G-Five President G9 Video Review Part 2 – Games Review

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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158 Responses

  1. sunny B says:

    what max. quality video can g9 play reply fast??????????????????

  2. Imran says:

    kia is ma koi asi theme ha jo screen ma majood button khatam kr da ?

  3. Imran says:

    it can record 720p or vga quality ?

  4. sunny B says:

    please do a video review on skype,vibr,HD videos,camera etc , please reply on which date you’ll upload the review.

  5. Shahzad Malik says:

    Hi Usman Malik:

    What do you suggest me about G Five’ President G9. Can i go for that or some other one with in Pkr 20,000.00

    Shahzad Malik

    • Usman Malik says:

      Well, you can see the videos , compare the specs and prices yourself and decide. But I dont think in 20,000 you will get a phone with quad core and 1 GB RAM. I may be wrong. If you know any in this price range then do let me know

  6. sunny B says:

    whats its GPU

  7. Arsalan says:

    Hi Usman bro, can u do a comparison review, i mean a side by side review with a good phone, like Samsung galaxy s3 maybe. i will be great if you can.

  8. Techie says:

    Do you think G9 is better than lumia 520? I know the specs are far better but what about resale value and brand support?

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Well currently my opinion would go towards the G9, mainly because of Gfive’s insurance policy which no other company in Pakistan has offered before, with regards to nokia 520 resale, windows phones are catching up, nokia had a great time with their symbians before Android came in. So the resale value I guess for both would be at par. But then again this is my opinion the actual picture could be different but given the success of the qmobile smartphones, android has the upper hand on windows….

      • Techie says:

        What about future updates? Lumia 520 is getting the ‘Windows Phone Blue’ with the official return of the start button next year. But is G’FIVE rolling out the 4.2.2 update? And if their update is not OTA (Over The Air) like QMobile, it’ll be pretty hard becuz QMobile still has several Customer Service Centres in almost all major cities but for G’FIVE, this number is quite small…

    • Usman Malik says:

      You really cant compare Lumia 520 with G9.. They have difference OS .. Windows phone 8 is definitely a better OS performance wise in my opinion. G9 has android which has its own advantages.

  9. Dany says:

    add a camera review too

  10. Imran says:


    • Imran says:


  11. faaiz says:

    Well done bhai, u r great, great and great.
    nxt review me ye baten lazmi btna plz.
    1-G’FIVE CLOUD service ko kese use krte hen?
    2-Handfree ka sound kesi hai?
    3-Camera k functions vdo and still both?
    4-GFve Insurance k bare me?
    5-Main disadvantages?

    • Usman Malik says:

      Well the next video is almost ready .. Will be uploaded in few minutes .. I will try to make another video later to answer your questions. Thanks

      • Adnan says:

        usman bai main ny suna hy k gfive k center sy aik dafa waranty clain ho gi dobara nai ho sakti ky ye such hy? plz jwab zarur dijiyeh ga.

  12. Rehan says:

    What about the battery timings and and it can VS with Samsung note 2

  13. Adnan says:

    usman bai main ny suna hy k gfive k center sy aik dafa waranty clain ho gi dobara nai ho sakti ky ye such hy? plz jwab zarur dijiyeh ga

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      no as far we know there is no such problem, but if you do know someone who has had such a problem please ask him to contact us, so we can get more details and give feedback on it, and maybe even help him with it.

  14. Dera Usman Malik,

    Your review really helped me a lot in deciding the today i went to the market, and did compare between qmobie a20 an president g9 qmobie does not have HD display. I have some question regarding G9 please help me in this regard.
    1. What resolution video G9 records? Is it 1080p or 720p?
    2. Go to settings>about phone>then tap 4 to 5 andriod version 4.2.1 jelly bean it does not show the jelly beans and some setting is opened over there please also advice in this regard.

    Usman Bhai your early reply will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Khizar Ali Lodhi.

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Well I am glad we could be of help….

      1. it records at 1080p and 720p,
      2.When you do multiple taps on it takes you into the developer mode selections, debug etc…. same way if you go on the last one and tap on Build number multiple times…it will give you a note saying something like congrats you are 2 steps or 1 step away from being a developer…so the Android version of Jellybean is legit, but in our opinion they have customized it in their own way…but then again its our opinion.

