Guest Blogging always welcomes guest bloggers who fulfill the following requirements:

Are you tech Savvy? Do you have an interest in Smartphones? Are you the person who rushes to Google the latest developments in the smartphone or telecommunications industry? Most importantly do you own a smartphone?

If you answered yes to at least three of the questions written above, including the last one, then you are welcome to write as a guest writer.

Basic Article Requirements*:

  1. Articles need to be original content not copied; references must be given to where you got your information.
  2. Articles should ideally be between 350 to 600 words, but must not exceed 800.
  3. Articles will be reviewed by our editing staff; if they do not meet our criteria or standards they will not be posted.
  4. No marketing or promotion of products, please. If you wish to do that read the instructions below.

* this will provide an opportunity for writers to diversify their portfolio, we allow links to a writer’s personal blog or website in the Author Bio.

* If you wish to promote your product or post marketing articles please contact us on with the subject ‘marketing offer’.

*If you are interested please in guest blogging contact us on with the subject ‘guest blogger’