Gfive President G9 Unboxing

Faisal Jaswal

Faisal Jaswal is a customer services professional with over 10 years of experience. He has a keen interest in science and technology and loves to write articles on the latest gadgets and smartphones. He is also an avid manga reader and anime fan.

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244 Responses

  1. faaiz says:

    bhai full vdo review kab aye ga? aur es me os 4.2 hai ya 4.1?

  2. Haris says:

    what is the internal memory for apps in this device?

  3. faaiz says:

    bhai kindly vdo review me es k camera k features ko achi trha explain kijiye ga, ta k pta lge k qmobile k camera k functions ziada ache hen ya g9 k aur es k camera k result ko compare b kijjiye ga. What’s new in android version . 4.2.1 ye b bataeye ga. Thank u.

  4. faaiz says:

    bhai es me heavy games install kijiye ga ta k eski performance ka pta chal sake.

  5. jutt says:

    Sir yahan truly HD or 1 MP display mtlb kya hai?
    Aur vdo review me 1 waqt me 4,5 apps chala k aur koi heavy game chala k dekheye ga ta k president saab ki performance ka pta chal sake.

  6. Salman says:

    Please when you do a review do tell about the build quality too and if it should be bought before the upcoming A16 or not, thanks.

  7. huma says:

    u r doing great job bhai keep it up. Es bar vdo review 30 mins ka banaeye ga aur har cheez ko achi trha explain kijiye ga q k 22000 kharch krna hai ap ne b aur hm ne b. es k camera k lens aur vdo quality k bare me lazmi bataeye ga.

    • Usman Malik says:

      Thanks Huma for the appreciation. Previously we kept the videos short thinking that viewers might get bored if we go in too much details. But this time we will try to go in more details. Thanks for watching

  8. hussain says:

    main drawback of these sets are no future software update

    • Usman Malik says:

      Well its not 100% true. Qmobile offers software upgrade. Although you have to actually take to phone to their support center to get it upgraded. Gfive might give the same offer as well. But the main reason these low end devices didnt offer upgrades was the low hardware specs. Installing latest OS on low hardware specs would slow down the phone.

  9. jutt says:

    Sir kindly truly HD or 1 MP display ka bta dein, aur android version 4.2.1 me special kya hai wo b bta dein?

  10. Faaiz says:

    bhai ye AFR (Automatic Face Recognition) kya hai jo Bravo(G95) me b hai? bari ajeeb bat hai k g5 ki apni he site pe Gfive President G9 ki koi detail majood ni, jab k net pe es ki detail me os 4.1, display 720 x 1280 Pixels, aur Display Colour 17M colors show kia gya hai.

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      The AFR allows you to set a lock on your phone, and it uses the phone’s front camera to recognise your face, and once it detects that you are the owner it automatically unlocks the phone, its a neat function but the secondary camera has to be good. It worked pretty well on the g95 and we haven’t tested it as yet on the G9 but we are pretty certain that it will be better than the one in bravo g95

  11. faizan says:

    mr.faaiz its means that the camera automaticaly detects your face and tried to gave focus on it…nowadays the latest smartphones are coming with automatic smile recogination feature.

  12. huma says:

    bhai ab jaldi se vdo review upload kr dein muj se ab aur wait ni hota. me ne ye set review dekhne k bad lena hai. Plz date bta den jis din vdo upload krni hai ap ne.

    • Usman Malik says:

      Huma , We will do the review on Saturday and probably upload the video on monday. We actually use the phone for few days before giving the review so that we can be more accurate.

  13. Fahad says:

    Usman Malik can u just tell me that is the touch same as qmobile? Please reply

  14. Fahad says:

    or It is like an iphone 4?

  15. Shahzad MAlik says:

    plz explain its camera results in detail.
    its speed on multitasking.
    its processing speed.
    its display view at different angles.
    and must about its battery performance.


  16. Shahzad MAlik says:

    is its video player multi format supporting?
    does box contain flap cover with it already..?

  17. Faaiz says:

    bhai a9 aur g9 k camera me Burst mode or smart shoot ka function hai ya ni?