  15. ali says:

    a20 kab tak aye ga market main?

  16. Tariq says:

    Have you tried navigation on it? does it work with satellite uplink like in offline maps? can you please let me know. thanks

  17. ali says:

    banchmark aur performance k lehaz sy gfive G9 acha hai ya Q A20?

  18. Saaim says:

    Bhai ye bata den k gfiv g9 kin aspects me a20 se acha h,pit dm agnst each odr n lets us knw abt da difrnc rgardng.sound qualty,ppi o dpi.battry timng.avlbl free ram thickns ,durabilty n ovral lightr n gud luks.compare all one by one.thanks

  19. SHAMS says:

    Usman bhai, Please do a video review of latest and heavy games on G9. Also run them on Max setting like you’ve ran the temple run 2 on the best visual setting,
    GTA 3, 4
    Nova 2, 3
    NFS most wanted
    Modern combat 3, 4
    Cause I’m going to buy a phone for Heavy Games.
    Plz make it sooner, asani ho jae gi performance dek ke.. Plz plzzzz.

  20. faithful says:

    nice videos.
    add me up on facebook to have a hard time challenge in real racing 3



  21. faithful says:

    is phone ka weight kitna he??

    sub se impotant baat yeh he k qmobile k updates nahi ati aur custom roms nahi hn…..custom roms bahut important hn

    dosri baat root krne mn pareshani

    xda mn koi forum nahi
    pakistani brand he samsung k liye apps and games optimized hoti hn tu results in better performance

  22. faithful says:

    and one thing more rom size small he heavy games ka tu soch nahi sakte
    like recently launched game of gameloft over 2.5gb
    is se behter he k galaxy s2 le liya jaye 16gb rom

    MTK6589, Cortex A7 Quad core, 1.2GHz
    a7 he atleast a9 hota cortex

    is price mn yehi package he phr

    galaxy nexus ya gs2 itne mn mil jaye ga used mn i think they r better options

  23. Osama says:

    Usman bhai mere G9 main RealRacing hang ho rahi hai, main ne gb sdcard lagaya hai, game data sdcard par save hai

    • Talib says:

      Have you tested by installing the complete game in internal memory rather than storing game data in sd card

      • Osama says:

        Main task manager main Ja kar kill all tasks karne k baad chala ta hun tou bilkul sahi chalti hai

        Shayad background main ziada apps hain

  24. Haseeb says:

    Assalam o alaikum Usman bhai,

    First of all I would like to appreciate what you are doing and I have to say that you have almost convinced me to purchase G9. You have made such a comprehensive and great review of G9. Hats off to you.

    My question is that do you have any idea if this smart phone would work in Germany? I am willing to purchase it but people have told me that sometimes phones don’t work in other countries.


    • Usman Malik says:

      Thanks for the compliments. Haseeb these phones should work anywhere where there is a GSM network . G9 also support 3G . So theoretically it should work anywhere in the world and besides . Gfive is an international company operating in many countries, but saying all that I havent tested it myself in germany 🙂

      • Haseeb says:

        Phew! Thanks a lot for clearing my doubts and for replying so quickly. hahaha welll obviously 😀 So I am going to purchase G9 now 🙂

        P.S: Sorry for posting the comment on the other thread though!

        Keep up the good work! 🙂

  25. Fawad Khan says:

    Aoa Usman bhai.. I have a query.. On the websites the length of gfive g9 is mentioned as 142 mm while that of qmobile noir a600 is 144mm.. Still g9 has 5.7 inch LCD while noir a600 has 5 inch LCD.. so does this mean that overall length of g9 is smaller than a600?? My main concern is fitting the cell phone in the pocket.. I shall be obliged if u reply.. Thanx..

  26. Mukhtar Qureshi Advocate says:

    Dear Usman.kia G9 pdf files aur flv videos ko support karta hay.Answer plz.

  27. Honest says:

    Dear Usman Bhai,

    Kindly will you mention which Micro SD card you are using for Games?

