G-Five President G9 Video Review Part 1 – Introduction & Benchmarks

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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186 Responses

  1. hamza says:

    great thank you for the review of part 1
    waiting for part 2 and part 3..
    please also upload them quickly..
    do run extremely heavy game on it 🙂
    and kindly also mention about warranty..

    • Mudassar Saadat says:

      Dear Sir, I have a strange issue in my Gfive G9…. When its in silent mode and i restart the phone or shutdown the phone…it gives me the welcome sound…. while on other hand a similar set the my cousin bought in June 2013 behaves normally on silent mode….I went to GFIVE customer care center but they said its normal…. is it some software difference?

  2. Saad says:

    is it better then a12?

  3. Saad says:

    a12 or g9?

  4. SHAMS says:

    SIR, kindly do run all the latest games with full graphics I’m going to get this phone before I know that all the games are running smooth as Galaxy SIII. Make a gaming video ASAP plzzzz.
    Also use multi fingers that we know it is really support upto 10 fingers at a time.

  5. SHAMS says:

    Thanks you soooo muchhhh for your first review of G9, really appreciated.
    keep up the good work. 🙂

  6. SHAMS says:

    Do run these games plzz
    1. Real racing 3
    2. batman
    3. Modern combat 3,4
    4. The amazing spiderman
    5. temple run 2
    6. NFS most wanted
    7. Asphalt 7
    with max setting…

  7. sunny B says:

    whats the price difference b/w a12 and g9

  8. Talha Khan says:

    usman bhaai whats the price???

  9. Talha Khan says:

    usman bhaai whats the price???:)

  10. khalid says:

    bro ye bta dain ke ye apne kaha se khareeda he …shop plz.. mje to Peshawar me mil hi nahi raha..kahi bhi nahi he..

  11. Techie says:

    Does it require a Mini-Sim or a Micro-Sim?

  12. sunny B says:

    bhai brand konsa acha hay qmobile or g-five

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      both Qmobile and Gfive are excellent brands, if you were to however look at the current market scenario, Gfive has taken the lead as they are the 1st to offer a Quad core phone with 1GB ram at an affordable price, they are also offering insurance on their phones, which is something no company has ever done in Pakistan.
      Qmobile on the other hand I am sure is working on launching a similar phone, let’s see when that happens we’ll try to get you an update, the price drop in their flagship phone the A12 was an indicator.

      Our opinion on such a scenario where two companies are parallel as regards to their products is that it all comes down to after sales service and customer support, the Gfive insurance program just goes to show how serious they are taking their customers….

      • Khalid says:

        I agree with the fact that they are giving insurance and it shows there seriousness towards the customers. But QMobile has developed an edge by now and that is resale. I like G9 but its size is too big. So should I still go for Gfive or QMobile.

  13. Hassan Javed says:

    AOA Kindly can you compare dual sim functionality in next review. how software works for dual sim and switching sims. is it work like Samsung Galaxy S duos?? and also show multi touch i.e how many fingers it recognize on screen. also plz specify how much space is available for applications and can these applications also installed on microsd card thanks

  14. SHAMS says:

    Usman bhai, plzzzz make a gaming video of G9, I know you have made one video already but run latest and heaviest games on it plzzz plzzz, I had mentioned on top tru those games plzz.

  15. Talib says:

    I am planing to purchase Qmobile A20 which has almost same specs. I don’t want a phone with that much screen size, therefore I had decided to go for Qmobile A20. But In several reviews, it came to my knowledge that A20 is having some problems related to Wifi signals and games/apps don’t run when stored on memory card. Please verify if Qmobile has these problems on all phones or it is just some phones. Plus do this phone Gfive President have the same problems or some other problems

    • Usman Malik says:

      Talib, We had problems in our A20 as well. You can read about it in our A20 video review. The problem is not in all sets. If you are lucky you are will get a perfect set. There is no way to tell if you have a non faulty set at the shop because they only open box after you pay them and if its faulty you will have to claim it with qmobile.

      We havent heard of any complaints with g9 so far.

