What is the Difference Between IPS and AMOLED?

We have been getting many questions with regards to mobile display technology the most frequent one being what is the difference between IPS and AMOLED, so we decided we should write an article detailing the pros and cons of both and try to make it as understandable as possible.


comparison of amoled and ips screens shown on different brand of smartphones.

First off IPS:

IPS (in-plane switching) the technology was made primarily for LCD (liquid crystal display) to overcome the limitations of the regular LCD or TFT-LCD display, the problem with the regular display TFT-LCD was a slow response time, that means a degraded touch response and bad news for gamers as games usually require screens with good response times.

Another thing was a limited viewing angle, you could make out the screen if you’re looking at it straight ahead with a little variation, but move to the side a bit and you wouldn’t be able to see the screen…it was great for guys who’d be texting one girl while sitting with another… J  But now is the age of sharing is caring where you wanna show off what you’re watching…. so something had to be done…

IPS was the answer allowing for better response times meaning good touch response and better gaming. Also it allowed for a better viewing angle meaning you could watch the screen while having others watch it too…yippee!!

Here is a brief note down of the IPS technology:


  1. Better response time as compared to regular LCDs
  2. Better Color reproduction
  3. Better viewing angle
  4. Sharper Images


  1. Requires a stronger backlight
  2. More power hungry
  3. Screens (cell phones) are usually much more thicker (bulkier) due to backlight source


Left: IPS LCD , Right: Regular LCD

Left: IPS LCD , Right: Regular LCD




AMOLED or (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) is an upgrade to OLED, this tech basically consists of organic compounds which when are introduced to an electric charge produce luminosity or light. AMOLED was the tech that allowed for smart-phones to become even sleeker, basically since it does not require any backlight as compared to its IPS counterpart it is less bulky.  At the same time it provided better viewing angles and better contrast as compared to the simple LCD. The main factor that really set apart the AMOLED was its power consumption, it uses less battery power as compared to the IPS tech or regular LCDs.

Here is a Sum UP of AMOLED tech:


  1. No Backlight Required
  2. Screen is slimmer, less bulky phone
  3. No backlight, less battery usage, greater battery life
  4. Great Contrast


  1. Difficult to produce, more expensive tech
  2. Images Not as sharp IPS
  3. Less Bright as compared to IPS, so less daylight visibility
  4. Display Colors Degrade over time.



The funny thing about technology is that it’s always advancing in one way or another and sometimes its so fast that you’re always trying to catch up, for example you probably just bought the most advanced smartphone in the world and a couple of months later some other company or maybe even the same launches an even more sophisticated device. The same way display tech is also dependent on other tech, and it has to continuously evolve to cope up with the new processors and gpu which allow for faster refresh rates and better color processing. As we write this article there is a Super IPS display tech already developed to counter the cons of the IPS tech and a Super AMOLED to counter the cons of the AMOLED tech.

So when you reach that Super stage as in most high end devices it gets really difficult to point out visible differences as both are trying to overcome their drawbacks…..



In a general summary we can say that…….

IPS is known for its better color production, cheap cost of production, better daylight visibility, sharper image quality and higher resolution support

AMOLED screens stand for better battery life, slimmer and sleek design, greater contrast, darker blacks, and better response time.


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49 thoughts on “IPS Vs. AMOLED

  1. my question is my phn is having ips screen type with 12mp camera..but clearity is not good…so is there any prblm with my screen or anything else…

    • Apologies for the late response, IPS screen should have exceptional detail and clarity, tell me are you facing this with issues when you look at pictures taken from your phone’s camera or are you facing this problem when watching any movie or game play? Also another factor is PPI if your device’s screen has a low pixel density your videos along with the pictures will seem pixelated. A pixel density of 240 and above is good.
      If its not that and the problem lies with the camera pics then I suggest you have the camera checked out otherwise if you face this problem during watching hd videos or pictures, then have the device checked by it’s manufacturers sales and service center.

    • Dear Mahi, I am also using LG Optimus IPS display mobile and i dont have any problem in bright sunny light outside. Some camera tweaks can solve your problem or may be depends on the quality of IPS panel.

  2. The main problem I have with my AMOLED screen (Samsung Galaxy S3) is screen burn. I frequently play Ingress and now several of the game’s UI elements are permanently displayed over everything else.

  3. Dear Writer,
    That’s really a very very well written information about IPS, LCDs and Amoled screens. The design and the language used is very very helpful. It is informed the way it should have been informed. Thanks a lot.

    samir khan – Proprietor, Computer Institute.