    Because Real Racing 3 started with so many hangs on Gfive G9. G9 hanged almost 5 to 6 times before reaching to Real Racing 3 game menu.

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Sandisk Ultra Series, especially manufactured for Android Support, 16Gbs

      • Honest says:

        Ok. i bought 32Gb Sandisk Ultra class 10 Rs.3000. Hope it is the best card for games. 🙂 but got first time loading issues in real racing 3.

  28. Sarmad says:

    Usman bhai please please reply fast is main modern combat 4 aur NFS mostwanted chal sakti hai??

  29. Hamza says:

    Usman Malik bhai kya gfive g9 me OTA updates hein….???

      • salman says:

        Dear Usman Malik.

        You are doing a wonderful job for mobile users who really don’t know how to use the new technology, I appreciate your kind efforts.
        From your detail reviews I saved Rs:40,000/- I was interested to buy S4 but I saw your gfive G9 and I bought it yesterday its amazing in this price. My concern is games, can you please tell me where and how to get the hd games like Real Racing, Nova 3 etc. is there any website you recommend to download free and also tell me the procedure.

        Thanks in advance

  30. Hamza says:

    thanks for the reply….:)

  31. goshi says:

    i have 3 question about gfive g9
    1.its battery timing according to heavy use (music , games ,browsing, and camera)
    2.is it realy support full features of android latest version
    3.its camera quality indoor(means low light area) and front facing camera quality can we compare it with
    apple iphone 4s front facing 2 mega pixel camera which i think is the best front facing camera to this time

    thanx. Allah hafiz

    • Khizar says:

      Its battery timing is really good. I’m personally using this phone and it’s just awesome it got 2500 mSg battery which is aheavy duty battery and gives you good battery time with full use of internet, camera and games.
      Yes it contains all the features of latest android nothing is missing.
      You cannot compare the cares with iPhone 4S because the price difference between the both is very much although G9’s camera quality is not so good but with price tag of 21,000 PKR, and with all other features thus phone is very good.

      Hope it will help.

  32. salman says:

    Dear Usman Malik.

    You are doing a wonderful job for mobile users who really don’t know how to use the new technology, I appreciate your kind efforts.
    From your detail reviews I saved Rs:40,000/- I was interested to buy S4 but I saw your gfive G9 and I bought it yesterday its amazing in this price. My concern is games, can you please tell me where and how to get the hd games like Real Racing, Nova 3 etc. is there any website you recommend to download free and also tell me the procedure.

    Thanks in advance

    • Usman Malik says:

      Real Racing 3 is a free game you can download from playstore. Other games like Nova 3 you will have to download from internet

      • salman says:

        usman bhai.

        i downloaded i real racing 3 from play store but its not play in my mobile screen stuck on when game video or promo start. and phone gove hang every time i pull out the battery to restart my mobile

        please help ram showin 480 mb free

        • Honest says:

          It will stuck few times, after loading full then it will be normal. I experience the same.

          • salman says:

            ok but i tried screen goes black after a long time upto approx 45 minutes, according this tried 10 times. mobile gone hang

          • Honest says:

            Which SD card you are using? Class?

          • Usman Malik says:

            Transend – 16 gb – class 4

          • salman says:

            i have normal sd card 8gb which came with mobile for free.. if you suggest any type of sd card i will buy it. if i insert my new card on gfive g9, so i have to dowload the game again or i just copy the data to my computer thsn put the data into new sd card and run apk file from play store ?

            thanks please reply soon.

          • Honest says:

            I am not expert so I can’t recommend.

            I bought SanDisk Ultra 32gb Class 10.

            Latest is class 10. But do your own research on internet to find out. As I said earlier mine was also hanged few times when I try to load RR3 first time.

          • Usman Malik says:

            I am not sure if you will have to download again or not. You can try to copy the content and use. SD card have classes .. so better the class , better the speed. Class 10 SD cards are also available

        • Usman Malik says:

          Let the promo finish it self and then try to play.. usually this happens when you interrupt the promo. Or try to skip the promo even before it starts.

          • Arsalan says:

            Usman Bhai please Guide karein thoda Sa k Is ka Gpu for gamingz yeh strong hai yaa nahi i mean Need for speed Underground and Heavy Graphics Games Run karta hai yaa Nahi ?