  16. syed says:

    usman bhai i want to buy g9 directly from the sole agents can u tell me their name and location in karachi ?


  17. Umer says:

    Usman bhai,
    I want it to ask a question frm u..
    After using ipad 2 for about 2 years will
    I be able to like the gfive g9 when i buy it

  18. Asjal says:

    Gfive G9 me Flv formate videos (HD) chal jatin hen, ya VLC Player krna parta he? Or agar vlc me chalti hen to aatakti to nh he…?

  19. Waqas says:

    What is actual weight of G9 & A600

  20. Mukhtar Qureshi Advocate says:

    Dear readers,Any one tell me that PDF files and FLV Videos works on G9.

  21. Ahmed Dar says:

    no matter what q mobiles do they cant win the battle with the korian technology

  22. Osama says:

    Gfive g9 ki recovery main Jane k liay konse buttons press Karen?

  23. Omair says:

    You guys are doing great job…Usman bhai tell me which one is better G9 or qmobile A900..I’ve seen G9 video review..but still confused

  24. Rohaan says:

    Asalam-o-alaikum Usman bhai you are doing great work.. i just want to ask that does internet browser html5 has in this phone..? and adobe flash player..??

  25. mrs says:

    usman bhai if this phone doesnt have flash palyer then how it can run flash contents? is this its drawback?plz reply soon because i am planning to buy g9? & also tell about its GPRS working if we dont have wifi? because noir A10 GPRS doesnt work. thanks

    • Osama says:

      flash player works but first you will need to install, there is an application in playstore which will guide you through it

      gprs works fine

    • Usman Malik says:

      There are some apps available using which you can view flash content .. But Officially Adobe has finished support for All Android Phones

  26. laila says:

    hey just wanted to know tat why is a950 better than g9 president… what are the features tat it lacks..

  27. Sajid Khan says:

    AoA. I want Buy G9 .. But I am tense Which Color is dashing ( White & Black ) For GFive G9…
    Why use Black Color Mobile In All Reviews ???????
    Waiting Your Ans….Mr. Usman

  28. Sajid khan says:

    Aoa .. I want ask .Gfive G9 Battery timing … standby and on gaming or wifi using…

  29. Hammad Iqbal says:

    Yesssssssss do tell about batteryyyy

  30. Usman says:

    AOA Usman bhai…..
    har koi sab cheezon k bary mein puch raha hai magar koi wifi k bary mein nahi puch raha …..
    mujy yeh maloom karna hai k is main kon sa wifi hai ?
    kuch sites par b/g likha hai or kuch pe b/g/n likha hai…
    or Ap nay kitna arsa use kar lia hai isko or ab is ki performance kesi hai? touch kesa hai?
    meny kafi mobiles ka touch problem dekha hai . start me to acha hota hai magr time k sath kharab ho jata hai …. ap kiya khety ho?
    or iska wifi kesa hai?
    please in sab questions ka answer de dijiye…
    I’m waiting hardly.

    • Usman Malik says:

      Wifi sahe chalta hei .. koi issue nahi WIFI mein.. touch is fine too ..Performance is good as well. Older phones used to have resistive touch .. jo time keh sath kharab ho jatey tha .. Now phones have capacitive touch jo kharab nahi hotey

  31. Usman says:

    un sites mein say 1 site yeh hai jis pe b/g/n likha hai

  32. Syed Faisal Hasan says:

    Hello Usman,

    Nice review, just landed on your site while searching for Qmobile review, and finally ended up here for Gfive.

    Just wanna know that have you tried or do you know that does GFive supports USB on the Go (USB OTG) or USB host mode for connecting USB flash drives (NTFS/FAT32) using a micro USB female host cable.

    Secondly is there any custom rom or kernel available for this phone. I dont think it has any following on XDA, since it is a local brand.

    And yeah , does it this phone has a notification LED light.

    Thanks for your responses.

