DanyTech Phablet and Tablet Reviews

DanyTech Phablet and Tablet Video Reviews


A Short Introduction to Danytech

Dany Technologies more popularly known as Danytech has been in the electronics and IT business since 2001.  Danytech has a large product line up of pc accessories and  also has a nice range of tablets and phablets, they recently signed up Wasim Akram as the brand ambassador for their Genius phablets and tablets.

Danytech has been in the local market seen for quite sometime their Audionic brand is quite popular, and they have seen a major boom in their tablet and phablet line up after the introduction of their high quality Genius Series.

Unlike similar corporations Danytech has focused more on phablets rather than smartphones and is currently the local company with the most variety of Phablets in the 6 inch and larger screen size phablets.

Below you will find our video reviews of their phablets and we will continue to add more of their tablets and phablets as they come.




Dany Tech T500 Tablet
Price: Rs. 18,900
Video Review


Dany Tech T220 Tablet
Price: Rs. 14,500
Video Review


6 Responses

  1. muhamad rehman says:

    please kia app dany genius g6 review de sakte hain

  2. FAREED SHAH says:

    Salam, Is huawie mediapad-7-youth-2-3g is better or Dany genious talk T220.
    Which one I have to buy ?
    Please suggest !!

  3. Muhammed Sufyan Lodhi says:

    Dear plz recommend me that qmobile tablet are better or Dany tablet? Which will you recommend me for purchase. Please also advise model that I should buy..I just reviewed qtab q800 & dany Q4. But am not understanding k mjhe konsa tablet lena chaiye. Plz advice me with ttechnical specifications. Uts urgent. Thanks.

  4. Afkar says:

    Please tell me tablet in range of 21000.
    I require tablet of greater screen size high quality camera and also high quality of gaming

  5. kollpip says:

    Laughing Loud for no reason ???

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