Gfive g9 President Camera Review + Sample Images

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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101 Responses

  1. SHAMS says:

    Result is quite good to me.
    So now Usman bhai, Which one should I go for?
    Noir A20 or Gfive G9 again I’m buying a phone for hardcore gaming?

    • Usman Malik says:

      Shams , I cant say anything about Noir a20 for now since I am not able to review it fully. Will go to customer center again today to get it fixed .. Abb dheko kya hota hei .. filhaal tu I am annoyed because of the faulty piece.

      • Gulraiz says:

        Asalam o Alikum.Usman bhai the camera result is very good.Why do you say it is an average camera.Ofcourse g five is not a well known brand so you could say that the camera result is very good according to their standards.I would like to know that is there any other drawback in g9.Waiting for your reply.

        • Usman Malik says:

          Gulraiz , I saw average because I compare it will other phone like Qmobile noir a9. Which had a very good camera. Well I cant think of any drawback right now.

          • Ahmed Amin says:

            Kya G9 ki ram such main 1 GB hai aur is kay camera ka result sahi hai G7 mere bhai kay pass hai aus ka be 8 mega pixel camera hai bohat zabardast hai kya is ka be wasa hi result hai

          • yes Gfive G9 has 1GB ram, and has better camera result and display than the G7

      • imran says:

        thanks a lot usman bahi after watching ur Video reviews i decided 2 buy g5 president ,now i m totaly satisfied and recommend this phone 2 all android Loverz…..thanx 2 usman bahi again.

  2. SHAMS says:

    Hmm, right so I have to wait then?
    Allah kare dosra A20 teek hon, kion ke the best feature in A20 is that its camera is best and records at 1080p (Full HD). But again when it’s come to display 4.5″ is not enough for HD gaming n movies…wait started again yarr.

    • Salis Salman says:

      The difference is that GFive G9 has a 5.7 inch screen with 1280×720 pixel display and Noir A20 has qHD display on a 4.5 inch screen so that means Noir A20 will have a slightly better display than G9 (like they say in the iPhone retina display). I have used the Noir A9 with the qHD display and it was great! Gaming was good and 720p movies like Amazing Spiderman played without lag. So the Noir A20 has Quad Core Chip so it will perform much better than Noir A9 and will also play 1080p HD Videos smoothly

      But if you want to wait, that’s great because the Noir A600 is coming (or has already arrived in markets) which has 5 inch screen with the HD display+It will have 3G support+It has a better Graphics processing chip than the A20.

  3. SHAMS says:

    Ohh, I forgot to say, does G9 records in Mp4 format too? Or there is just only 3gp option ?

  4. Faaiz says:

    Result is not good to me.
    So i m waiting for Noir A20 full vdo review, Video Result+ Sample Images.
    Then i will decide.

    What is rear shooter or rear camera?

    • Usman Malik says:

      Well you will have to wait 10-12 days .. Went to qmobile to get the issue fixed. They told me that the phone will be replaced and that it would take 10-12 days.

  5. SHAMS says:

    Well well well, what the hell is this yarr, 3gp the worst format ever.. Hann galaxy S2 is best then.

  6. SHAMS says:

    Camera result is slight better than Iphone 4, yes Iphone 4 got sharpness but accuracy of colours are better in Gfive.
    4.6/5 to Gfive.

  7. Mx TiPu says:

    My a20 Camera Result Is Much Better Than g9 😛

    • Omair Ahmed says:

      A20 is getting riskier each and every day…Qmobile is damaging its own brand by issuing such faulty mobiles….!

  8. Arsalan says:

    can you compare a20 camera result with g9. Its will be great to see a direct comparison of qmobile a20 ‘s camera vs g9 camera. Iphone on the other hand is not a good phone to compare with as its known for its quality.

  9. uzair says:

    yar meina kal hi ya set lia ha market mei short ho gaya ha bohat out class set ha 1080p par video banata ha aur is set ka qmobile sa to koi comparison karna hi baikar ha please friends qmobile lai kar apna paisa zaya mat karna

  10. uzair says:

    yar karachi sa lia ha meina gfive mobile ka supplier sa jo pori market ko supply karta ha akhri piece para huwa tha us ka pass bal bal bach gia mei warna 1 din tak wait karna parhta aur ya out class set ha qmobile ka picha mat paro ya bohat acha set ha

    • Omair Ahmed says:

      I have bought S2 for 19K only Outstanding condition (no scratch on screen)..Its outstanding in each and every aspect..outstanding Experience ha…. Camera quality is sub Chinese brand sy behtr ha…! XDA (Dev) support support hi ha…har din new rom…Dont waste ur money on Qmobile/Gfive get S2 and enjoy life!!

  11. uzair says:

    yar usman bhai apki posts aur mobile ka review bohat hi acha hota hai aur mei apka bohat bohat shukria aur thanks karta ho ka aj meina jo set lia ha ap hi ka review daikh daikh kar lia ha apka in reviews sa mujha bohat faida hoa hai and once again thanks a lot usman bhai

  12. Saim says:

    Umer bhai S2 me apka konsa version instal h?do u have any custom JB stable rom installd on ur S2?

