Huawei Ascend G510 unboxing pictures

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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106 Responses

  1. abrar says:

    usman bhai dual sim ha na yeh? plz update video review as early as possible….thank u so much for ur work πŸ™‚

  2. khalid hamid says:

    Usman bhai plz tell me, is its processor MTK or qualcomm?

  3. noman says:

    Asslam o alikum..Usman bro I visit ur website 1st time and i found it the best bcoz of ur replies and ur personal info.

    I have Noir A10 its touch is really awsum i wana ask that Wht about My Qus is That what abt the touch of Huawei G510 and also battery..?

    • Usman Malik says:

      Thanks for the compliments. I just got this set today. Its screen is very responsive, pretty much like Noir A9. I dont know about the battery performance yet. Will update on that later.

  4. noman says:

    Sir G again Thnx for ur quick Reply..

  5. noman says:

    Can I Buy this mob Online from huwai Official webiste ?

  6. Ali Khatak says:

    Congrats Usman Bhai πŸ™‚

  7. noman says:

    bro did u buy it from hiwai facebook aap ? should i buy from there? in 14,600?

  8. noman says:

    i hv send pre-ordered detail fro fb app..

  9. abrar says:

    but at gsm arena they have mentioned it as dual sim

  10. Al-shaikh sultan says:

    Oups!!!!so its not dual sim set ..

  11. AL_SHAIKH SULTAN says:

    yah 8 every website. like whatsmobile gsm arena etc ..that it has mini dual sim …

  12. talha says:

    which one is better a10 or g510 ….?

    • Usman Malik says:

      So far i think g510 is better .. I am still testing it out

      • Gurjot kaur says:

        Hi sir
        i recently bought Huawei Ascend G510..i just bought it coz my previous android phone does not support voip calls…but when i used voip on Huawei Ascend G510 its works, but my voice to the receiver was not clear at all..however i can here from other side but they can’t here mine …plz have me my solution

        • are you using it over wifi or gprs,edge, 3g? you should not have a problem over wifi unless there is a lot of load on the particular wifi you are using or the internet connection is slow. also another factor can be that the person you are talking to has an issue, so there can be many factors…

          • Asad says:

            Dear Faisal,

            I am interested in buying this phone.

            The prime reason for buying it is for skype video call. Can you please suggest your opinions about its video quality ? I am waiting for your reply.

  13. Sam says:

    Please update us with its battery timing. And also can you please test viber/skype? I heard y300 and g510 has issues with Voip calling.


  14. sami ullah says:

    can it play games like asphalt 7, modern combact 3 and 4???

  15. Ali Khatak says:

    Salam Usman Bhaii, we are waiting for your video review.

  16. Ali Khatak says:

    Ok Thanks, will be waiting…

  17. talha says:

    Huawei Y510 china set hy like others mobile. huawei mobile ki accessories available nhi hain or jo hain bhi uski price bohot bohot ziada hain. huawei vision ki LCD 8000Rs ki sirf. mobile to acha hy but na resale value hy , na accessories hain , or AIRLINK COMMUNICATION ki warranty service bhi bohot hi ghattiya hy, software k liy se do to 20 din baad to phn detay hain yeh log. kia faida aisi service ka. ..what you say usman bhai

    • Usman Malik says:

      Talha, this is the first time i am going to use huawei. Although its a chinesse brand but i hope its better then rebranded phones. Baaki support ka no idea. Airlink did deliever me the phone free of charge and gave 2000 discount too. The person who delivered seemed nice too. Baaki aghar koi masla hoa tu phir pata lagey ga

  18. talha says:

    usman bhai plz yar apni website ka logo tu size kam karen half tu yeh page pe hai

  19. Al-shaikh sultan says:

    Ok ..but dear Usman bro.Actully her allso In KSA N in UAE i mean K.all over Gulfin countryis allso huawei compnies or provider i askef thim.n thy allso says that thy allso got A single sim set same g510..but price is so highr thn pakitan .19000pak rupi.but plz if u tel me which one of thys r best..Sony Xperia U or Huawei g510 plz reply dear Usman bro..thnx πŸ™‚

    • Usman Malik says:

      Sony Xperia U has a smaller screen ( 3.5 inch ) but better PPi ( 280 ) G510 has 218 ppi.
      Xperia U has more 8 GB on board memory. Huawei g510 has 4 GB
      Xperia U is upgrable to only ice-cream sandwich and huawei comes with jelly bean.
      Xperia U has 1.0 ghz dual core . Huawei has 1.2 ghx dual core.
      Huawei has a bigger battery then Xperia U

  20. Talha Khan says:

    which one is best A9 or g510??

  21. Ali Raza says:

    Dear Brother,

    Congrats on your new find, but what is the status of its warranty and after sales services, are they actually more reliable than Qs?

  22. Al-shaikh sultan says:

    So dear thats mean k i have 2buy this set bater thn Xperia U N battr thn Q mob A9.. ^_^

  23. Al-shaikh sultan says:

    But what about the price of this set..???

  24. talha says:

    usman bhai we need to unbox or review on qmobile noir a10 .

  25. Hassam says:

    Is g510 have good sound in earphone and without earphone?
    Is it have compass?
    Is GTA works?
    Is it screen color better than Wildfire S ?
    Is it support Flash player?
    Is it have Flash and what about 720P vedio ?

  26. Hassam says:

    Is it support Flash player?