  18. Talha Khan says:

    whats the price usman bhaai???

  19. haris says:

    brother battery timing kaisi hai and what about the gpu..??

  20. faaiz says:

    bhai a9 aur g9 k camera me Burst mode or smart shoot ka function hai ya ni? aur monday ko full vdo review upload kro ge ya just 1 part?

  21. adi says:

    Hy man..i read the.comments and got to know the phone..btw I appreciate your patience with the.stupid questions

    • Usman Malik says:

      Adnan , there is no such thing as stupid questions. Asking question is always a healthy activity and we should promote it, so we never mind any kind of questions.

  22. Naveed says:

    Wow yar so many comments. People are showing too much interest in your uploads. Nice work.
    I am keen too see your review of g9

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      thanks bro, 2 parts of the video review are up and available for watching, the remaining will be uploaded soon

  23. Shahzad Malik says:

    is its central button is working..?
    back and options ki keys kahan hein..>
    either in screen or touch sensitive buttons are available?

  24. Shahzad Malik says:

    does it support wifi hotspot sharing?
    does it support HMDI tv out ?
    plz plz tell about camera FLASH LIGHT..?
    is it weak like a10 or powerful like s3..?

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      yes it has wifi hotspot sharing, it does not have HDMI tv out put, Camera flash is neither too weak nor too strong lets say it is optimum.

  25. Shahzad MAlik says:

    give review of camera and torch and video player and speaker quality…
    about wifi hotspot.
    about battery timing. ful charging time?

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      For speaker quality check out the game review video, you’ll get a good idea..the camera and video review article will be posted shortly, battery timing is excellent, but yes since it is a large battery if you start charging from almost zero, it will take a couple of hours to reach full charge.

  26. Ibrahim jamal says:

    Hello brother.I live in Islamabad so can you please tell me the shop where i can get it?
    What is the battery timing?
    Thank you.

  27. maaz says:

    Hey can you please tell me that if G9 president supports screen shots ?? And if g9 is available in white colour ? Thanks in advance 🙂

  28. salman zahid says:

    hi admin
    I want to ask one thing that y local shops in Lahore big markets don’t have gfive in hafeez center or hall road…. they r reluctant to but gfive mobiles as they argue that gfive has no customer care and no durability, and no spare parts are available in the local market, in these conditions do u prefer to buy g9??

    • Usman Malik says:

      Well thats not true. Never go for shop keepers views, they’ll tell you stories which benefit them. Gfive are equally as good as qmobile and they have service centers in all major cities.

  29. shahzad malik says:

    When u are going to release camera review?
    Plz take some picd in dark room.
    Compare its camera results with samsung or high brand.

  30. shahzad malik says:

    Does it support usb mass storage attachmrnt via extention cable?

  31. ahsan khan says:

    sir u doing great jobe …….thnks god finaly i get international level mble review web in pakistan…..:-) sir i love ths phone and going to buy ths phone bt i hve only one question …. i want ths phone in white is it availble in white ???

  32. shahzad malik says:

    I means that can we connect usb mouse or keyboard or mass storage flash through usb connector?

  33. Ramzan says:

    Q mobile A5 ke baray main bhi kuch batain bro.

  34. Zubair says:

    Does it support 3G?

  35. ali says:

    sir i have a question what does root mean ? i saw alot of korean mobiles but people always ask its rooted or not i didnt get it will you please explain this for me ?

  36. Naveed says:

    Good Work sir. can you plz tell us that whether its camera is better than htc sensation 4g??? which is also 8mp. kindly compare them and tell us. thanks

  37. irfan says:

    does it have google play store and 3g and 4g?

  38. Osama says:

    Gfive G9 ko root kaisay karte hain? kia is k liay koi custom roms available hain?

  39. faizan rahat says:

    bohat zbrdast or useful info mili mjy yahan sy thx bhai.

  40. javed says:

    sir ye set kaha se mile ga muje

  41. munim says:

    does it have usb otg?

  42. naveed says:

    Gfive g9 camera sample pics have small size.Are these compressed by you?