  13. bilal says:

    sir, i wana know about g9 president is it upgradable to 4.2.2 and its internal memory is enough to catter all the games and apps ?

  14. Arsalan says:

    Can anyone confirm that if the device can be rooted easily?

    • Salis Salman says: already has root for A20 you can check it out bu going to Tech Talks sec. And they also have 4.2 software for Noir A20.

  15. uzair says:

    bilal g9 ka andar 4.2.1 dala huwa ata ha aur is ki internal memory 1.48 gb ha bhai bohat zabardastset ha yar ya

  16. uzair says:

    yar saim appna s2 lia ha mubarak apko likn s2ka zamana ab gia yar ab quad core chalai ga future mei

  17. sara says:

    kya gfive aur b models launch kr rha quad core???
    plz reply me

  18. uzair says:

    abi to aik hi launch kia ha future ka pata nai

  19. uzair says:

    gfive g9 ka opper video review dia huwa ha g9 1080p par video banata ha

  20. bilal says:

    thanx uzair

  21. uzair says:

    no problem any time

  22. Waqar Ahmed says:

    i heard g9 records videos in 720p.. and u r saying that it records in 1080p..

  23. uzair says:

    waqar bhai ap jab video bana raha ho ga to apna mobile land scape mei rakh kar video bana na aur jab video ban jai to gallery mei ja kar jo video banai ha us pa 1second tak click rakhna aur us ki detail mei jana aur hieght aur length daikh na

  24. Umer says:

    Usman bhai
    Ap ne jo close up flower ke pic le hai os ka back ground blur kis terhaan kiya ha
    Or g9 kon sa video format support kerta ha e.g. Note 2 wala…..

  25. Navid says:

    Salam Every 1 . Hey i want to buy a mobile , so can u please help me that which phone is the best among
    Q Mobile A20 ?
    Q Mobile A500?
    Gfive G9?

  26. ali says:

    which mobile have great camera result qmobile a600 or g9. also which have great rasulation.

  27. Sameer says:

    Sir,usman g9 hd format videos chalata hai aur is ki battery timing kiya hai plz jwb zaror dena…

  28. Talib says:

    Dear Usman,
    I have 2 problems in my G9, first the camera result is too dark specially the front camera, even with suitable lights the picture didn’t show up, just darknedd all over the face and background

    Second speaker volume is too low, can’t listen to anything when using skype

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      when you have selected the front camera then go to settings and then select exposure, set the exposure value to +1, it should give you a brighter picture.

      As far as speaker setting is concerned, is the volume alright when you are playing any videos or games? If yes then the problem could lie with the person you are chatting with, have them increase their mic volume, also make sure that background noise is at a minimum, otherwise headsets are the best option.

  29. Asad says:

    AoA, Usman.
    Plz usman how is Qmobile A500.

  30. Mobile tou acha hain lekin aik ajeeb fault hain Gfive G9 ke set main, bar bar hange hoke restart ho jata hain thats why i hate gfive, my first and last experiance to use Gfive, abhi bhi main yeh msg Gfive G9 se send kar raha hu.

  31. adeel says:

    usman and faisal bhai i got a query about g9. i m about to purchase it.
    1. which is good wifi connectivity among g 9 and noir a600
    2. which set has god touch.
    3. and display

    . i m big fan of g9.. regards.. u both r doing comprehensively a good job out there..

  32. Umair Saleem says:

    Assalam o alekum Usman bhai!

    2 questions regarding G9

    i. is it possible to install apps in memory card and move/copy all the messages in memory card?

    ii. if we are making a video from G9 during night, can the flash be turned on to make the video a bit clearer?

    thanks in advance.

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      1. yes its possible to install apps in memory card, and also move the messages to memory card.
      2. Yes you can turn on flash and then start recording.

  33. Sultan Arshad says:

    Yar hello. …all :). I bought g five g 9. ( president). A day ago. Yar fit set ha. Ma voice v70 xtreem lyny gaeya that and after ma cconfuse ho gaeya k market ma ala ala pieces paray thy many net on kia to mujhy Q mobile ka A 900 noir b nazar aeya mery pass 23 thousand tha but ma chahta that k ala cheeZ lu mery pas HTC explorer tha. Isy pehly. Many 3eeno sets k box dekhy. Qm ko side per kia an voice v 70 or g9. Samny thy voice 20 above something that or ye 18 ka. Finally I unbox the g9 ala set ha and har cheez perfect. Is range ma and meri mano Dekho har cheez perfect ha. Camera. Han 3gp. Format. Banata ha but its format not quality yar play store py hot apps han camera k or han HD Nai banata to kia yar is sets py high end games sub chalti ha. Asphalt 8 etc. I just love it man

  34. Afaq says:

    Dear brother Usman, I am already having note 2 but planning to buy G9 because of its bigger display, I have certain queries regarding its specs.
    1. G9 is not having GPS, will it affect the performance of the device and in which ways ?
    2. I use to save data by taking screenshots while surfing the web.Would it be possible with G9 ?
    3. The video and photo quality of note 2 is superb, is there a considerable difference in vedio recording & still photography between note 2 and G9 ?
    4.Chinese hardware technology is neither reliable nor durable, will it be some in G9 or is improved and to what extent ?
    I had a very bad experience of Chinese mobiles but when I compare the prices of other android phones with G9 it really appeals, however I’ll be making decission to buy it or not after receiving your reply.
    Rgds Afaq.