  33. Talib says:

    I purchased this phone 4 days ago. I can ensure you that it has wifi b/g/n. There is only 1 drawback of this mobile and that is its size (too big) other than that it is awesome, good performance, screen dpi, touch, everything is okay
    I have also tested bluetooth keyboard and mouse work with Gfive G9. It also shows OTG options in settings but didn’t checked them yet

  34. Talib says:

    Dear Usman,
    I have installed real racing 3 more than 3 times. Whenever I install it, after downloading around 1.4gb of data it starts and hangs on logo, I had restart the phone by pulling the battery as nothing works,
    2nd start : Hangs on when car first shows off, BATTERY PULL then
    3rd start: In between the first cut scene, BATTERY PULL then
    4th start: hangs when first race starts, BATTERY PULL then
    5th start: everything works fine afterwards.

    I have installed this game 3 times, last time on SDHC class 10 card to avoid any SD card issues, but same problem

    • Usman Malik says:

      This is strange .. we didnt get such problem on it when we installed it . Whats your storage setting ? change it to “let the system decide” . If you can wipe out the SD card then do that otherwise try to find and delete all old real racing files and then try

    • Honest says:

      Dear Talib,

      I experienced almost the same situation when I ran first time RR3. And I also experience some glitches and low frame rate when too many cars around.

      I have white gfive g9 and also class 10 Sandisk ultra 32gb SD card. But don’t know what caused it.

  35. Usman says:

    Usman bhai meny 1 link find kia hai jo k yeh hai :


    question yeh hai k kia yeh real hai ya fraud?

  36. Sajid Khan says:

    Plz Review A900 …. As soon As

    I noted Mr.Usman . You are personally Dislike A900 i do not know why ?
    Mostly Peoples waiting A900 Review ….But You are still looking
    We All request you with respecting that complete review of A900 .
    I Hope you Accept my Petition .

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      we will review the A900 its in the pipeline, its not that we do not like it as we are a review site all smartphones are suitable candidates 🙂 you will see a review pretty soon In Sha ALLAH.

  37. Usman says:

    is mobile main icons gool hi hain ya change ho jaty hain?
    i m asking this cuz apki is video me icons gool hain or 1 or video meny dekhi hain jis mein icons square shape me hain…..
    answer as fast as you can..(please)

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      well in our experience so far, they stay the same that is circular, but if there could be a them out there which has square ones, or maybe it was rooted and someone installed a different UI, so can’t be certain

  38. James Bond says:

    I was wondering that can we run games from the sd card instead of using internal memory?
    I was asking this bcz in these Chinese phones the internal memory is low so can u make a review and show us how to do so?

  39. James Bond says:

    Can u tell us usman bhai that van it run tegra 3 games?
    Thanx in advance!

  40. James Bond says:

    Can u tell us usman bhai that run it run tegra 3 games?
    Thanx in advance!

  41. James Bond says:

    Thanx usman bhai, my problem is now solved:-)

  42. Usman says:

    AOA Usman Bhai and other Brothers …..
    My question is:
    there is any option of update os?
    cuz i bought this cellphone 3 days ago but it has 4.1 JB… how can i install new one?
    hope you will reply me soon……….

  43. Usman says:

    Usman bhai will you please tell me that which one is better in ppi and dpi?
    and 1dpi = to __ ppi??
    i hope my question is right.. 🙂

  44. ghufran says:

    is gfive president having a camera flash

  45. Kamran1982 says:

    Would you please do a review of Q Mobile A 600 Noir with Gfive G 9 President. Many thanks.

  46. Honest says:

    Dear Talib,

    I experienced almost the same situation when I ran first time RR3. And I also experience some glitches and low frame rate when too many cars around.

    I have white gfive g9 and also class 10 Sandisk ultra 32gb SD card. But don’t know what caused it.

  47. Shehryr says:

    Usman Bhai, I have a HTC amaze 4g and now I plan to switch over to g9 president, is it worth changing or should I stick with my HTC !! please help..thanks!!!

  48. James Bond says:

    Usman yar new games ka gfive par review karo such as modern combat 4, nova 3,the dark night,shadowgun etc or ha ma ne pochna tha k Rom or ram me kia faraq hota he????