  43. Talib says:

    Please confirm It has Android 4.1 or 4.2, several sites list 4.1 in specs

  44. Arfeen says:

    hi admin i wanna ask about the led flash of gfive g9 is it better than qmobile noir a600 ?

  45. Pedro says:

    Does it support 3G for gsm 850?

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      It has 3g functionality and it will work on a GSM 850 network but only as 2G, 3G requires either UTMS, HSPA (HSDPA and HSUPA) supported network which unfortunately we can’t test since it is unavailable in our country, but since Gfive will be launching this phone in over 10 countries, I am pretty sure they will stand behind what they are saying that it is 3g.

  46. Areeb says:

    I am unable to use OTG cable on gfive g9. Plz Help Me.

  47. hussain says:

    IS this is 3g and there is 4g or its work gsm internet sim

  48. ArhAM says:

    em confused that which fone i buy????either g9 or q mobile a 700???can anyone guide me which is best????plzz????

  49. kamran says:

    bhai iski resolution 720×1184 hy aur hd ki tou 720×1280 hoti hy .. is lehaz sy iski resolution hd kaisay ho skti hy ?
    and tyell me dt too k jb koi notification ati hy tou kya iski led blink krta hy front pr ? aur ky is k saath flip cover k ilawa bhe simple back cover include hota hya ?> thanx

    • Honest says:

      It has 720*1280 resolution but it show 720*1184 in benchmarks, because of menu button on the bottom of the screen. Yes notification light blinks when notification arrives. Yes simple back cover is also included.

  50. kamran says:

    aur iski typing accuracy kaisi hy ??

  51. Talib says:

    please help m, I need to purchase sd card for my G9, does it support class 10 microsd cards

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Yes it does, in-fact we suggest you get the Sandisk Ultra version, it is optimized for Android devices. You can tell by its green red color and has the android logo on it.

  52. Danial says:

    Many thanks for the review Usman Malik. Just bought this phone. Do you know how to make the apps icons into the normal ones we see in other phones rather the ones we see in this phone ??

  53. alif says:

    Thanks for the review usman malik, i am from indonesia and in here this phone name advan s5-f..i need some information about the screen of this phone are made from glass or plastic ?

  54. Haris says:

    Is GFive President G9 available in white colour?

  55. bijoy says:

    Vain I want to know dimensions of G9 .

  56. bijoy says:

    Vai I want to know browser type of G9 all are talking it has not html5

  57. bijoy says:

    It has any screen guard if have so what type.its gorilla glass? Any additional screen paper and flip cover in sale pakage

  58. cutedoc says:

    i wana ask u something about g9.i have seen a video of ur commenting its too it gives a whitish screen instead of pure black.u can say greyish…is that very bad

  59. cutedoc says:

    1 thing more i have seen u commenting that qmobile a 20 is better than g9…so tell me which is better ??

  60. Haris says:

    On, the WLAN specifications of G9 given are b/g. The latest WLAN specifications are a/b/g/n. Does G9 have Wifi Direct and Wifi hotspot? Does it connect to the wifi router easily without any lag or problem?

  61. Talib says:

    Dear Usman,
    I have a problem with G9. The volume of speakerphone is too low. I can’t hear it ringing even if its in my pocket, Outside it’s useless. While playing music or video, the audio is not audible. there are tons of volume boosters available in market but none of them work on Android 4.2 or even 4.1….Please find out a solution for it

  62. Ahmed says:

    I have bought G9. Its good set in this price but I have following issues.

    Volume is very low, you cannot even hear music on storage, ringtone also.

    Wifi range is almost 15-20 ft which is very poor

    Battery consumption is too much, it discharges very quickly

    • Honest says:


      None of these problems I have.

      By the way, In which color you have bought?

    • DAVID LEWIS says:

      reply AHMED AUGUST 13 2013, i have the same problem no ring tone on incoming calls
      cant here the music or on earphones this is a common fault with this phone in white or black
      and no place to get it repaired with a new speaker so don’t buy one because they last for
      about 12 to 14 months then they develop faults and you cant get a repair, be warned

  63. hyder ali abbasi says:

    excellent mobile i have seen in low price!!1!
    whats new sir???