  4. Dears,

    I have to admit that this article is excellent due to its simplicity and information mentioned was highly professionally arranged and focused.
    Thank you very much for your time and effort.
    Best regards.

  5. I am using both IPS & Amoled display mobile handsets, and i would recommend IPS panel because it has great colour reproduction as compared to amoled. In strong and bright sunny light outside, my ips gives me hassel free working of screen but in amoled i cant see my stuff, its very dull. Images are very much sharper and clear in IPS panel compared to amoled. This articles gives the true information that Amoled is only made to give better battery life but not sharper and clear image output compared than IPS. So guys go for IPS Panel.

  6. This is a very helpful article. Well i think ips vs amoled really depends on user preference, I really love having darker blacks on my screen and which in turn gives alot more battery life especially whenever im using darker wallpapers. i dont really mind the less sharper images compared to the ips. but IPS display really do look good. Im a heavy user so i do need a few battery life to get through the day, so i’ll go for amoled. :)

  7. IPS is better, therefore I bought the Nokia Lumia 920 instead of the 925. I tested several AMOLED devices and never liked the oversaturated and unnatural colours, also these displays appeared all to be less sharp than IPS or LCD. I also avoid cameras with AMOLED displays.
    I don´t care about the rendition of black but of other colours, otherwise I could also use a monochrome display. Battery life is ok, it´s not only the display that reduces running time.

  8. Sir konsa cell purchase karun Qmobile A750 ya Samsung galaxy S3 mare need gaming or dark may movies ha or basic problem display ke ha.

  9. So what would you prefer? amoled or IPS? Which is better? So which is which?

  10. Ips is better due to its bright and clear colour reproduction than amoled and its also cheap

  11. I prefer the IPS display. It has more vibrant colour reproduction. Brighter display in sunlight as compared to amoled screens. Moreover amoled screens tends to wear out its colour over time. The LCD screen is known for producing natural colours while the amoled produce over saturated colours making it look unnatural.

  12. SOME admin on other pages says that noir i9 is not an IPS. What do u say? by your experience

  13. Hello dear

    thank you very much for this great opportunity.
    now i have a clear understanding about ips screen and AMOLED SCREEN
    i had a galaxy s4 and S3, and the bad things about the AMOLED SCREEN That i noticed on those phone is , the screen start turning yellow with the time. Like the screen was getting old and was losing brightness.

  14. Sir

    Please suggest the best device among SONY XPERIA Z2, SAMSUNG S5 AND APPLE 5S

    i have at least 3-4 hrs of daily talk and 24 hrs 3G, with excessive mail usage and social website use (chatting).

    currently using i 4 APPLE found good in use but limitation of full feature application download as compared to android.
    Small screen to use.
    low battery backup, need to charge again after half day.

    I need reason for why i should not go for 5S and choose samsung or sony (android,feature, size, usage, practicality)

    Please advice on one, i should go with, considering above…

    • Well, I don’t actually want to put down the apple 5s, because it has a completely different OS, so you really cannot put a comparison between an Android device and an IOS one. People have complained that it uses up too much battery, but the thing with 3G, it uses up alot of battery as well, so I can’t say that you’ll not have to recharge your android device at least twice in a twenty four hour period. Although the thing that I will say is that 5s does not have great value for money, people pay insanely high amounts for a relatively featureless device, in comparison to lets suppose the s4 or the s5. the shashka you get with S5 features costs less than if you would like to get the same with an APPLE device by buying its accessories.

  15. Great and deep with the simple to understand examples of ips v.s amoled lcd. After reading this comparison I think, IPS is more better than AMOLED as I am focusing on its Long Life, Day light visibility, sharper images and higher resolution support…

  16. I am using Lumia 920. This month it was updated to Windows 8.1 version. After updating the OS the phone as become slow and a yellow tint is appearing on the top margin of the screen. Please let me know if it is a software issue or a hardware issue.

  17. Moto-g(2nd gen) or lumia 730
    im damn confused to buy which mobile ,plz sugest me………

  18. Moto-g(2nd gen) or lumia 730
    im damn confused to buy which mobile ,plz sugest me………

  19. I want to buy moto X 16gb, every thing is perfect in this phone but only hitch is there which the display.
    this phone having Amoled screen and i have never used the IPS screen. so please suggest should i buy or in the same range which mobile is better.

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