  33. Arsalan says:

    and Without Inshurance kahan se Purchase kar saktey hain Woh bhi bataye ??

    • salman says:

      Usman bhai g9 is good for gaming i played asphalt 7 asphalt 8 also frontline commando real racing etc.
      but i am facing a very awkward problem after some days game were not running even frontline commando, asphalt 7, asphalt 8 real racing. crashing all the time. these all games are stored in sd card. i also installed virtual tennis it plays normal no issue. i thought there is an virus or something came when i connect to the pc but virtual tennis are working. other games not.
      i uninstalled and did the process as before but not play crashing all the time …
      please inform me i bought this phone only for gaming and you know it prices are decrease from 22000 to 18000 and buy it for 22000. if i sale this mobile it will be a huge loss for me.

      i am happy with its overall performance but this is the strangest problem i ever faced in mobile.
      i played asphalt 7 in HTC explorer also.

      please give me solution thanks & regards

      • Faisal Jaswal says:

        Try a different SD card, could be a problem with that.

        • salman says:

          i change sd card with sandisk 16gb ultra class 10 but problem is same.

          I sold the mobile in Rs: 15000/- but g9 is best the only problem is size. if gfive make g9 mini i will be the best phone in all definate beat samsung also

  34. Binod says:

    Hey Usman….
    PLz run more resource hungry games like NOVA 3, Asphalt 7 and Asphalt 8,Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour etc.
    So we would know more about gfive g9’s gaming capicity……

  35. Asad says:

    Iss ko agr purchase krna ho to kahan say kren?? Warranty kis company ki hai iss ki

  36. Binod says:

    Can you plz mention the score of g9 in nenamark 2 graphics benchmark…..

  37. Hassaan says:

    usman bhai qmobile a10 acha ha ya g9 also tell who’S CAMERA ANDPERFORMANCEis goodddddddddddddd

  38. hassaan says:

    usman bhai g9 ki waranty kis kis chiz ki ha or is ka front camera kasa ha please answer and also thanks to reply my last question…….thanks very much

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Front camera is alright, warranty is the usual stuff, spot on LCD, if it gets damaged then of course no warranty, accessories are never under warranty so be careful on that.

  39. hassaan says:

    back camera our processor ki waranty ha

    • Khan says:

      Except accessories everything has warranty until or unless its not broken and damaged because of miss handling. Today I claimed warranty of G9 because its whole front was not glued properly and started to come off. Purchased this phone 2 weeks ago. That shows massively poor build quality of handset. They have used very low quality plastic on it. So if you own one then handle with care otherwise it will not last long

  40. hasan says:

    salam,bro im using gfive g9president since 2months and its constantly hangs nd restarts may be 20times a day once i went to shop the shopkeepr changed battry but its still same hanging n restrting plz tell me kia problm hai

  41. umer says:

    Usman bhai,
    I downloaded the real racing 3 for free from the market and installled using(though it takes a long timeb)the app.the app starts up and then hangs i then have to restart my phone..

  42. tauseef ahmed says:

    bhai i got a range of 1500 to 17000 rs i want to buy a all rounder phone that may run 2 years without any seviour problem. plz tell me. which one should i buy, i really like g9 but some people on net are saying that its not reliable ye ziada nahi chale ga. max 4 months.

    and some comments are confusing me about its performance plzzz help

    • Well can’t comment on that, it also depends on your handling some people are rough with their phones, for them we recommend phones with a metal body, such as HTC one, if you are one who is careful your phone will last a long time, we have friends who have the Gfive G95 Bravo for over a year, and some who have the Gfive G9 for around 6 months, and they are working fine without any problems. Another friend of ours has a Samsung Galaxy S4 and it has been repaired twice,because he is clumsy and drops it all the time and handles it roughly. (I just hope he doesn’t read this 😛 ) So the point is, it depends on the person as well….

