3G and 4G Speed in Pakistan

Usman Malik

Usman Malik is a software engineer by profession with over 10 years of experience of development and project management. He is a smartphone enthusiast and love everything about smartphones.

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  1. shoaib says:

    thats gud i was waiting for this….one more thng usman bhai wat does 5Mhz means? i mean ufone nd telenor have 3G 5 Mhz while mobilink nd zong got 3G 10 Mhz??

  2. Faraz says:

    Awesome explanation Sir.. though 3g and 4g should be very expensive. isn’t it?

  3. awais says:

    sir usman kindly plz lemme know the best android set available in the market upto a price of 25000 that could run a few med book s and at the same time have the best internet speed considering 3g and 4g,i was thinking of huawei G700 but read ur review about the wifi prob now whats the best option

  4. kathia999 says:

    how to get 3g on my Nokia X..plz guide me.im using Telenor..

  5. Asim says:

    Asalamu Alikum
    aap ne Qmobile E760 ka review kia tha main ne us mobile main aik default game dekhi thi jis ka naam hai F1race main wo game apney mobile main install kerna chahta hoon mere pass bhi E760 jesa mobile hai(Club mbolie m9) main us main istall kerna chahta hoon ager aap mujhey us ka link ya phir file send ker dain meherbani ho gi.

  6. fawad ali says:

    When will they launch the 3g is there any fixed date

  7. ryan faraz says:

    Does five g9 support 4g.

  8. Yousaf says:

    I’ve hTC Amaze 4g and it is not T-mobile phone but I’ve installed t-mob firmware and it is not official for it But bow I want to upgrade my mob officially But I can’t and I don’t know how to restore its stock firmware. Can u guide me?

  9. ABU BAKAR says:

    qmobile noir i9 kab tak market main aye ga aur us ka review please

  10. Rizwan Khan says:

    Can you please let us know how to setup ufone 3g on bravo g95 and president g9? i have tried on both but failed

    • danish khan says:

      dooosto mine five g9 lia 3g nhi support Karl raha .five mein Jo 3g band lags hair WO Chinese hai aur WO sirf China mein chalega …mere paise zaya ho gaye :'(

  11. danish khan says:

    usman bhai gfive g9 mein 3g Td-scdma .hai shayad zong sai chal jaye plzzzz btaye..agr nhi koi tarika to mein sub dooosto ko mashwara data hoon k isss bakwaas set ko na len ,..high speed net ki waja se to hum mehengai mobile lete hain …inko kya pata paise kese kamay jaate hain

  12. RAY says:

    how good is OPPO FIND 7 QHD ?
    WILL IT work in pakistan

    and when will 4G and LTE be launched in karachi AND LAHORE

  13. Owais VZW says:

    AoA.. In Wireless 4G telecom, different companies use different spectrum for their wireless networks Pakistan some companies are using 5 megahertz spectrum and some companies in Pakistan are using 10 megahertz spectrum for their 4G internet service. The difference is the 4g spectrum your speed can be lower and depending upon the capacity of users on that cell site if you have 10 megahertz spectrum you have higher capacity means your pipe is bigger some more water can flow through that if you’re spectrum is $5 so less water will come out but at slower speed this is an example so if you have 10 megahertz spectrum you’ll have to get double the speed but with that some things to keep in mind is that how much are the users on this cell site on East sector of the cell site. typically in Pakistan if you are using a 3G network which has being sold as 4G network also part GSM HSPDA plus you will see speeds if its a average capacity on the side the speech should be between 3 to 5 mbps but if it is 10 mhz spectrum and number of users is average you will see your speed between 30 to 35 megabits per second it also depends upon the fiber optic link between the switch / exchange to the cell site if that optic fiber link the bestie and bandwidth is limited then even though you are using LTE 10 megahertz you will still see lower speed so there are a lot of variables but over all of the companies which offer seems to offer 4G services is a slower GSM advance or you can say HSPD plus network portrayed as 4G make sure that is not a 4G Network LTE is the only 4G network or WiMAX is a dying technology so everybody is going to 4G network I hope it helps

  14. ahsan khan says:

    4g ke disadvantages bata di please bai

  15. Owais VZW says:

    As far as dis-advantages are concerned, there are NONE. Some people might argue that it rains battery life more which is incorrect, The reason battery life will be drained more is because of your usage or you are in poor coverage area and your device has to power up to listen to the tower messages at high power between (-15Dbm to -25dBm). Also how your network is considered because in LTE 4G your device unlike a Voice call is sending and receiving messages from network. depending upon how much internal ACK NACK messages are going on it can also drain the battery life. !!!!!!! Always remember to see if you are in GOOD , MARGINAL or POOR coverage area!!!!!!! DO NOT REPLY on Coverage Bars which phone shows, they are good for those who are not technical people, Go to your phone settings> ABOUT PHONE> Network and you will see in case of LTE RSRP should be as follows.

