than one plus one which is actually not true bcz one plus one has 2.5 quad core snapdragon 801 chipset which is coming in new expensive smartphones like samsung galaxy s5 and lg g3 and noir quatro z5 has 2.3 quad core snapdragon 800 processor which is not as good as one plus one and also one plus one has 3 gb ram which is more than samsung galaxy s5 and quatro z5 then tell me how come quatro z5 is better than one plus one.Obviously one plus one is far more superior than quatro z5 and i will buy one plus one instead of galaxy s5 and quatro z5 bcz its better than both of them…..

  11. Rana says:

    1+1 is a great mobile crashing badly the Elephants dominating in Markets all over the world snatching your money from your pockets and just giving you some plastic of 200grams making others fools !

  12. awais manj says:

    hi,,,,sir i want to know about blackbarry z10 plz tel me t8 how was t8,,,,i m intrested to but it??

  13. awais manj says:

    plz plz plz ,,,,,,,reply must……

  14. Fida says:

    I have this phone and believe this is best phone I have ever. I already used S5, I phones and others but this set is amazing. So fast I cant believe that. I strongly recommend this set……

  15. imran yousaf says:

    v very nice

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