  43. tauseef ahmed says:

    faisal bhai i am care full about phones but have a question that this is a cheap phone with so much in it means the machinary or other things used inside it are of cheap quality (china you know). or else it would have been expensive this is a suspecious thing which stops me from buying it………

    • See thats what people don’t understand, practically every electronic item is being made in China, major brands have their products manufactured in China, simply put not all Chinese things are of poor quality, they have different grades. For example take the Chinese phone Xiaomi its sales were greater than the iphones’ in China and its performance better than that of the S4. If you have read economics you would know that the more you produce something the cheaper it gets (simple supply and demand)…..China has virtually unlimited hr at their disposal and they have the ability to mass manufacture, which results in cheaper products…so don’t get scared thinking that all products from China are of poor quality. If you can afford to buy high end phones then by all means do so…the good thing about Qmobile Gfive and premium chinese phones is that they allow the people who cannot afford expensive phones to enjoy the majority of the features of high end phones at an affordable price. For instance if you were to buy a phone like the G9 or the THL W200 or the A900 you would be able to enjoy heavy games, which otherwise you would not have been able to play unless you bought a 40k+ smartphone.

  44. Aliahmeda94 says:

    Hey Usman Bhai i have gfive g9 but apna Real Racing 3 download kaha se ki thi? mene ki but loading pr atak jata hay? or 2nd cheez iska protector kaha se buy karay or Covers?

  45. tauseef ahmed says:

    usman bhai , faisal bhai, that is one point the other are the comments of users many people appreciate this effort of gfive but some comments says something like. when i bought this phone the screen came out because its addhesive did not properly held it, or some says (this is a common issue) that after some time of usage it starts restarting on its own this is not the cause of mishandling. or the plastic quality is cheap (well that does not matter)….or its speaker dont work well after 2 months or so
    my second choice would be noir a10 because such unreliabilities are not present in q mobile
    sorry for bothering ya but i am a student and 15k means a lot to me so i want to be sure that what i am buying i will not regret about it
    thanks thanks alot…………….

  46. Aurangzeb says:

    Us man bhai.apkai kayal mail Q mobile acha hai yeah g’five………

  47. Waqar Ahmed says:

    Is it true that g9 is of 15k now.?? If it is then its awsome..

  48. Waqar Ahmed says:

    and now on plzz also add GTA San Andreas in ur gaming reviews..

  49. Maher says:

    Usman bhai,

    Thanks for sharing your reviews, its really helping customer. OK recently Gfive launched G10, as per specs. (13 MP rear and 5 MP front) 1.7 Ghz processor and 16/ 32 GB. Can you share your input on this ?

  50. shahbaz says:

    usman bai gfive president a97 ka review kb uploed ho ga

  51. Hy usman gfive g9 kia GTA IV
    Jaisy heavy games suport karta hay kia?
    By the way ap ko gfive g9 ka gaming rewiue banana chahiy heavy games ka

  52. Sunder says:

    I can not find G9 president in Islamabad 🙁 Kindly mujy bataen k kyaa company ne bnad kr dia hy ye set because i have heard that G 10 agyaa hy to G 9 bnd krdia company ne. Kindly tell me from where I can buy this set in Islamabad or Rawalpindi. Seriously mujy yahe lena hy to bs ab lenaa hy 😀 Help me 🙁

  53. can it play nova 3 and modern combat 4??????????????????????????

  54. malik says:

    hi bro is mobile ki built in kam hai to app nay real racing kasay install ki kue ki meray tab mein b 4gb built in hai laykin is mein 1.5 gb free space ki requiremient mangati hai aur is waja say install nai ho rahi

  55. malik says:

    bhi jain kya is mein sd card mein apps ko store kiya ja sakta hai mean ye k external card mein apps store ho jati hain aur meray pehlay sawal ka jawaab b day dain to acha hai bahi jain pleaseee reply fast of both

  56. Amir Ali says:

    Can i play Nova 3 and GTA vice city on g5 president G9

  57. hamza says:

    Faisal Bhai

    can I play nfs most wanted , nova 3 , six guns. on g9 president

    I am not sure about it

  58. Shaharukh says:

    Does G9 has android jelly bean or Aluyian OS (OS based on jelly bean) and i also have the same question for the New G6, and between G9 & G6 and Q mobile A500 which set is superior (mostly battery time and gaming)?

