Huawei Ascend G510 Video Review

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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79 Responses

  1. Hasnain Kanji says:

    Which one will u recommend b/w Noir A9 & Huawei Ascend G510 ?

  2. sami ullah says:

    awesome review..thanks for uploading

  3. Munim says:

    thanks for the review. looks like a good phone

  4. arsalan says:

    great review usman.
    few question thou:-
    1. g510 have notifiction/status light which notify miss call or sms?
    2. its have DLNA?

    One request
    plz do a video review comparing g510 vs noir A9


    • Usman Malik says:

      Yes It has the notification light. which has different colors for different notificatios.
      It also has DLNA feature, which others phones have this ? do you know ?

      • attiq says:

        DLNA is a software based feature it is used to stream media content via wifi to a wifi enabled device such as hdtv with dlna
        If any android device lacks this feature just download skifta from play store for free

  5. Munim says:

    what about its battery timing?


    About notification lite so bro my galaxy s 3 allso therez 4 or 5 colors lite in it.but in my noir a2 only 1 green color lite ….Any way bro going 2 buy this nice set v soon 4rm pak in sha allah .cuz here n saudi arabia this phones price is realy higher thn pak.N nice Reveiw bro thnx..

  7. Ali Raza says:

    In my opinion, A9 has some serious advantages over this phone:
    1. HD Resolution
    2. 8MP camera having BSI and the capacity to capture high resolution videos
    3. Dual Sim
    4. And not to say the least, better customer care then Huawei

    Hence, I feel that my decision of going for A9 is a good one!

  8. MAZZ says:

    bhai ap a9 ya g510 mai se kise rec0mend kare gay?
    and plz also tell me
    if go for n0ir then from a9 to a12, which is better?

  9. Asad says:

    Sir Asad Is Here Sir Please Tell Me What I Buy Iphone 4 Lumia 620 Or Sensation XE I Don’t Buy New Iphone 4 I Think Its Price Is Not On 25k To 27k I buy On 10/10 Condition So I Know There Is Three Diffrent Platforms I Mean IOS, Android, Windows Phone Please Tell Me What I Buy Please Reply Must.

    • Usman Malik says:

      If you have budget of 25K , then think about samsing s2 plus as well. I hear good reviews about that phone. windows OS is good no doubt but it lacks some of the apps which i frequently use , and doesnt have too many games as well. It might however work for you.

      • Asad says:

        Sir Now My Rang Is Up I Buy 28 To 30 Please tell Me What Is Better For Me HTC ONE X Or HTC ONE S I Choose One S I Buy A New And I Buy A One X I Buy Abroad USe Mobile Tell Me What I buy Reply Must

        • Usman Malik says:

          Buy HTC One X.
          Other phones in your range can be
          samsung s3 mini
          samsung s2 plus
          samsung galaxy nexus.

          • Asad says:

            Sire Thank You Fir Reply!!!!!
            You Said HTC ONE X And Tell Me I Deside To Buy A One X But I Have A Confusion Between Two OS I Deside To Buy A ONE X But I Like Iphone 4s Its Better For Me Tell I Should Buy Android Phone I Go To For ONE X But What About Iphone 4s Please Reply Its A Good Phone.

          • Usman Malik says:

            I am a iOS fan. So i would recommend 4s. but its your preference, which OS you want to go for.

          • Asad says:

            Sir I Ask To My Dad To Buy A Mobile For Me I Said Price To Dad But My Dad Said I Dont Buy 30k+ Mobile For On 30k I Find A Better Option Its HTC ONE S Here Th Full Details On This Price Under 30k Iphone 4G 16,32 GB Version On 10/10 Condition Is Available But Iphone 4G Dont Have A Perfect Camera Its Good but not Perfect You Have Also Iphone 4G i Need Perfect Camera And Perfect Build Quality Mobile So I Choose The HTC ONE S Because I Am A Gamer Some Weeks Before You Also Said Me I Buy A 1GB Ram Mobile Minimum Its Perfect Mobile So What Is You Advice About HTC ONE S And Iphone 4G Because You Have Also A Iphone 4G Its Better Reply Must!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Usman Malik says:

            Go for HTC One S .. Looks like a good phone.

          • Asad says:

            Asalam Alaikum!!!

            Sir Tell Me What Is Better And What Phone Alive For Minimum 2 Years.
            1.Iphone 4s 16GB
            2.HTC ONE S
            3.HTC ONE X
            Reply Must Please Sir.

          • Usman Malik says:

            Its a very tough competition among these phones. First question to ask yourself is that if you want iOS or Android ? I am personally an iOS fan. The quality of iOS is far better then android. iOS is much more matured OS then android. iPhone 4s has a premium finish. Glass and steel body. but 4s is already one generation old, iphone 5 is current. iPhone 5s or 6 will be coming in few months. But this doest mean that your iphone 4s will not work for two years. It will I have iphone 4 and it still beats many new android phones easily.

            HTC One X is a Quad core processor. ( more powerful then 4s ) , bigger screen , Simultaneous HD video and image recording, Android does have more free games then iOS and has its own advantages over iOS.

          • Asad says:

            Asalam Alaikum Sir!!!!!!!

