Hands On Gfive “G10 Octa Core” Video Review

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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  1. phoneguru plzz idher ufone smart u5 ka review day do

    • i am from Multan
      aj hi dost ne ufone u5 ka set liya hai, such pocho to mujhe khas maza nahi aya bas guzara hai, ye b.social4 brand ha set hai, screen quality bohat ghatya hai yani color brightness bohat low hai, sharpness bhi nahi hai, screen ips hai aur angles achey hain, camera bhi mayos kun hai like voice v30 ki tarha name ka 5mp, auto focus bhi name ka hai kam nahi karta, front camera bhi koi khas nahi,battery 1430 mah hai jo bohat kam time deti hai, 720p smoth play karta hai par 1080p ruk ruk kar play hota hai, launcher kafi smooth hai
      aur sab se bure cheez k is ka back loud speaker nahi hai front speaker he dono kam karta hai, volume b kafi low hai aur audio quality bohat buri hai speaker ki , fone heat bhi ziada ho raha hai.
      over all itne paiso main aisi hi cheez miley gi.

  2. Ali says:

    o yes yes yes thanks a lot 😉
    I visit your site daily every time again and again about 10 minutes daily as I am doing job on internet.
    but plz also upload camera review. plz plz plz….

  3. Ali says:

    noir i12 vs voice v90 vs thl w200s vs g10 octa core vs Xiaomi redmi 1s . plz suggest me a super phone. my range is 25000pkr

  4. hamzah says:

    plz do a camera review as well . thanks
    available ram is only 112mb 🙁 what do u say? after how many apps it becomes 112?

    • Yes we will definitely try to do a separate camera review. I have no idea depends on the number of apps you have installed, this has 16GB Storage and additional option for sc card storage upto 32 GB so you have plenty of storage options.

      • Hamzah says:

        but I am asking you about the phone you used in review. how may apps you guys installed and run when it (ram) becomes 112 mb? see antutu screen shots. is it has the option to transer apps to sd?

        • we didn’t close down any of the apps when we did the review all games and background apps were running, but as far as the count is concerned we didn’t count the number of apps running at the time

  5. waqas says:

    games nd videos nd internet ke use ke dauran garam to ni hota aur kia q a900 sy acha hai?

    • All new smartphones heat up so that is not a problem, the problem occurs if the phone hangs up or restarts after heating up. Yes this is much better than the Qmobile A900.

  6. Nouman says:

    Plz btana iss ka back camera kesa hai? I want to purchase it. Plz

  7. owais niazi says:

    whatmobile py is ki price 25000 hy ap ny 22000 btae hy?

  8. aftab says:

    You guys are doing fantastic job. Plz upload camera result as well as soon as possible.

  9. ahsaan says:

    which is better LG OPTIMUS F180 or G10 octacore?? Or S3

  10. Anne says:

    Will u be doing a review on the latest release of QMobile noir “i10” ??? Please tell me if noir i10 is better than i9? I need an expert advice urgent. Thnx

  11. ahsaan says:

    new prices of gfive phones are
    G10 octa core=16900
    G10 fashion=12900
    is thr any problem?inthis set?

  12. Sheraz says:

    can you plz tell me a nice mobile above G10 octa and thl w200s. I mean one step above to these sets and value for money?. thanks

  13. Mohsin says:

    Admin aap ne boht mehnga phone le lia, yeh phone aaj 16900 ka hogya ha 🙂

  14. ABU BAKAR says:

    yesmobile par is ki kemat 16900 ha aur ten sports par kamercial ma bi 16900 dekha gaya hai

  15. ABU BAKAR says:

    gfive g10 fashion 12900 aur g6 8900 aur g9 11999

  16. Asad says:

    5 days ago i bought voice v75 .the problem is it do not start downloading any app or game having size more than 30 mb form play store from mobigene and any other store .I reset the phone but still the same problem I m very much worried.plz plz plz help me

  17. ali says:

    Sir ko neend aai hui hai. chup karen wo so rahe hain 😉

  18. usman says:

    sir i need your opinion i want to buy cellphone i have three options… HTC one x…. S3 E210 4glte…. and G10 octacore…. i do alot of gaming on my phone + i want good front camera for selfies what should i buy in these three?? plz reply soon sir thx

  19. tabish says:

    z5 ya z6 ka review kre plz

  20. ali says:

    Pai jaan cam result upload kr bi den plz….

  21. Ahmed Ur Rehman says:

    Gfive G10 President Octa Core For Sale..
    Opened the box on 30th August…
    Outstanding Performance, Great Touch Quality, Amazing Gaming Performance(around 22 fps – AntutuBenchmark 5 Standard..
    Every single accessory along with the box and Official GFIVE Warranty,
    Antutu Score 29K..
    Selling because I am gonna buy LG Optimus G PRO!!
    Serious buyers contact
    Ahmed – 0345294479

  22. shoaib says:

    plz usman bhai tell me a nice phone with 2GB of ram, good camera and with value for money. thanks plz reply fast.

  23. Mahad says:

    A few questions. Why is octa core listed cheaper than the quadcore variant? Which phone gives the most value for money if you have a budget of around 20k?