  59. Khizar says:

    Usman bhai, i recently bought this phone for 15k, i am very happy with it but what troubles me is the lack of knowledge of the GPU, in someplaces the GPU is quoted as power vrsgx 544mp whereas somewhere its quoted as powervrsgx 544. please tell me if the g9 has a multiple core GPU and how many cores does it have ?????

  60. Amir Ali says:

    Please aghar aap khay pass time hai tho g5 g9 par nova 3 or modern combat 4 ka review khrayn

    • Ahmed Ur Rehman says:

      Bro Modern Combat 4 aaram se chalta hai main ne khud use kya hai !! lag bhi nahi hota !! NOVA 3 ka nahi pata!

    • we tested Nova 3 although not on the video review, it works fine on the gfive G9

      • Salman says:

        Faisal bhai gfive president g9 mein modern combat 4 mein lags aur jerks nhi ata aur is mein dead trigger 2 aur gta san andreas
        aur the amazing spiderman 2 kesa chalta hai
        please app amazing spiderman 2 check ker k mujhe btain please
        aur gaming k lahaz sa konsa phone best hai 18000 tak mein qmobile i9 aur gfive g9 mein sa konsa phone gaming achi kerta hai
        Please Mujhe jaldi reply kijia ga

  61. hamza says:

    dear usman bhai
    do gfive g9 supports a OTG cable.
    and what is aliyun os g9.
    plese reply fastly.

  62. Amir Ali says:

    Which phone have higher score in antutu benchmarks g5 g9 president or qmobile noir a20

  63. malik shehroz says:

    ASSALAM-U-ALIKUM bhai jan meinay ap say poochana tha k kya g9 1080p ki video record karta hai aur is meinmulti ouch function mein koi problem to nai hai meray pass voice v30 hai us mein problem karat hai pleaseeee reply fat bhai

  64. malik shehroz says:

    bhai jan is k gpu ki clock rate kya hai aur kya wo dual hai ya quad reply fat bhai jan pleaseeee

  65. Salman says:

    Usman Bhai Please mujhe btaya k Gfive President G9 mein modern combat 4,asphalt 8,amazing spiderman Lags aur jerks k bina chalanga na kesi performance aigi
    Please Reply Me Fast

  66. Salman says:

    Faisal bhai gfive president g9 mein modern combat 4 mein lags aur jerks nhi ata aur is mein dead trigger 2 aur gta san andreas
    aur the amazing spiderman 2 kesa chalta hai
    please app amazing spiderman 2 check ker k mujhe btain please
    aur gaming k lahaz sa konsa phone best hai 18000 tak mein qmobile i9 aur gfive g9 mein sa konsa phone gaming achi kerta hai
    Please Mujhe jaldi reply kijia ga

  67. Umer says:

    Hi Usman gfive g9 aur gfive g10 fashion mein achi gaming konsa phone kerdega
    aur g9 smoothly dead trigger 2 aur gta san andreas aur modern combat 4 chala sakta hai kya
    Please Reply This Message

  68. Saddam says:

    Kia Lumia 520 me modern combat 4 lode hota he to kese

  69. Afzal says:

    faisal bhai gfive president g9 or qmobile noir a900 same hai aur same gaming kerta han

  70. Ali Farhan says:

    MR.Usman Malik , sir kindly compare G9 Pres. with Q noir M90, . . . which one is best to use, in following contexts..
    1 – Ram n processor wise plus functionality
    2 – camera result wise
    3 – battery timing
    4 – Touch n screen n resolution wise
    thankful on ur response. . . . . . .

  71. Ammar says:

    AoA. Usman bhai i have g5 g9 .while playing car games like asphalt 8 , i noticed that my phone’s tilt calibration is bit wrong . for the straight steering of cars in rr3 and any other game i have to keep my phone’s speeker side bit lower . …. How can i adjust the calibration into the flat mode .. .. And the high end game play in this phone is bit lagging , while in your review of this phone , it is very smooth gaming i watch. What do u say about that.

  1. November 5, 2013

    […] To see how the G9 President performs in the gaming arena please visit:  Gaming on the G9 […]

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