  49. sanaulhaq says:

    yesI wanted top ask if Gfive g9 supports USB host. If yes than is there any software needed for that and how can we use any USB keyboard with this mobile

  50. Sajid Khan says:

    Wrong Dimensions …..G9
    Wrong Net Weight…..G9
    Careful plz

  51. James Bond says:

    Hy I heard that gfive have dropped the price of g9 at 18000 rupess

  52. Dr Adeel says:

    Dear usmaan… im very old subscriber of your blogs and reviews…. everybody asks for screen battery and blah blah blah…
    my Question is, how about the call listening quality of G9 president and Qmobile a900/ a950…???
    are they loud enough like samung,blackberry or HTC phones..?because some times in rushy noisey areas,we cant hear the voice even during call….so please reply me and suggest me a phone in this manner,also i read my pdf ebooks and medical stuff …so kindly please reply…bcoz i wanna buy the phone for long term use…

  53. faiza ali says:

    kia iski screen scratch proof he?

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      The screen is scratch resistant, and it comes with a preinstalled screen protector. It is recommended to keep the screen protector on.

  54. nooh says:

    main ne g9 president mein modern combat 4 install ki hai lekin us ko chalate waqt [ mc4 unfortunately stopped ] error aa jata hai or game nai chalti
    ye kia masla hai?

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Hmm not sure, but if you have purchased it you can get customer support on it, but if you are trying a pirated version, then they could have bugs and behave unexpectedly so there isn’t much that can be done in that case.

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      if its original game contact support, if its pirated then they can have bugs and not work properly

  55. Asad says:

    Usman Bhai do u recommend this phone? Q k main ney iss ko use kia tha aik shop pay unho ney showcase pay rakha mj is ki transition smooth nahi lgi, jb k aap k review mein smooth chl rahi hai…

    aik baat or main ney aik baat or bhi note ki hai k shuru mein kahin kahin touch ney response nahi dia..

    kia yeh error hai iss mein?

    Thank you

  56. Asad says:

    aik baat or kia A600 best hai ya G9?

    thank you

  57. seerat says:

    gujranwala main kahan sy buy kar sakty hain ye ……??

  58. irtiza khan says:

    bhai may set lena chat hoo lakin confuse hooo ,……ap btae plz may g9 ,yah a600 lou plz conform that

  59. maria says:

    ASA Usman,
    can i use this phone in uk??do u think the uk mobile network will support this phone??many thanks

  60. Ahsan says:


    ROM Mobile GFIVE G9 – ROM Android 4.2.2 S4UI
    Update 09/16/2013
    Repair Bluetooth
    Fix compass
    Fix automatic brightness
    Notification bar culture
    APP program icon for the S4 dressing style http://www.needrom.com/mobile/gfive-g9-s4ui/ i get ths frm ths site.. how can i update to ths ??????

  61. afzaal says:

    this is good cell i want to purchase this mobile so please contact with me on 0321-9211886

  62. Asif says:

    what buttons should we press to enter the recovery mode in g9?

  63. Usman says:

    aoa , is g9 president has OTG??
    can someone tell me ?
    i am waiting for your response… (y)

  64. Usman says:

    if not then why you mentioned OTG in specification of this phone , you can see it in other features ….
    and also tell me , is this phone have 3G support?

  65. zafar says:

    G9 President vs huawei g610s which one is better

  66. Usman says:

    A900 and A950 mein OTG hai?

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      A900 does not have OTG, not sure about the A950 as we have not done a hands on test, we know only of the A600 having OTG.

  67. Usman says:

    or g9 me tc card dalta hai ya micro sd card? Or in dono me kia diff hai?

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Are you talking about TF card? TF means trans flash card, TF card and MicroSD card are the same thing, Yes G9 has MicroSD card slot.