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      1. G9 has GPS
      2. yes you can take screenshots on G9
      3. yes you will definitely see a difference, the note II is definitely superior than the G9 the price is superior as well 🙂
      4. We know some people who are using the G9 and some who are using the G95 bravo (predecessor to the G9) still working fine, been several months and almost a year for the G95 users. But exceptions are always there…when things go wrong they do go wrong… 🙂

  35. seerat says:

    main ny new mob laina plz mujhy btain k kis ka touch or camera result best ha……nokia lumia 520 or g9…..??

  36. ahmed says:

    i want to buy a good gaming/camera phone my range is 16-17000 which phone is best in this price i have seen gasaxy s4 korean i9500 //= 17000 whichis good what do u recomend pleas

  37. ahmed says:

    my bro have htc one x korean//= 14000 which is just like real one x even some shop keepers cant find a difference
    camera result is like noir a500 good specs and full hd
    i am looking forward to samsung s4 korean is there any outher phone in low cast plese tell

  38. Muddassir Ali says:

    usman bhai ap say 1 bat pochni hai plz help me, main gfive g9 or q a600 mae say 1 set laina chahta hoon ap mjy help kejye k in 2no may se best kon sa hai? betry timing b achi kis ki hai rep plz usman bhai…..

  39. wakas says:

    AOA Sir , i ‘m looking for gfive g9 . can you plz help me, from where can i buy this set in islamabad ? looking forward from you and you guys doing great job plz keep it up.

    • Wa alaikum salaam, I believe there are shops in Rawalpindi, don’t know the exact location, one of our viewers mentioned it sometime back, and thanks for the words of appreciation.

  40. Haseeb Adnan says:

    A.O.A to All

    i love to watch your comments and post, i really appreciate your hard work regarding this. Usm,an Bhai and Faisal Jaiswal Bhai u both are too Good. this site is really helpful for me. now i am going to buy GFive G9…
    Thanks for reviews and advantages and disadvantages for the set…….

  41. Muhammad Bux says:

    Salam Dear Usman
    Very Nice to here for visiting this Amazing site i really like your site so keep sharing
    Regards : MB

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam, thanks for the words of encouragement, we will continue sharing In Sha ALLAH, please tell your friends and family about our site so that they can benefit as well. Jazak ALLAH.

  42. Faheem Aslam says:

    I Bought G9 2 days ago , its just owsome , camera , display, games and battery
    but i am having sms issue I receive sms not a single time i receive 2 or 3 sms and some time many if some one will send 1 sms.
    all in all G9 device is very cool just tell me how solve sms issue

    thanx n regards

  43. Altaf Hussain says:

    @faisal, uzair and usman malik
    i want to buy an Android phone which must have,
    Excellent camera result,
    better video gaming quality
    and High speed
    My range is 17k.

    your kind suggestion please.???

  44. Maaz Iqbal says:

    Does it support 3G?

  45. khizar says:

    Set the white balance to daylight and iso to 1600. U will get iphone like results … Usman bhai , i m very disspaointed as u respond to none of my questions

  46. Saqib says:

    Dear Usman Malik, Which mobile u suggest Gfive G6 or G10 Fashion? Today i have seen G6 at Metro and feel good in 13500 range. What is ur expert opinion?

  47. Khizar says:

    is noir i9 result better than GFIVE g9 camera result ?????

  48. imran baloch says:

    well i bought gfive g9 couple of weeks ago…quite a good phone…satisfied with it but 2 things are irritating…camera in low light..ok can compromise..but loud speaker sound is so low…is it by default too low r there is any issue with that…hope to hear soon.

    • yes that is one of the cons of the g9 president, the speaker volume is low and the camera light is average, one of the solutions that one of our viewers tried was using a loudness app, says there was slight improvement in speaker volume.

      • imran baloch says:

        Is this becaus of some software issue r the quality of loud speaker is that low???

      • imran baloch says:

        And one more thing, kindly tell me the me of the sound enhancer app, which the user told you.

        • no its not due to software issue, its hardware. two apps mentioned were speaker boost and volume booster, before installing read the speaker boost disclaimer, some people have reported speaker damage due to excessive volume.

  49. imran says:

    sir please give the camera review of g10 also

  50. Hamna says:

    can anybody tell me how to take screenshots in gfive president g6?

    • Ahmad Shahzad says:

      hamna screen shot ka lya ap power button or volume ka nichay vala button ikhthay dubao to screen shoot ho jay gi….

  51. shamshad says:

    How to take screen shot by g6 president

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