Infinix Hot Note Video Review

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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14 Responses

  1. abu bakar says:

    noir z8 video review

  2. abu bakar says:

    noir z8 vs galaxy grand prime which mobile is best for camera and gaming

    • M RaheEl QaisRani says:

      according to me z8 is better for gaming bcz both of the phones have same processer but z8 has 2gb of ram also its camera is better….

  3. Amir says:

    Does infinix hot note support otg

  4. azim says:

    Correction plz, its weight is 170 gms instead of 370 gms and it supports OTG. I personally using it.

    • Usman Malik says:

      Thanks for the correction on weight . however We couldnt use OTG on our unit. We tried using a mouse with the phone but it didnt work. Maybe we have a faulty version.

  5. Ahtesham says:

    kindly give noir z8 plus review..

  6. Mrs. Nabil says:

    I want to buy this mobile. the main thing I want to know the selfie or front camera results of this camera. can you guide me with that.

  7. Khizar says:

    Hello usman bhai, i am going to buy an infinix zero 2 but i would really like to see a revoew of it by you before buying ? Are you doingbit anytime soon ?

  8. Ahmed Ur Rehman says:

    I have been using this phone for about 7 months now. I wanted to buy a set ranging around 15k. Finally decided to buy Infinix X551 rather than a used S4. The best decision of my life. This set is a beast considering its price. If used correctly you could use it for almost anything. I have played all heavy games including Sanandreas, Liberty Cities, Mostwanted, NFS No Limits, Modern Combat 4, Asphalt 8, Portal, HalfLife, Fahrenheight, CoD Strike Team, NOVA, FIFA 14-16 etc and i have never felt a stutter.
    The developer support is also quite good.
    Hotspot, OTG and 3g works flawlessly.
    The camera is not good but not too bad for a 12k phone.
    You may feel lag if the storage is low or you have installed too many apps. This problem can be eliminated by removing the bloatware and lighting up the space and ram.
    I have installed cyanogen rom and it runs like a gazelle.

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