  68. usman says:

    should i buy this phone? what you say about that?
    is there any problem in this phone..?
    and please tell me that is phone ki price kiyun kam hui hai? kia reason hai?
    or is mein b/g/n wifi hai ya simple b/g…
    waitiing for your answers…

    • Faisal Jaswal says:

      Usman, in the end its your choice, we can only tell you the pros and cons, one problem that we have noted and were informed of was that the speaker sound is too low meaning the loudspeaker. Also G9’s resale is comparatively less, the reason they have decreased the price is because they can afford to do so, these chinese phones bulk cost price is quite low, even at 18k Gfive is making a definite profit otherwise they would not sell at that price. Qmobile like all brands that have become successful is cashing its name, the phone’s they are selling are not that feature rich yet they are cashing their brand name. Take for example the A700 Qmobile’s 1st phablet, it costs 21.5k but it doesn’t even have an HD 720p screen, whereas compared to that the G9 has an HD 720p screen and costs only 18k. So between the two G9 has more value for money meaning you are getting more for less, the funny part is people don’t realize this and they just go for Qmobile because they saw their Ad on T.V. 🙂

  69. usman says:

    thanks 🙂
    but you did not tell me that it has b/g wifi or it has b/g/n?
    and which sim that phone support? mini sim or normal sim?
    waiting for your answer~

  70. Asif says:

    How to enter in recovery mode in gfive g9?

  71. nauman says:

    AOA.bro i am using this phone from 5 months everything is gud bt i have one problem maine notice kia hai k front screen k oper jo cover hai black wo ek side se ukhar gaya hai ya to shayed sahi fix nahi tha cell na to kahin gira hai aur na hi koi pressure aya hai touch bhi theek hai to mujhe kya karna chahiye .main to tense ho gya hun plz reply. hai waise ek corner se three inch tk

  72. Mudassar Saadat says:

    Dear Friends, I have a strange query about Gfive President G9. We bought two sets of Gfive G9… One in the month of June 2013 at price 22000 and 2nd in the month of September 2013 at Promotion Price 18000.. So issue is that in the first phone if its in silent mode then no start up sounds comes from phone speaker but in latter purchase even if its in silent mode the start up sound comes from phone speaker….Is it a software problem? i Went to Gfive Customer Care center but they said its normal.

  73. AMMAR says:

    A.A . Usman bhai I want to buy this phone ! mey ney sarii hall road market mey isay dhondha !! but non of them have this one ,. I want to buy it in used condition . Can you give mey any suggestion !!!!! kya ye second hand nai milta ??

    • Usman Malik says:

      I am not sure where you can buy second hand .. try olx

      • Mudassar Saadat says:

        Dear Usman Bhai, I have a strange issue in my Gfive G9 (bought in August 2013) …. When its in silent mode and i restart the phone or shutdown the phone…it gives me the start/off sound…also when hands free is connected and i want to change the ringtones then the ringtones sounds comes from phone speaker

        while on the other hand a similar set the my cousin bought in June 2013 behaves normally on silent mode and with hands free connected the ringtone sounds comes from hands free …I went to GFIVE customer care center but they said its normal as they showed me two sets there is it some software difference? Please guide me in this matter

        • Usman Malik says:

          Try doing a factory reset of your phone .. maybe that will solve the problem

          • Mudassar Saadat says:

            I also did a factory reset but its the same result. Though its not a big problem as i do not change the ringtones very often and i do not restart the phone everyday but it was strange for me because even in your review when u turn on the phone it did not give any sound because it was in silent profile. Could it be a software version issue?

          • Usman Malik says:

            yes this might be a software issue

  74. Dr Azeem says:

    I can not go into recovery mode by pressing volume up & power button together, any solution?

  75. Ali says:

    142 x 70 x 6.9mm are these dimensions are correct of g9?

  76. irfan says:

    who provide the warenty of gfive?

  77. taha says:

    what is the current price of gfive g9 in karachi and is iphone 4s better than it or not ??

  78. which phone is better gfive g9 or htc hd or htc widefire

  79. DR ADIL says:

    does this device comes already rooted? is there any support for cutom roms on xda or somewhere else?

  80. when gfive g10 will be relised in pakistan????????????


  82. Ali says:

    Please tell me after confirming that dimensions of g9 are correct because note 3 has also 5.7 inch diplay and a physical button but its dimensions are 151mm height etc etc.please please reply me soon

  83. Ali says:

    Please inform me that the dimensions shown on your site of g9 are correct or not because of the above mention reason and also that some chinese sites have its dimension 157 mm height etc etc.

