Jiayu G4: Advance Vs Standard

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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10 Responses

  1. Shadab says:

    Appreciate the effort you are doing here. Keep up the good work. Love when you upload a video everyday!

  2. Kashif Manzoor says:

    Dear Usman bhai,

    Until now, you have done reviews of many android phone ranging from qmobile to different chinese brands.. I want to ask that up to date, which phone do you find the most remarkable one out of all the phones you have reviewed so far ???… Which phone stands first out of all ??.


  3. imran butt says:

    can i easily get g9 in 18000 rs from hafeez center ?????

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      According to Gfive the official price is 18K, so that’s the price you should get the phone at. If you can’t find it at that price or if they are charging you extra, then go to a Gfive outlet.

      • imran butt says:

        faisal jnb i finally got g9 in 18000 rs . only problem which i facing is camera video recorder. it can not catch much light but when i taking pics it can be catch much light . did u know the reason ?

        • Faisal Jaswal says:

          Well it is probably that way by default, if you go to settings change the exposure settings to +2 or +3 and you can also have the flash active during video recording, it should solve your problem.

  4. imran butt says:

    thanks for help ! today i Will going to hafeez center to get this phone . i checked it from hyper star market they are charging 22000 rs.

  5. kamal says:

    suggest a good quad core android phone within the budget of 30000 pkr,

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