  64. Faisal says:

    how i can subscribe your posts ?

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Well an email subscription and rss feeds are currently in the pipeline, but you can always follow our posts through facebook.

  65. Salman says:

    Dear Admin,

    Can you plz help me in choosing a phone from G5 G9 and Q mobile A900. Especially the battery.


  66. Shahid J. Ehsan says:

    Plz let me know how to take screen snap shot in GFIVE G9 thanks

  67. ali says:

    bhai kya g9 selecto fsd per available ha

  68. Rana Ali says:

    bhai where can i get it in faisalabad ……………,reply plz

  69. Rana Ali says:

    bhai g9 ma gta vice city without lag chall jati ha kya……………..

  70. kashif qurreshi says:

    salam usman bhai mein ne aaj g5 g9 lia hai but wifi connect nhi ho raha hai mere pas ptcl ki wifi wingle usb hai,kindly help me ki ye kia problem hai plz thnx a lot.

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      As the G9 does not have OTG functionality so it will not connect directly, but if you are trying to connect to a wifi in general then there should not be any problem as we checked it on out test run and did not face any issue.

  71. Rana Ali says:

    i bought g9 today. its wifi signals remains in blue colour why ……….,
    it should be in grey colour ……..plz tell me

  72. adnan khan says:


    I have bought g9 cell fone recently. Whenever, i see some videos or pictures or doing chat on whatsup or viber or on skype, my cell fone restart. I haven’t installed any heavy softwares in my cell fone but still i am facing the reboot problem. Today, i washed the whole data but still haven’t resolved the problem. Someone told me that g9 has the latest version of android (4.2) and there are many problems in this new version. So its better to down grade your version. Is this true? or give me some other solution.

    • Usman Malik says:

      Android 4.2 has no such problems. Thats not true. There might be something wrong with your phone or memory card. Did you do a factory reset ?

      • adnan khan says:

        Dear Usman,
        I did both the software and hardware reset in my home but wasn’t able to solve the random restart problem. I then went to the shop from where i bought this mobile and discussed the problem with them. They sent my mobile to gfive company. The company took atleast 2 weeks to fix the problem. After that when i got back the cell fone, i noticed the same problem (random restart problem). I suddenly went back to the shop and said that the company didn’t solve my problem. The guy at the shop took the cell fone from me and said that he will send it again to the company. Now 3 days have been passed and there is no news from the company. I do not understand their level of professionalism. If they failed to resolve my problem then in principle they should provide me the new set.

  73. asfand says:

    usman bhai your reviews are great.i saw the video review of g9 and i am planning to buy it. but i wanna ask something first the dimensions of the phone are different in different sites i wanna know the exact dimensions and weight too coz i like large screen phones but i dont want to end up carrying a 1/2 kg brick with me either. and about screen its extra bright as you mentioned in the review can this be fixed by custom roms or this is a hardware issue?

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      thanks for the words of encouragement, the G9 is not heavy it can easily be handled and carried without much effort, you can keep it in your pocket, the 5.7″ size is quite popular even the new Samsung Note 3 has a 5.7″ screen. brightness can be controlled via changing the settings.

  74. mohsin says:

    dear admin
    Can u plz tell me is ki WiFi range ktni ha or koi prblm to ni krta.

  75. Mohsin says:

    how can i root this phone and thnx

  76. Shahid says:

    G9 main Sensor kon se hn? light Sensor ha sms like activities pa battery timing kia ha main ne suna 4 mint par 1% ha

  77. tariq says:

    if any body want to sell G-five president fone in Rawalpindi Islamabad plz call me.tariq 03005472545

  78. liaqat says:

    bhai uvr doing gr8 job would u plz tell me a basic thing for camera of g9 & that is k kya is mob se e gaie huie pic ko hm ugr zoom krain to kya is k pixels break hote hain ya ni plz plz plz plz must reply

  79. Muddassir Ali says:

    usman bhai ap ye bta saqtay hai k vifi k zarye gfive g9 ki betry kitna time niqalti hai??
    q a600 behter hai betry k lihaz say ya gfive g9 behtar hai? or is set ki re sale hai k nehi? q mobile agr a600 lo to us ki resale to hai kia is mob ki bhi hai? wsy q ka a10 b same size ka set hai i think,, wo thora mazboot set hai? tell me betry timing kia hai vifi k zarye? ye china ka phone hai kia???