  24. farooq says:

    hi I want to which types of screen Lock are in gfive g 10 octa core

  25. Awais Khan says:

    does it have sensor button with lights ?

  26. Abubakar says:

    A.A…usman bhai i wanted to ask are the accessories of Gfive readily available in market(especially spare batteries,covers etc)…secondly hows this Gfive g10 octa core in terms of useage n resale if compared with Qmobile… ?kindly reply me….thnxx…

  27. Hamza Rashid Inam says:

    Aoa Usman bhai! i just watched both of the g10s review one of quadcore and the other for octacore so can you plz tell me which phone to buy. i play heavy games and was first going with g10(quadcore) now but i am confused bcz of g10(octacore’s) impressive benchmark score along with its improved graphic card. I need to buy one of these phones urgently so plz advice me.THX!!!

  28. Moosa Raza says:

    In the screenshot it show that the device has a 13.3 megapixel rear camera but on the box there is written that it has an 8 megapixel camera. So please can you answer my query

  29. Hassan Ali says:

    Faisal and Usman Bhai, I want to buy a phone under 15000 – 17000 and this was phone that caught my eye because of its features (Processor and RAM). I am a gamer and by watching NOVA 3 in the review I figured that this could be the next phone for me but frankly now I am confused after reading user comments on different websites also over here in Gfive G10 thread. MR. Hamza Rashid Inam mentioned a considerable degrade in performance of g10. Although its Quad-Core but now I am having second thoughts about OCTA CORE. Please Guide me and share your usage experiences.

  30. Ahmed Ur Rehman says:

    G10 octacore is great for gaming !! It gives high frame rate for all of the games featuring top notch graphics…
    keep in mind that G10 Octacore > G10 Quad core in gaming because the quad core varient has a FULL HD screen with 5.7 inch screen size and HIGH PIXEL DENSITY of 480 ppi, The processor and the gpu are not powerful enough to render the graphics at such large screen so high quality games and some HighRes movies LAG in G10 QUADCORE…. G10 OctaCore has a 5 inch screen size which imo is quite respectable for gaming!! I have been using both G10 Octacore and Quadcore and have not experienced any downgrade in the performance, maybe because i have rooted both them and cleaned all the bloatware but to be honest It all depends on how you treat your device.

    • Hassan Ali says:

      Ahmed Ur Rehman Bhai, Thanks a bunch for your response, it really helped me alot in clearing my doubts. I really appreciate it! And as for the Camera, I dont think it will matter for me 🙂 THANKS.

      • Ahmed Ur Rehman says:

        No problem!! and one thing more!! the internal memory is 16 gb which is divided into 2 partitions!! one for the system files and for the installation of apps (4gb i think) and the other(12gb) is for your movies, songs etc !! 4gb was too low and it was limiting me to install lesser apps so I solved that prob by flashing custom ebr files to increase it to 9 gb!!

        • Naveed Qureshi says:

          Ahmed ur Rehman bro..
          kindly tell me how you flash custom Ebrs…I m getting error..? reply quick

          • Ahmed Ur Rehman says:

            Wow !! you just bumped a two years old thread :P…

            You can flash ebr files using SP Flash tools.
            just search for ebr files of your desired storage proportions for MTK M6592 and flash them. however you have to reformat your card so keep in mind that your data will be lost.

        • Naveed Qureshi says:

          Well! thanks for appreciating for bumping a two year old thread.
          But Ahmed bro the problem is when i try to flash customs EBRs, i got PMT changed for Rom Error. i google it and found only one solution to Format whole Rom through Sp tool expect Bootloader and then flash whole rom with new Ebr files. You know that little bit risky. I dont wanna take any risk of losing my mob software. So, the question is,…
          Is there any way to flash custom Ebrs without Formatting whole Nand Flash. n for your knowledge, in past i flashed custom EBRs without Formatting.

          • Ahmed Ur Rehman says:

            Well you gotta take risk to achieve something 😛
            This is the reason why rooting and flashing voids the warranty.
            before flashing just make sure you have the right ebr files selected…
            and I think after re partitioning, the data is corrupted and formatting becomes a necessity however if you feels unsafe flashing through spflash tools, just create a flashable zip and flash them using custom recovery.

          • Naveed Aq says:

            So, u r saying I should make zip file containing EBR1, EBR2 and meta-inf folder..?
            N flash it through Cwm recovery..?

  31. Ahmed Ur Rehman says:

    And also G10 octacore Camera is SH**. Infact all of the Gfive phones have a crap camera!!! Gfive should not include cameras in their phones if they can’t give a respectable one!!

  32. Asad says:

    where as i’ve solved the issue with fb too if some one need help ask me anytime my number is 03314283323 but watts app only 🙂

  33. Farooq says:

    Gfive G10 Octa Core for sale (screen is damaged) Everything else is fine Rs. 4500. Read ad on OLX (http://goo.gl/aZVPkU) Contact 0303-6246035

  34. Hasan says:

    price is down to 7K for G10 at Metro http://www.pkbargain.com/gfive-g10-octa-phone/
    not sure if this a good buy this, would you recommend this?

  35. How to on bottom key light
    Also tell contact view settings not saving

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