Huawei Ascend G700 Review and Specs

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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15 Responses

  1. Arsalan says:

    When is is the video review coming out ??

  2. wikisherpao says:

    price kia hai s set kei? nd tell me one thing more.q a900 behtar hai ke yeh set?

  3. Shariq Jamil says:

    Mr. Usman I really love your reviews on this website. You are a man with great insight which really help us users a lot. I have a couple of questions for you. I am confused between Huawei G700 and Qmobile Z3. Both are almost the same price and specs. Performance wise and quality wise, which one would you recommend? Also, I have not experienced any Qmobile or Huawei cell phone before so please tell me as a company, which one has more respect in the market because I have heard a lot of people saying that Qmobile or Huawei phones are just good for 3 or 4 months.

    Anxiously waiting for your reply.

  4. Raza says:

    Why would you prefer a moto g over a huawei?

    • Shariq Jamil says:

      Mr. Usman I was wondering the same. Have heard a lot of good things about Huawei. Could you please elaborate on why would you prefer Moto G over Huawei?

      • Usman Malik says:

        Moto G has a quad core snapdragon processor. Which is twice as fast as the processor that huawei uses. Thus much better performaance. Also you will get regular software updates on moto g. Plus if you decide to root , you can find custom roms for it easily.

        • raheel says:

          Hi usman can you pls tell me the camera performance in night and indoor .I am planning to buy this set but confused because of indoor camera result.previously I had y511 its camera result in night was pathetic .pls reply

  5. Muhammad Waqas says:

    AOA Mr. Usman.
    Can you suggest me which mobile should i buy among Q A750, Huawei Ascend G700, Galaxy Grand Neo and Sony Xperia C. i’m really confused. kindly help me out

  6. Awais says:

    Bro.. Kindly tell me which is better Galaxy S3 or Huawei G700 and why? As i have read diff opinions that s3 have diff bugs and less battery time as compare to Huawei G700.

    Looking forward for your kind and quick response.


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