            Sir Can You Tell Me What Is Better On This Like Better Camera Better Color Better Gaming Please Tell Me.
            1.Iphone 4s 16GB
            2.HTC ONE S
            3.HTC ONE X

          • Asad says:

            Sir What Your Choose I buy One x???? Or Not buy 4s???? I Know IOS Is A Diffrent Platform But Last You Can Say What Your Final A One Choose I Know One X A Bigger Screen And HD Display And Its QuadCore Whats Better On Your Opinion

          • Usman Malik says:

            Asad, choosing OS is your personal choice. But if you ask me .. I would say iOS is better then android

          • Asad says:

            I Also like IOS But Specs Wise I Like One X And I Deside IPhone 4s And Tell Me About 16GB Version New Price Tell A New Iphone 4s 16GB Price

          • Asad says:

            You Need Any Kind Of News Of Mobiles Like Price,Roms,Customizing Software Tell Me.I Will Help You Add ME Please

  10. Munim says:

    does the g510 have tv output?

  11. ahmed says:

    does it have NFC???

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Unfortunately the one launched in Pakistan does not; but those abroad do have the NFC function along with android beam.

  12. Munim says:

    So which one do you think is better then.. A9 or G510 and how??
    kindly please tell.

  13. aarish says:

    usman bhai does it support vibe and skype fine because i have listened many reviews about this that it is not good for viber and skype…..voise problem

    • aarish says:

      replay plz

    • Usman Malik says:

      We have briefly checked skype and viber and it was fine. The quality of viber and skype depends on your internet speed / WIFI signals

      • aarish says:

        Usman bro i have checked it on gsmarena and there are many reviews that this mobile has very less voice during the call….and the voise is also not clear….in call sound is very low ….and does not viber latest version ………………….i personaly liked the phone but the reviews abt this have created confusion in my mind……i am asking from u because u r regular user of this mobile phone so plz replay and tell…….thankz ……………………..And The REview Is Also Awesome..

  14. kashan says:

    please tell me which one is better noir a12 or huawei g510 in term of camera ,battery and screen quality ???

  15. aarish says:

    Usman bro i have checked it on gsmarena and there are many reviews that this mobile has very less voice during the call….and the voise is also not clear….in call sound is very low ….and does not viber latest version ………………….i personaly liked the phone but the reviews abt this have created confusion in my mind……i am asking from u because u r regular user of this mobile phone so plz replay and tell…….thankz ……………………..And The REview Is Also Awesome..

  16. sohail says:

    salam .bro huawei g510 black color mai available hy pakistan mai?

  17. Iffat says:

    I have problem using G510. During the regular call looks like mic goes off after few seconds and the person on the other end cannot listen to the voice. Pls advise is this phone problem or software issue?

  18. Paras says:

    You Should review xtouch phones too..

  19. kamran says:

    Plz sujest me n0ir a9 or g510? MY priorities or 1>Display clearity.. 2>skyp video caling fr0m sim card.. 3>Battry timing

  20. munabhai says:

    Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 is a sim card and if the player is gprs and suported reply plz sir

  21. rasoolbux says:

    Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 is a sim card and if the player is gprs and suported reply plz sir

  22. Rohaan says:

    Usman bhai can it be upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2 jelly bean…??

  23. Omar says:

    Usman Bhai! Could u please upload the vido of Huawei Ascend Y300? Also pls advise that which one is better Y300 or G510…..waiting for your reply.

  24. Sagor Barua says:

    Does Huawei g510 support 720p video. In many website it shows that it can record video at 720p . But some website shows that it can record videos only 600×480 on VGA . Now I’m so egger to know that Does this phn really support 720p video. If it couldn’t , is there any application that I can play video of 720p or Record video…
    Please Notice me. Because I really want to buy this phone..

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      The G510 does not play HD video, you can try software mode on MXplayer but it is not certain that you will get the desired quality.

  25. RAna UmaRr says:

    Qmobile A500 Acha HAi YA Huawei G510 PLzz Telll MEe

    • Rohaan says:

      huawei g510 far better than qmobile a500.. its graphics n speed n plays heavy games very smooth with 512 ram its amazing:-)

  26. fizza says:

    em using HUAWEI ASCEND G510, i installed viber on my phone but callers are unable to hear my voice, but i hear them, whats the problem? PLzz hlp me

  27. furqans pho says:

    i really want to buy this phone so can anyone please tell me is this phone good for my usage because i usually use fb,twitter,skype,viber and browsing thats all so can u please tell me if this phone is able to keep up with my usage ?? please anyone

  28. muhammad faisal says:

    kia is mei OTG ka support haii ?

  29. jameel says:

    is me otg support hai kia ?

  30. adnan says:

    HUAWEI ASCEND G510 main asphalt 8 chalie gi

  31. Jahangeer says:

    BHAI,Please do also review of newly interduced HUAWEI G610 in the martket.

  32. abdul majid says:

    bhai ye direct usb means (otg) supported hai kia?

  33. majid says:

    but huawei asced g510 support to karta hai na otg function?

  34. S. A. Chaudhry says:

    Model is perfect, but i bought it for Skype and Viber..both are running excellent. For Viber one needs to install older version as new version troubles. This link could help in finding older version of Viber https://www.dropbox….viber.voip..apk

  35. muhammad ahmed says:

    hello mr Usman Malik

    i want to ask you that which will you re-command among the following android for gaming (light and heavy games), social media apps, book reader, ms office, internet browsing and please tell me the available internal memory for apps of all the sets

    Q mobile Noir A900
    huawei G610s
    huawei G510
    Noir i9
    voice V60
    vocie V65

  36. kamraan says:

    plz tell me…..huawei g510 mai asphalt 8 game chal skta haiiiii

  1. April 29, 2013

    […] I have done the video review of huawei G510. you can view this at my new website. […]

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