Nokia X Unboxing

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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  1. Anonymus says:

    it has basically three interface , Nokia Lumia (Tile based, by default) , Then fast Lane from Aasha n then u can download Go Launcher app to get Android interface n then tap N launcher for the default tile based interface
    it has No Google play store but you can download Five 3rd Party app stores from Nokia Store given below are the five 3rd party app stores
    1 Mobile Market (600K +apps)
    Slide Me

    N i think hardware specs are also good as they are not using Media tech processor like other brands are doing ….

  2. Arsalan Ali says:

    Great work brother, was waiting for it…
    A question is every android app simply available and is it smooth for normal usage?

    • Usman Malik says:

      Nokia says 75% of the android apps can be installed. All the apps are not available in nokia Store but you can download other stores and get the apps from there. mobogenie is a huge store with many android apps , I am download all the apps from there and most of the apps and games in google playstore are available.
      Its ok for normal usage. Its a low budget smartphone so you cant expect it to be perfect but its pretty good in the price range.

  3. Anonymus says:

    hey , u can download any app available for android.
    as play store is not available , u can download offline installer from play store in the form of apk , then transfer it to sd card & install that app.
    So i think nonavailability of play store does not affect this phone functionality.
    N also u can download & install Pro apps from different torrent sites πŸ™‚

    Any query related this or any other Nokia Phones is appreciated πŸ™‚

  4. Zaki says:

    Usman Bhai nice short review …feels like nokia is planning to compete Chinese companies by launching low end fone ….they wont go for premium android Phones . They ll hunt down Chinese companies if they give something more (gud processors , display etc)…….but for Samsung , HTC this trick wont work…..

  5. ahsan says:

    Sir ap ya bta sakty ha k ap ya sub phone kha sa bye karty ha kon se website sa laty ha ya chiness phone kyo k ma na bee bye karna hai…

  6. Arsalan Ali says:

    Pakistan map not available in Here Maps, right? I’m talking about lumia phones.
    lumia 520 vs nokia x?

  7. Faisal says:

    Dear, usman bhai kindly make a review of Q Mobile Noir A550. I’m interested to buy it, but i really appreciate if u kindly review it.
    Some Gaming features, camera result and Performance wise also benchmarks..
    and kindly share which one is better Noir A20 or A550..

    Thanks.. πŸ™‚

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam, well we’ll try to do a hands on video review, till then you can check out the ZOPO ZP700 CUPPY review, it has the same hardware specs as the A550 except the ZOPO has a better display technology meaning IPS as compared to a regular LCD display. So it should give you can idea of how the A550 will perform.

  8. Zubair Farrukh says:

    Hello Usman Bhai please improve the video quality of your reviews and make it better also watch the Danny winget Reviews he play the music behind the reviews which is awesome. There are several things missing in some reviews and also watch the camera results which looks great I mean take the picture of flowers and other such things also low light pictures

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