  27. almas says:

    is me youtube, skype, whatsapp chlti hen??? and kia is me themes changes hoti hen??? waiting for u’re ans

  28. azhar farooq says:

    usman bhai bht confusion ha qmobile a11 ma ur huawei g510 ma plz recommend kre with benifits plz reply.
    ur ye b btye k kis set pa sim se skype acha chalta ha?

  29. Asif says:

    1:video call ka result A9 ka acha hai ya iska?
    2: is me brrip movies 720p mx player per chalti h ya nahin?
    3: battry backup iska acha hai ya a9 ka?

  30. Munim says:

    can u please tell which one is better.. g510 or a9? and also why?

  31. Sami ullah says:

    does it have NFC??

  32. Mrs Khan says:

    I bought g510 but es ka sab se bara masla es ka software hai… baar baar phone halt hojata hai n phir on b nai hota foran, kabhi tu on he nai hota, agar hojae tu error msg deta hai k update expection, EMMC read only… lekin kuch dair baad phir on hojata hai… es ka koi solution bataen

    • Usman Malik says:

      I am not experiencing this problem with my G510, Try doing a factory reset. I do experience lags but it doesnt require me to restart the phone. Also I am not getting the EMMC read only error ..

  33. Danish Iqbal says:

    I also have G510, when i play Subway Surfers for around 5 to 10 mnts, 20 to 30% of battery discharges, is it normal?

  34. Aarish says:

    Usman bhai does it have skype or viber problems plz replay……..or it works fine

  35. Aarish says:

    Usman bhai does it have skype or viber problems plz replay

  36. Joe says:


    i bought G510 based on reviews here, and i installed Skype, but the video call is not working, and this was the main reason i’m buying smartphone, kindly advice.

  37. Vahid says:

    Hi Usman,
    I have difficulty using viber on this phone.I experience one way speech every time I call.Any suggestion?or better have u used viber successfully?
    I use WiFi for internet connectivity.

  38. Osama says:

    Hi guys,

    Suggestion about laggy default emotionUI: get rid of it and disable huawei widgets frm apps in ettings. Will greatly reduce lag. Use nova launcher with disabled wallpaper scroll or zeam launcher. Greatly speeds things up. For browser, dolphin the fastest, better than chrome and default. for dialer and contact, use ex dialer app instead of default.

    All these changes have made huawei very smooth for me. Battery is v. Good on standby and normal use. Can’t play 720p which is unfortunate as even my galaxy s1 could play it smoothly. Overall, g510 best value for money. After discounts and negotiations you can easily get the set for 15-16k.

  39. Adeel Ahmad says:

    Assalam-o-alaikam. Usman brother, which mobile is better g510 or Noir a12 ? Please reply fast.

  40. Fahad Ali Khan says:

    Main ajj hi Market gaya ta For Y 300. But shopkeepers nay bohut bura bola Huawei kay baray main … They almost Forced me to buy Qmobile instead Huawei … I got confused or main koi bi set nahi lay paya .. resale ka Or performance ka issue bata rahay tay Market main … Can u plz guide me .. Y 300 Or A7 …. Or increased my range for A9 …. Plz … Kal ya parson main i have to buy my phone … Need ur Help πŸ™‚ …

    • Fahad Ali Khan says:

      Dear Usman Bro Waiting 4 ur response πŸ™‚

    • Usman Malik says:

      Noir A9 is definitely better then Y300 or A7. I have used huawei G510 and I didnt find any serious issue with the phone performance wise. There were however some lags which you will experience in A9 as well.

  41. sunny B says:

    usman bhai, a12 is better or G510. and which set can play games like GTA, NOVA 3, FL Commando etc. and which sets camera result is better. reply fast,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  42. sunny B says:

    reply plz

  43. Jisad says:


    i am facing a problem with my ascend g510. when i am making voip calls ,microphone is not working. it is working fine for other calls. please help me to solve this issue.

  44. Alishba says:

    Bro, since the Q mobile has launched A600 and it seems good in specs. can u plz suggest me should I go for this phone or any other set. also suggest me should I buy A600 or A11?? plz I need to buy phone ASAP

  45. awais says:

    just tell me bettery timing .??

  46. Ali akhtar says:

    should i buy nokia lumia 520 or huawei g510???? which one is better???

  47. Srinivasan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I brought Huawei y300. But skypee is working. Viper and voip calls only problem. Other party is not hearing our voice. I was hearing his voice clearly.

    could you please solve this problems

  48. shahoz says:

    sir usman….kindly let me knw does it supports skype video calls ,,,,aap nay khud chala k dekha h?does skype from the play store suppports video call on it…using front camera…plz reply….

  49. ZEESHAN AHMAD says:

    Dear Usman,

    I want to buy this mobile.
    A general guidance is required from you about this mobile phone.


  50. Muhammad Zubair says:

    does this phone has notification light for missed calls or sms??

  51. Aminah says:

    AOA bhai kese hain… i am willing to buy G510 huawei . can u tell is skype working on it ???

  52. Aminah says:

    ap kia suggest krty o a-10 ya g510 πŸ™ please help me …

  53. Saad Sadiq says:

    Assalamwalikum, I want to know that how to move apps that are stored in internal memory to SD card (External Memory) ??

  54. yasir says:

    Usman bhai huawei g510 main sim se video call karne ki option hain kya?

  55. sumeera says:

    AOA..sir i hv huawei g 5, bt it doesnt play online videos…wt shd i do…? says u dnt hv adobe flash player..thnx..also plx tell how to move apps to SD card…thnx alot

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam, get boat browser app you will be able to play flash videos in that, as flash is not supported by Android by default. You have to change storage options in settings to SD Card by default.

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