  80. Thaink you very much Usman Malik
    Apki Comment or Reviews se E maina ye phone order kia best phone hai or touch b bohot smooth hai,
    1920x1088p pe full hd se b ziyada camcoder or pic bhi bohot achhe hain or face rocognation tracking
    sub kuch best hai or Hang bhi nahi hota bilkul Galaxy Note2 ka performance deta hai or hath me ho bilkul Note2 lagta a,,,
    Usman Malik Apki jitni Tareef ki jaye kam hai……..

  81. Khan says:

    Is there a way to hide 3 control buttons?

    • Well there is no way through settings, but i guess if you change the entire ROM you could, but you might face a problem as the G9 does not have any physical buttons except for the central one.

      • Honest says:

        Well there is a way. You have to root your Gfive G9 through Framaroot App (search it on XDA Forum) and then need to install Autohide Soft keys App and that’s all it will be done in just 5 minutes . I my self has done like this and really enjoying whole 5.7 inch screen.

  82. m khan says:

    please can u tell me all the outlets of g5 g9 cell phone in islamabad .i know one location which is dubai plaza but not sure if its available there.please reply : email :-

  83. m khan says:

    i want to know outlets of g5 g9 in islamabad.i know one that is dubai plaza but not sure if avalible there.reply fast .

  84. SANA says:

    MAI NE G7 liya hain . is mai sceern shot kese lety hain . is mai screen shot hai b ya nai ?

  85. Azaan says:

    kya kisi ko pta a k Gfive g9 ka casing ya pouch yakoi b cover etc kahan se milta hai or agar kisi shop mein available ho to please mujhe btaye….

  86. Nabeel Mushtaq. says:

    sir kindly tell me its battery timings
    ON WIFI(about one hour a day) +Texting

  87. tena says:

    sir,please tell anybody k hum net per facebook say koi pic save ya download karna chahte hain.lakin uss main save ki option hi nahe aate.kese save ho ge?

    • Usman Malik says:

      when you open a picture .. press the menu button on your phone and you will get the option to save. If its still not there you can take a screenshot by pressing the power and volume down button at the same time

    • Tahir khan says:

      Ager ap 3rd_Party browser use ker rahi ho to fb per pic ke neechy tag ke sath view full size per click karo download hojaye ge. 🙂

  88. Ansab Ch says:

    Sir plz aik bat to bgtain… G9 ki real Dimensions kia hain??? Pakistani sites pr 142 x 70 x 6.9mm hain.. jab k China ya kae dosri countries ki sites pr 157.4mm*82.9mm*9.9mm hain…. plz ap confirm kr do k real kon c hai….

  89. waleed iqbal says:

    me from multan i wanna sale my g9 president in 15000 memory card 8 gb + flip cover + back pouch with full warranty and full accessories no massage just call me if you want my number 03126309956

  90. Sonu says:

    Usman bhai ap kia bata sakte hain ke g9 vs thl w200 mein se kon sa behter hai for normal and for gaming use and g9 mein kitne ram available hai 1 gb mein se.

  91. fadie says:

    whats the latest price of mobile

  92. asif says:

    sir, is ka OS upgrade ho sakta hy ?

  93. rabi says:

    lahor my khan s mily ga easly?

  94. rabi says:

    qmbil q300 tab my evo usb conect hoti h? and which is best to buy? q300 tab or g9 ?

  95. rabi says:

    plz bte den i m confus…

    • Mohammad Adeel Rana says:

      Rabi bhai q 300 jahan tak mene coments sunay hain acha nahi hai us ki lcd 16 million colors ki nahi hai, G9 best option hai, haan G9 me aap evo wingle connect nahi kar saktay kynk ye otg supported nahi hai, but agar aap ne wingel ko power deni hai tu aik power bank khareed lain 400 ya 500 tak ka aaey ga us me wingle laga kar wingle ko power dain aur G9 pe wifi use karain, is se aap k mobile ki battery pe load bhi nahi pare ga.