    GOOD Coverage RSRP = -45dB to -95dB
    Average Coverage RSRP = -95 dB to -109dB
    Poor Coverage RSRP = -109dB to -120dB……

    • Fahad Khan says:

      Owais bhai…
      I need your kind suggestion in selecting 3G or 4G services. I am a student and part time freelancer. I am using PTCL 4MB DSL service. PTCL speed is good in other time but it is worst during 6pm-12am (Pak time) not even 1Mbps download (on speedtest.net) and unfortunately that’s is the time I have to be there to provide my services to clients (Online IT support)…
      After years of struggle I have been able to get a few good clients who trust me as reliable service provider and due to this issue (PTCL’s low internet speed) I am loosing them one by one… You know if one client lost due unreliable service means one negative feedback on profile that is enough to stop more than 5 new clients to come…
      I need 3Mbps (at speedtest.net) download and 1Mbps upload at least to run my processes smoothly. kindly let me know which telecom company in Pakistan can provide me this speed during (6pm-12am Pak time). I will see into prices myself later for now I only need to find out the speed I need.
      One thing to mention here I don’t need to process any kind of heavy files. I just need to upload and view (download) light sized Web pages… and surfing Web pages…

      My Location: Peshawar City.

      Waiting for your kind suggestion…

      With Best Regards,
      Fahad Khan

  16. mikanzay vincent says:

    i have gfive president g10 octa core. please tell me that is it satisfactory for 3g service. it has 3g and i have mobilink network. also to check coverage like RSRP..

  17. shakeel says:

    whatsthe ebst internet speed proivder in 3 g networks in pakistan?? i herad about telenor??

  18. Dave says:

    Totally a misleading article. Comparison of edge . 3g. LTE is incorrect.

  19. m nasir says:

    Salam USMAN bhai
    Mery pas Q ka x900 2 GB ram hy Telenor 3g ki speed slow at I hy com kehti hy sub OK hy koi setting btaen pls m.NASIR
    Mandi bahauddin punjab

  20. ayaz says:

    sir i m very disappointed from 3g speed in pakistan.i think this is a joke from these companies .in our area telenor has 40 to 50kbps speed where as jazz has 70 to 80 kbps. what is this this is not 3g infact u r blaming 3g…..i was expacting that 3g speed may be 1 2 or 3mbps but it is in kbpssss….
    ….please answer mee.

  21. sajjad Awan says:

    Moblink is the my best 3G network. He is very cheep and friendly

  22. adil says:

    is zong 4g avail in all cities of pakistan?

  23. Soroash says:

    Sir Usman is there any phone better than HTC desire 816 in the range of 25000

  24. MAJ says:

    *** Same exact thing happened with me.. now they are making fool its customer.. 3G K NAME PE 2G CHALA RHE HAIN.. something serious mishap happened with mobilink system and they are trying to hide this reality from their customers!! I think this issue will not be resolved until or unless they will be got showcase notice from PTA… dont panic… a simple solution is to be migrated to another network

  25. shakeel aslam says:

    dear usman,
    please let me know which cellular company is provideing fastest 3g service

  26. Rahul says:

    12.5 mbps maximum speed for 4G? Are you serious sir? I’m afraid that’s too slow. My 4G gives me 62 mbps on good days and 48-50 mbps on average days. I’m from Mumbai.

  27. Yasir says:

    India is best always in any field…
    india give 62mbps and pakistan is going to 12 mbps hahah….
    what a joke for pakistanis…
    i m also pakistani…afsooos

  28. Arslan says:

    Yasir for your kind information,Google is fastest and easiest source to find out about anything anywhere in the world.So if you type in Google countries with lowest internet speed,India will pop up in top ten lowest internet speed countries.. But you Don’t find in Pakistan…so this is not joke and I am Pakistani also…

  29. naveed azhar says:

    ZONG 4G is totally fraud. They are cheating the consumer. I have used this and 50GB used within 15 days as I only use for browsing and did not dowload any movie . I strongly suggest not to buy that.

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