Huawei Ascend G510 Camera result : Video

Hello Everyone.

I am posting today the video result of Huawei Ascend G510. I was little disappointed about this because its camera only support VGA videos upto 640 x 480 res. I was expecting it to be 720p atleast. But then again its a low budget phone. The quality is not that bad.

Also there arent any options available for video recording like they are in other android phones  like time lapse , color effects , saturation, color , brightness , hue, microphne on/off  settings. I dont know if they stripped those options from there emotion UI ?

I will post the still camera results in a separate post.

Here is the video sample of Huawei G510 Camera

Huawei G510 camera review : Video from usman ahmed on Vimeo.

18 thoughts on “Huawei Ascend G510 Camera result : Video

  1. But dear Usman bro i think 8 price of 16000 its batter video result

      • hi.. i just bought g510..but i am confused because playstore is not working, wifi was was connected..but it ddnt work..if i have to download some apps what to do plz tell

        • no G510 cannot play 720p video, you can try playing in MXplayer using software mode.

  2. Dear sir,

    I am confused between Huawei G510 and Qmobile A500. Kindly guide me which cell phone i must go for. (keeping in view the overall performance and apps compatibility.)

    Further i have heard that Huawei can update its software. How important it is for android to be updated???

    • A500 is better in performance then G510 .. Updates means that if the company updates their system they will send you the update as well. With qmobile you have to take the phone to there center to update .

  3. Usman bhai im confused between G510 and NOIR A9 .Keeping in view the camera result , display resolution and app compatibility , which phone does has a good mark. And is qmobile reliable than HUAWEI ? plz do tell me ,….

  4. hi..
    i just bought G510..i wanted to download some apps.. bt the play store is not working…. WI-FI was available.. the cell is connected to the internet.. the email id asked by the play store is also working bt it is not opening up.. plzz help me how can i open playstore???

    • Have you signed up with your gmail account on the playstore ? Try to reset the phone to factory settings and then create a new account

  5. is g510 better in gaming terms than noir a500?I am confused because g510 can play real racing 3 while noir can”t run it.It’s a pretty heavy game.also tell whether noir a500 can play modern combat 4 or not?please reply because I”m about to buy one of these phones

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