  96. Haseeb says:

    Salaam To all !! well comments and reviews se tu yeh proved hai k GFive G9 is the very best set in this price…..i also wana buy this set…….Thankx for best and authentic comments……

  97. Usama says:

    Does Gfive provide 8gb memory card with President G9?

  98. khalid mehood says:

    please agr aap main sy kisi k paas bhi agr Gfive haito is k (1*setting 2*wireless and netwoks 3* mobile networks 4* network mode ye option open krain to wha dekh kr btain k network mode k andr kon konsa mode agr wcdma likha hua hai to ye 3G phon hai pleas koichk kr do pleaseeeeeeeee keo k main ye phon UAE e main mngwa rha hu next mont inshalah agr wcdma ya hsdpa asa nwtwork mode nai to 3g nai chly gi or problem ho jay gi money waste pleaseeeeee

    • Azaan Baloch says:

      Han wcdma or 3G ka option hai Bilkul….
      or Videos 1920x1088p 3gp 29fps videos pe b touch focus ka option a Colour perfect,
      or sub kuch clear hai jesa k “USMAN SIR” ne bataya
      or mein khud UAE Ajman mein rehta hon…

  99. Khan says:

    Salam admin. i need help. can you tell me how to change font style in Gfive G9. need to root first? If Yes, so is it safe for Gfive G9 or NOT? plz help!!!!

  100. Mohammad Adeel Rana says:

    Salam to all, dear usman, aap bht achi website run kar rahay hain, mene G9 aap ki website pe review kar k purchase kiya, bht acha phone hai, i am totally satisfied. apna experiance share karna chahta hon, agar kisi bhai k phone me videos ka wmv formate nahi chal raha tu wo MX Player ka Version 1.7.26 install karain In Sha Allah problem solve ho jaey ga. Aur me is phone G9 me Custom rom use kar raha hon MIUI ki, bht aala rom hai aur ye rom install karne k baad phone ki look hi change ho gai hai. Ab stock rom ki taraf palatne ka g nahi chahta, aur is rom k bht se features aese hain jo humain 3rd party softwares kar k hasil karne partay hain, for example, Call block and Sms block, Cache and junk files cleaner, Antivirus, Apps locking like gallery and File mgr, Aur sab se acha feature call recording. is k ilawa is ki apni cloud service hai jis pe aap 5gb data backup kar saktay hain, me apni tamam call records, sms aur contacts MIUI ki cloud service pe syn karta hon.

  101. azam says:


  102. azam says:


  103. Hamza says:

    Plz help to update its android .. 4.2.1 sy 4.2.2 ya 4. KitKat ki update availab kr dyn

  104. adeel says:

    salam usman bhai plz noir a550 ka review kar den if possible me apk sare reviews dekhta hon u r very helpful person me personaly a550 lena chahta hn kia ye 720p recording karta hha ya 1080p or isme notification light or 3g ha ? or kia isme otg ha q k me a600 le raha b tha par ye use design wise or size me acha ha plz kindly reply me waiting

  105. Mansoor says:

    Bhai samsung NOTE III ka pouch aur screen protector gfive g9 mein adjustable hai ya nahi? aur karachi mein iska khud ka pouch aur screen protector kaha se available hoga? customer care at amma tower does not have it.

  106. Mansoor says:

    Bhai samsung NOTE III ka pouch aur screen protector gfive g9 mein adjustable hai ya nahi? aur karachi mein iska khud ka pouch aur screen protector kaha se available hoga? customer care at amma tower does not have it…………………

  107. Mansoor says:

    thank you Usman bhai for your reply. 1 more question, i have bought gfive g9 on 14th April. the performance is awsome, it is with gesture sensation option but the detection is very poor. Could you please let me know your findings regarding gesture sensors in gfive g9 and let me know if there is anything (app etc) by which we can make it to work more efficiently?