  84. when you will do the preview of gfive g10????

  85. Ali says:

    Please reply me sir i have asked about dimensions of g9 . Please give a satisfactorily asnwer.

  86. Naeem khan says:

    If we compare Xtreme V40 and G9 President which one is better? keeping in view all the specifications which one would you personally prefer worth-buying?

  87. Amir Ali says:

    Can I play gta vice city and nova 3 on g5 president g9

  88. Amir Ali says:

    Is ki latest price khaya hai?

  89. Waqar says:

    Sir plz tell me thaT gfive g9 3g supported or not .plz plz reply .koe to btado . Waqar.marwat@email.com 03078011461

  90. Waqar says:


    • Mudassar says:

      Yes i am using 3G on it.

      • Muniba says:

        How do you use 3G on it? I have g9 and 3G is not working in it at all!!!!
        Please tell me its setting, I have visited Main office of Gfive and they said 3G isnt supported

        • jibran says:

          ATTN: Muniba,
          Gfive President G9 is absolutely supported 3G services.
          and you don’t have need any extra settings for it, but just go to settings/more/mobile networks/3G service and now enable 3G on 3G enabled network sim and select network mode to “auto mode” (GSM/WCDMA)
          NOTE: please ensure you are using 3G enabled networks sim.

          • Muniba says:

            Thanks for reply. Have done with everything but phone network options has GSM/TD-SCDMA mode only there is no WCDMA. What is the solution?

          • jibran says:

            TD-SCDMA was designed specifically for the Chinese mainland and is used only by China Mobile.
            Yeah you’ll have to return it to seller and ask for a WCDMA version. There’s no way around that. i have WCDMA version. i wish you Good Luck.

          • Muniba says:

            Thank you for responding. Can any one specify from where I can get the Wcdma version? I really need to get the same in wcdma version. Your help will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.

          • mudassarsaadat says:

            You can find this set only in a used condition. As i already mentioned that this option was eleminated in 3rd phase….when i bought at 18000 in 2nd phase…..i recieved a default error of startup and shutdown sound even in silent mode…..The set purchased by my cousin at 22000 in june 2013 was error free…..

            By the way that is what HTC, Samsung provide……same hardware and software for hundreds of same model set

        • Mudassar says:

          Go to Settings under “wireless & Networks” Go to “Mobile Networks” There you will see “3G Service” and then you can enable 3G on any of the 2 sims.

          I bought the set in 2nd Lot/Batch 16 months ago and now its 4th Lot is in the market so you might do not have that option in your set

  91. Waqar says:

    Plz koe to btado plz

  92. Arslan says:

    i want to know that what is antutu benchmark

  93. jibran tayyab says:

    Gfive President G9 is Best Device. I am using it from one year.
    Excellent performance.
    Very high quality screen resolution.
    I bought it from Hyperstar super store lahore @ price: 15,500. Pkr.
    But now its available @ 12,000.Pkr.
    I am playing Need For Speed Most wanted, MC4, RealRacing and many more big games.
    But it has only one problem, its not support OTG.

  94. khUrram bhatti says:

    sir mine ye cell 3G use krone k liye Lia that but jb main 3G active krta hn turn ye signals hi chor jata hai kindly mujhy btayien k main kia kron kron ? kia ye koi software ka msla hai ya koi or ??? plz eska koi hall beta dein plzzzzzzz mene ye cell hall road she Liya that Gfive ki bari shop she

  95. Maraj says:

    Mera phone sorted missed calls nai dikha raha hain can anyone please help me to how to resolve this issue

  96. Ahmad Shahzad says:

    usman bhai is ma 3g kasay chalay ga plz bata dain…..
    bht maharbani ap ki…

  97. toseef says:

    plz…..mujy koi ye bta dy k g9 president g5 ki internet setting kesy kari hy mujy samj ni a rhi ……………………? plz

  98. Nouman Habib says:

    I want to buy Gfive g9. Do you have any idea about the current price of this phone?

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