G-Five G95 “Bravo”1st Impressions


G-Five G95 “Bravo” At A Glance:


Hello everyone we recently got our paws on a G-Five Bravo Android Smartphone and here is what we have to say about it……”

A  phone which has not been given the credit it should have the G-Five Bravo is a powerhouse of a Smartphone, it has remarkable performance specs even though it has a single processor as compared to its competition, it is able to run HD movies, something we found out that the Huawei G510 could not do. It Boasts a 5.3” screen the 1st of its kind although there are phones out there with larger screens, the thing that sets this phone apart is the length to width ratio of the screen, its screen is broader as compared to the other phones, in fact we found it much more convenient to play games and watch movies on the Bravo than on other phones, it’s like holding a PSP. It has an 8mega-pixel camera along with a  supporting flash. It has G-Cloud functionality and support allowing for remote device access via the internet and allows you to upload over 5GBs worth of data unto the GFive site for backup and recovery purposes.

The phone sells between Rs.13,000 and Rs.16,000″

G-Five itself is a multi-national brand, although China is the country of manufacture, the brand is being
marketed and sold in over 10 countries. It is backed up by excellent after sales service and a local
warranty, the best part is they are offering life insurance via the East West Insurance company, also your
phone is insured for a year meaning if your phone gets stolen you can get a new one for half price. The
whole process is listed in the insurance card that comes along with the phone.

Gfive Bravo G95Gfive Bravo G95

G95 what’s In the Box?

G95 Bravo
Charger with Data Cable
Screen Guard
Silicon Phone Guard
Users Manual
Insurance and Warranty Card


Physical Comparison Between Bravo, G510 and Iphone 4s.

As you can see in the picture on the left that Bravo has a larger screen as compared to the white Huawei G510 and

the Iphone 4s, respectively.

Most people would think that the Bravo is a bulky and thick phone but on the contrary it is a relatively light and
elegant phone as you can see from the picture on the right Bravo is the phone on the very bottom, and comparatively
is not that thick either.

Gfive Bravo G95

Gfive Bravo G95 unboxing

Later on we will be posting about the Bravo’s video and camera performance, followed by a full video review of the phone…..so watch out for that.

*Features & Technical Specs:

1、World’s first 5.3” multi-touch screen cloud smart phone with Android 4.0 intelligent OS (Ice Cream Sandwich)
2、AFR (Automatic Face Recognition)
3、2500mAh ultra-big battery
4、CORTEX A9 1GHz basic frequency high performance processor, PowerVR SGX531 GPU, 720P HD display
5、8MP HD auto focus rear camera, dual camera
6、5 one-touch G-CLOUD services

Platform: BCM21654
Frequency: 1GHz
Android 4.0
Network: WCDMA+GSM
Flash(RAM):512MB DDR2
Operation frequency:GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Input peak rate:5.76Mbps
Output peak rate:7.2Mbps
Display:5.3″ WVGA 480*800
Weight:210.6g with battery
Back Camera:8.0MP
Front Camera:0.3MP

FM Radio:Yes
Proximity sensors:Yes
Expansion T-Flash card:Yes, Up to 32GB

Gfive Bravo G95

Comparing with iphone 4 and huawei g510

Gfive Bravo G95

Comparing with iphone 4 and huawei g510

*As per Data from G-Five Official Website (http://www.gfivemobile.com/en/ProductDetail.aspx?id=315#down)

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