  108. Amir Ali says:

    Does g5 g9 supports tethering and portable hotspot?

  109. Aatir says:

    Dear usman,

    after going through your reviews on g9 president… i decided to try this model … i bought it in december and since day one m in all praise for this set.. its pure value for money with great battery time. since the launch of 3g services on trial basis in lahore, i havent been able connect to 3g services…sending sms code to ufone i got the reply that i am within 3g area . my ufone sim is new with 3g ready written on it
    in settings my mobile network is set to gsm/wcdma(auto mode)
    kindly can you guide me how to connect to 3g services on g9 … it has jellybean 4.2.1

    thank you

    • khizar says:

      i dont think it can run 3g , the frequency is td-scdma which is not available in pakistan, i have the same mobile and have it set on automode (gsm/td-scdma) and it does not run 3g . although the CPU has hspa+ which is an advanced 3g frequency. However i got an update afew days ago, when i updated it the option of 3g dissapeared and auto mode appeared. Did u do the same thing ??? please leave a reply, i am also concerned about this problem .

    • Majid Fazal says:

      I was also unable to use Ufone’s 3G service on my G9, however 3G service on Mobilink is running flawlessly on it. It displays “H+” logo near the signal indicator when I enter a 3G covered area. So I think this set is not compatible with Ufone’s 3G network.

  110. Mansoor says:

    I am not able to run 3G service on this set, I am in Karachi and tried Ufone and Jazz. I tried it on different areas of city but it didn’t catch 3G, dunno why and yes it has (gsm/scdma), I think this is the problem or there should be some settings inside which needs to be enable in order to use 3g service on this set.

    @Majid Fazal:
    Could you please share the settings of your handset while using Mobilink 3G service on it.

  111. Faheem says:

    I have the same issue after getting updates 3g option in wireless setting is dissapeared and I have TD-SCDMA. how can I connect to 3G ??

    @Majid Fazal
    please tell when you bought G9 in 2013 @ 2200 pkr or 2014 @1500 pkr. because there are two modals and i think you are able to connect to 3G because you have option of WCDMA.

    please leave Message or Whatsapp

  112. Afzal says:

    Bhai plz mujhe btain k is mein air gesture hai k nhi plz mujhe reply zaroor kijia i am fan of your website

  113. atif shah says:

    usman malik bhai plz ap bhi jwab day dain k g9 pe 3g suport ha ya ne?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • yes G9 has 3G support but please note that the newer versions might not have it as was reported by one of our viewers, the people who have purchased it last year say they have and we have verified it for ourselves.

  114. Afzal says:

    faisal bhai mera yeh baat samaj mein nhi ayi
    Air gestures are app supported because these phones lack the sensors required for hardware gesture support, so it will not be effective on the G9 as is the case with I9
    please app urdu mein bta den
    aur air gesture ki achi app bhi bta den g9 k lya

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    to other users that they will help, so here it happens.

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  116. batoor says:

    why does my g five phone stops working or browsing in the middle

  117. batur says:

    why does my g five stops working in the middle

  118. batur says:

    my g5 mobile stops working and browsing in the middle what should i do

  119. Zouma Khalid says:

    How to turn on 3g on gfive g9? Plzz

  120. Ateeeq ur rehman says:

    this mobil phone not supported 3g`

  121. Ateeeq ur rehman says:

    this phone not supported 3g why any body tell me.
    setting problems or only 2g.

  122. rizwan says:

    how can i upgrade android software on my gfive g9

  123. Ahsan Khan says:

    Does G five G9 support 3G..?? even though I’m in 3g coverage area but I’m still unable to use 3g and it supports only 2g as well as there is also option of 3g service which is not in use.. Will you suggest me some setting measures..??

  124. Khurram says:

    If this forum is still live, can you please guide me if I can upgrade my gfive president g10 to Kitkat version and if so, how would it work?

  125. ashfaq says:

    How can I upgrade its android version from 4.2.1 to4.2.2

  126. saaim ul hassan says:

    bhai mein apny mobile GFive G9 ki software krni hy kaisy kron

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